Some account of the life of Reginald Heber [compiled from reviews of his works].

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Страница 68 - God that madest Earth and Heaven, Darkness and light! Who the day for toil hast given, For rest the night! May thine angel guards defend us, Slumber sweet thy mercy send us, Holy dreams and hopes attend us, This livelong night!
Страница 68 - Mighty monarch! Saviour mild! Humbled to a mortal child, Captive, beaten, bound, revil'd, Jesus! hear and save! -- Throned above celestial things, Borne aloft on angels' wings, Lord of lords, and King of kings! Jesus! hear and save! " Who shalt yet return from high, Robed in might and majesty, Hear us ! help us when we cry! Jesus! hear and save!
Страница 67 - Lord of mercy and of might! Of mankind the life and light! Maker! teacher infinite! Jesus! hear and save! " Who, when sin's tremendous doom, Gave Creation to the tomb, Didst not scorn the Virgin's womb, Jesus! hear and save!
Страница 62 - O Father, raise us from the death of sin unto the life of righteousness, that when we shall depart this life we may rest in thee,
Страница 162 - Still as we pass, from bush and briar, The shrill cigala strikes his lyre; And, what is she whose liquid strain Thrills through yon copse of sugar-cane ? I know that soul-entrancing swell! It is—it must be—Philomel! ' Enough, enough, the rustling trees Announce a shower upon the breeze,— The flashes of the summer sky Assume a deeper, ruddier
Страница 162 - Yon lamp that trembles on the stream, From forth our cabin sheds its beam; And we must early sleep, to find Betimes the morning's healthy wind. But oh! with thankful hearts confess, Ev'n here there may be happiness; And He, the bounteous Sire, has given His peace on earth—his hope of heaven!
Страница 160 - flower; The ceiba's crimson pomp display'd O'er the broad plantain's humbler shade, And dusk anana's prickly blade ; While o'er the brake, so wild and fair, The betel waves his crest in air. With pendent train and rushing wings, Aloft the gorgeous peacock springs;
Страница 71 - for Christ's sake dispensed to mankind, the faithful of every age and nation are, no less than the Apostles themselves, infallibly conducted to that truth which is in Jesus: and that' for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, and for instruction in righteousness," the Scripture of the last, no less than of the former covenant, is
Страница 236 - deplores The friend that leaves us, though for happier shores. And one high tone of triumph o'er thy bier, One strain of solemn rapture be allowed! Thou that, rejoicing on thy mid career, Not to decay, but unto death hast bow'd! In those bright regions of the rising sun, Where Victory ne'er a crown like thine hath
Страница 208 - of the Benares Vidhalya is a clever and candid young man, and under him I look forward to much improvement. Ram-Mohun-Roy, a learned native, who has sometimes been called, though I fear without reason, a Christian, remonstrated against this system last year, in a paper which he sent to me to put into Lord