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vain warm white wild wrong

black blind bold bright brisk broad brown burnt cheap chief clean clear cleft coarse cross dear dull dumb faint fair fierce

XIV. high large light loose loud poor pure quick rare rich right rough


short slow smooth snug soft split strong sure swift tight tough true

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good great green grey

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bleach bleat blow boil brew bruise build cast catch chew choose cleave climb close clothe come could crack deal

XV draw drown dwell earn feel fetch fight float freeze gleam grate graze grieve growl guess gush hear hurt

jump knead knock know laugh leap lift look love move mourn neigh peep perch pick plait please pluck pour


pull raise reign scream search seek seize serve sew shear shew should skim skip soak spare spin spread strain stretch strip swim talk teach tease tempt thank

think de-stroy thresh di-rect touch di-vide trim

em-ploy twist en-joy want

fol-low watch gath-er wear

lis-ten work

med-dle would per-ceive wrap

per-suade write prac-tise

pro-vide al-low

reck-on an-swer rel-ish ap-pear re-ceive a-void re-lieve be-lieve re-ply bur-y re-quire car-ry re-side com-mand scat-ter con-trive set-tle Cov-er suf-fer Cov-et sur-prise cre-ate ven-ture de-sire whis-per de-spise whistle

Car-ry-ing Mer-ri-est
Con-stant-ly Min-utes

Flat-ten-ed Swe-den
Hard-en-ed Wrap-ped.

WHAT I SAW IN SWEDEN. MANY years ago I spent a winter in Sweden, which is a country in the north of Europe. This season is very long there, much longer than our winter.

Perhaps you may like to hear how Swedish children amuse themselves during this long cold time? I daresay you sometimes think that the winter is very cold in England; but it is much colder in Sweden, and yet the children there look upon this as the merriest time of the year.

Very often the snow is on the ground for months together, and sometimes it is so deep, that it stands up on each side of the road like a great white wall.

When the frost has hardened the snow a little, you may see the children setting out, wrapped up very warm, carrying their skates in one hand, and dragging their little sledge after them with the other.

Perhaps you will say, "What is a sledge ?" I think if you asked a little Swedish child such a question, he would feel quite sorry for you, for to him a sledge is the most charming thing in the world.

I suppose that most of you have seen a pair of skates ? If not, you haye perhaps seen a pair of pattens. The foot part of a skate does not, like the foot part of a patten, rest upon an iron ring, but upon a polished steel bar, placed on edge, and reaching from

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