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That nothing should him hastily awake :
So she him left, and did herself betake
Unto her boat again, with which she cleft
The slothful waves of that great grisly lake:
Soon she that island far behind her left, [west.
And now is come to that same place where first she

THE CA VE OF MAMMON. At last, he came unto a gloomy glade, Cover'd with boughs and shrubs from heaven's light, Whereas he sitting found, in secret shade, An uncouth, savage, and uncivil wight, Of grizly hue, and foul ill-favour’d sight; [blear'd, His face with smoke was tann'd, and eyes were His head and beard with soot were ill bedight, His coal-black hands did seem to have been sear'd In smith's fire-spitting forge, and nails like claws [appear'd. His iron coat all overgrown with rust, Was underneath enveloped with gold, Whose glittering gloss darkned with filthy dust, Well it appeared to have been of old A work of rich entail, and curious mould, Woven with anticks and wild imagery: And in his lap a mass of coin he told, And turned upside down, to feed his eye And covetous desire with his huge treasury.

And round about him lay on every side
Great heaps of gold that never could be spent;
Of which some were rude ore, not purified
Of Mulciber's devouring element;
Some others were new riven, and distent
Into great ingots, and to wedges square;
Some in round plates withouten moniment;
But most were stamped, and in their metal bare
The antique shapes of kings and kesars strange and

[rare. Soon as he Guyon saw, in great affright

And haste he rose, for to remove aside
Those precious hills from stranger's envious sight,
And down them poured through an hole full wide,
Into the hollow earth, them there to hide.
But Guyon lightly to him leaping, staid
His hand, that trembled, as one terrified;
And, though himself were at the sight dismay’d,
Yet him perforce restrain'd, and to him doubtful
“What art thou, man, (if man at all thou ...so
That here in desart hast thy habitance,
And these rich heaps of wealth dost hide apart
From the world's eye, and from her right usance?”
Thereat, with staring eyes fixed askance,
In great disdain, he answer'd ; “ Hardy elf,
That darest view my direful countenance,
I read thee rash, and heedless of thyself,
To trouble my still seat, and heaps of precious pelf.

“God of the world and worldlings I me call,
Great Mammon, greatest God below the sky,
That of my plenty pour out unto all,
And unto none my graces do envy:

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