Public, Society and School Libraries in the United States: With Library Statistics and Legislation of the Various States

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1903 - 643 страници

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Страница 914 - Boston, who shall have been such for at least three years prior to the date of their appointment, one for the term of five years, one for four years, one for three years, one for two years, and one for one year, and thereafter as the terms of office expire in each year one member for a term of five years.
Страница 862 - Said directors shall hold office one-third for one year, one-third for two. years, and one-third for three years, from the first...
Страница 861 - That all persons who are permanent or temporary residents of the District of Columbia shall be entitled to the privileges of said library, including the use of the books contained therein, as a lending or circulating library, subject to such rules and regulations as may be lawfully established in relation thereto.
Страница 895 - ... for thirty days after notice in writing to return the same, given after the expiration of the time which by the rules of such institution, such article or other property may be kept, shall be punished by a fine of not less than one nor more than twenty-five dollars, or by imprisonment in the jail not exceeding six months, and the said notice shall bear on its face a copy of this section.
Страница 862 - They shall make and adopt such by-laws, rules, and regulations for their own guidance and for the government of the library and the reading room as may be expedient, not inconsistent with this act. They shall have the exclusive control of the expenditure of all moneys collected to the credit of the library fund...
Страница 862 - ... collection of a district school tax, for the exclusive use of public free schools within the district, whenever a majority of the qualified electors thereof that pay a tax on real or personal property shall vote in favor of such levy; Provided, That any tax authorized by this section shall not exceed three mills on the dollar in any one year on the taxable property of the district.
Страница 848 - I mean one in which any popular books, tending to moral and intellectual improvement, shall be furnished in such numbers of copies that many persons can be reading the same book at the same time ; in short, that not only the best books of all sorts, but the pleasant literature of the day, shall be made accessible to the whole people when they most care for it; that is, when it is fresh and new.
Страница 861 - Columbia and shall hold office for sir years : Provided, That at the first meeting of the said board the members shall be divided by lot into three classes. The first class, composed of three members, shall hold office for two years ; the second class, composed of three members, shall hold office for four years; the third class, composed of three members, shall hold office for six years. Any vacancy occurring in said board shall be filled by the District Commissioners. Said board shall have power...
Страница 862 - That the city council of each incorporated city shall have power to establish and maintain a public library and reading room for the use and benefit of the inhabitants of such city, and may levy a tax of not to exceed one mill on the dollar annually...
Страница 862 - ... and shall be kept separate and apart from other moneys of such city, and drawn upon by the proper officers of said city upon the properly authenticated vouchers of the library board.