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S. Converse, 1872

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Страница 297 - SEC 2. That said public park shall be under the exclusive control of the Secretary of the Interior, whose duty it shall be, as soon as practicable, to make and publish such rules and regulations as he may deem necessary or proper for the care and management of the same. Such regulations shall provide for the preservation from injury of all timber, mineral deposits, natural curiosities or wonders within said park, and their retention in their natural condition.
Страница 297 - Gardiner's rivers ; thence east to the place of beginning; is hereby reserved and withdrawn from settlement, occupancy, or sale under the laws of the United States, and dedicated and set apart as a public park or pleasuring-ground for the benefit and enjoyment of the people...
Страница 422 - WAGNER, Ph. D., Professor of Chemical Technology at the University of Wurtzburg. Translated and edited, from the eighth German edition, with extensive Additions. By WM. CROOKES, FRS With 336 Illustrations. I vol., 8vo. 761 pages. Cloth, $5.00. The several editions of Professor Rudolf Wagner's "Handbuch der Chemischen Technologic" have succeeded each other so rapidly, that no apology is needed in offering a translation to the public.
Страница 230 - Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember that there is a wider Teleology which is not touched by the doctrine of Evolution, but is actually based upon the fundamental proposition of Evolution. That proposition is, that the whole world, living and not living, is the result of the mutual interaction according to definite laws of the forces possessed by the molecules, of which the primitive nebulosity of the universe was composed.
Страница 296 - Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the tract of land in the Territories of Montana and Wyoming, lying near the head-waters of the Yellowstone river...
Страница 151 - Refugimn botanicorum or figures and descriptions from living specimens of little known or new plants of botanical interest.
Страница 293 - ... while they would fail to do so in any other. These views implied that the sources of our actual vegetation, and the explanation of these peculiarities, were to be sought in and presupposed an ancestry in pliocene or still earlier times occupying the high northern regions.
Страница 297 - He shall provide against the wanton destruction of the fish and game found within said park, and against their capture or destruction for the purposes of merchandise or profit. He shall also cause all persons trespassing upon the same after the passage of this act to be removed therefrom, and generally shall be authorized to take all such measures as shall be necessary or proper to fully carry out the objects and purposes of this act.
Страница 296 - Persons are now waiting .for the spring to open to enter in and take possession of these remarkable curiosities, to make merchandise of these beautiful specimens, to fence in these...
Страница 340 - Sugg's steatite pin-hole burner, and lighting the gas above the gauze. " The flame is a slender cone about four inches high, the upper portion giving a bright yellow light, the base being a non-luminous blue flame. At the least noise this flame roars, sinking down to the surface of the gauze, becoming at the same time almost invisible. It is very active in its responses, and being rather a noisy flame, its sympathy is apparent to the ear as well as to the eye.