The Works of the English Poets: With Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, Том 66

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H. Hughs, 1781
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Страница 15 - and jefts. Furthermore, it drove " out of England (for that feafon) the " Italian Opera, which had carried all " before it for ten years." Of this performance, when it was printed, the reception was different, according to the different opinion of its readers. Swift commended it for the excellence of its morality, as a piece
Страница 14 - the thirtieth and fortieth time; at " Bath and Briflol fifty, &c. It made " its progrefs into Wales, Scotland, and " Ireland, where it was performed twen** ty-four days fucceffively. The ladies " carried about with them the favourite ** fongs of it in fans, and houfes were
Страница 61 - conjunction with Pope, who prefixed a querulous and apologetical Preface. This important year fent likewife into the world Gulliver's Travels, a production fo new and ftrange, that it filled the reader with a mingled emotion of merriment and amazement. It was received with fuch avidity, that the price of the firft edition was raifed before
Страница 8 - But he is at leaft one of the few poets with whom youth and ignorance may be fafely pleafed; and happy will be that reader whofe mind is difpofed by his verfes, or his profe, to imitate him in all but his non-conformity, to copy his benevolence to man,
Страница 16 - Opera the gangs of robbers were evidently multiplied. Both thefe decifions are furely exaggerated. The play, like many others, was plainly written only to divert, without any moral purpofe, and is therefore not likely to do good; nor can it be conceived, without more fpeculation than life requires or admits, to be
Страница 95 - Dean?"—Becaufe we would rather " fee you than any of them.—** Ay, " any one that did not know fo well as " I do, might believe you. But fince ** you are come, I muft get fome fupper " for you, I fuppofe." ; No, Doctor, •* we have fupped already.—" Supped ** already, that's impoffible! why, 'tis ** not eight o'clock
Страница 99 - indignity, or endured by clemency and condefcenfion. Of Swift's general habits of thinking if his Letters can be fuppofed to afford any evidence, he was not a man to be either loved or envied. He feems to have wafted life in difcontent,. by the rage of neglected pride,, and the languifhment of unfatisfied
Страница 6 - difcovered that a dialogue of imaginary fwains might be compofed with little difficulty; becaufe the converfation of fhepherds excludes profound or refined fentiment; and, for images and defcriptions, Satyrs and Fauns, and Naiads and Dryads, were always within call; and woods and meadows, and hills and rivers, fupplied variety, which having a natural power to
Страница 61 - fecond could be made; it was read by the high and the low, the learned and illiterate. Criticifm was for a while loft in wonder; no rules of judgement were applied to a book written in open defiance of truth and regularity. But when
Страница 81 - that wit, confederated with truth, had fuch force as authority was unable to refift. He faid truly of himfelf^ that Ireland was his debtor. It was from the time when he firft began to patronize the Irifh, that they may date their riches and profperity. He taught them firft to know their own