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ings in both Houses of Parliament, during the Christian Religion ; by J. A. Busfield, the late Session. 2 vols Svo. 185.

D. D. 8vo. 12s. Letters on the Events which have passed Piety and Virtue, a Sermon; by the Rev. in France since the Restoration in 1815; by Thomas Hutton. Is. 6d. H. M. Williams. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

Moral Sketches of prevailing Opinions and Exposure of certain Plagiarisms of J. R Manners, foreign and domestic, with reflecMaculloch, author of two Essays on the tions on Prayer ; by Hannah More. reduction of the Interest of the National Lectures on Scripture Duties; by W. B. Debt, committed in the last published of Collyer, D. D. 8vo. 14s. those Essays, the Scotsman newspaper, and A Treatise on the Evidences of a Supreme Edinburgh Review ; by Samuel Read. 8vo. Being, and Proofs of the Christian Religion ; Is. 6d.

by Thomas Moir. 12mo. 8s. 6d. On the Impracticability of the Resumption An Apocryphal Book, in Ethiopic, of a of Cash Payments ; of the sufficiency of a very early date, supposed to have been enRepresentative Currency in this country., tirely lost, called the Ascension of Isaiah, under due regulations; and of the danger with Latin and English Translations ; by of a reduction of the Circulating Medium in Richard Lawrence, L.L.D. Svo. 78. 6d. the present state of things; by Sir W. Con- An Attempt towards an improved Transgreve. 2s.

lation of the Proverbs of Solomon; by the The Cure for Pauperism ; by J. Brough- Rev. G. Holden, M.A. 8vo. 16s. ton. 2s.

Hull's Four Sermons before the Univer. Observations on Payments and Receipts sity of Cambridge. 8vo. 2s. in Bank of England Notes, reduced to their Sermons and Expostulations on interestvalue in Gold, &c.; by Thomas Martin. ing portions of Scripture ; by John Morri

Elementary Propositions, illustrative of son. 8vo. 10s. 6d. the Principles of Currency; by R. H.

TOPOGRAPHY. Evans. 6d.

A Description of the principal PicturA Comparative Estimate of the Effects esque Beauties, Antiquities, and Geological which a continuance and a removal of the Phenomena, of the Isle of Wight; by Sir restriction upon Cash Payments are respec. Henry C. Englefield, Bart. with additional tively calculated to produce ; by R. Tore Observations on the Strata of the Island, rens. 3s.

and their continuation in the adjacent parts Nouveaux Principes d'Economie Poli- of Dorsetshire ; by Thomas Webster. 4to. tique ; by J. C. L. S. Sismondi. 2 vols £7, 7s. 8vo. £i.

Reichard's Itinerary of Germany, with STENOGRAPHY.

views, maps, and plans. 12s. A New and Practical Method of Steno- A History of the Island of Newfound. graphy, or Short-hand Writing; by Richard land ; containing a description of the island, Farr. 6s.

the banks and fisheries, and trade of New. THEOLOGY.

foundland and the coast of Labrador ; with The Anti-Deist, being a Vindication of two maps ; by the Rev. Amadeus Auspach. the Bible, in answer to the publication call. 8vo. 16s. ed the Deist; by John Bellamy. 2s. Fine A Guide to the Cape of Good Hope. 1s. Od.

The Travellers New Guide through IreA Critical Examination of those parts of land. 8vo. £1, Is. Mr Bentham's “ Church of Englandism"

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. which relate to the Sacraments and the A Walk through Switzerland, with a Church Catechism; by the Rev. H. J. Rose.

map. 8s. Svo. 5s.

Journal of Voyages and Travels, No V. Sermons on the most important Duties of 3s. 6d.

paper, 3s.

EDINBURGH. PROVINCIAL Antiquities, and Picturesque John Burnet, Esq. Proofs £1, 1s. Prints. Scenery of Scotland, with Historical Illus- 10s. 6d. trations; by Walter Scott, Esq. Part II. Substance of an Address delivered at a 4to. 16s. ' Proofs £1, 10s.

Meeting of the Edinburgh Society for proEdinburgh Christian Instructor, No. moting the Education of the Poor in IreCIX. for August 1819. ls. 6d.

land, 22d April 1819; by John Jamieson, Edinburgh Monthly Review, No. IX. D.D. Edinburgh. 6d. 28. 6d.

The Post Office Annual Directory. 4s. Sermons, by the Rev. Charles Robert Ma- Devotional Music, Original and Selected, turin, Curate of St Peter's, Dublin. 8vo. arranged mostly in four parts, with thorough 12s

Bass for the organ or piano forte, expressed Portrait of the late John Gordon, by small notes instead of figures ; and an M.D. F.R.S.E. &c. &c. from a picture by Introduction to Vocal Music ; by R. A. W. J. Thomson, Esq. engraved in line by Smith, Paisley. Third edition.

Thoughts on the Lord's Prayer; by the frage, Marshall, Brown (of Biggar,) M'Kerlate Andrew Wilson, M.D. of Newcastle. row, Henderson, Hay, Donald Fraser, 18mo. Is. 6d.

Beattie, Thomson, and Balmer. Sermons on interesting subjects ; by Mi The Vocal Melodies of Scotland, arrangnisters belonging to the associate synod.ed for the piano forte or barp, Violin, and 12mo. 5s. 6d. The Sermons in this vol. Violoncello ; by Nath. Gow. 8s. ume are by the Reverend Drs Lawson, Tales, by the author of " Bertram," &c. Peddie, and Jamieson, Messrs Shaw, Bel- 4 vols 12mo.

New Foreign Works, imported by Treuttel and Wurtz, Soho Square, London. De Bourniseaux, Histoire des Guerres de Cellerier, Sermons et Prières, pour les la Vendée et des Chouans depuis l'année Solemnités Chrétiennes, vol i. 8vo. Geneve, 1792, jusq'en, 1815. 3 vols 8vo, £1, 10s. 8s. 6d.

Royou, Histoire de France, depuis Phara Le Curé de Village, Histoire véritable, mond, jusqu'à la, 25 ème année, du Regne écrite par Christian Simplicius, Sacristain et de Louis XVIII. 6 vol 8vo. £3.

bedeaux de l'église d'Isaourens, et publiée Berthevin, Essai Historique sur le règne par A. Mahul. 12mo. 3s. de Charles II. 8vo. 10s.

Vincke, Tableau de l'administration inKaramsin, Histoire de l'empire de Russie, terieure de la Grande-Brctagne. 8vo. 8s. traduite par M.M. St Thomas et Jauffret, Lafontaine (Aug.) les deux amis, ou la vol. i. 8vo. (to be completed in 8 vols.) 9s. maison mysterieuse. 3 vols 12mo. 12s.

Correspondance de Bernadotte, Prince L'art de verifier les dates des faits his. Royale de Suède avec Napoleon depuis toriques, &c. &c. Nouville edition. 13 vols 1810, jusqu'en 1814. 8vo. As.

Svo. £10, 16s. Lettres inédites de Buffon, J. J. Rousseau, Histoire de l'esclavage en Afrique de 34, Voltaire, Piron, Lalande, Larcher, accom ans de P. J. Dumont natif de Paris, &c. pagnées de Notes et des fac-simile. Svo. 5s. 8vo. avec 2 portraits, fc. 5s.


COMMERCIAL REPORT.-August 12, 1819.

Sugar. The demand for the finer descriptions continues steady, and the prices are maintained. The prices for inferior qualities may however be quoted lower, and the sales dull. The holders are, however, not inclined to sell at a further reduction of price, nor do they hold an anticipation of higher prices. It is extremely probable that the prices of Sugar may remain nearly about their present level. On the one liand, it is known that Sugar is wanted on the Continent of Europe. On the other, the extreme pressure which the difficulty of the times occasions upon all ranks in this country, must tend greatly to lessen the consumpt of this article. This is therefore likely to tend to depress the market, as much as the former cause would tend to raise it. The greater proportion of the crops for this year will now soon be arrived in Britain. These crops are not more than average, and scarcely that in many colonies. Considerable purchases of Lumps and Refined Sugars have been reported, and at higher prices. Molasses are heavy of sale, and declining.-Coffee. The prices of Coffee are subject to constant fluctuations ; but upon the whole, the market for this article may be stated to be lively, and the prices considerably advanced. The demand from the Continental market entirely regulates the price of this article ; and as the consumpt of Coffee on the Continent is constantly increasing, fair prices may be confidently anticipated for this article. At the same time, the sources of supply are great. From Jamaica, St Domingo, Batavia, &c. the quantity imported is very great ; nor is the importer likely to make much at importing this article, particularly when we consider the high price that is paid for it in the countries where it is produced.

-Cotton. Since our last, the sales of Cotton are greatly increased, and the prices ad. vanced. The sales on the week ending the 7th August, at Liverpool, amounted to 12,800 bags, two-thirds of which was for the trade. In London, and in Glasgow, the demand was equally animated. The increasing importation seems in some measure to be checked. The imports into Liverpool to this period last year, were 272,387 bags. This year, to the same period, it is 276,113 bags, making only 3,726 of an increase at this port, which is the great emporium of the Cotton trade. The quantity, however, expected from the United States, is, we understand, very great. On the other hand, the quantity from the

East Indies is likely to be much less than formerly. The Cotton market, therefore, may fairly be calculated to have seen its lowest point ; and, from many circumstances, it is probable that no great advance can take place upon it.

In other articles of commerce, it is difficult, from the peculiar state of the commercial world, to state any thing very certain or very satisfactory. From the low prices of Tobacco, it has attracted the notice of speculators, and some sales have been effected. Indigo continues in fair request. The Grain market, from the uncommon fine appearance of the approaching harvest, and the very favourable weather, is generally on the decline. Irish Provisions are rather dull. The market for Oil is in an uncertain state, and depends upon the next accounts from the different fisheries. Tullow is very dull, and on the decline. Rum continues heavy, and prices nominal. Brandy is held at the present quotations, in expectations of an advance.

The revival in the demand and prices of Cotton may be considered as the forerunner of relief to the commercial world, the distress upon which has been so long and so great. Still that relief is not going to be so rapid nor so great as may be anticipated. The accounts from foreign markets are in general very unfavourable, particularly from the United States, and all those markets connected with South America. To the latter there is not the smallest prospect of any immediate or permanent relief. The markets of the world seem glutted with British productions ; and unless a different system is adopted altogether in trade, nothing but misery and ruin must be the consequences. Our manufacturers (for our merchants are now supplanted and driven out of their usual markets) may for a year or two follow a gay phantom in immense exports ; but when they begin to expect, and when they perceive the returns, how bitter will be their disappointment, loss, and regret! Nor can it be otherwise till they confine themselves to their business, and cease to become exporting merchants, and allow those who know the markets, and what these markets require, to supply these equal to their wants—the interest and the experience of the latter will prevent them from greatly exceeding—the manufacturer will manufacture no more than what consumers require he will be without those enormous stocks of goods, which, when embarrassments in trade come on, sweep his capital through his hands, from depreciation in value, without taking into account the losses in trade from bad debts and long payments. Another and perhaps a greater evil is, where wealthy individuals, abandoning, we may say, the business which they had followed during the greater part of their lives, and in which they had made their fortunes. When these individuals, to throw all other humbler competitors at a distance, rush heedlessly, and without either general knowledge or experience, into every branch of business-extend their transactions to every quarter of the globe, and glut every market, then ruin must march upon the regular trader with rapid strides ; while the mighty cause remains only to be swallowed up the last, and that his fall may become more conspicuous. If we look around the commercial world, how much mischief will we perceive arise to individuals and to the public from this cause. Another thing, our manufacturers must, in their future operations, attend more to the quality of their articles. To beat others out of the market with low prices from making inferior articles, can only do for the moment, and is a trade in which no one ever was ultimately a gainer. It is the sure way to lose the trade altogether, and force it into the hands of foreign nations whose articles are of a superior quality, though at the same time of a superior price. The consumer will not always nor long give away his money for that from which, in the use of it, he can gain no satisfaction. Also, in times of prosperity, the manufacturing interests, in all their branches, but particularly in the Cotton manufactures, must fall upon and adopt steadily some general plan for saving to, or compelling those they employ as workmen to save and lay apart for their support in the evil day, (for such, at stated periods, and in a greater or lesser degree, will come round in every manufacturing country,) part of the fruits of their labour. This would not be a difficult matter, and it is one would save much misery, and one which would dash from the hands of factious demagogues, treason, and revolution, the torch of discontent, disorder, and destruction. Unless something of this kind is done-done immediately and effectually-all that the other branches of the community can do, is but a drop in the bucket to remove the evil, while it leaves a deep root for discontent, and a wide field for raising up jealousies and ill will betwixt two mighty classes of the community, which, for the welfare of all, ought to be united. Not to adopt a measure such as this, is to compel the landed and other interests in the community to become manufacturers, and, as in England, by means of the poor rates, to enable those manufacturers to beat all other competitors out of the market, who have not the same resources to pay their workmen. Add to all this, the consideration, that all that is done, either by poor-rates or general subscriptions, only palliate-but removes not, and never can remove, the evil, while it engenders strife and animosity in the working classes against all those who have property, and who move in a superior sphere of life.

To remedy these evils must be a work of time. But it is a work must be set about prudently, but firmly; or if suffered to increase, it will force itself into public notice, and upon public consideration, in colours more appalling, and in consequences more alarming, than those which at present appear.

PRICES CURRENT.—July 31.—London, Aug. 6, 1819.
SUGAR, Musc.

DUTIES. B. P. Úry Brown, . cwt. 68 to

60 to 66 55 to 60 65 to 78 Mid. good, and fine mid. 76

84 67
85 61
78 65

80 Fine and very fine,

£1 10 88 96 86 88 79 89 82

84 Refined Doub. Loaves, 140 150

135 153 Powder ditto, 114 116

95 117 Single ditto, 113 118

114 118 101 1:2 Small Lamps 102 105

120 93

95 Large ditto, 98 108



93 Crushed Lumps,



88 MOLASSES, British, cwt. 34

39 32 6

COFFEE, Jamaica cwt.
Ord. good, and fine ord.
9.5 110

108 118 Mid. good, and fine mid. 118 125

1.0 140 Dutch, Triage and very ord. 85


Uncertain. 142 150 Ord, good, and fine ord. 102 114 100 112

88 108

OO Mid. good, and fine mid. 116 128 111 126

115 120 St Domingo, 95 105 107 110


112 PIMENTŐ (in Bond) 1b. 8

74 7



Jam. Rum, 16 0.P. gall. 38 10d 18 0d 3s 5d 3s 6 3 1 3 5 25 100 4s Od
5 0 5

38 40B.S. 017 Geneva, 3 4 3 6

2 8 2 10 F.S. 0 17 15 Aqua, 7 6 7 8

15 6 WINES,

B.S. 2145 ISO Claret, 1st Growths, hhd. 60


£35 650 F.S. 118! Portugal Red, pipe. 18 54

54 60 0 Spanish White,

butt. 34

(B.S. 95 11

08 0 Teneriffe, pipe. 30 35

38 0 F.S. 98 16 Madeira, 60 70


B.S. 96 150

E.S. 99 166 LOGWOOD, Jam.

ton. £8

7 0 7 7 6 9 6 5 6 15 7 0 Honduras,

7 10 7 15 6 15 7 6 15

09 Campeachy,


8 10 90 7 0 7 5 810 FUSTIC, Jamaica,


7 10 8. 9 9 10 0 Cuba,

9 5 10 ( 13 13 14 10

14 F INDIGO, Caraccas fine, lb. 98 6d ils 6d 6 96 8 0 8 9 105 od 10s 6d TIMBER, Amer. Pine, foot. 2 4 6

28 Ditto Oak, 4 5 5 6

05 Christiansand (dut. paid) 2 3 2 4 Honduras Mahogany 1 4 1 8 010 1 8 1 21 1 6. 1 1 1 2

3 16 St Domingo, ditto

1 2 3 0
1 52 2 0 16 1 10

8 14 TAR, American,

brl. 16
14 6 15 6 19 6



F.S. 1911 Archangel,


15 9 17 0 19 6
PITCH, Foreign,
cwt. 10

10 6

(B.S. 186

F.S.) 1 10 TALLOW, Rus. Yel. Cand. 62 63 65

57 058 0

05 Home Melted,


61 HEMP, Riga Rhine,

ton. 18

£16 0 48 0 (B.S.

109 11 Petersburgh Clean,




13 0 F.S.) FLAX, Riga Thies. & Druj. Rak. 72

70 0 Dutch, 60 125

(B.S. 70


80 Irish,


F.S. 001 MATS, Archangel, 109.

£1 5 4 10

SBS 1 39


B.S. Petersburgh Firsts, cwt. 15 0

13 10

F.S. 03 11: ASHES, Peters. Pearl,



(FS. 0 6 1 Montreal ditto,

19 18


39 33


56 10 OIL, Whale, tun. 33


36 Col. 87 (p. bri.)


38 TOBACCO, Virgin, fine, lb.


9 0 57 0 Os 7d D 0 Middling,


10 Inferior,

7 03 0

0 5 COTTON's, Bowed Georg.

1 2 1

1 3 Sca Island, fine,

8 2 3

6 1

2 Good,




BS. 0 8 7 Demerara and Berbice,

1 3 1 1 2 1 6 1 2 1 6 F.S. West India,

1 1

1 9 1 5 Pernambuco,

1 7 1 5 2 7 1

1 8 Maranham,

1 5 1 6 1



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Course of Exchange, Aug. 6.- Amsterdam, 11 : 18 : 2 U. Antwerp, 12:9. Ex. Hamburgh, 36:0:24 V. Frankfort, 150 Ex. Paris, 25: 40 : 2 U. Bourdeaux, 25:40. Madrid, 36 effect. Cadiz, 36, effect. Gibraltar, 32. Leghorn, 491. Genoa, 45. Malta, 48. Naples, 391. Palermo, 118 per oz. Oporto, 544. Rio Janeiro, 58. Dublin, 12. Cork, 12. Agio of the Bank of Holland,

Prices of Gold and Silver, per oz.- Portugal gold, in coin, £3: 18:0. Foreign gold, in bars, £3:18:0. New doubloons, £0:0:0. New dollars, 6s. Odd. Silver, in bars, 55. 2d.

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ALPHABETICAL List oF ENGLISH BANKRUPTCIES, announced between the 23d of

June and the 23d of July, 1819, extracted from the London Gazette. Aston, J. Birmingham, victualler

Hayward, W. H. Manchester, cotton-spinner Adams and Nash, Gloucester, jewellers

Haywood, F. sen. Liverpool, merchant Androus, J. Edgware-road, corn-merchant

Henshaw, Stockport, Cheshire, cotton-manufacturer Ainsworth, T. Bolton, bleacher

Hayward and Collier, Manchester, cotton-spinners, Allsop, J. Southampton, baker

Harris, T. Liverpool, mariner
Beavan, J. Old Cavendish-stract, wine-merchant Harwick, J. Lambeth
Buchan, T. Charlotte-street, Fitzroy-square, piano. Ingall, G. W. and G. Long Acre, colourmen

James, J. Cheltenham, innkeeper
Boot, K. Artillery-place, merchant

Jones, J. G. Mark-lane, corn-factor Beardsal, T. and 'W. Worksop, dealers

King, J. Ipswich, timber-merchant Bell, T. Old Broad-street, insurance-broker

Kent, W. Holborn, stationer
Bryant, E. Old Broad-street, surgeon

Lindsey, J. Leeds, merchant
Bennett, T.
Dartmouth, merchant

Lewis, J. jun. Martley, horse-dealer
Brown, G. Broad-street, upholder

Love, W. Chipping Sodbury, grocer Bee, J. Worksop, butcher

Leslie, J. Thames-street, merchant Berry, Broadbent, J. Wilson, and J. Wilson, jun. Law, G. Manchester, grocer Huddersfield, cloth-manufacturers

Lay, J. Southmolton-street, Oxford-street, hatter Broomfield and Haslewood, Birmingham, manu Longworth and Sudren, Lancashire, bleachers • facturers

Low, W. Walworth, merchant Brown and Gregson, Charles-street, upholders Lowe, T. Dartford, watchmaker Butt, P. Cheltenham, grocer

Molling; F. and G. Gracechurch-street, merchants
Crockett, J. sen. and E. Dibdale, iron-masters Marshall, J. York-place, Walworth, merchant
Carr, W. Leek, silk-manufacturer

Mort, J. Bolton, cotton-manufacturer
Cavet, W. Angel-street, St Martin's Le Grand, cook Mann, C. Wakefield, grocer
Cohen, B. Great Alie-street, watchmaker

Miller, R. Taunton, grocer
Collman, J. Chelsea, coal-merchant

Mulleneux, J. R. Liverpool, merchant Crombie, R. Chelsea, victualler

Mayers, J. Yarmouth, inerchant Cox, J. jun. Emsworth, chair-maker

Mather, T. Warrington, cooper Cotton, G. Andover, grocer

Nunn, J. Stratford Le Bow, coal-merchant
Cummings, J. Spital-square, merchant

Paull, S. Portsea, broker
Collinson, T. sen. Salisbury, cotton-spinner Phillips, J. Littleton, paper-maker
Capenhurst, W. Tamworth, seedsman

Parker, R. Ellesmere, grocer
Carkett, N. Tavistock-street, upholder

Probert, W. Holborn, wine-merchant Clarke, J. Hammersmith, com-dealer

Porter and Baines, Mytton, glue-makers Dodd, R. Oxford-street, engineer

Pardon, C. Plymouth, draper Dent, E. and J. Southwark, hatters

Protheroe, J. Bristol, ship-broker Dryden, E. Newcastle, grocer

Paton, A. Durham, ship-builder Dunn, J. Bristol, broker

Reynolds, H. J. Peterborough, haberdasher Docura, T. Barith, victualler

Reynolds, R. Commercial-road Dealt, J. Hackney-road, baker

Roberts, R. Salford, shopkeeper Featherstonhaugh, H. Bishop Wearmouth, coal Racster, A. S. Winchenford, larmer fitter

Rathbone, W. Manchester, printer Fielder, R. Tenter.len, victualler

Radeliffe, J. Swansea, grocer Fentiman, E. Peterborough, haberdasher

Silva, J. R. Liverpool, merchant Fentiman and Reynolds, Peterborough, haber Smith, H. Kibworth, miller dashers

Skidmore, W. Sheffield, grocer Fisher and Ashmore, Cheltenham and Winch Smith, W. Bristol, timber-merchant comb, bankers

Smith, J. Parliament-street, tailor Granger, T. H. Leeds, scrivener

Southern, G. Streatham, baker Gulby, T. Rotherhithe, timber-merchant

Smith and Forsyth, Princes-street, Bank Gandy, J. Liverpool, inerchant

Spring, J. G. Lincolnshire, draper Greenhalg, J. T. Manchester

Stacy, C. Nassau-street, victualer
Gibbon, J. F. Cambridgeshire, miller

Turner, E. Howarth Cross, comfactor
Gregory, J. D. Finsbury-square, silk-manufacturer Thomson, R. Exeter, baker
Gleave, J. Lancashire, victualler

Thompson, R. and H. Newcastle, timber-merchants Griffith, A. Swansea, grocer

Waller, T. Trentham, potseller Gibson, B. Cheltenham, wine-merchant

Willis, J. Wardour-street, coachmaker Howard, J. Wooburn, paper-maker

Wetherell and Fayle, Aldermanbury, factors Hall, B. Bristol, glazier

Wright, W. Chipping Barnet, fish-monger Hirst, T. H. Dean-street, oil-merchant

Wailes, W. North Shields, tailor Harris, T. Worcester, draper

Worrall, Pope, and Edwards, Bristol, bankers Harris, J. Southampton, victualler

Walker, W. Hythe, farmer Hunt, J. Commercial-road, merchant

Willett, T. Hurleston, cheese-factor VOL. V.

4 K

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