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College Museum.—The splendid collection light equal to one common candle for six of zoology, lately purchased from Dufresne of hours. A lamp, even of twice this size, Paris, has arrived safe in Edinburgh, and is would be perfectly portable, without being now deposited the College. It consists inconveniently bulky. It is proposed to of 1600 birds; 12,000 insects; 2000 shells; make them of various forms, such as that 800 eggs of different species of birds ; be- of a vase, a sphere, &c.; to furnish some sides corals, quadrupeds, and amphibious with branches, and to fit them for hanging animals.

from the roof of a room or lobby; and to Whale found near Alloa.The skeleton adapt others for standing on a table. A of a whale, about 70 feet in length, has small pipe is placed at the top or side, been dug up in alluviace soil about a mile through which the gas issues by one or more from the sea, in the vicinity of Arthrey, in apertures, so as to afford one or more jets, Clackmannanshire. We expect in a future and the size of the flame is regulated as Number to give a particular account of those usual, by a crane or screw, so that, by eninteresting organic remains.

larging the aperture, the flame can be kept Hansteen's Work on Magnetism.—The of the same intensity, though the density celebrated natural philosopher Hansteen, and elasticity of the gas is constantly dimiwho has so successfully studied the natural nishing. A wire-gauze frame can be easily history of Terrestrial Magnetism, is at fitted to the frame, and the lamp may thus present in London. This great Work on be used in coal mines, where the gas might Magnetism, so long anxiously expected be procured with little trouble and no exby the philosophical world, is at length pense. As it would be inconvenient for about to be published. The professor, i families to manufacture their own gas, it is understand, has brought with him to En- proposed that gas should be manufactured gland a copy of the work, completely on a large scale, and sold by measure at printed.

the manufactory, or a cistern filled with it Application of Gas Lights to domestic might be carried through the streets in a uses.-Mr Gordon of Hanover Street has waggon, from which individuals might get just discovered an ingenious method of ap- their lamps replenished once a day, or once plying gas lights to common use in fami. in two or three days. By having a smaller lies, and for which he has taken out a patent. cistern annexed to the large one, and keepThese lights have so great a superiority, in ing this smaller cistern filled, by means of beauty, brilliancy, steadiness, and safety, an air-pump, with gas of the density requinot to mention economy, over the other spe. red, the lamps might be filled in less than cies of artificial light, that, whatever would a minute, by merely screwing the orifice of render them conveniently applicable to do- the pipe to the aperture of the cistern. mestic purposes, would certainly be a very Mr Gordon has got some lamps, of difimportant improvement. At present, the ferent sizes, constructed already, which bulk of the gaseous material and the diffi. answer extremely well, and, in a short time, culty of manufacturing it, and, on the other the utility and practicability of the invenhand, the expense and inconvenience of tion will, we presume, be brought to the pipes, with the great disadvantage that the proof. lights they afford are not portable, greatly New Route over Land.- A gentleman, limit the use of gas lights.

now in Calcutta, is about to proceed to Mr Gordon's invention promises to fur- Petersburgh, by a route which we believe nish a remedy for most of those disadvan. no native of England or France has here. tages. Its principle will be understood at tofore attempted. After entering Persia, once, when we mention, that it consists in instead of passing by the usual track, condensing twenty-five or thirty atmospheres through Ghilan and Daghistan, to Astraof gas into a metallic vessel or lainp of a can, it is his intention to proceed on the moderate size, which may be set upon a caster side of the Caspian, through the table or carried in the hand, and which will provinces of Korassan and Karasm, and give a light, equal to that commonly used the country of the Usbecks, Turcomans, in families, for as long a time as would be and Kirgees, round the northern shores of required in one or two days. It is compu. the Caspian, until he reaches the Wolga. ted, that a globe or vase of one foot diame. It is desirable that there should be adventer, which might be used when a strong turous and enterprizing spirits to visit coun. light is wanted, would, when filled with tries which have been unexplored by the the condensed gas, afford a light, equal to scientific traveller, and we shall be happy six common candles, for twelve hours, of to learn that this gentleman may tind, course, a sphere of five and a quarter inches among the wild and predatory hordes he diameter, or a cylinder of three inches dia- may visit, enough to compensate linn for meter and eleven inches long, would give a his exertions.

Cashmir Goats.--The following infor- whether it grows in equal quantity on each mation respecting the celebrated wool goats animal, at least until the animals are refrom Cashmir has been received from Mar. freshed and accustomed to the climate. seilles, dated May 26 :—" These animals, The fleece is chiefly white : there is some which were at one time supposed to be long black hair growing about the head sheep, at another time goat-sheep, a third and neck of some, on others it grows in time goats, and a fourth time antelopes, different spots on the body. Their fleeces are nothing else than real goats, nearly re- are thick, growing very long, and covering sembling those of our country, in their ge- even the legs. In consequence of the long neral conformation, in their movements, journies, the animals had suffered much ; and in their habits. Their horns are more a good number have, however, been preor less large, the greater part being straight; served by the care taken of them during there are some, however, turned backward. their quarantine in the Lazaretto of MarTheir fleece is composed of long hair mingled seilles. They are now scattered on the hills with short hair, resembling down growing around Allanch, where they thrive much near the skin. On examination it was dis- from the use of excellent pastures and good covered to be fine, and fit for making a air. M. Auredée Janbert has arrived at beautiful stuff, when manufactured by ex. Toulon with the remainder of the flock, pert artists. It cannot yet be determined which is to be brought into France.


LONDON. A NEW work on the various Public Libra- mæus of Plato, translated from the Greek. ries of London, with biographical and li- In the translation of this admirable work, terary notices of their founders. The first which is most deservedly entitled a Treaof its twelve Parts will commence with an sury of all Ancient Philosophy, upwards of account of the libraries of the London In- eleven hundred necessary emendations of stitution, and of the Dutch Church.

the text will be given by the translator. The Encyclopædia of British Literature; Mr A. Maxwell, author of Plurality of consisting of a methodical edition of the Worlds, or Letters, Notes, and Memoranmost esteemed works in the English lan. da, Philosophical and Critical, occasioned guage, classed under departments.

by a Series of Discourses on the Christian The twelfth edition of the Ambulator, or Revelation, viewed in connexion with the Tour round London, with numerous correc- Modern Astronomy, by Dr Chalmers, is tions and additions.

printing a second edition, greatly enlarged, Mr Ackermann is preparing for publica. in the octavo size, to range with the popution an Elementary work on the Construc- lar Discourses of Dr Chalmers. tion of Machines adopted in the Arts and A posthumous Poem is about to make its Manufactures; from the French of M. Be- appearance, entitled My Lodger's Legacy; tancourt.

by the author of London, or the Triumph A poetical work, to be entitled Isabel of of Quackery. the Isles, or the Cave of Nah Vearnag ; & It is proposed to publish by subscription, metrical romance of the fifteenth century; an etching from Mr Luke Clennell's celeconsisting of nine cantos, with notes: the brated Picture of the decisive charge of the scenery chiefly in the Highlands and He. Life Guards at Waterloo. The plate, in brides ; by Mr C. H. Owen.

the hands of Mr Bromley, is in a state of It is proposed to publish, in London, a great forwardness. literary periodical work, under the title of Dr Isaac Barrow's work on the Duty and The Cambro Briton, to be dedicated ex- Rewards of Industry considered, will be reclusively to the history, manners, language, published in July. poetry, and general literature of Wales, has An Essay on the Origin and Purity of just been placed in our hands.

the Primitive Church of the British Isles ; The French Calculator, a simple method by the Rev. Dr Hales. of becoming acquainted with French Money, Bibliotheca Heraldica, in royal octavo, will shortly appear.

with appropriate embellishments ; by Mr The Army Medical Officers' Manual upon T. Moule. active Service, or Precepts for his Guidance A new edition of Dix's Land-Surveying, in the various Situations in which he may with many corrections and additions. be placed, and for the Preservation of the Elements of Greek Prosody and Metre, Health of Armies upon Foreign Service; compiled from Hephæstion, Hermann, and by J. G. V. Millingen, M. D.

Porson; by Mr T. Webb. Mr Thomas Taylor, the translator of In the pross, An Account of the Colony Plato and Aristotle, has issued proposals of the Cape of Good Hope, with a view to for publishing, in two volumes royal quarto, the information of Emigrants. The Commentaries of Proclus on the Ti. Mr F. Accum has nearly ready for pubVol. V.

4 I

lication, in one octavo volume, A Descrip- Mr Simpson has in the press a work on tion of the Chemical Apparatus and Instru. the Preservation of Healthiness, and Proments employed in Operative and Experi. duction of Distempers among Mariners, &c. mental Chemistry.

in unkindly climates, The late Samuel Lysons, Esq. has left Dr Jones is preparing for publication, in ready for the press Remains of a Roman one large volume 8vo, A Greek and English Villa at Bognor, in Sussex, to be accom- Lexicon panied with 34 plates.

Lieut. Francis Hall, of the 14th Light A Memoir of Charles Louis Sands; to. Dragoons, half-pay, author of Travels in gether with a Defence of the German Uni- the United States, is preparing a volume of versities against the Strictures of Aug. Von late Travels in France. Kotzebue.

Letters on Jewish History, for the use of A Seventh Volume of Beddome's Village Schools and Young Persons; by Mr BigSermons is nearly ready for publication, in land 8vo and 12mo.

EDINBURGH. In the press, and speedily will be pub- Credit, in Scotland ; by the late William lished, a Letter to Sir James M'Grigor; Glen. A new edition. containing an account of the Varioloid Epi. Carnwath Muir, a tale founded on demic, which has lately prevailed in Edin- facts ; by James Brown, is in a state of forburgh and other parts of Scotland ; with wardness, and will shortly be published. Observations on the identity of Chicken- Essays on Phrenology; or, an Inquiry Pox and Modified Small Pox; by John into the Principles and Utility of the System Thomson, M.D. F.R.S.E. Regius Professor of Gall and Spurzheim ; with the Objections of Military Surgery in the University of against it. 8vo. Edinburgh, &c. &c.

Shortly will be published, The Harp of Edinburgh Encyclopædia ; or, Diction- Renfrewshire; or, a Collection of Songs and ary of Arts, Sciences, and Miscellaneous other Poetical Pieces, a considerable numLiterature ; conducted by David Brewster, ber of which are Original, and wrote exLL.D. &c. Vol. XIII. Part II. 4to. pressly for this work: the whole accom

Report of the Select Committee of the panied with Notes, explanatory, critical, House of Commons on the Scottish Burghs, and biographical, and embellished with a with the Evidence and other Documents portrait of the late Robert Tannahill of laid before the Committee.

Paisley. This work will be printed upon A Treatise on the Law of Bills of Ex. the best wove paper, demy 18mo, and will change, Promissory Notes, and Letters of contain nearly 500 pages. 6s.




BIBLIOGRAPHY. REMARKS on the Pyramid of Cephrenes, T. Key's Catalogue of New and Secondlately opened by Mr Belzoni ; by George hand Books. 3s. Foreign part separate, Stanley Faber, B. D. Rector of Long New. ls. ton. Svo.

General Index to the Fifty-six Volumes

of the Gentleman's Magazine, from its Elements of Civil Architecture, according Commencement to the End of 1786 : comto Vitruvius, and other ancients, and the piled by Samuel d. Clerk. 2 vols Svo. most approved practice of modern authors, £2, 12s. 6d. especially Palladio; by Henry Aldrich Triphook's Catalogue of rare Books, D. D. Translated by the Rev. P. Smith, Part 2, for 1819. 8vo. L. L. B. 8vo. 18s.

Bibliotheca Legum. By Clark. 12mo. An Inquiry into the Origin and Influ. 9s. ence of Gothic Architecture ; by William Gunn, B. D. rector of Irstead, Norfolk. Memoirs of John Duke of Marlborough 8vo. 15s.

completed; by Wm Coxe; with portraits, Designs for Churches and Chapels ; by maps, and plans. In 3 vols 4to. W. F. Pocock. 44 Plates. 4to. £1. Ils. 6d. Memoires de Prince Men zicoff ; par M. ASTRONOMY.

de la Harpe. Astronomical Observations made at the Memoirs of the Rev. Henry Martyn, Royal Observatory Greenwich, in the year B. D. late fellow of St. John's college. 1817; by John Pond. fol. £1. Is.

8vo. 12s. 2d. edit. A Comprehensive System of Astronomy, Memoirs of George Villiers, first Duke both in Theory and Practice; buy Thos. of Buckingham. 5s. 6d. Whiting. Part I. 4to. 8s.







A Key to Commercial Arithmetic; by Dialogues on Botany, for the use of Jas. Morrison. 12mo. 68. young persons ; explaining the structure of A new Classification of all the Nouns Plants, and the progress of vegetation. Substantive in the German Language, 8vo. 12s.

&c. ; by J. J. G. Fischer, 5s. Supplementum Plantarum Succulenta- Chronological Couplets, forming a sysrum a Haworth. cr. 8vo. 10s.

tem of artificial memory for young persons.

25. 6d. The Chemical Catechism ; with notes, The Duty and Rewards of Industry ; by illustrations, and experiments : with an the Rev. J. Barrow. 12mo, 5s. additional plate of Chemical Apparatus ; Hints for the Improvement of early Eduby Sam. Parkes. 8vo. 14s. new edit. cation and Nursery Discipline. 12mo. CONCHOLOGY.

Stories for Children ; chiefly confined to Conchylien Cabinet ; by Martini and words of two Syllables ; By the Author of Chemnitz. 12 vols royal 8vo. £30. “ Aunt Mary's Tales.” 18mo. pp. 120.

CRANIOLOGY. An Inquiry into the System of Dr Gall, New Researches on ancient History ; by concerning innate Dispositions, and the Count Volney. Translated by Col. Corbet. Physiology of the Brain, &c. ; by T. B. 2 vols 8vo. kl. 5s. Tupper, M. D. 6s.


Observations on the Structure of Fruits Percy's Masque. 4s. 6d.

and Seeds, illustrated with plates, and ori. Melo-Drama Mad, or the Siege of Troy; ginal notes; by John Lindley. 58. 6d. by Thos. Dibdin, Esq. Is.

The House of Atreus, and the House of A letter to Charles Butler, Esq. on the Laius ; tragedies founded on the Greek Doctrine of Presuming a Surrender of Drama ; by John Smith. 8vo. 10s. 6d. terms assigned to attend the Inheritance ; EDUCATION.

by Edward B. Sugden. 8vo. 2s. Lessons in Scripture Chronology. To A Practical Treatise on the Criminal which are added, Questions to be used by Law, adapted to the use of the profession, Teachers, in examining their classes ; by magistrates, and private gentlemen. 4 vols John Poole. Is. 6d.

royal 8vo. ; by Joseph Chitty. A new Edition of Homer's Iliad, from Reports of Cases, principally on practhe Text of Heyne ; with English Notes ; tice and Pleading, and relating to the by Mr Valpy. Svo.

Office of Magistrates, determined in the Eutropius, with English Notes and Court of King's Bench, in Easter Term Questions. 12mo. Second Edition ; by 1819 ; by Joseph Chitty. Vol I. Part I. the Rev. C. Bradley. A. M.

8vo. 7s. 6d. The Delphin and Vanorum Classics ; The Practice of the Court of King's Parts V. and VI. The price will shortly Bench in Personal Actions and Ejectment; be further increased, as very few copies re- by J. F. Archibald. 18mo. 10s. 6d. main unsubscribed. Present subscription An Analysis of the Principles of Plead, 920.

ing, or Idea of a Study of that Science; Stephen's Greek Thesaurus. No. VII. by A. Hammond. 8vo. 58. 6d. and VIII. i. e. Part VI. of Lexicon, and A Treatise on the Principles and Practice part II. of Glossary. The price will soon be of the Action of Ejectment, and the resulting again increased.

Action for Mesne Profits. By John Adams, Hymns in Prose ; by Mrs Barbauld: Esq. Royal 8vo. 18s. translated into Italian by a native of Tus- A New and Useful Table of Costs, as

between Attorney and Agent. 12mo. Is. 6d. The rudiments of Algebra ; by Peter Nicholson. 78. 6d.

Remarks on the Treatment of some of A Preliminary Introduction to a New the most Prevalent Varieties of InflammaSystem of Decimals; in which the decimal tion of the Eye, with Cases; by Thomas principle is practically applied to denomi- Whately. 3s. natory monies of account, and to certain A Dissertation on the Disorder of Death, existing denominations of measure, weight, on that state of the Frame under the Signs length, capacity, and time. Part I. 4to. of Death called Suspended Animation, &c.; 3s. 6d.

by the Rev. W. Whiter. Svo. 14s. Leybourn's Mathematical Repository A Treatise on Artificial Pupil ; by Sir No. i. 6d.

Wm. Adams; with coloured engravings. Theory and Practice of English Gram. 8vo. 7s. 6d. mar, adapted to the new modes of instruc- A Treatise on the Art of Cupping; by tion ; in which every rule and observation Thos. Mapleson. 3s. 6d. in Syntax is elucidated by various examples; Physiological Fragments ; by J. Byalso, remarks on Punctuation, Prosody, water. 8vo. 5s. 6d. Rhetoric, and composition ; equally useful The Mariner's Medical Guide ; by C. F. to the private student as to public semina. Vandeburgh, M. D. 8vo. 10s. 6d. ries ; By John Matlıcson. 12mo. 2s.

Researches into the Nature and Cause

cany. 38.




of Epilepsy, as connected with the Phy Some extraordinary Examples of Mensiology of Animal Life and Muscular Mo tal Calculation, as performed in London, tion ; by G. Mansford. 8vo. 7s.

and various parts of England; by G. BidMILITARY.

der. No. I. 12mo. 1s. Treatise on Light Infantry, and on

A view of the Intellectual Powers of Man, Practice of the Target; with a New with Observations on their Cultivation, aMode of Platoon Exercise ; by Capt. dapted to the present State of the Country; George Black, of the 54th regiment. by T. Martin. 8vo. 3s. 12mo. 4s.

A claim to the Invention of the Tube Three Numbers of Mozart's Masses from Light, for giving greater effect to the Fire the full score; by V. Novello. 8s. each of Artillery, more particularly at Sea, &c.

number. 2s.6d.

No. IV. of the Quarterly Musical MagaMISCELLANIES.

zine. Royal 8vo. 5s. The British Review, No. XXVII. 6s. The Pamphleteer, No. XXXVIII. 6s.6d. The Transactions of the Linnean Society : A few copies of Observations on the Opic of London. Vol. XII. Part II. £2 : 2s. nions of several Writers on various Histori. General Zoology; or Systematic Natural cal, Political, and Metaphysical Questions ; History, commenced by Dr Shaw. Vol. II ; by Lieut. G. Young 8vo. 10s. 6d. by J. F. Stephens, F.L.S. Royal Sve. Notices on the Claims of the Hudson's

£2:12:6. Bay Company; to which is added, a Copy

NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. of their Royal Charter. 8vo. 2s.

Conversations on Natural Philosophy, Orazione di un Italiano Intorno Alle 12mo. with 22 engravings. 10s. 6d. Case D'Italia al Congresso di Aquisgra

NOVELS. na. 2s.

Maurice and Berghetta, or the Priest The Emigrant's Directory to the West of Rahery ; by William Parnell, M.P. ern States of North America ; including a

12mo. 75. voyage out from Liverpool, &c. ; by Wm. No Fiction ; a Narrative founded on reAmphlett.

cent and interesting Facts, and connected A vindication of the Enquiry into Cha- with living characters. 2 vols 8vo. 12s. ritable Abuses, with an Exposure of the

Ernestus Berchtold, or the Modern Misrepresentations contained in the Quar. Edipus ; by John William Polidori. M.D. terly Review. Svo.

12mo. 6s. The Rawdon Papers, consisting of Let

Harold the Exile. 3 vols. ters on various subjects, Literary, Political Iskander; by Arthur Spencer, Esq. 3 vols. and Ecclesiastical, to and from Dr John 15s. Bramhall, during part of the 17th Century ;

POETRY. by E. Berwick. Svo. 12s.

Misanthropy, and other Poems; by JoConversations on Natural Philosophy ; by seph Snow. 6s. the Author of Conversations on Chemistry.

The Ambassador at Court, or George and 12mo. 10s. 6d.

the Fair Circassian. Syo. 2s. A Reply to Mr Rennell, on Scepticism ;

Dunric; by Harriet Ewing. 7. by D. W. Edwinsforde, Esq.

Prolusions on the present Greatness of Report of the Proceedings connected with Britain, or Modern Poetry ; and the prethe disputes between the Earl of Selkirk sent Aspect of the World ; by Sharon Tur. and the N. W. Company. 5s.

der, T. S. A.

12mo. 6s. 6d. Physiological Fragments; by John By The Melange : containing the Lunaria, water. 8vo. 5s. 6d.

in 5 cantos ; Wonders, 2 parts; the Picture Proposed Villages for the Poor, shewn Gallery, in 9 cantos ; and various other to be highly favourable to Christianity ; in pieces, in versc; by F. C. 8vo. 10s. a letter to Wm. Wilberforce, Esq. M.P. ; Spencea, or the Archives of Spafields. 2s. by Mr Owen. ls.

The fate of Myra, a naval poem; with A Discourse delivered on the opening of engravings. 78. the Plymouth Athenæum ; by Robert Lam Sacred Beauties, a poetical work ; by pen, M.A. 8vo. 2s.

Captain H. N. Rowe, R.N. 8vo. 10s. One Thousand Eight Hundred and Mount Leinster, or the Prospect, a Poem, Twenty-nine; or Shall it be so ? ls. 6d. descriptive of Irish Scenery, &c. 35.

Don John, or Don Juan Unmasked; being a key to the mystery attending that re A Letter from the Earl of Carlisle to the markable publication, with a descriptive re Rev. Wm. Vernon, on the subject of a Bill view of the poem, and extracts. 2s. for establishing Regulations for the sale of

The Tourist's Pocket Journal; contain- Poisonous Drugs, &c. &c. ls. ing ruled columns for the expenses of each Practical Domestic Politics, being a comday, and suitable space for observations. parative and prospective Sketch of the 28. 6d.

Agriculture and Population of Great BriThe Encyclopedia of Comic Songs, Eng. tain and Ireland ; by Richard Griffith, lish, Irish, Scotch ; both of old times and M.R.I.A. 4s. 24mo. 7s.

The Whole of the Debates and Proceed.



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