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ite song,

smallest pulsation upon the very rim heads turned against the current, it is and verge of his visual descry, is a sen- ten to one but, after your bait has sation in the very core of his heart—is been almost as far home in the stoma sentiment in the very centre of feel- ach of the trout, as Jonah was in that ing

of the whale, the trout may open his The sun had now abated a little of mouth and allow you to free him of his intensity, and although not by any so inconvenient a meal. Now the means a favourable afternoon for our method in which I was instructed, and sport, there was occasionally a cloud, which I have always practised in all and constantly a breeze ; and being seasons, and almost every variety of reciprocally intent upon giving and weather, with success is this; instead receiving instruction, and having of fishing with the bait down a small fairly finished, according to my favour- mountain burn, fish up it: keep a pret

The last of our bottle,we ty long line, and keep constantly pulset to work again in good earnest, he ling it out and throwing it in ; thus, to watch the exemplification of my even suppose there is not a single fish rules, and I to prove by every throw, in the stream or in the pool which that these rules were founded on ex- may have the least intention to swaltensive experience.

low, many, almost in every case, will And now I am about to communi- have a great inclination to look at, to cate to you, Mr Editor, and through nibble at, to tamper (in short) with, you to, I do not exactly know how this danger. During all this floating many, a secret, which is known at and circling, during all this nibbling this present moment only to a very and dallying, you will observe that few indeed, a secret, the possession of the trout still keep, in this mode of which has made me long the most fishing, betwixt your hook and you ; successful bait-fisher in the county and, accordingly, whenever you choose where I reside ; a secret, which I had to call home your hook with a sudden originally from an old soldier, of jerk, you have a great chance to come whom, and of whose feats in this way, round some fellow's jaws, or across his there are many yet alive in Nithsdale breast, who had no intention to swalwho can bear ample testimony. And low, but to wander ;-who wentas many this secret, with a liberality and pub- who suffered in the Porteous, and lic-spiritedness which would only be who suffer in all mobs, did and do looked for from, at least, which would merely to ask what was the matter." only be found in an old fisher, I au- You must, however, remember whilst thorise, and even request you, to make practising this method, to have a as public as you can. The fact is, I strong line and rod (a piece of wellam now becoming a little, perhaps not seasoned rowan tree is worth all the a little corpulent; I cannot ascend the Mackenzies and Phins in the world hills, or trace the streams so cleverly meaning no disparagement to these ceas I could formerly, and lest I should lebrated artists) which will bend down get more indolent, or more stupid, or almost to your hand, for, in order to acbe made a D.D., or take to “the bot- complish your purpose, you are compeltle” exclusively; and thus, from any led to draw so powerfully, and in case, or from all of these causes, be rendere as most frequently happens, your victim ed incapable of asking or of obtaining be not well hooked, so smartly that, credit, I have come to the determi should you hit upon a root or a stone, nation of making, as the man in the your tackle, otherwise, will be in danger play says, “a clear breast of it,” and of giving way. I have fished upwards of the secret consists entirely in knowing twenty dozen (without looking through how to throw the line.' The com- my kaleidoscope !) during a day in this mon practice is to go to the head of manner, and upwards of one-third the stream or of the pool, and to al- were actually hooked on the outside. low the bait to make its way before * Εκεις απαντ' ασιλθε, you, downwards, till it be caught by Λαλισεραν ώεθηκας, , some watchful eye, and lodged in some Av@guts, xas rogwens." unhappy jaw. But in this case you “ This is all away! away! always pull against the stream, and, You have made me waste the day, consequently, you more than double How I've chattered, prating crow the resistance; besides, as all fish catch Never yet did chatter so. any bait floating downwards with their The day was so far wasted by the

time I had given my pupil a full spe- sembly of the Church of Scotland, bave çimen of my art, that the bottom of deemed it proper to recommend a reGlenwhargan was sunk into shade, vival of this good old custom, I am and the shadow of the western was ex- not without my hopes, that, through hibited in waving outline on the front the interest of some leading men about of the eastern steep. The smoke Edinburgh, who are, as it were, the which, in more elevated situations, is mouth, the body, and the respective generally dissipated as soon as it es- organs of our church, I may get my capes the cottage vent, in these deep formula passed through next Assembly, and sheltered glens, particularly about and inserted amongst its recorded acts. nightfall, ascends for some time un, But, to return from this digressionbroken, like the adjoining ash-tree of the gudeman we found seated on his the garden, erecting its full stem, and “ Langsettle," from the back of which spreading out at a certain elevation on projected a narrow drop-table, supall sides. It was by marking this ported by one leg only, on which table peaceful notification, that we were en- he was reading from his Bible a chap abled to discover “a sheep-farm stead- ter in Isaiah, A rosy-shoe-footed ing," at the conflux of two streams, lass occupied the near end of the and immediately under a precipitous " Langsettle,” with her Bible in her exhibition of crags above, with stunt- hand, but opened, as I had afterwards ed thorn and “hazel scraps” towards occasion to observe, at the “ Song of the bottom. After the usual challenge Solomon.” Whether this was acciof cur and whelp, we affected a lodge- dent or design I know not; but the ment within the ha’-door, and, pro- next was her marriage-day. Close by ceeding along a narrow and dark pas a large and luminous peat fire, which sage, we found the "guidman" of the occupied nearly the centre of the ha', family employed in family worship, or sat the gudewife, large and lusty, with in the once well-known language of a sleeping infant on her knee, a pair our country, “taking the buik," and of large scissars suspended from one for the sake of those who inhabit large side, and a portentous pocket suspend. towns, villages, and more populous ing from the other ; above or beyond districts, and in particular for the the fire, upon a long and sooty bench, sake of my own parishioners, I shall and beneath an ample canopy of here affix a formula* of the manner in “ sheepskins," sat a whole covey of which this most becoming and sanc- lasses, displaying bare feet, with a tifying exercise was performed in the reasonable proportion of ankle. In the days of our fathers, and is still kept front of the beds, and immediately opup in some remote and muirland posite, sat, or rather lay, male and fe. places. And as the Right Reverend male servants closely jammed together and Right Honourable the General As- by the limited range of the bed shut

* Formula of family worship,

or of what
is in Scotland termed

“ The Buik.”
The guidman, or whoever presides in the family, takes from the shelf or bole in the
wall the “ guid ha'-bible," on the blank leaves of which are generally recorded his own
birth and the births of his children, a short initiatory blessing generally precedes the open.
ing of the sacred volume, & psalm is selected, and “ let us praise,” or “ let us worship
God,” is solemnly expressed. The lines according to the old presbyterian form (one well
accommodated to the insecurity of field conventicles, under which, and with a reference to
which, it was instituted,) are first read, and then sung line by line in succession : no voice is
silent, from the "herd callan that tents the stirks,” up to the guidwife herself. None
are too insignificant or too elevated to join in the praise of their Maker-a chapter is next
read from the bible-and, in a kneeling posture, an extempore and fervent prayer is offer-
ed up to God.

They, and they only, who have been brought up under the due observance of this morning and evening sacrifice, who have felt and witnessed its purifying and elevating effects on the heart, can appreciate its importance. Under all his personal and family troubles, it is the poor man's ready and consolatory resource, and at the hour of his escape from sorrow, it is to the discharge of this exercise in his hearing that he directs the last visit of his " minister;" and it is generally under the long familiarized accents of prayer or of praise that he expires !

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ters. A half-grown lad, who acted in vast assemblage of lads and lasses, by the capacity of "cow-herd,” occupied a dissenting clergyman, who occupied a more central situation, and seeined more than an hour, in discoursing of to have his attention chiefly directed motives, and duties, and consequences ; towards a pair of footless hose, termed till many elbows were in motion, many in Dumfries-shire" hoshens," which winks were exchanging, and many were drying from the crook. The female cheeks were reddening through younger children were gone to bed, the crowd. and a half-asleep, but rather good In for a penny, in for a pound,” looking girl, sat swinging her feet in so having witnessed the ceremony, we the back ground, from the kitchen consented likewise to be present “ up table. Amidst this group, and with, the glen” at the marriage feast, and out any very fixed stations or appoint, to take a share of the festivities of the ments, were scattered dogs and cats, occasion. But as these were not to whelps and kittens, in abundance; take place till some hours after, we and over it hung a canopy of smoke, resolved to fish our way up. blue, dense, and level, in which were We had now got clear of that brush, hid roof and rafters; and, as we found, wood, with which the course of the to our satisfaction, at next morning's river was the day before, almost at ineal, excellent mutton hams.

every turn, beset; and had neither Such was the group which presented root nor branch to entangle our hooks itself to us as we entered, and were upon. That which we were following beckoned by the gudeman himself into up, was still the main branch of the a seat beside the lass with the Bible, Scar, greatly diminished, as it had whilst my friend was advanced to the lost several inconsiderable tributa, bench in the upper house. The service ries by the way. The day, however, went on without suffering any material was clear, and sultry; and, as is com, interruption, unless wbat proceeded mon in these situations, the stream from our out-of-doors enemies, the had returned to its natural colour, dogs, who still eyed us with suspicion, and nearly to its usual size during and growled dissatisfaction. Having the night. We had but little sport ; told, however, our situation, we were my friend practised the lessons I had readily accommodated with “beat* yesterday given bim, but altogether potatoes” to supper, and a bed. without success; I could never get him

Next day, after a hearty breakfast to conceive, that a seemingly insignifion porridge and milk, with a suitable cant gullet, or rapid, was preferable toa accompaniment of a caulker of mountain large and deep pool. He was con. dew, we were given to understand, that stantly running on before me, in order the marriage of a servant girl, with a to secure the better chances ; leaving shepherd lad, “ about two miles up the me, however, at the same time, in unglen," was about to take place, at the hour disputed possession of all that part of of twelve; and being in a bumour to en- the water, which in such a day in par. joy the fun, we agreed to witness the ticular was fishable. At length he eeremony. It was performed, amidst a tired fairly of my plan, twisted off his

Being unwilling to let slip any opportunity of doing good, I shall here append a recipè, by which this very delicious repast, known only in perfection in Dum. fries-shire, may be prepared -Scrape your potatoes clean, even to the very foundation of every blank and deeply-rooted eye-boil them well, and rather hastily; then pour off the boiling water from them, and, taking up a link or two of the crook, hang them on without the lid, and with a sprinkling of salt over them, to dry—then taking them hastily down, for the process niust be quickly gone through, to prevent over-cooling, place the pot on the hearth, and within the influence of the fire-beat them with a beetle, or rake them with a flesh hook, till they have become completely attenuated, and tough as doughceasing to adhere to the instrument used in bruising them—then in with your sweet milk and yellow butter, stirring powerfully the whole. This is the only part of the process where address may be exhibited ; and I verily believe many a cold heart has been warmed by the figure of 8 cut and exhibited under a pair of red female arms. But caution, as in all cases of skill, is requisite here, for if you begin this evolution whilst the milk is not in some degree mixed with the potatoes, you will make a fearful splutter, and, instead of shewing off to advantage, you will look rather awkward-renew the milk and stirring process till the whole mass has become consistent--and then, with the addition of milk, to “throw on” or to " dip in" at will, you have a meal for a prince.


hook, bait and all, in a passion, and fusion. Jock won the brooze, dashed protested he would have nothing more down his penny in the plate, with an to do with so cruel, so beastly an air of importance; and strapping his amusement. Beastly indeed, he might arm from shoulder to wrist, upon a have some shew for calling it, as he face already studded with dirt and had in his absence been digging with drenched in perspiration, each fixed his fingers amidst the turf for worms; star in the wide firmament of his counbut cruel under his present circum- tenance instantly assumed the tail stances, he had no reason to term it; and the tresses of a comet. He stood as even according to his own admission, the very abstract, and epitome of all he had never even hooked a fin. The the signs of divine wrath which degeneral imputation of defilement, Inounced to destruction the city of Jea cannot indeed altogether repel, though rusalem ; and there let him stand till in following the plan I have recom- he cool, for here comes a fiddle, and mended, it is very trifling indeed; but here comes a respectable accompanie on the score of cruelty, from the days ment of lads and “ lasses free;" with of him who sung of the bait

whom it is time to partner ourselves “ Which by rapacious hunger swallowed on the green. And now,

Mr Editor, deep,

in order to appreciate our present si“ Gives, as you tear it from the bleeding tuation, you must know where you

breast Of the weak, helpless, incomplaining But if you have never, in any of wretch

your autumnal excursions, had the “ Harsh pain and horror to the tender hand,” good fortune to have your ankle twistdown to the present hour, the al- ed, or your heart twinged, in a Highlegation has arisen from inexperience, land glen ;-if you have never laid and sheer ignorance. For who that aside the fierce eye, and fiery aspect, can, and whether he fish with fly or with and frenzied demeanour of an editor bait, constantly does put his victim, im- and a critic, under the soft and gemediately upon landing it, to death, by nial inspiration of “ honest rustic sima twist of the neck, will enter into plicity"—then you can but guess at any thing but the mere poetry of such the interest we feel in the scene around fanciful horrors. In most instances, us—we are, as it were, a caravan in I fancy the sportsman, whether his the desert, not the polished valley of game reside in water or in air, finds Rasselas is more completely encircled his pleasure proportioned nearly to with mountains, and along the bold his success; and he who can kill and undulating line of a horizon untwelve dozen with the bait, whilst ano- usually elevated, and closely pressed ther fishing with the fly can only kill home upon the eye, a few sheep that six, will not very readily relinquish are feeding, figure like horses. The his harsh and beastly plan, for one heavens over head are hung with a less deadly, but more sentimental. drapery of many towering and magniWe arrived at last, at the “shieling," ficent clouds, which now intercept and where the bridal feast was to be held. now transmit with increased splenIt was a small rush-thatched cottage, dour, the sun's rays. The Scar, now over the door and windows of which concealing its diminished head under vegetation had extended her influence; bank and amidst rocks, leaves us as and a few dark brown patches here much“ green sward," within one of and there along the roof, gave it rather its turnings, as serves for a ball-room; a pyebald aspect. It was, in short, the and Jock is now conducting the young very counterpart of Jock, who with gudewife, his old acquaintance of the tattered coat, and clouted inexpres- « milk-stoup and crib,” to a reel. Nor sibles, was now rapidly advancing is he ill supported—for we have all amidst a shower of spray of his own taken a share in the sport, and the raising, through dub and mire, in valley rings and the ground shakes hopes of winning the brooze. Behind with the demonstration of our joy. him, and occasionally too before him, The graces, if ever they travel so followed and advanced one who far from town, were absent on this ocseemed equally determined with his casion, and the blooming daughters of antagonist, and last of all appeared in health superintend the ceremonies in view the whole marriage party, drifting their stead—all is one flap, and shout, up

the glen in noisy and motley con- and spring. Even “ Hoshekins” him

self draws up the legs of his footless lay under her last speech before him hose, and Alings it away, in a style of (see Burns)--as a certain celebrated unrivalled demonstration, with the pugilist stood, upon discovering the bride whom, he whispers me slyly, he blood of his own noble nose on the has twenty times kissed in the byre. carpet under him-as the schoolmasAccidents such as the dropping of a ter of Carrickfergus looked, when an thrum-garter from the bride's leg— Irish cummer placed a parcel, conthe bursting of a petticoat string some taining a new born child, on the where else--and the tumbling of our table before him-so statue-like--so young gudeman, in one of his figure terror-struck-so sunk in utter amazedances, over the back of his amazed ment, stands our “ hero of the byre," and yelping colley—these little inci- as he eyed the blue and loathsome dents serve only as interludes to vary reptile, which had so nearly escapthe scene and increase the effect. ed inhumation in his stomach. But What took place during this musical inhumation, under the present circarnival, below the surface of the cumstance, is evidently out of the earth, I presume not even to guess ; question ; for his whole inner man but above, the dogs chase and bark had revolted against it; and even, as in perfect delight-the sheep move off he turns another rueful and suspiin lengthened rows to the hill—the cious look towards the motionless repraven deserts her thorn in the midway tile, his jaws open, and his whole soul steep-and the “

gray glade of Glen- seems to shiver through its mortal whargan"

tenement.t Flaps his well-fledged wing and bears I leave it to you, Mr Editor, for I away.”

am now obliged to travel post towards The trouts, * however, contrary to the conclusion of my narrative, I their conduct on some other occasions leave it to you to figure to yourself of a like nature, keep to their pools; the dinner, with all its accompaninor observe I any of the moles pre

ments of brandy, and haggis, and senting their broad claws to the day. whisky; and I leave it likewise in

Human nerves, however, as well as your power, to fancy out the most enfiddle-strings, require to be relaxed. tertaining and interesting amusements Even the practised mover of the fiddle- of a whole night's promiscuous dancing bow requests a pause and a draught of in a sheiling. See us then next mornbeer; and so well has our “hoshened ing on our way homewards-weary hero" employed his time in the dance, jaded and worn out with watching, that he is now incapable of awaiting yet still persevering in the pursuit of his succession to the tankard; but un our amusement and now killing to corking a bottle from the basket, faire our hearts content, and to the annoyly sets it to his mouth--but almost ance of our shoulders; and then carry instantly, and to the utter amazement us along the Scar till you fairly return of all who witnessed the action, dash us about twelve at night to our reed the bottle to the ground, pulling, pective abodes. at the same time, from his throat a “ Now our weary eyes we close, small looking animal, which has near

Leave us, leave us, to repose !" ly escaped the pursuit of his fingers.

Peter M'Finn. As Flughoc stood, when Maillie

Manse of

Boriana; or Sketches of Pugilism 1.


No. II. The second great era of English Pu- death of Fig, to that of Big Ben, a pegilism, may be reckoned from the riod of little more than forty years,

The trouts lap o' the Leven loch, Charmed with the melody."

QUEEN'S WAKE. + A leech-bottle had been filled by a mistake with beer. # In our last Number, we spoke of the Author of that excellent Work, “ BOXIANA, OR SKETCUES OF PUGILIŞM," as the GREAT UNKNOWx. We bave since seen that

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