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29 Apr.

6 May

ridge, ret.

24 F. D. Campbell to be Ensign, vice Everard

16 do. 25 Lieut. W. Anderson, fm. h. p. 31 F. to be

Royal Artillery.
Paym. vice Smith, dismissed
13 May 1819

Capt. F. A. S. Knox, from h. p. to be Cap28 Surg. S. C. Rae, from 55 F. to be Surg. vice Byrtt, h. p. 71 F.

“1 May 1819

1st Lieut. H. L. Sweeting to be 2d Captain 30 Lieut. Wm. Atkinson, fm. h. p. to be Adj.

do. and Lieut. vice Stephenson, dd. 25 July 1818

R. L. Garstin, from h. p. to be 1st Lieut.

do. 31 F.J. Ryan to be Capt. vice Cum

2d Lieut. H. Chamberlain, from h. p. to ming, dead 29 April 1819 be 2d Lieut.

do. Ensign w. A. Hardcastle to be Lieut,

R. C. Smyth, from h. p. to be vice Ryan

2d Lieut.

Gent. Cadet H. Calvert to be Ensign, vice

do. 15 Lieut. T. Parr to be Capt. vice Given, dead

Medical Staff.

do. Ensign F. Ebhart to be Lieut. vice Parr

Deputy Inspector J. R. Hume, M.D. to be do.

Inspector of Hospitals 3 Dec, 1818 A. A. Dalzell to be Ensign, vice Ebhart

do. 47 Ensign T. Luttrell to be Lieut. vice Ken

Exchanges. dali, dead

29 May 1817 53 Lieut. C. Williams to be Captain, vice

Brevet Lt.-Col. Irby, from 2 Life Gds. with Major Parker, dead

25 Aug. 1818 Vyse, 1 W. I. R. 55 Surg. E. O'Reilly, M.D. from h. p. 71 F. Major Ross, from 21 F. with Major Leahy, h. p.

to be Surg. vice Roe, 28 F. 29 Apr. 1819 7 F. 60 Brevet Lt. Col. M. Childers, fm." 11 Dr. Lawrence, from 13 Dr. with Major Paterto be Major by purch. vice Bouverie, ret. son, 22 Dr.

15 do. Brevet Major Mamerton, from 7 F. rec. diff. with 72 T. A. Blair to be Ensign, vice Aitkin, dead Capt. Disney, h. p. 67 F.

Moray, from 13 Dr. with Captain 73 Ensign M. Lidwell to be Lieut. vice Hel Browne, 19 Dr. 7 Aug. 1818.

Wood, from 4 F. with Capt. De MontJ. Barnes, from 19 F. to be Lieut. morency, b. p. 21 F. vice Holmes, dead

7 Oct. Capt. Smith, from 24 F. rec. diff. with Captain C. Irwin, from 83 F. to be Lieut. Brown, h. p. 34 F. vice Lidwell, dead

9 do.

Daly, from 34 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Price,
Gent. Cadet J. Roskrow to be Ensign, vice h. p. 53 F.
Lidwell, prom.

15 Apr. 1819

Considine, from 13 Dr. rec. diff. with Brun83 Ensign L. Brown to be Lieut. vice Smith, ton, h. p. 60 F. dead

4 Aug. 1818

Fead, from 3 F. G. rec. diff. with Capt. R. G. Geddes to be Ensign, vice Brown Digby, h. p. 25 F.

13 Apr. 1819 Tupman, from 2 Ceylon Regt. with Brev. B. Young to be Ensign, vice Irwin, 73 F. Lieut.-Col Hamilton, h. p. 4 W. I. R.

14 do.

Harvey, from Coldst. Gds. rec. diff. with A. Tyndall, to be Ensign, vice M‘Nabb, Capt. Armytage, h. p. dead

15 do. Lieut. Jones, from 24 F. with Lieut. Lee, 87 F. 87 Ensign E. Cox to be Lieut. vice Coghlan, Harvey, from Coldst. Gds. rec. diff. with dead

1 Oct. 1816

Lieut. Hall, h. p.
J. Hassard to be Lieut. vice Higgin-

J. Brownlow, from 7 F. rcc. diff. with Lieut. 16 Aug.

Sweeting, h. p.
Serj. Major J. Shipp, from 14 Dr. to be Carroll, from 15 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.
Ensign, vice Cox

4 May 1815 Bonnor, b. p. 3 F. G.
Gent. Cadet W. Gossip to be Ensign, vice M'Cullock, from 31 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.
Carroll, prom.

29 Apr. 1819 Taylor, h. p. 37 F. Rifle Br. 1st Lieut. T. F. Uniacke to be Adjutant, Turnstall, from 36 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. vice Middleton, res. Adj. only

6 May

Lewis, h. p. 2W.I.R. Capt. W. Appleton, fm. African C. to be Nunn, from 46 F. rec. dift. with Lieut.

Capt. vice Walton, ret. on h. p. 25 Apr. Stuart, 86 F. R.Y.Rang. Serj. - Surman, from 10 Dr. to be

Birkett, from 65 F. with Licut. Madden, Ensign, vice M‘Intosh, dead 29 do. h. p. 89 F. R.W. I.Rang. Lieut. Hon. G. Cathcart, from 6 Dr. Lee, from 87 F. with Lieut. Jones, 24 DraGds, to be Capt. vice Angelo, ret.


24 Dec. 1818 Aldrich, from Rifle Brig. rec. diff. with Yk.Chas. Ensign G. Laze to be Lieut. vice Max Lieut. Uniacke, h. p. well, dead

29 Apr. 1819

Brauns, from Staff Corps, with Lieut. FraTroop Serj. Maj. J. Rind, from 9 Dr. to zer, h. p. be Ensign, vice M'Carthy


Hawley, from 1 Dr. G. rec. diff. with Lieut. i Ceylon R. Brevet Major P. Delatre to be Major, Dickens, h. p. 14 F.

vice Coxon, dead 28 Sept. 1818 Clavering, from 14 Dr. with Lieut. Ormsby,
Ist Lieut. P. Secluno to be Captain, vice h. p. 3 Dr. G.


Crawford, from 43 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.
2d Lieut. J. Foster, from 2 Ceylon R. to Matthews, h. p.
be Ist Lieut. vice Layton, dead 14 do.

Ross, from 1 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut. Green,
M. Conradi to be Ist Lieut. vice h. p. Cavalry Staff Corps.

28 do. Cornet Sir J. Radcliffe, from 6 Dr. with Cornet R, Basset to be 2d Lieut. vice Green, dead Richardson, h. p. 23 Dr.

14 Apr. 1819

Ives, from 18 Dr. with Ensign Seton, P. Reyne to be 2d Lieut. vice Conradi 32 F.

15 do. 20 Lieut. Baillie, from 23 F. with Ensign Matthews, Ensign J. Basset, fm. 4 W. I. R. to be 2d h. p. 14 F.

Lieut. vice R. Basset, cancelled 14 do. Ensign Connolly, from 37 F. rec. diff. with Ensign
2d Lieut. W. Stewart to be Ist Lieut. vice Gosselin, h. p. 60 F.
Tranchell, dead

18 Sept. 1818

Williams, from 3 F. rec. diff. with J. CaG. Fretz to be 2d Lieut. vice Wardell, meron, jun. h. p. 92 F. 19 F.

14 Feb. 1814

M‘Lachlan, from 57 F. rec. diff. with EnR. Price to be 2d Lieut. vice Barbier, dead sign Ferrier, h. p. 56 F.

15 Apr. 1819 Anderson, from 57 F. rec. diff. with Ensign Lieut. C. F. Button to be Adjutant, vice Bainbrigge, h. p. 2 Gar. Bn. Boyton, res. Adjutancy only

Ensign and Adjut. Myers, from 60 F. with Ensign 26 Sept. 1818 and Adjut. Adams, h. p.

son, dead

May 1819

Resignations and Retirements.

Magius, h. p. K. G. L. 23 Mar. 1819 Lieut, Tomlinson, 17 Dr.

25 Sept. 1818 Lieut.-Col. Bouverie, 60 F.

M‘Dermott, do

6 Sept. 1818 Capt. Angelo, Roy. West India Rang.

Lidwell, 73 F.
Lieut. Heselridge, 73 F.

George, R. West Ind. Rang.
Hunt, late 2 R. Vet. Bn.

Appointments Cancelled.

Fair, h. p. 81 F.

Blackburn, Dumfries Militia 31 Oct. 1818 Cornet Clyde, 24 Dr.

Cornets, 2d Lieuts, and Ensigns. 28 Lieut. Rich. Basset, 1 Ceylon Regt.

Broderick, 2 Dr. G.

4 Apr. 1819 Arrow, 67 F. Deaths.

21 Nov. 1818 Aitken (drowned) 72 F.

17 Jan. 1819 Drayton, R. W. 1. Ra.

2 March 1819 Colonel, the Duke of Buccleugh, Dumfries Militia M'Konachie,


18 March 1819 20 Apr. 1819 T. B. Cooper, R. Art.

21 Feb. 1819 Lieut.-Col. D. J. Cameron, late 1 R. Vet. Bn. Town, h. p. 24 F.

20 Aug. 1818 Apr. 1819 Bevan, Dumfries Mil.

29 Mar. 1819 - Lawson, R. Art.

23 Apr. 1819

Adj.-Lieut. Warde, 65 F. Major Campbell, R. Art.

7 May 1819

Quarter-master Steel, 3 F. G.
Capt. Given, 45 F.

16 Apr. 1819 Assist.-Surg. Pulsford, 18 Dr.
Campbell, 67 F.
Gethin (killed in action with the Caffres)

Miscellaneous. 72 F.

3 Feb. 1819 Sams, Assist. Commis. Gen. at Tobago Enraght, R. York Ran, 10 Feb. 1819

21 Feb. 1819



15. At 3, Brown Square, Edinburgh, Mrs WilApril 7, 1819. At Rome, the lady of John Mac- liam Smith, a daughter. pherson, Esq. a daughter.

16. At 17, Nelson-street, Mrs Matheson, a son. 18. At Weedon Barracks, the lady of Captain 17. At Stonehouse, the lady of Sir John Gordon Campbell, 71st light infantry, a son.

Sinclair, Bart., a daughter. 20. At Bath, the lady of Sir Alexander Hood, 18. At Skedsbush, Mrs Crichton, a daughter. . Bart., a son.

24. At Hill Place, Edinburgh, Mrs Francis 23. At Pudliot House, Oxon. Lady Edward Bridges, a son. Somerset, a daughter.

Lately, At Edinburgh, Countess Flahault, a ! 24. The lady of Dr James Hare, of Handywood, daughter. a daughter.

Lately, At Lanark, the wife of John Steele, - In Nottingham Place, London, Viscountess weaver, of three fine boys, who, with their mother, Newport, a son and heir.

are likely to do well. At 32, Thistle-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Smart, delivered of five female children, three of whom

A few days since, a farmer's wife at Ballydine was a daughter.

26. At Langley, Derbyshire, the lady of Godfrey are living, Meynell, Esq. a son.

In Wimpole-street, the lady of Sir Edward Knatchbull, Bart. a daughter.

MARRIAGES. - At Bonnington Bank, Edinburgh, Mrs Wyld, a daughter.

Oct. 24. At Trinchinopoly, Captain Edward - At Dumbuck, Dumbartonshire, the lady of James Foote, 7th Madras native infantry, and Lieutenant-Colonel Geils, a son.

quarter-master of brigade, to Ann, eldest daughter 27. At Blanfield, Mrs William Macdowall, a son of the late Peter Begbie, Esq. of the Stamp-office, 28. At Heriot-row, Mrs Wishart, a son.

London. - At Leith, Mrs Grimes, a daughter.

At Calcutta, in November last, (James Dewar, 29. At Aberdour House, Mrs Gordon, a son. Esq. of the civil service, eldest son of James

- At Dundee, the lady of John Maxwell, East Dewar, Esq. of Vogrie, to Miss Emily Dyer, Tay-street, a daughter.

youngest daughter of the

late General Dycr. 30. At Mansfield, Lesmahagow, Mrs Wilson, a March 26. At the English Ambassador's, at son.

Paris, Colonel Arthur Onslow, nephew to the Earl - At Mount Pleasant, Thurso, the lady of Cap- of Onslow, to Miss Wetherell, daughter of tain Calder, royal engineers, a son.

Wetherell, Esq. and grand-daughter of Mrs Ser. May 1. At Cairnhill, the Honourable Mrs Ha- jeant Runnington. milton, a son.

30. At London, Alexander Maclean, Esq. of 2. At Urr manse, Mrs

M'Whir, a daughter. Orange Hill, Jamaica, to Miss Baigrie, eldest - At Edinburgh, Mrs Campbell, of Dalserf, a son. daughter of Mackenzie Baigric, Esq. of the county

4. At Eastley End House, Surrey, the lady of of Edinburgh. G. W. Lawrence, Esq. of St James's, Jamaica, a April 21. At Belton Church, in Holderness, daughter.

Yorkshire, John Lang, M. D. surgeon, Dumfries, - In George-street, Edinburgh, the lady of John to Miss Christiana Elizabeth Gibb. Mansfield, Esq. a daughter.

- At Balteagh, county of Derry, Thomas Wal8. At Portobello, Mrs William Watt, a son. ker, Esq. of the Scots Greys, to Constantia Frances 9. At Northumberland-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Ann, eldest daughter of J. C. Beresford, Esq. Hopkirk, a son.

22. Sandford Graham, Esq. M.P. (only son of - In Queen-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Hume, a son. Sir James Graham, Bart. M. P. for Carlisle) to Ca10. At London, Lady James Stuart, a daughter. rolina, third daughter of the late John Langton, -Mrs Baillie of Jerriswood, a daughter.

Esq. of Sarsden House, in the county of Oxford. 12. At Stockton, on Tees, Lady Charlotte Mac- - At Lugwardine, near Hereford, Charles Dagregor Murray, a son.

vid Gordon, Esq. of Dulwich Hill, Surrey, to 13. At 27, Dundas street, Edinburgh, Mrs Lee, Marian, eldest daughter of Robert Phillipps, Esq. St Andrews, a son.

of Longwotth, Herefordshire. 14. At Ruchill, the Lady of H. Maclean, jun, of 23. At Westham, Essex, Henry Cheape, Esq. Coll, a daughter.

eldest son of John Cheape, Esq. of Rossie, in the

county of Fife, to Margaret, second daughter of 9. At Jubbulpore, East Indies, Captain AlexanJohn Carstairs, Esq. of Stratford Green, Essex. der Black, of the Bengal army, son of Dr Black,

26. At Kirklee, Mr R. Stewart, merchant, Glas- Kirkaldy. gow, to Janet, eldest daughter of Mr John Walker 17. At Calpee, near Cawnpore, Lieutenant Hutof Kirklee.

ton Watkins, 1st regiment Bengal native infantry; - At Edinburgh, William Johnston, Esq. of and on the 29th April, at Mountsfield Cottage, Lathrisk and Bavelaw, to Miss Jean Douglas, near Shrewsbury, Mrs Elizabeth Watkins, wife of youngest daughter of Mr Sholto Douglas.

Mr Higgins of that place. - At London, Captain J. Ogilvie, of the Honour- 22. At Calcutta, Mrs Archibald Trotter, in the able East India Company's service, to Helen, se 27th year of her age. cond daughter of Mr William Allan, merchant in 25. At Calcutta, Mrs Jennet Hunter, relict of Edinburgh.

the late James Scott, Esq. 27. At Carron, Surgeon David Wyse, royal navy, Feb. 23. At sea, on his voyage to the island of to Susan,

eldest daughter of Mr Alexander Burgess. Trinidad, Duncan, seventh surviving son of James - At St George the Martyr, Queen Square, Lamont of Knockdow, Esq. Bloomsbury, London, Alexander Grant, Esq. of March 21. At Montrose, Mr Jonathan Forbes, Clapham, Surrey, and Adam Street, Adelphi, to merchant there. Helen, youngest daughter of the late Rev. William 28. Lieutenant-Colonel John Wardell, half-pay Thorold of Wielsby House, Lincolnshire.

66th foot, aged 65. - At Whitekirk, Mr David Syme, Newmains, April 2. Åt Lisbon, Major Angus Macdonald, in to Beatrice, eldest daughter of Mr Thomas Ker, the Portuguese and British service. Whitekirk.

3. At Alyth, James Sandy, the celebrated Alyth 29. At Kinclaven, the Rev. John Craig, Kin- mechanic. The originality of genius and eccenkell, to Catherine, only daughter of the Rev. James tricity of character which distinguished this re Pringle, Kinclaven.

markable person, were, perhaps, never surpassed. - At Edinburgh, Mr William Begg, surgeon, Deprived at an early age of the use of his legs, he Nicolson-street, to Catherine, eldest daughter of Mr contrived, by dint of ingenuity, not only to pass Alexander Baillie.

his time agreeably, but to render himselt a useful 30. Mr Robert Honeyman, Grangemouth, to member of society. He soon displayed a taste for Christian, youngest daughter of Mr David Find- mechanical pursuits, and contrived as a work-shop lay, Prince's Street.

for his operations a sort of circular bed, the sides of 30. At Tranent, the Rev. George Brown, Rams- which being raised about 18 inches above the clothes, botham, Lancashire, to Miss Elizabeth Spence. were employed as a platform for turning lathes,

- At Edinburgh, William Scott, Esq. farmer at table vices, and cases for tools of all kinds. His Mislington, to Jessy, daughter of Mr John Arres, genius for practical mechanics was universal. He Fairnington.

was skilled in all sorts of turning; and constructed May 3. At Hythe, Lieutenant Longmore, of the several very curious lathes, as well as clocks and royal staff corps, tó Elizabeth, eldest daughter of musical instruments of every description, no less the Rev. William Wright, Wilcocks.

admired for the sweetness of their tone than the 10. At Hampton Court, Middlesex, John Kirk. elegance of their execution. He excelled, too, in land, Esq. of Glasgow, to Augusta Elizabeth, eld- the construction of optical instruments; and made est daughter of the late Major-General John A. some reflecting telescopes, the specula of which Vesey.

were not inferior to those finished by the most emi. 13. At London, the Earl Temple, to Lady Camp- nent London artists. He suggested some imporbell, eldest daughter of the Earl and Countess of tant improvements in the machinery for spinning Breadalbane.

flax ; and we believe he was the first who made - At London, the Honourable Richard Neville, the wooden-jointed snuff-boxes, generally called son of Lord Braybrooke, to Lady Jane Cornwallis, Laurencekirk boxes, some of which, fabricated by daughter of the Marquis Cornwallis.

this self-taught artist, were purchased, and sent 17. At Stonehaven, Mr James Tindal, writer, to as presents to the Royal Family. For upwards of Miss Jessie Park, youngest daughter of the late 50 years he quitted his bed only three times, and William Park, Esq.

on these occasions his house was either inundated 20. At Clerkseat, William Stratton, Esq., to with water, or threatened with danger from fire. Mary, eldest daughter of Thomas Black, Esq. of Naturally possessed of a good constitution, and an Warridgemuir.

active, cheerful turn of mind, his house was the Lately, Hugh Denoon, Esq. Pictou, to Cathe general coffee-room of the village, where the afrine, eldest daughter of the Rev. Alexander Fraser, fairs both of church and state were discussed with one of the ministers of Inverness.

the utmost freedom. In consequence of long comAt London, Henry St John Georges, Esq. of the finement, his countenance had rather a sickly cast, 19th lancers, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of the but it was remarkably expressive, and would have late David Mitchell, Esq.

afforded a fine subject for the pencil of Wilkie, At Cork, Captain Thomas Hobbs, 92d Highland particularly when he was surrounded by his couners, to Margaret, third daughter of Simpson try friends. This singular man had acquired, by Hucket, Esq. Rivers Town, Tipperary.

his ingenuity and industry, an honourable indeAt Dusseldorf, Licutenant-General Baron Hom- pendence, and died possessed of considerable propesch, of the British service, to the Countess Isa- perty. In short, his history holds out this very bella, of Nesselrode, Freehoven.

instructive lesson--that no difficulties are too great At London, Woodbine Parish, jun. Esq. son of to be overcome by industry and perseverance; and the Chairman of the Board of Excise in Scotland, that genius, though it should sometimes miss the to Amelia, only daughter of Leonard Becher distinction it deserves, will seldom fail, unless by Morse, Esq. of Norwood.

its own fault, to secure competency and respectaAt Edinburgh, Mr Jonathan Lyons, merchant, bility. He was married only about three weeks be Market-street, to Mary, youngest daughter of Mr fore his death. George Skede, Sciennes.

5. At Spa, Lieutenant-Colonel D. I. Cameron,

late of the first royal veteran battalioni. DEATHS.

8. At Leith, in the 86th year of his age, Mr Wil. At sea, in June last, on his passage from Bengal Jiam Coke, bookseller, who carried on business, to the Cape of Good Hope, Captain Donald Mac- within the same premises, for the long period of leod, of the Bengal artillery service, eldest son of 55 years, and was the father of the bookselling the late Roderick Macleod, D.D. Principal of profession in Scotland. King's College, Aberdeen.

9. At Heligoland, Major Cumming, of his MaOct. 11. At Sumbulpoor, in Bengal, Lieutenant jesty's 31st regiment of foot. Douglas, only son of Admiral James Douglas. - At Fort William, aged 82, Captain Angus

29. In India, at Malligaum, near the camp in Macdonald of Tulloch, the oldest branch of Kandeish, Lieutenant James Anderson, of the Ma- Sliochd-Tigli lan-Duibh, of the Keppoch family. dras European regiment, eldest son of the late 15. At Aberdeen, Mrs Aberdein, of Glassell, reRev. John Anderson, minister of Stronsay, most lict of William Aberdein, Esq. sincerely regretted by his brother officers, and all At Gladfield, Ross-shire, Hugh Ross, Esq. of who knew him.

Aldie and Gladfield. Nov. 5. At Mussulipatam, in the house of James 17. In Baker-street, London, Sarah Maynadier 0. Todd, Esq. judge and chief magistrate there, in Rush, eldest daughter of Richard Rush, envoy the 27th year of his age, Lieutenant Alexander D. extraordinary, and minister plenipotentiary from Coull, of the Madras artillery, son of James Coull, the United States. Esq. of Ashgrove, in the county of Moray.

- At Aberdeen, William Innes, Esq. of Thurso. 18. At Edinburgh, William, eldest son of Mr 2. At Dublin, John Gifford, Esq. at an advanced William Simpson, Esq. solicitor at law.

age. - At Dundee, Mrs Crow, relict of Colonel John - At his house at Brighton, after a lingering illCrow.

ness, the Lady of Admiral James Douglas. 19. At Mount Pleasant, Thurso, Benjamin Cal. 4. At Edinburgh, Bridget Bonnar, youngest der, Esq. aged 73.

daughter of the late Rev. David Black, one of the - At Belmont, Thomas Monat, Esq. of Garth, ministers of this city. Shetland.

.- At Edinburgh, Mrs Marion Craufuird, wife of - At Dingwall, Miss Margaret Mackenzie, Lieutenant-Colonel Lauriston, of the Honourable daughter of the late William Mackenzie, Esq. of East India Company's service. Strathgarve.

5. At Edinburgh, Gordon Duff Cockburn, young20. At the manse of Lochcatron, in the 66th est son of Robert Cockburn, Esq. year of his age, and 37th of his ministry, the Rev. - At the Manse of Newburgh, Fife, the Rev. Lachlan Mackenzie, minister of Lochcarron. He Thomas Stewart, D.D. was a man of undissembled piety, great integrity, - At Ayr, at the house of her son, the Rev. Dr and remarkable for his zeal, sacred eloquence, and Auld, Mrs Auld, sen. aged 93. usefulness.

- In Hall-Moon-street, Piccadilly, Major Scott - At Aberdeen, Mrs Burnet, relict of Alexander Waring. Burnet, Esq. late a deputy-commissary of ord- 6. At Glasgow, Dame Elizabeth Campbell, winance, in the service of the honourable East India dow of the late Sir Humphrey Trafford Campbell Company.

of Asknish, sheriff-depute of Argyllshire. 21. In Old Aberdeen, Miss Teresa Lumsden, - At Elgin, Dr Thomas Stephen, physician, daughter of the Rev. John Lumsden, some time aged 75. professor in the University of King's College, Old At Edinburgh, aged 23, Mr James Scott, late Aberdeen

of James' Court. - In Great Portland-street, London, in the 39th - In Sloane-street, Chelsea, Mrs Christian Maxyear of his age, Robert Martin Herne, Esq. of the well, wife of Anthony Todd Thomson, Esq. Commissariat Department, Treasury.

7. At Edinburgh, Mr John Currie, depute-clerk - At Pittenwcem, Mrs Margaret Robertson, res of the justice of peace court. lict of George Gourlay, Esq. of Kineraig.

8. At the Manse of Culter, Eliza Howison - At Kinross, at the advanced age of 94 years, Strachan, daughter of Alexander Strachan, Esq. Mr John Millar, weaver. He had 8 children, 34 Assistant Commissary-general. grand-children, and 28 great grand-children of - At Burnshott, Mr Robert Todd, farmer there. whom are in life, 4 children, 24 grand-children, At Livingston's Yards, Mrs Comb, relict of and 22 great grand-children.

Mr George Comb, brewer. 22. At Berwick, John Clanie, Esq. corn-mer- 9. At Morebættle, the Rev. David Morrison. chant, one of the magistrates of that burgh.

- At Edinburgh, at his house in Union-street, - At Kelso, Mrs Elizabeth Young, widow of the Edward Lindsay Watt, Esq. M.D. of the island of late Mr John Bruce, farmer at Maxton.

Jamaica. 23. At Ayr, Mrs Allason, wife of William Alla- - At Howard Place, near Edinburgh, Mrs Mare son of Whitehill, Esq.

jory Robertson, relict of Captain Alexander Do- At his house in Hans Place, London, in the nald, late of the 11st regiment of invalids, aged 86. 81st year of lais age, Christopher Savile, Esq. M.P.

At Kircudbright, Dr John Walker, physiciau for Vakhampton.

there. - At Edinburgh, Miss Christian Scott, fourth 10. At Ravelrig, Alexander Hay, Esq. of Radaughter of the deceased Dr John Scott of Coats. velrig.

21. Mr John Mitchell, printer of the Tyne Mer- At Edinburgh, Mrs Macfarlan, widow of the cury, aged 47. On Tuesday, his remains were in. late Dr John Macfarlan, one of the ministers of tho terred, according to his own desire, in the garden Canongate. of his residence, on the leases, near Newcastle. – Elizabeth, second daughter of Mr George Gor

25. At Edinburgh, Mrs Isabella Forbes, relict of don, Canongate. the late James Gordon, Esq. at Tillynaught, - At Edinburgh, Mrs Mary Wemyss, wife of Mr Banflshire.

Alexander Reid, Castle-street. - At his Lordship's house in Clarges Street, 12. At Edinburgh, the Right Honourable Marga London, in her 69th year, Charlotte, Countess of ret, Countess of Buchan. Onslow.

16. At Aberdeen, George, youngest son of 26. At London, the right honourable Mary, George Gordon, Esq. of Auchleuchrics. Countess Dowager Poulett.

17. At Edinburgh, John I'lint of Polbeth, Esq. - At Fraserburgh, Mrs Shand, relict of William writer in Edinburgh. Shand, Esq. of Craigellie:

- At Leith, Essex, youngest daughter of the late - At Edinburgh, Christina Margaret, youngest

Mr Ellis Martin, merchant there. daughter of Johu Sinclair, Esq. of Coveni-Garden - At his father's house, in Piccadilly, London, Theatre.

at the age of 15 months, Frederick, the only son - At her father's house, Dundas-street, Isabella and heir of the Honourable Mr Drummond Burrell. Gardner, eldest daughter of Mr Campbell Gardner, 18. At Leith, Lieutenant Hill Christie, aged 78.4 aged 23.

19. At No 4, Shandwick Place, Henry Glassford, 27. At Edinburgh, Mr Adam Elder, late bakcr Esq. of Dougalston. there.

- At Edinburgh, Thomas Kennedy of Dunure, - At his house, Maize Hill, William Collins, Esq. Esq. of Frolesworth.

Latdy, at Tewkesbury, in distressed circum- At Elgin, the Rev. Walter Stuart, lately pre- stances, Mr Thomas Morgan, long known in the sented to the church and parish of Alves.

gaining circles at Brighton, and other fashionable - At Leith, Thomas, the youngest son of Mr places. Previous to his death, he requested all his Grimes.

gambling apparatus to be brought to him, and 28. At Huntly, Mr Charles Macdonald, agent for burnt in his presence, observing, that as they had the Aberdeen Bank.

been the ruin of him, he would prevent them in29. At Edinburgh, James Chalmers, Esq. soli- juring any one hereafter. citor.

At Weymouth, aged 82, Robert Bayard, Esq. of - At Roxburgh Manse, the Rev. Andrew Bell, Bath. He is supposed to be the last surviving ofin the 65th year of his age, and 38th of his ini- ficer who fought under the command of the biave nistry.

General Wolte, at the battle of Quebec, in the year 30. At Edinburgh, Leveson Douglas Stewart, 1759, and was near him when he fell. Esq. R. N. third son of the Honourable keith Stew- At Calcutta, Alexander Colvin, Esq. the senior art of Glasserton, deceased.

partner of the firm of Messrs Colvins, Bazett, and May 1. At 10, Hanover-strect, Edinburgh, Mrs Co. the oldest and one of the most respectable Marion Gray, wife of Mr Gray, solicitor at law. members of the mercantile body of Calcutta.

2. Robert, aged 8 years, fifth son of Mr Archi-. At her house in Maitland Street, Mrs Newbig, bald Ronaldson, Leith.

ging, relict of the late Janucs New bigging, Esg.

Oliver & Boyd, Priulers, Edinburgh.




JULY 1819.

Vol. V.

ÖN THE PROPOSED NATIONAL MONUMENT AT EDINBURGH. We gladly avail ourselves of the first which does not call for contribation opportunity of calling the attention of from the remoter parts of the country. our readers to the proposed National Others, who are aware of the importMonument, a subject in which we ance of national edifices in fostering think not only the citizens of the the spirit of a nation, think that the metropolis, but all the inhabitants of object in view will be sufficiently gainScotland should feel interested. It is ed by the great national monument in not, indeed, without some surprise London, and that to erect a similar that we have witnessed the remarkable edifice in this metropolis is not only apathy towards this undertaking which unnecessary but improper, since the seems to prevail in most parts of the two kingdoms have now been so long country, and the singular perversion united into one great empire. It reof understanding by which its impor- quires but little knowledge of human tant effects are misunderstood or over- character, as it is pourtrayed in the looked. A few plain observations, on history of past events, to perceive that this subject, will not, it is hoped, these ideas are essentially erroneous. prove unacceptable to such of our The history of mankind, from its countrymen as take an interest in the earliest period to the present moment, station which Scotland holds either in is fraught with the proofs of one gene arts or arms.

ral truth, that it is in small states, and The indifference of the great majo- in consequence of the emulation and rity of the public to this undertaking ardent spirit which they develope, cannot arise from any insensibility to that the human mind arrives at its the glorious events which the propos- greatest perfection, and that the freest ed building is destined to commemo- scope is afforded both to the grandeur rate. It is but a few years since the of moral, and the brilliancy of intelmilitary enthusiasm of the nation was lectual character. It is to the citizens roused to its highest pitch, and the of small republics that we are indebted achievements of her soldiers, in fo- both for the greatest discoveries which reign wars, had awakened into new have improved the condition or elevatlife, the ancient and hereditary spirited the character of mankind, and for of her people. The animation which the noblest examples of private and these glorious events excited has not public virtue with which the page of and cannot have decayed. It is not to history is adorned. It was in the a want of public spirit, but to a want republics of ancient Greece, and in of a due sense of the importance of consequence of the emulation which the proposed edifice on the national was excited amongst her rival çities, that character, that the indifference of the beautiful arts of poetry, sculpture, which we complain is to be ascribed. and architecture were first brought to

Some there are who consider this as perfection; and whilst the genius of an object in which the citizens of the human race was slumbering in the Edinburgh only are interested, but innumerable multitudes of the Persian VOL. V.

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