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“Barbara” was married to Miles Standish shortly after her arrival in the Anne in 1623.

There are many descendants of both the Standish and the Alden families.

To be Defined

Garden of Eden
To be Explained

lauding her husband
Tremulous, floating in air, o'er the depths of the azure


To be Scanned
Pleasantly murmured the brook, as they crossed the ford in

the forest,

Figures of Speech How many metaphors do you find between line 970 and the end of the poem?

Questions 1. Who offered the first congratulations to the bride? 2. Apply to the poem the adage: “No man can gather

cherries in Kent at the season of Christmas!” 3. Was Miles Standish a favorite in the colony? How

do you know? 4. Why was he questioned? Who did the answering?

Why was there so much interrupting? 5. Was the captain in earnest when he stated his preference

for an attack on the Indians to an unexpected arrival

at a wedding? 6. What transfigured "the land of toil and privation"

into a “Garden of Eden”? 7. Did the guests devote the whole wedding day to merry


8. Where was the “new habitation"? Who built it? 9. Decribe the picture reflected in the brook. 10. Interpret: “Love immortal and young."

Memorize Lines 982–989
Meanwhile the bridegroom went forth .........
.................. sound of the ocean.


Historical · Miles Standish died on October 3, 1656. At Duxbury, a monument has been erected to his memory. The tall shaft, surmounted by a bronze statue of the captain, rises from Captain's Hill.

John Alden died on September 12, 1687, in his eightyninth year. He was the last survivor of the signers of the Compact. He had been magistrate for more than fifty years.

Comments Priscilla is a type of splendid womanhood, as John Alden is of noble manhood.

Longfellow's mother, Zilpab Wadsworth, was a descendant of the Aldens.

Longfellow had at first intended to name the poem Priscilla.

The contentment, the earnestness, the happy home life of the little colony, show us that the best things in life are beyond the power of money to buy.

To be Scanned
Scan one line taken from the poem at random.

Figures of Speech Write the simile that you think the most beautiful in the poem.

Give an example of metaphor.

How many examples do you find of apostrophe and personification combined?

Questions 1. Is The Courtship a pathetic or a humorous poem? 2. In what has Longfellow deviated from history in writing

the poem? 3. Give the qualifications of each of the rival lovers. 4. After John Alden was sure that Priscilla loved him, why

did he not marry her? 5. See how many word pictures you can find in the poem. 6. Which part (chapter) of the poem do you like best?

Why? 7. Look for the crises in the poem - either in a person's

life or in events. 8. Sketch the character of John Alden. 9. In imagination, spend the day with either John Alden

or Priscilla Mullins, and join in the work. Tell how

the day was passed. 10. Why will the name of Miles Standish live in history?

To be Memorized Choose from six to twelve lines that you like, and memorize them.

REFERENCE BOOKS Chronicles of the Pilgrims.......

......... Young Chronological History of New England. ...... Prince New England's Memorial...... ............ Morton Annals of America. ........... General History of Virginia. .. ............ Captain John Smith New England Plantation.

... Higginson Massachusetts Historical Collections.


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