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To be Defined




To be Explained breaking the glebe

scouring the land came to parley with Standish


To be Scanned
There on the flowers of the meadow the warriors lay, and

above them,
Silent, with folded arms, stood Hobomok, friend of the
white man.

Figure of Speech To what is the flight of arrows compared? Find each point of similarity.

Questions 1. Why was the hatred towards the white people in the

hearts of the chiefs? 2. Why did the chiefs carry no weapons but knives? 3. Did the taunt: “Go and work with the women!” mean

more with the Indians than with the white people? 4. When the Indians dared to insult Miles Standish, what

can we infer would have been their next move? 5. Explain exactly how the ambush was carried out. Did

Miles Standish see the danger? 6. What was the belief of the Indians with regard to a

musket (fire-stick)? 7. Why was the head of Wattawamat placed on the church?

Why did the people rejoice? 8. In what way would a noble-minded person, after losing

his temper, act differently from one of mean disposition? Did Miles Standish ever repent his passionate outbreak?

9. Name some of the ways in which the colonists made a

living. 10. Describe John Alden's home.

Memorize Lines 839–846
Meanwhile Alden at home ...............
................... and the orchard.


Lines 847–925

Helvetia is the old name for Switzerland.

The Indians often dipped the point of the arrow into poison, so that death would result from even a slight wound.

twain devious

To be Defined


asunder barriers

To be Explained
cut off with the whole of his forces

To be Scanned
Straight uprose from her wheel the beautiful Puritan maiden,
Pleased with the praise of her thrift from him whose praise

was the sweetest,

Figure of Speech What figure of speech is the whole passage to be memorized?

Do you find any other figures of speech between lines 847 and 925?

Questions 1. How did each man in the colony come by his share of

cattle? 2. Did John Alden think Priscilla a good housekeeper?

Read aloud the various lines in the lesson that prove

your answer. 3. When John Alden opened the subject of the beautiful

spinner, do you think Priscilla feared he would relapse

into his former transgression? 4. What would mothers reprove in their children? (line

883.) 5. Why was it that Priscilla did not object to Alden's

praise of her thrift, when before, she had objected so

strongly to his seeming flattery? 6. Why is the hum of the spinning-wheel spoken of as

music? Of what use is the distaff in spinning? Draw

or describe a reel, and tell its use. 7. Was John Alden a tactful young man? 8. What sensation predominated in the mixed feelings

with which John Alden received the news of the death of Miles Standish? Why did he clasp Priscilla

“almost with a groan? 9. What effect had the report on Priscilla? 10. Do you think Longfellow selected an opportune moment

in the story to report the death of Miles Standish? What is emphasized by this selection of time?

Memorize Lines 918–925
Even as rivulets twain ................
...................... the other.


Lines 926-966

Comments The marriage of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins took place in 1623.

Shakespeare refers to thin vapor, or flying clouds, as rack.

Notice how fully and heartily Miles Standish acknowledged his fault when he found he had been in the wrong.

The friendship did “grow older and dearer.” Miles Standish married a lady named Barbara, whose last name is unknown. They had seven children. Their eldest son, Alexander, married Sarah, one of the daughters of John and Priscilla Alden.

To be Defined
troth benediction sensitive thereupon

To be Scanned
Softly the youth and the maiden repeated the words of

Figures of Speech What is compared to the sun shining through the thin flying clouds?

See if there is any other figure of speech between lines 926 and 967.

Questions 1. Does the wedding day in the poem correspond with the

historical date? 2. Why were the Puritans married by a magistrate as well

as by an Elder?

3. What was the "fleeting intention" that was mastered

by the “iron will”? 4. How had Miles Standish been “cruel and hard”? 5. Do you think that, before appearing at the wedding,

Miles Standish had forgiven John Alden? 6. To what did Miles Standish attribute his quick temper? 7. As you compare their feelings and actions throughout

the poem, which of the two friends showed a more

generous disposition? Cite several instances. 8. Was John Alden sensitive? Do you find any instance

of his having conquered an angry retort when his

feelings were hurt? 9. Had Miles Standish an affectionate disposition? Find,

in different parts of the poem, lines that prove your

answer. 10. Why would you call the reconciliation a perfect one?

Memorize Lines 956–966
But when were ended .......
................... older and dearer!”

Lines 967–1018

Kent is a county in the southern part of England.

Historical Miles Standish left a will in which he provided with the most tender care for his “dearly beloved wife, Barbara.” To his eldest son, Alexander, he left the English possessions that he felt were rightfully his.

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