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2. In what state was the mind of John Alden when he

decided to return to England? 3. What was being enforced on the careful remembrance

of the captain? Do you think he made a success of

his commission? Give a reason for your answer. 4. Do you think the captain was much interested in the

affairs of the Pilgrims? What makes you think as

you do? 5. On what day in their history did the Pilgrims show the

greatest courage? 6. What feeling had the Pilgrims come to have for the

Mayflower? 7. Why did they watch the receding sail in silence? Did

the elder read their thoughts? Give the reason for

your answer. 8. For what did they "thank the Lord? 9. Why was the Indian on the hill? 10. In imagination, stand on the beach with the Pilgrims,

and describe the departure of the vessel. Use the first person.

Memorize Lines 623–626
So they returned ...................
................... over the waters.


Lines 627-675

Comments Note how often in the poem appositives are used in connection with John Alden; for instance, “the scholar," "the friend of Miles Standish.”.

Line 643 shows that a friend often sees virtues where others see defects.

To be Defined misgiving straightway



To be Explained

the matter I had in my keeping secret misgiving

ethereal level

To be Scanned
“You will forgive me, I hope, for the sake of the friendship

between us,
Which is too true and too sacred to be so easily broken!”

Figures of Speech What is compared to water spilt on the ground? What is compared to a spellbound ghost? To what is the untold life of suffering women compared?

What simile does John Alden use to give his idea of a woman's life?

Questions 1. What did Priscilla think was John Alden's reason for

being offended with her? 2. How had Priscilla failed in decorum? What caused

her to fail? 3. Why could not Priscilla take back what she had said?

What simile shows the impossibility of so doing? 4. Tell in your own words, briefly, and without figures,

Priscilla's belief regarding a woman's fate in life. 5. How did John Alden show his lack of comprehension of

the “inner life” of women ? 6. In lauding women, do you think John Alden intended

to flatter them? 7. In what did Priscilla's common sense and lack of sus

ceptibility to flattery show itself?

8. What trait in Priscilla's character helped her divine

John Alden's apparent disloyalty to himself? 9. How did Priscilla feel herself benefited by the friend

ship of John Alden? 10. Point out some of the many beautiful traits in Priscilla's

character that are shown in this chapter.

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Comments Miles Standish never became a member of the Puritan church.

Priscilla's last name is spelled in different ways: Mullines, Molines, Mullins.

It was in 1623 that Miles Standish led the expedition against the Indians. Longfellow has grouped into his poem all the interesting events between 1621 and 1623.

Historical “The governor, on receiving this intelligence, which was confirmed by other evidences, ordered Standish to take with him as many men as he should judge sufficient, and, if a plot should be discovered, to fall on the conspirators. ... Standish, with eight men, sailed to the Massachusetts, where the natives, suspecting his design, insulted and threatened him." — Annals of America.

To be Defined

To be Explained
importunate zeal

in the barness
To be Scanned
Homeward together they walked, with a strange, indefinite

That all the rest had departed and left them alone in the


Figures of Speech What figure of speech is employed in the following line?

"He is a little chimney, and heated hot in a moment." Do you find any metaphors between lines 676 and 742?

Questions 1. Why was Priscilla offended by the seeming flattery of

John Alden? 2. How do “common and complimentary phrases" insult

women? 3. Why did Priscilla's face look so "fair,” so “divine,"

while she was chiding John Alden? 4. According to Priscilla, what chance had Miles Standish

in his competition with John Alden? 5. How did Priscilla's candor and good sense smooth out

the misunderstanding between her and John Alden? 6. For what had Priscilla seemed ungrateful? (line 709.) 7. Quote the line in which Priscilla shows her appreciation

of kindness. 8. Was there any similarity between the losses that Miles

Standish and John Alden were suffering?


9. How did Miles Standish think that his proposal had

been treated by Priscilla? 10. What was the weed that he mistook for a flower?

Memorize Lines 735–741

"I alone ...........
..................... of dangers!


Lines 745–846

Comments When preparing for war, the Indians painted their bodies with stripes of bright colors.

A sachem is a principal chief. A sagamore is a chief of lesser rank.

Pecksuot and Wattawamat were leaders among the Indians called the Massachusetts.

Some fine specimens of work in wampum may be seen in the Museum of Natural History in New York City. Wampum is made by polishing pieces of shell. It is used as money by the Indians, and also for ornamenting their clothing.

Size, strength, and bravery were the possessions most admired by the Indians.

The Pilgrims made a treaty of peace with the Indian chief, Massasoit, which remained unbroken for fifty years.

The lattice was not put on windows solely as an ornament; it protected the paper. In the time of the Pilgrims, glass windows were a luxury even to the nobility. .

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