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be forced into an unavoidable assumption of heterodox language, till the word ómootolog was invented. The primitive Christians, then, could not, by anticipation, have used expressions, which marked the erroneous nature of the heresy, before it existed. And he apprehends that the unlearned Christian of the present day, who has never heard of this grave error, and the single-hearted believer who has no taste for inquiring into it, provided that they, like the Treasurer of Queen Candace, build their hope of salvation on “ Jesus Christ the Son of God,” stand on the same footing for obtaining the inestimable blessing with the Christians of the first centuries. He has not yet seen the duty of recanting opinions which he preached fifteen years ago in the fifteenth of these Sermons.

As to the speculations of the Sabellians, he is surprised at the assertion that they would “ accept, as far as the letter of it goes,” “a list of fundamentals,” which includes a belief in the personality of the Holy Spirit as an Almighty Agent, and also at a serious accusation founded on that assertion 1.

1 Prof. Keble's Postscript, p. 47, 48.



This comment of the learned Professor involves a pretty broad intimation that the Author's method of propounding Christian Truth is essentially defective; that he keeps back what it is necessary that the ple should know. The charge can be adequately met only by offering to the Public some of those Discourses, which for the last forty years he has been in the habit of addressing to his flock. These bear no reference to the controversy, which now threatens to distract the Church; for nearly all of them were preached many years before it

In the selection he has preferred such as had some air of novelty either in the manner of stating or of illustrating the Faith.

In printed discourses especially the scribe ought to produce from his treasury things old and new-old, for we must ever re-iterate 66 what we have heard from the beginning :" new, because without some infusion of freshness into our publications, we have no right to tax the pockets and load the shelves of those who are unconnected with us. In our parochial ministrations, indeed, it is sufficient that we “speak the things that become sound doctrine,” according to the measure of the gift vouchsafed to us, whatever it may be.

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Of his own defects in the requisite here prescribed, the Author is deeply sensible. He means, however, to say that, considering himself forced before the Public, to stand upon his trial whether he does suffer his people to stray into “the ditch” of heresy or not, he has chosen from such of his Sermons as were not absolutely limited to the common places of divinity.

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