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But I will chastite this high-minded Arumpet.

Drives back our troops, and conquers as the lifts.
Hark, countrymen! either renew the fight,

Renounce your foil, give theep in lions' stead:
My breast I'll burft with frraining of my courage,

Tal, Heaven's, can you suffer bell fo to
And from my shoulders erack my a'ms alunder,

Ech as s'arm again; and Talbat pursuetk the Daupbin,

***:-101t ting. Then enter foar la Pucelle driving
Ez zen before ber. Then enter Talbot.

Tal. Where is my frength, my valour, and my force? Our Eng.ith troops retire, I cannot say them :

A woman clad in armour, chaleth them. i

Enter Pucelle.
Here, here, the comes. I'll have a bout with thee ;
Devil, or devil's dam, I'll conjure thee :
Blord will I draw on thee, thou art a witch,
And Itraightway give thy soul to him thou ferv't.
Pacel. Come, come, 'tis only 1 that mul disgrace

[They fight. *
Talbot, farewel, thy hour is not yet come ;
I muut go viêual Orleans forthwith

. [-s bort alarm. Then enter the torun with soldiers. O'ertake me if thou canst, I fcorn thy ftrength. Go, go, chear up thy hunger-farved men, Help Salisbury to make his testament : This day is oars , as many more shall be

. [Exit Pucelle

Tal. Aly thoughts are whirled like a potter's wheel;
I know not where I am, nor what I do:
A witch, by fear, not force, like Hannibal,
So bees with imoak, and doves with noisome stench,
Are from their hives and houses driv'n

They call'd us for our fierceness Englith dogs,
Now like their whelps we crying run away,

[.A short alarm,
Or tear the lions out of England's coat :
Sheep run not half'fo tim'rous from the wolf,
Or horse or oxen from the leopard,


They fight.

Pucel. Talbut, farewci, &c.

u fly from your oft-subdued slaves.

[ Alarm. Here another skirmish.
I not be : retire into your trenches:
All consented unto Salisbury's death,
one would strike a stroke in his

le is enter'd into Orleans,
ight of us, or ought that we cou'd do.
ould I were to die with Salisbury !
Thame hereof will make me hide my


[Exit Talbot. [Alarm, Retreat, Flourish.

[blocks in formation]

?r on the wall, Pucelle, Dauphin, Reignier, Alan

fon, and Soldiers. 'xcel. Advance our waving colours on the walls, cu'd is Orleans from the Ēnglish wolves : is Joan la Pucelle hath perform'd her word. lau. Divinest creature, bright Aftrea's daughter, v shall I honour thee for this success ! promises are like Adonis' gardens *, it one day bloom'd, and fruitful were the next. nce, triumph in thy glorious prophetess ! cover'd is the town of Orleans ; re blessed hap did ne'er befal our state. Reig: Whyring not out the bells throughout the town? uphin, command the citizens make bonfires,

d feast and banquet in the open streets, .t celebrate the joy that God hath giv'n us.

Alan. All France will be replete with mirth and joy, hen they shall hear how we have play'd the men. Dau. 'Tis Joan, not we, by whom the day is won:

The gardens of Adonis were never represented under any local de. iption, nor is any such thing implied in this place. They were onbeds of earth put into poriable" cases of liver or cther matter, in nich were raised such flowers and herbs as were of quick growth and Ort continuance, the production and maturity of them being also

Upon this quickness of growth the allion here is founded : though ancienily ere gardens of A overbial expression to fignity tranfiliory Aeeting pleafur Iso of a flight trifling account.

Şce Eras, adas. Oxford

iftened by artificial means.

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SCENE I Purina:2.2; 2tá Taldet purdert the Dauphin,

1. Teer onder foar la Pucelle driving

2,71. Then enter Talbot. * Theres erftrength, myralear, and my force? (Lethes retire, I cannot stay them : A.Gawa 2010r, chaieth them.

Eder Pucelle. For See, e cons. I'll have a bout with thee; Die wit is dam, I'll conjure thee: Bukitze on thee, thou art a witch, : 7 ay give thy foul to him thou ferr'i. in the line, come, 'tis only I chat muk disgrace

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Or with


Tare, farewel, dh bour is not yet come ;
1-zrtzar Orieans forthwith.

Catedre. Tien enter the tous ait foldiers. rettivo cantt

, I fcorn thy firengtă.
Go cheer up thy hunge-tarved men,
He: IT 0 make his teitament :
7.1 3:35, as many more shall be. [Exit Pucelke
La loro stes are whirled like a potter's wheel

To where I am, nor what I do:
Ach, b:eur, not force, like Hannibal,
Diseba v troeps, and conquers as the lifts

Subes in imut, and doves with poisome fterch,
Aber bites and houses drivin away.
Tietoj as for our fierceness English dogs,
Air is ther whelps we crying run away:

[ 1 jhort alara,
E22, cetaten! either renew the fight,
(te: the is cut of England's coat :
Recor Twice, give lineep in lions' ftead :
Sienas rin sa kat so im rous from the woll,
Com er clea trom the leopard,

Sal. C
Gar. (

Speak, S.
How far'i
One of th
That hat!
In thirteen
Henry the

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Ε Ν Ε 'ucelle, Dauphin, Reignier, Alann, and Soldiers, ur waving colours on the walls, rom the English wolves : le hath perform'd her word. cature, bright Astrea's daughter,

thee for this success! ke Adonis' gardens n'd, and fruitful were the next.

thy glorious prophetess ! wn of Orleans ; id ne'er befal our state. otout the bells throughout the town? d the citizens make bonfires, quet in the open streets, by that God hath giv'n us. e will be replete with mirth and joy, ear how we have play'd the men. not we, by whom the day is won:

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ris were never represented under any local de.
h thing implied in this place. They were on
to poriable cases of silver or cther matter, in
Howers and herbs as were of quick growth and
production and maturity of them being also
ans. Upon this quickness of growth the al-
though anciendly ine gardens of Adozi-
fignity transitory Aceting pleasures,
account. Şce Eras, adas. Oxford 1.

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Baffet, of the Red Rose, or Duke of Gloucefter, uncle to Lancaster faction.

the King, and Protector. Charles, Dauphin, and af. Duke of Bedford, unele to terwards King of France.

the King, and Regent of || Reignier, Duke of injou and France.

titular King of Naples. Cardinal Beaufort, Bishop of Duke of Burgundy. Winchesler, and uncle like- || Duke of Alanfon. wile to the King

Bastard of Orleans. Duke of Exeter, brother to Governor of Paris. King Henry IV.

Master Gunner of Orleans. Duke of Somerset.

Boy, his son. Earl of Warwick.

An old Thepherd, father to Earl of Salisbury.

Joanla Pucellé.
Earl of Suffolk.
Lord Talbot.

Margaret, daughter to Reig. Young Talbot his son.

nier, and afterwards Richard Plantagenet, after Queen to King Henry,

wards Duke of York. Countess of Auvergne, Mortimer, Earl of March. Joan la Pucelle, a maid preSir John Falla*

tending to be inspir'd from Woodvile, Licut. of the heaven, and setting up for Tower.

the championess of France. Lord Mayor of London. Fiends, attending ber. Sir Thomas Gargrave. Sir William Glandsdale. Lords, Captains, Soldiers, Sir William Lucy.

Messengers, and several Vernon, of ihe l'hite Rose, attendunts both on the Engor York fastion.

lijk and French. The SCENE is partly in England, and partly in France.

* FalAaff is introduced again, who was dead in Henry V. a:7. 2. f:. 3. The reason is, because this play was written by Saakespeare betore Henry IV. or V. See the last lines of Henry V.


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