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Yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written.—Rom. 3 . 4.
Preach the word—instant in season, out of season—they will not endure souad
doctrine—they shall be turned to fables.—2 Tim. 4 : 2-4.
Diversities of gifts, but the same spirit; is it therefore not of the body 1—1 Cor.

Multa petentibus
Desunt multa. Bene est, cui Deus obtulit
Parca, quod satis est, inanu.—Horace.

si vera feram, si magna rependam.—Virgil.

Uavra fie fioKtndfere- To Koxov, Kat«'xrre.—1 Thess. 5 : 21.

onjitete iv Tjj irt<rtet, *ANAPI'ZEi©E, tcpatatTWCe. vavra V/iwk iv ayairrj

ytvivBu.—l Cor. 16: 13.

Under a deep consciousness of their imperfections, this is my encouragement,
that there are different relishes in the world; that something new, or expressed in
a different style and manner, peculiar to the writer himself, may have a greater
tendency to inform and impress the readers, than more accurate performances on
the same subjects with which they are already acquainted.—Orton.

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