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the obsolete notions of your ancestors, in more happy circumstances thau himself,—bow would you behave to him on the occasion ?-Would you not, without a moment's hesitation, explain to him that he was mistaken ;-that he could have no right to make such a demand;--and you should certainly resist his unwarrantable claim? You might pity the obstinacy and perverseness, that would keep bịın wandering in darkness, and prevent his ever arriving at bis journey's end ;—and would advise him well, and direct him properly; but, whilst you possessed strength and power you would never suffer binn to invade your property, and disturb your peace and happiness.-And, who would condemn your conduct?—or, could any one with propriety bring a charge of injustice, cruelty, and ill nature against you on that account?—could it, with the least shew of reason be said, in such a ease, that you were influenced by malevolent, vindictive feeling against such a person ?-as well might it be said, that Christ was influenced by vindictive feeling when he wrought no miracles, and healed no sick in Nazareth, because the wilfully blind in that neighbourhood refused to believe in him, and only sneered at a carpenter's son pretending to introduce a doctrine ainongst thein, subversive of that, which their fathers had handed down to them. Indeed, with equal truth, we might charge the deity himself with injustice, for not continuing to shew favour to his chosen people, after they had repeatedly abused his mercy and kindness, and even mocked at his dispensations of severity and judgement;-"the whole head was sick " and the whole heart was faint from the “ sole of the foot, even unto the head, there was

no soundness in it, but wounds and bruises, and putrefying sores: therefore their country

was desolate, and their cities were burned “ with fire.” And, are Christians, it is asked, to act in this manner towards those, whose religion has “no soundness in it, but is full of * putrefying sores?”—By no means—such a question, would not have been asked, if men had considered the reason, why the Almighty has, through his prophets made the world acquainted with some of the transactions and secrets of his moral government. It was not, that man should usurp his throne and wield his sceptre, but that he should learn the wisdom of obedience to his divine will, and avoid the religious errors, and false worship of those nations, which brought on their destruction - God's government of the world is carried on, exactly as it was formerly, with the exception of a miraculous interference, to establish a knowledge of his name, and a religion of truth, that should ultimately diffuse harmony and love, among “all “kindreds and nations and people."—War, famine, pestilence, and death are ministers of bis word, and execute bis commands now, in the same manner as they did, when “the head “of an ass was sold in Samaria for tourscore


pieces of silver, and a hundred and eighty

thousand Assyrians were slain by the angel of “God, under the walls of Jerusalem.”—Many of the events that have marked the last forty years want neither prophets, nor inspiration to shew, that they originated in the counsels of the Almighty, and were executed by agents commissioned by him. There is no occasion for us, therefore, to draw the sword against those who violate the laws of his righteous government, and enlist under the rebel standard of idolatry, and boldly fight against him.—But, although this is not our business, yet, as subjects of his government, we have duties to discharge of a reproving, as well as of an encouraging character, towards one another;—and, if they are discharged according to the directions and example of his great messenger, the universal deliverer, can we be charged with blame?—He was severe in his remarks upon the conduct of the apostate elders of IsraelHe turned from his countrymen, who believed not in bim, shewed them no tavours, and considered them not of bis kingdom ;-whilst, he relieved all who came unto him, preached to all who would listen to him, and publicly declared all to be bis “brotbers and sisters," who acknowledged his doctrine to be from heaven, and obeyed it.—Amongst the objects of his divine mission, were the condemnation of Jewish errors in religion, and the destructiou of heathen altars.-liis followers may in all respects safely

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imitate his example ;-by the same means, with the same feeling, and with the same views they may, and ought to exert themselves in exposing all religious errors—in rooting out idolatryand particularly in destroying the apostacy of the church of Rome;—for, until both the furi. ous apocalyptical beasts are destroyed, neither truth, nor peace will flourish in Europe; or, in any other quarter of the Globe where their terrible power prevails.--The following petition, with the remarks upon it, I consider “a “ mite,” it was my duty to “cast into the trea

sury,” for the purpose of promoting this great and desirable object.-Against the individuals themselves, who hold the Catholic faith, I have no uncharitable feeling; but, with other Christians, lainent exceedingly that they should not see their errors; or, that they should continue in them for no other reason, than, because their fathers did the same: a reason which an Egyptian would offer for prostrating himself before a Crocodile, and his neighbour for worshipping in a mosque.—The religious absurdities of the fathers, ought not to be perpetuated by their children ;-an affectionate regard for their memory should rather induce them, first to renounce, and then to observe a becoming silence upon opinions, that did no credit, either to their knowledge or their judgment. If the virtues of our ancestors cannot benefit, or make us respected, unless our conduct reseinbles theirs,-certainly their mistakes in religion, and the intolerant spirit that accompanied them, can shed no lustre upon us in any situation, or under any circumstances.If the light of divine knowledge, now rendered inore clear than ever by the means of general education, does not improve us, it will make our responsibility greater than before ;-and, if the gospel does not make us better servants of God, and better members of society than we were, before we were acqnainted with it, will not knowledge aggravate our conduct, and make us liable to heavier punishment ?— It is not only the Catholic religion in one particular spot that I proscribe;—but in every country, where it is preached and established, there, I am justified by scripture in saying, it ought to be rooted out, and there I am persuaded the gospel preached with honesty, and in its native simplicity, and accompanied by the spirit it breathes, will ultimately produce that glorious effect.—For, altbough every system of religious error and false worship is inimical to the propagation of the truth, yet none is so injurious to it, as the coctrine of the Papacy.—Like Judas, it betrays under the mask of friendship--it pretends to be exclusively of Christ, yet gives no proof that it has ever been with him.-For gold, it pardons sin :—for gold, it gives you heaven.-In both cases, it smiles, deceives, and ruins.—The Jews still reject christianity-and infidels langh at it :-both therefore are open eenemies, and put us upon our guard.—But

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