Recollections of a Rebel Reefer

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Houghton Mifflin, 1917 - 491 страници
This is the story of the life of James Morgan, a member of the Confederate Navy in his youth and whom later became a farmer in South Carolina. It includes a narrative of his service on the Confederate cruiser Georgia, 1863-1864.

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Страница 249 - And I hereby proclaim and declare that if any person, under the pretended authority of the said States, or under any other pretense, shall molest a vessel of the United States, or the persons or cargo on board of her, such person will be held amenable to the laws of the United States for the prevention and punishment of piracy.
Страница 60 - Tuscarora, the Calhoun, and the Jackson. The Calhoun, a towboat, with a walking-beam engine, was considered too vulnerable in her boilers and machinery, so she was ordered to keep out of it. The Jackson, a high-pressure paddle-wheel towboat of great power, made so much noise from her escape pipes that she could be heard ten miles away, so she was ordered to stay as far behind as possible. It must have been about three o'clock in the morning when we saw a rocket go up, which was the signal agreed...
Страница 87 - Bluff. The result of our experiment with the Galena I enclose. We demonstrated that she is not shot-proof. Balls came through, and many men were killed with fragments of her own iron. One fairly penetrated just above the water-line, and exploded in the steerage.
Страница 107 - When he had finished his calculations, he gave the captain a course and told him that by steering it at a certain speed he would sight the light at Port Hamilton by two o'clock in the morning. No one turned into his bunk that night except the Commodore and his little son; the rest of us were too anxious. Four bells struck and no light was in sight. Five minutes more passed and still not a sign of it; then grumbling commenced and the passengers generally agreed with the man who expressed the opinion...
Страница 106 - DAMPIRATES' FURTHER RECOLLECTIONS OF A REBEL REEFER BY JAMES MORRIS MORGAN BERMUDA is only six hundred miles from Charleston; a fast ship could do the distance easily in forty-eight hours, but the Herald was slow: six or seven knots was her ordinary speed in good weather, and eight when she was pushed. She had tumbled about in the sea so much that she had put one of her engines out of commission and it had to be disconnected. We were thus compelled to limp along with one, which of course greatly...
Страница 322 - Woe to them that go down to Egypt for help; and stay on horses, and trust in chariots, because they are many; and in horsemen, because they are very strong; but they look not unto the Holy One of Israel, neither seek the Lord!
Страница 105 - Maury, accompanied by his little son, a boy of twelve years of age, and myself, whom he had designated as his aide-de-camp for the voyage, went on board after bidding good-bye to our kind friends. About ten o'clock at night we got under way and steamed slowly down the harbor, headed for the sea. The moon was about half full, but heavy clouds coming in from the ocean obscured it. We passed between the great lowering forts of Moultrie and Sumter and were soon on the bar, when suddenly there was a rift...
Страница 107 - ... science on board and that we should all be on our way to Fort Lafayette in New York Harbor as soon as day broke. At ten minutes past two the masthead lookout sang out, "Light ho!
Страница 102 - Gaul and insisted on posing me to illustrate his lecture. This was embarrassing, especially as he considered it polite to commence over again as each new guest entered the room. At last relief came when Mr. Trenholm arrived with a beautiful lady, well past middle-age, leaning on his arm; and I was introduced to my hostess, whose kind face and gentle manner put me at my ease at once. Oh, but it was a good dinner I sat down to that day! After all these years the taste of the good things lingers in...