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« On Rural Squires, that Kingdoins Bane, “ He vented oft his Wrath in vain : (1) Squires, to Market brought;:, “ Who fell their Souls and for Naughty

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fc The im go joyful back; }} 16 To i the Church, 'théir Tenants rack, • Go Snacks with * * . .? * And, keep the Peace, to pick up Fees: * In every Jobb to have a Share, “ A Jayl or • • . to repair ; ; “ And turn the ---- for publick Roads « Commodious to their own Abodes,

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• Perhaps I may allow, the Dean “: Had too much Satyr in his Vein ; ;... “ And seem'd determin'd not to starve it, . “ Because no Age could more deserve it. ::: " Yet, Malice never was his Aim; " He lash'd the Vice, but spar'd the Name. “ No Individual could resent, “ Where Thousands equally were meant. “ His Satyr points at no Defect, “ But what all Mortals may correct : " For he abhorr'd that senseless Tribe, “ Who call it Humour when they jibe : “ He spar'd a Hump, or crooked Nose, “ Whose Owners set not up for Beaux. “ True genuine Dullness nov'd his Pity, “ Unless it offer'd to be witty. “ Those, who their Ignorance confess'd ; “ He ne'er offended with a Jeft ; “ But laugh'd to hear an Idiot quote, 6 A Verse from Horace, learn’d by Rote.

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6. He knew an hundred pleasant Stories, 66 With all the Turns of Whigs and Tories : “ Was chearful to his dying Day, 56 And Friends would let him have his Way:

“ He gave the little Wealth he had, “ To build a House for Fools and Mad: " And shew'd by one fatyric Touch, ” No Nation wanted it so much: (1) “ That Kingdom he hath left his Debtor, - I wish it foon may have a Better.

(1) Meaning Ireland, where he now lives, and probably may dye.

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For the Honour of the Kingdom of


THIS is to inform the Publick, that a Gentle 1 man of long Study, Observation and Experience, bath employed bimself for several Years in making Colle&tions of Faets, relating to the Conduct of Divines, Physicians, Lawyers, Soldiers, Merchants, Traders, and Squires, containing an Historical Account of the most remarkable Corruptions, Frauds, Oppressions, Knaveries, and Perjuries ; wherein the Names of all the Perfons concerned, shall be inserted at full Length, with fome Account of their Families and Stations.

But, whereas, the said Gentleman cannot compleat his History, without some Asistance from the Publick, he humbly desires, that all Persons who have any Memoirs or Accounts relating to themfelves, their Families, their Friends or Acquain. tance, which are well attested, and fit to enrich the Work, will please to send them to the Printer

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