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A fervile Race in Folly nursed,
" Who truckle most, when treared worft.

“ By Innocence and Resolution, ” He bore continual Persecution ; ç While Numbers to Preferment rofe; “ Whose. Merits were, to be his Foes. « When, evin his own familiar Friends “ Intent upon their private Ends; “ Like Renegadoes now he feels, ¢ Against him lifting up their Heelse

« The Dean did by his Pen defeat (1)“ An infamous destructive Cheat.

“ Taught

(1) One Wood, a Hardware-man from England, bad a Patent for coining Copper Halfpence in Ireland, to the Sum of 108,000 1. which in the Consequence, must leave that Kinga dom without Gold or Silver (See Drapier's Letfors.)

• Taught Fools their Incoreft how to know
“ And gave them Arms to ward the Blow.
« Envy hath own'd it was his doing,
“ To save that helpless Land from Ruin;
“. While they who at the Steerage stood,
“ And reapt the Profit, fought his Blood.

“ To save them from their evil Fate, “ In him was held a Crime of State. (1)“ A wicked Monster on the Bench, Whose Fury Blood could never quench;


(1) One W - was then Chief Justice : He had some Years before prosecuted a Printer for a Pamphlet writ by the Dean, to perswade the People of Ireland to wear their ewn Manufactures. Whit{hed fent the Jury down eleven Times, and kept them nine Hours, until they were forced to bring in a special Virdiet. He fat as Judge after“ As vile and profligate a Villain, “ As modern (1) Scroggs, or old Tresilian ; “ Who long all Justice had discarded, Nor fear'd be GOD, nor Man regarded; . “ Vow'd on the Dean his Rage to vent, , " And make him of his Zeal repent ;


66 But

wards on the Tryal of the Printer of the Drapier's Fourth Letter ; but the Jury, against all be could say or swear, threw out the Bill: All the Kingdom took the Drapier's Part, except the Courtiers, or those who expeEted Places. The Drapier was celebrated in many Poems and Pamplets: His Sign was set up in most Streets of Dublin (where many of them still continue) and in several Country Towns,

(1) Scroggs was Chief Justice under King Charles the Second : His Judgment always varied in State. Tryals, according to Direčtions from Court. Trefsilian was a wicked Judge, banged above three hundred Years ago.

" But Heav'n his Innocence defends,
“ The grateful People stand his Friends :
* Not Strains of Law, nor Judges Frown,
“ Nor Topicks brought to please the
“ Nor Witness hird, nor Jury pick’d,
. Prevail to bring him in convict.. .

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(1) “ In Exile with a steady Heart; 66 He spent his Life's declining Part; -;. “ Where, Folly, Pride, and Faction fway, (2) “ Remote from St. John, Pope, and Gay,

(1) “ His

(1) In Ireland, which he had Reason to call a Place of Exile ; to which Country nothing could bave driven bim, but the Queen's Death, who bad determined to fix bim in England, in Spight of the Dutchess of Somerset, &c.

(2) Henry St. John, Lord Viscount Bolingbroke, mentioned before.

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(i) His Friendřip there to Few confind; 6. Were always of the midling Kind: to No Fools of Rank; a mungril Breed, “ Whofain would pass for indeed; (2) “ Where Titles give no right or Power; << And **** is a witherd Flower, “ He would have held it a Difgrace • If such a Wretch had known' his Face.

“ On

( 14 In Ireland the Dean was not acquainted with one single Lord Spiritual or Temporal. He only conversed with private Gentlemen of the Clergy or Laity, and but a small Number of


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(2) "The Peers of Ireland lost all their Juris diction by one fongle Act, the * .

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