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Ring the joy-bells, chime on chime !

Sound the peal from shore to shore ! Steadfast, dauntless, and sublime,

England conquers as of yore!

And let the people's voice
O'er all the land rejoice,

That in the great immortal fight,
The glorious living and the dead,
For Freedom arm’d, for Justice bled,

And conquer'd in the right.

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Sound the requiem, loud and clear!

England weeps her children slain,
Mourns, with sympathy sincere,

Heroes lost, but not in vain.
And let the solemn peal
A nation's grief reveal ;--

Yet, be the tears of sorrow dried ;
We owe their babes a glorious debt;
And grief is vain, if it forget

The claims of those who died.


Ring the joy-bells, light the blaze !

And let the deep-voiced cannon roar!
Join all hands in prayer and praise,

England conquers as of yore!
On red Oppression's grave
She liberates the slave :-

She aids the weak, she curbs the strong;
She arms;—and hopeful nations pray!—
She arms—she fights-she wins the day !

And Right succeeds to Wrong!

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When wild war's deadly blast was blawn,

And gentle peace returning,
Wi' mony a sweet babe fatherless,

And mony a widow mourning,
I left the lines and tented field,

Where lang I'd been a lodger, My humble knapsack a' my wealth,

A poor but honest sodger,

A leal, light heart was in my breast,

My hand unstain’d wi' plunder ;
And for fair Scotia, hame again,

I cheerily did wander.
I thought upon the banks o’Coil,

I thought upon my Nancy,
I thought upon the witching smile

That pleased my youthful fancy.

At length I reach'd the bonnie glen

Where early life I sported;
I pass'd the mill and trysting thorn

Where Nancy aft I courted;

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