Memoirs of the court of England during the reigns of William and Mary, Queen Anne, and the first and second Georges

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Страница 101 - second, having endeavoured to subvert the constitution of " the kingdom, by breaking the original contract between " king and people — and, by the advice of Jesuits and other " wicked persons, having violated the fundamental laws, " and having withdrawn himself out of this kingdom — has " abdicated the government, and that the throne is thereby
Страница 214 - Never was a greater mixture of honour, virtue, [none,] and good sense, in any one person, than in him : a great man, attended with a sweetness of behaviour and easiness of conversation, which charms all who come near him ; nothing of the stiffness of a statesman, yet the capacity and knowledge of a piercing wit. He speaks French and Italian as well as his native language : and although but one eye, yet he has a most charming countenance, and is the most generally beloved by the ladies of any gentleman...
Страница 293 - He was the only remaining child of seventeen that the Princess had borne, some to the full time, and the rest before it. She attended on him during his sickness with great tenderness, but with a grave composedness that amazed all who saw it. She bore his death with a resignation and piety that were indeed very singular.
Страница 220 - The place,' she wrote to him, 'made me think how happy I was there when I had your dear company. But now I will say no more; for I shall hurt my own eyes, which I want now more than ever. Adieu. Think of me, and love me as much as I shall you, whom I love more than my life.
Страница 362 - ... though my dutiful behaviour to your Majesty in the worst of times (for which I acknowledge my poor services much overpaid) may not be sufficient to incline you to a charitable interpretation of my actions, yet I hope the great advantage I enjoy under your Majesty, which I can never expect in any other change of Government, may reasonably convince your Majesty and the world that I am actuated by a higher principle, when I offer that violence to my inclination and interest as to desert your Majesty...
Страница 300 - Jo. ARBUTHNOT."* The great charm of Anne in private life was the possession of that good breeding which, generally speaking, had been the characteristic of her race. Lord Dartmouth styles her " the best bred person in her dominions ;" and even the Duchess of Marlborough observes, — " She was extremely well-bred, and treated her chief ladies and servants as if they had been her equals." The Duchess, however, with something of malevolence, subsequently retracts her words, affirming that latterly...
Страница 173 - At breakfast — half a sheep, a quarter of lamb, ten pullets, twelve chickens, three quarts of brandy, six quarts of mulled wine, seven dozen of eggs, with salad in proportion.
Страница 271 - And certainly there is a greatest reason in the world to do so, for the doctrine of the Church of Rome is wicked and dangerous, and directly contrary to the Scriptures, and their ceremonies - most of them - plain, downright idolatry.
Страница 78 - Burnet, and asked him what he thought of the doctrine of predestination now." Burnet himself tells us that, so extraordinary and providential appeared the disposal of events, such was the " strange ordering of the winds and seasons," that he never felt inclined to be superstitious before.
Страница 312 - I scratched twice at dear Mrs. Freeman's door, as soon as Lord Treasurer went from me, in hopes to have spoke one more word to him before he was gone ; but nobody hearing me, I wrote this, not caring to send what I had to say by word of mouth ; which was, to desire him, that when he sends his orders to Kensing* Correspondence of Sarah Duchess of Marlborough, vol. ip 412, et seg. See also her " Authentic Memoirs,