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Affects the softness of the Dove,
And p-xes me to shew her Love.

The Maiden wither'd, wrinkled pale,
Whose charms, tho' strong, are rather stale,
Will use that weapon callid a tongue,
To wound the beauteous and the young.

What, Delia handsome !-well!-I own
I'm either blind or stupid grown.

-The girl is well enough to pass, A rosy, fimple, rustic lass;

-But there's no meaning in her face, And then her air, so void of grace ! And all the world, with half an eye, May see her shape grows quite awry.

I speak not from an ill design,
For she's a favourite of mine,

Tho'I could wish that she would wear
A more reserved becoming air;
Not that I hear of indiscretions,
Such folks, you know, make no confessions,
Tho' the WORLD says, that Parson there,
That smock-fac'd Man, with darkish hair,
He who wrote verses on her bird,
The simplest things I ever heard,


Makes frequent visits there of late,
And is become exceeding great ;
This I myself aver is true,
I saw him lead her to his pew.

Thus scandal, like a false quotation,
Misrepresents in defamation ;
And where she haply cannot spy
A loop whereon to hang a lye,
Turns every action wrong side out
To bring her paultry tale about.

Thus Excellence of every kind,
Whether of body or of mind,
Is but a mark set up on high,
For knaves to guide their arrows by,
A mere Scotch Post for public itch,
Where Hog, or Man, may scrub his breech.

But thanks to nature, which ordains
A just reward for all our pains,
And makes us stem, with secret pride,
Hoarse DISAPPOINTMENT's rugged tide,
And like a lordly ship, which braves
The roar of winds, and rush of waves,


Weather all storms, which jealous Hate
Or frantic Malice may create.
'Tis CONSCIENCE, a reward alone,
CONSCIENCE, who plac'd on Virtue's throne,
Eyes raging men, or raging seas,
Undaunted, firm, with heart at ease.

From her dark Cave, tho' Envy rise
With hollow cheeks, and jaundic'd eyes,
Tho' HATRED league with FOLLY vain,
And Spleen and Rancour join the train ;
Shall VIRTUE shrink, abash'd, afraid,
And tremble at an idle shade?
Fear works upon the Fool, or Knave,
An honest man is always brave.
While OPPOSITION's fruitless aim
Is as the bellows to the flame,
And, like a Pagan persecution,
Enforces Faith and RESOLUTION.

Tho' Prejudice in narrow minds,
The mental eye of reason blinds;
Tho' Wit, which not e'en friends will spare,
Affect the sneering, laughing air,
Tho' Dullness, in her monkish gown,
Display the WISDOM of a frown,


Yet Truth will force herself, in spite
Of all their efforts, into light.

See Bigot Monks in Spain prevail,
See GALILÆO dragg’d to gaol :
Hear the grave Doctors of the schools,
The Golgotha of learned Fools,
As damnable and impious brand
That art they cannot understand,
And out of zeal pervert the Bible,
As if it were a standing Libel,
On every good and useful plan
That rises in the brain of man.

O BIGOTRY! whose frantic rage
Has blotted half the classic page,
And in Religion's drunken fit,
Murder'd the Greek and Roman wit;
Who zealous for that Faith's encrease,
Whose ways are righteousness and peace,
With rods and whips, and sword, and axe,
With prisons, tortures, flames and racks ;
With persecution's fiery goad,
Enforcing some new-fangļd mode,
Wouldst pluck down REASON from her throne
To raise some fantom of thy own;



Alas! thy fury undiscerning,
Which blasts, and stunts, and hews up Learning,
Like an ill-judging zealous frienı,
Blasphemes that Wisdom you defend.

Go, kick the prostituted whores, The nine ftale virgins out of doors ; For let the Abbess beat her drum, Eleven thousand troops


All female forms, and virgins true,
As ever Saint or Poet knew.
And glorious be the honour'd name
Who to the Church like light’ning sped,
And ran three miles without her head;
(Well might the modest Lady run,
Since 'twas to keep her inaiden one)
And when before the congregation
The Prince fell dead for reparation,
Secure of Life as well as Honour,
Ran back with both her heads upon her.

No matter of what shape or size,
Gulp down the Legendary Lies,
Believe, what neither God ordains,
Nor Christ allows, nor sense maintains;


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