Tide Tables for the Year ...

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1903

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Страница 46 - On swimming to a person in the sea, if he be struggling do not seize him then, but keep off for a few seconds till he gets quiet, for it is sheer madness to take hold of a man when he is struggling in the water, and if you do you run a great risk.
Страница 46 - A man on shore beckoning by day, or two torches burning near together by night, will signify, " This is the best place to land." Any of these signals may be answered from the vessel as follows: In the daytime, by waving a flag, a handkerchief, a hat, or even the hand ; at night, by firing a rocket, a blue light, or a gun, or by showing a light over the ship's gunwale for a short time and then concealing it.
Страница 48 - ... minutes, then turn the patient a second time on the stomach, as directed in Rule II, rolling the body in the opposite direction from that in which it was first turned, for the purpose of freeing the air passage from any remaining water.
Страница 46 - On rescuing a person by diving to the bottom, the hair of the head should be seized by one hand only, and the other used in conjunction with the feet in raising yourself and the drowning person to the surface. (9) 10 8. If in the sea, it may sometimes be a great error to try to get to land. If there be a strong "outsetting...
Страница 45 - Lights on the beach will indicate their arrival, and the sound of cannon firing from the shore may be taken as evidence that a line has been fired across your vessel. Therefore, upon hearing the cannon, make strict search aloft, fore and aft, for the shot line, for it is almost certain to be there. Though the...
Страница 49 - A red flag with a black center indicates that a storm of marked violence is expected . The pennants displayed with the flags indicate the direction of the wind: red, easterly (from northeast to south); white, westerly (from southwest to north).
Страница 47 - Separate the jaws and keep them apart by placing between the teeth a cork or small bit of wood ; turn the patient on his face, a large bundle of tightly rolled clothing being placed beneath the stomach; press heavily on the back over it for half a minute, or as long as fluids flow freely from the mouth.
Страница 47 - ... air, wipe dry the mouth and nostrils, rip the clothing, so as to expose the chest and waist, and give two or three quick smarting slaps on the stomach and chest with the open hand. If the patient does not revive, proceed thus : RULE II.
Страница 45 - ... the lifts of the buoy. Children, when brought ashore by the buoy, should be in the arms of older persons or securely lashed to the buoy. Women and children should be landed first.
Страница 48 - ... thereafter as may seem expedient. Later manifestations: After reaction is fully established there is great danger of congestion of the lungs, and if perfect rest is not maintained for at least forty-eight hours it sometimes occurs that the patient is seized with great difficulty of breathing, and death is liable to follow unless immediate relief is afforded. In such cases apply a large mustard plaster over the breast. If the patient gasps for breath before the mustard takes effect assist the...