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deed, was the tone of the notifications, in their jokes and banter; and the conwhich referred to my multifarious sig- sequences appeared before me in more natures; in one ‘E.'s eleyy' was 'not than their native ugliness. My friend, considered elegible;' in another, 'C' as a matter of course, read the unlucky was advised to content himself with “notices” almost as soon as I did myreading poetry, and allowing others to self; and with the innate spirit of fun, write it ; in a third, 'B' was reminded, so natural to young people, lost no time that 'rhyme and poetry are different in making our common acquaintances things ;' in a fourth, ' A' was instruct as well informed upon the subject as ed where a cheap edition of Murray's himself. To attempt to describe the grammar' could be purchased; a fifth merriment which followed, at my exconsidered that “D' was a good signa- pence, would be absurd; the reader ture, being the initial of Dunce ;' a may, if he pleases, imagine it. sixth kindly remarked, that 'Z' was a I decided, and so I told my tormen

Zany;' while a seventh advised “T.'s tors, upon making one bold stroke. I friends' to take care of him, he being had very soon come to the conclusion, 'evidently insane ;' although I cannot that the sixteen weekly papers were call the remainder to mind, I can re mere dabblers ‘in literature, and not member they were equally complimen- imbued with the spirit to discern and tary, and quite as gratifying to my va encourage genius when it presented itnity and literary pride.

self before them : the monthly magaThe reader may, perhaps, be able to zines I considered were of a higher judge of my feelings : instead of finding grade, and to one of them. I sent a copy myself, as I expected, praised to the of my ill-fated “Elegy," and, at the very echo by sixteen literary papers, I same time, in order to insure a lenient could not avoid seeing that I was an judgment, I informed the editors, that outcast from all of them--the butt for it was written by a stationer's apprentheir amusement-the target for their tice. One number of the magazine apwit. Instead of finding my poetry wel- peared, and I found myself passed over comed with congratulations, I found in silence; the jokes which had been that my effusions were treated with passed upon me werc evidently submarked contempt, and considered vastly siding, and I began to hope that I should below even the very mediocre produc- hear no more of the matter, when the tions with which some of the aforesaid next number completed the catastrophe papers abounded: in place of being of my mortifications, with the followraised to the top of the class, I was ing notice :turned out of the school : instead of “ If the Stationer's Apprentice,' being received with the honours due to who sent us sonje trashy verses, occua valuable volunteer, I was drummed pies much of his time in rhyming, he out of the regiment. My situation was will certainly contribute something toany thing but enviable,-but greater wards his master's stock of waste patribulation was yet in store.

I had, cunningly enough, contrived I will not tire the reader with an acto keep myself and my real name quite count of the persecutions I underwent incog., so far as the unpoetical editors after the above appeared: suffice it to ana the generality of their readers were say, that it became a standing joke concerned ; and had I acted with the against me, every body who knew any same prudent precaution with regard thing of the matter, taking all opporto my private connections, the invisible tunities of inquiring if we were likely veil I had raised for myself would have to be out of waste paper! I could alafforded me a sanctuary, through which most have cursed, in my heart, poetry, no profane eye could have pierced. and all appertaining to it. Strange, as But, fully expecting to see my verses it may seem, the rough usage my writ“in print,” I had, in the pride of my ing then met with, was the beginning heart, informed one of my young of future improvement: my whole enerfriends, who had been most liberal of gies were directed to the deserving of his censures, of their intended public better treatment. If I have ever sucappearance; he had obtained froin me, ceeded in my attempts-if I have, at in an unguarded moment, the signa- any time, written anything calculated tures under cover of which I had pur to instruct or amuse my fellow-creaposed to “come out,” and the names tures, I may refer, in a great degree, of some of the intended chaperons : as for the cause to the failure of my FIRST it happened, these were the inost biting RHYME.




MY MOTHER'S VERSION. situation, and giving the alarm to her

master and mistress, assisted in dragTo the Editor of the Olio. ging the recreant burglar from his SIR, - In the perusal of the Strange hiding-place in sufficient time to preDiscovery,' as the 'Leading Article of vent the consequences which might your last number, I was struck by the have succeeded, had he not been thus similarity of a story told by my mother prematurely discovered. five and thirty years ago to her servants,

MARIA. no doubt to caution them against the improper intercourse which they might Historic Memoranda. thoughtlessly form with plausible strangers. My mother's version, which I TOPOGRAPHICAL SNATCHES ; OR, SUPERperfectly remember, ran thus: “There was a young woman left in the care of

For the Olio. the house, her master and mistress Rippon.-Is a very considerable being in the country. One night on town and ancient borough, governed in her going to bed when she was un and after the Saxon times by a chief dressing herself she looked in the glass, magistrate, called vigilarius, wakeman, and said, as she smiled before it in self or watchman. It was anciently noted complacency, 'How handsome I look for its wealthy monastery, and St. Wilin my nightcap! When she rose in fred's Needle, a narrow passage in a the morning she found the house robbed. vaulted room under the church, through She was taken into custody on suspicion which it is sais) any woman, if chaste, of being concerned in the robbery, but might pass with ease, if otherwise, she tried and acquitted. Some time after was detained and stopped after a very wards as she was walking in company extraordinary manner. with another female, a man in passing Brotherton. At this place, Marher, said softly so her, How hand- garet, Queen to Edward I., fell in lasome I look in my night-cap!' This bour as she was hunting, and was expression so forcibly struck her mind brought to bed of a son, who was christhat he was the man that robbed the tened Thomas, because his mother, in house, she seized hold of him with the the ex!remity of her pain, cried to St. utmost intrepidity, and held him fast, Thomas of Canterbury for ease ; and assisted by her companion, till he was surnarned de Brotherton from this place. given into custody; at which time he He was afterwards made Earl of Norconfessed that when he was under the folk, and Marshal of England. It is bed he heard her use the expression said of him, that he could not endure previously to his robbing the house, the milk of a French woman who was and he suffered accordingly.” This is designed for his nurse ; but an English my mother's version of a simple fact, woman being brought, he liked her's wliich may serve as an illustration of very well. vanity on the one hand, and burglar Whitby.—This place was anciently hardihood on the other.

famous for its abbey, as it has been of I am, Sir, your constant reader, later times for spiral stones resembling

MARIA. serpents, by naturalists called cornua

ammonis, frequently found here, which according to a superstitious tradition,

were originally serpents, mortified and * You dare not go down in your chemise.' transformed by the prayers of Hilda,

While I am writing and the subject the first Abbess; but are more truly obis fresh in my memory, I cannot forbear served by a judicious naturalist, Dr. relating another little circumstance con- Nicholson, to be merely spiral petrifacnected with robberies, which, though it tions produced in the earth by a sort of varies in detail, corroborates the utility fermentation peculiar to alum mines, of faithful domestics. Two feinale ser- wherefore they are plentifully found in vants were undressing themselves, and the allom pits at Rome, Rochel, Lunein the act of retiring to rest. One of burgh, &c., as well as here. The suda them, perceiving the legs of a man under den and remarkable falling down of the bed, said to the other, “There are wild geese, whenever they fly over cerno matches : you dare not go down in tain grounds hereabouts, (because nayour chemise to fetch them. I know ture has not let us into all her secrets), ihat,' said she, but I dare,' the first are likewise religiously ascribed to the replied. She immediately left her fel- influence of the female saint. low.servant,unconscious of her perilous Pontefract, or Broken Bridge, com


monly called Pont-freit, but in the

FINE ARTS. Saxon times its name was Kirkby, the

For the Olio. occasion of changing that name was, (as it is related), when William, Archbishop Fisher's Drawing room Scrap-Book ; of York, and sister's son to King Stephen, returned from Rome, he was wel

with Poetical Illustrations. Ву comed here with a crowd of people,

L. E. L. London: Fisher, Son, and that the bridge broke and they fell into

Jackson, 38, Newgate-street. 410. the river ; but the Archbishop prayed

1832. and wept so fervently, that none of The Olio, we may humbly assume, them were lost, Here Thomas, Earl of is entitled to no small praise, for havLancaster, was beheaded by Edward II., ing so assiduously noticed from time to and was afterwards sainted by the peo- time, the efforts of the pencil and the ple. Here also Richard II., deposed graver, duly assigning to each comby Henry IV., was barbarously de- petitor his true meed of praise; and stroyed with hunger, cold, and other un constituting their little work, at the heard of torments. And, here Anthony same time, the repository of many a Earl Rivers and Sir Richard Grey, critique which else had not met the were both murdered.

public eye. We refer our readers to Dunmali-Raise Stones.-Are sup our last volume, as a little cabinet colposed to have been erected by Dun-mail, lection of such critical notices, and now King of Cumberland, for the bounds of proceed to the task immediately in his kingdom.

hand. Mal-wood Castle.-Has on the north “ The Drawing-room Scrap-Book," side of it an oak, which it is imagined, contains thirty-six engravings, includvery remarkably buds on Christmas- ing four or five of the Royal Family, day, and withers again before night. admirably executed. The list of artists There is a vulgar tradition that this is presents a galaxy of talent far outthe tree on which Sir W. Tyrrel's are shining that which many of our other row glanced that killed W. Rufus. annuals can boast. Amongst their Charles II. ordered it to be paled in, names, that of Stanfield stands conwhether out of respect to the tree, or spicuous. The first landscape enthe said King, is uncertain.

graving is, “ Pile of Fouldrey Castle, Hunger-ford.--Gave both name and Lancashire," a dark and somewhat tertitle to the Barons of Hungerford, a rific scene, the old black castle thrownoble family raised by the merit of ing around it an air of wildness in Walter Hungerford, who was Speaker unison with the surrounding objects. to the House of Commons in the reign “ Carrick-a-Rede, Ireland," a desolate of Edward IU., (which was the first amalgamation of rock and stormy sea; Parliament in which a Speaker sat.) softened, nevertheless, by some ships John of Garint gave this town a horn, riding safely in the still and stormless which is shewn to this day; and the distance. “ Palace of the Seven Stories, grant of Riall fishing in the river, afford. Beejapore," from one of the indefaing trout and crawfish.

tigable Captain Elliott's sketches, is Riadergowy.-Near this town, Lle- truly a lovely scene; all the softness of wellin, last Prince of Wales, being be- evening throwing around its rays on trayed, ended his life anno 1282. church and ruin, on palace and tower, Hither Vortigern, King of the Britons, seems to render it a scene of fairy land. who called in the Saxons and inces “ St. Michael's Mount, Cornwall,” is tuously married his own daughter, re- finely characteristic of that stormy retired and built him a city of refuge on a gion: the engraving is beautiful. “ The mountain hard by, called after him, Old Blind Schoolmaster,” is a fine effort Kaer-Gwortigern, but was himself and of the Meyers. “ Tiger Island,” sketchit destroyed by lightning.

ed by Captain Elliott, and transferred .-4.- Near this place, the River by that master-hand, Stanfield. “HurdMole has a subterraneous passage, war, a place of Hindoo Pilgrimage;" burying itself; and so running almost “ Grass Rope Bridge, al Teree, Gurtwo miles under ground, and rises again wall;" “ The Wuisk, Red Seas ;' near Lethe-read, vulgarly called, for “The Water Palace, Mandoo;" “Skelewhat reason I know not, Leather-head. ton Group in the Rames wur, Caves of

Nonsuch.-At this place was a stately Ellora ;" “ Benares;" “ Jumma Mushouse, built by Henry VIII. A vein of jid, Agra ;" “ Delhi;" these nine splenearth was here discovered fit for making did scenes, for grandeur of oriental decrucibles.

P. lineation, may challenge competition

with any work of art ever executed in ent parishes, who are to keep them in this country.

proper repair, under a penalty of any But return we to comment a little on sum not exceeding £10. Dealers sel. some of the scenes more adjacent to our ling one sort of coal for another are own land, which we omitted purposely liable to a penalty of £10. Carmen to select the sketches of Captain Elliott. are to weigh coals if required. If On the rough seas, and surf-beaten there is a deficiency in the weight, the rocks of Cornwall, we need not dwell. penalty is any sum not exceeding £10. But to one view, the “ Lake of Kil. If the difference of weight should exlarney, Ireland,” we must not forget to ceed 224lbs., then the penalty is any give our due meed of praise ; we could sum not exceeding £50. A weighinggaze upon it till admiration might fancy machine is to be carried in all carts or it to be the identical lake. There are waggons. If any carman drive the some admirably executed views of the coals away without weighing them, if most striking 'ruins of our English required by the purchaser, the penalty abbeys; a feature to be much ap- is £20, and not less than £5. Penalplauded. We have also some 'sweet ties incurred by carmen may be recoglimpses of our home valleys; and, to vered of their employers. Magistrates complete the interesting medley, portraits may proceed by summons for the recoof several illustrious personages,-thus very of penalties. Magistrates may rendering this superb group of en summon witnesses to give evidence, if gravings one of the most beautiful and thought necessary, and they are liable fascinating collections ever presented to to a penalty of £25 for non-attendance. the public, since the era of “ The Magistrates have the power, on conAnnuals."

viction, to give any of the penalty to of the poetry it is superfluous to the informer, not exceeding one-half, speak. It is what might have been ex as they may think fit. Parties convicta pected from so talented and famed a ed before any magistrate have the right poetess. The volume is got up in the of appeal to the quarter sessions. most handsome style, and is truly a

INSTANCE OF LONGEVITY.-As one of cheap work. We wish its sale every the most remarkable instances of lonsuccess; and thus we take our leave of gevity. may be cited John Chiossick, " The Drawing-room Scrap-Book.”

who died at the advanced age of 117

years, in the receptacle for invalids, at The Note Book.

Murano, near Venice, May 22nd, 1820.

He was born at Vienna, and when I will make a prief of it in my Note pook: MERRY Wives of WINDSOR. only eight years of age entered as a

fifer in the Austrian regiment of StahPURIFYING DWELLINGS. - We ex- renberg. He fought under the Empetract from that scientific work, the

ror Charles IV. against the Turks, in “Repertory,” Dr. J. C. Smith's recipe Hungary, during the reign of Maria for purifying houses where contagion is Theresa, in 1741, against Prussia, supposed to exist, for the discovery of against the French, in Bohemia, in which that gentleman received a Par- 1742, and served, in 1744, in the wars liamentary grant : Take 6 dr. of of the Low Countries. At this period powdered nitre, 6 dr. of oil of vitriol, he quitted the Austrian army to enter mix them in a tea-cup, by adding to the into the service of the Republic of Ve. nitre 1 dr. of the vitriol at a time; the nice, and was engaged in several naval cup to be placed, during the prepara- expeditions, particularly in that against tion, on a hot hearth or plate of heated the Turks, commanded by General iron, and the mixture stirred with a Emo. On the 1st May, 1797, he was tobacco-pipe or glass rod : the cup to admitted into the Receptacle for Invabe placed in different parts of the con- lids, at Murano, where he continued taminated chamber.

till his death. According to this acThe New CoAL ACT.-The new count, Jolin Chiossick continued for coal act came into operation on the ist eighty-seven years in effective service; of January. It is enacted after that and if to these be added the twentyday that no quantity less than 560lbs. three years spent in his last retreat, of coals are to be sold without being 110 years of his life will be found to weighed by the vendor, under the pe- have been spent in the capacity of a nalty of any sum not exceeding £5.

soldier. This instance is A weighing machine is to be kept at all unique in military history. The severe the station-houses and watch-houses, privations and fatigues which he neprovided by the overseers of the differ- cessarily experienced during his nu


to one.

merous services by sea and land, in no Mons. Duval, the present curate of respect altered his good constitution, Pleurtuit, near St. Malo in, France, had and he preserved to the last the cheer- formerly been both soldier and sailor. fulness of his disposition. Exempt The parish is full of seamen, and as he from the influenee of every violent pas- is well acquainted with their peculiar sion, he was distinguished for great style of conversation, he generally uses simplicity of manners and remarkable it. When, for instance, he is exhorttemperance. The father of this veteran ing any of them to come to confession, reached his 105th year, and his pater- he says, you have arrived from a nal uncle lived to the age of 107. place where it was bud weather ; you

CRIME IN FRANCE. -Out of every let yourself drive before the wind ; let 100 persons accused, sisty-one are re me help you to tack about.The folgularly condemned.' Out of the whole lowing is part of a sermon preached by population, one in every 4,460 inhabi- bim on the accession of Louis Philip. tants is accused. In every 100 crimes, “ My good friends, while you were twenty-five are against the person, se- fishing at Newfoundland, many things venty-five against property. Expe- have happened here.—The state ship rience shows that the number of mur went badly ; one was always obliged ders is annually nearly the same; and to be crying, “trike care" for every what is still more singular, that the minute they incurred some damage. instruments, or means employed, are Faith! one day the crew being quite also in the same proportion. The in- tired out threw the captain and princlination to crime is at its maximum in cipal officers orerboard. But with all man about the age of twenty-five; in their skill the sailors did not know how woman, five years later. The propor- to steer, and so they nominated a new tion of men and women accused is four captain, whom they call Louis Philip.;

He has been written about to Rome, SHAH ABBAs, Sophi of Persia, having and is approved of. I have asked the conquered Armenia, transported a num- fitters at St. Malo about him, and they ber of the inhabitants to Giulfa. Many say he is very good. And now my lads of them escaped into Poland, and there we are going to pray for him, and you became graziers. At this day they are shall answer me with your fine Newstill a distinct race, and preserve their foundland voices " Having said this, language and physiognomy, with their the curate gave out the Domine salvum olive tint and black hair, although they fac Regem, and a chorus of seven hunhave existed for more than two cen dred sailors replied to it in their loudest turies in a country that produces fair tone. complexions. They are principally

There are few epigrams more severe found in Austrian Gallicia, but they than that addressed by Jean Baptiste rent lands in the neighbonring princi- Rousseau to the Journalistes de Trepality of Moldavia, for the purpose of youx: of which the following is a transrearing their oxen and horses. The ty

lation :rannical nature of the Moldavian government has proved injurious to their Yedwarfing authors of a vile Review,

Who think yourselves Apollo's priests and commerce; but the Austrian agent has secured to them some important privi- Try to improve your style a little, do, leges, and since his intercession, their

Or cease ta criticise another's pages. condition is more easy, and their busi

To trace a fault you sif: our books for ever, ness less disturbed.

But cannot find a passage to decry;

We traverse yours with kindlier endeavour Voyage en Valachie et en Moldavie, Paris, To praise, and nothing lauda' le can spy.

The Zigans, or Gypsies of Moldavia The equestrian statue of Peter the and Wallachia, are the most expert per- Great at St. Petersburgh, by Falconnet, sons at catching bears and teaching is a model of ingenuity; the hind feet them to dance.

Ibid. only of the horse are fixed on a rock, Among the original laws of Portugal, from which the animal seems to be passed at the accession of Alfonso I., is springing. a remarkable clause, that such nobles SINGULAR Recipe. Mrs. Meer as were convicted of disguising the Hassan Ali, in her curious and diverttruth from the king, should be degraded ing work, “On the Mussulmauns of froin their rank. In theory this ap- India,” states that “the usual applicaproaches very near to the perfection of tion to a fresh wound, is that of slackgovernment; in practice it is impos. ed lime. A man in our employ was sible to be realised.

breaking wood, the head of the hatchet



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