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been bullet-proof, and seemed to escape with some slight bruises; however not the hellish tornado of missiles of all so the poor mate. He had been nearsorts and sizes by a miracle. “He is est the end or but that was started, in league with the old one, Paul,” said which thereby struck him so forcibly, I; “ howsoever, you must be nabbed, that it fractured his spine, and dashed for you see the ship is fore-reaching on him amongst his shipmates, shrieking you, and you can't go on t'other tack, piercingly in his great agony, and surely, with these pretty eylet holes be- clutching whatever he could grasp with tween wind and water on the weather his hands, and tearing whatever he side there? Your captain is mad--why could reach with his teeth, while his will you, then, and all these poor fel. limbs below his waist were dead and lows, go down, because he dare not sur- paralysed.-"Oh, Christ! water, warender, for soine good deed of his own, ter,” he cried, “ water, for the love of eh ?"

God, water !" The crew did all they The roar of the cannon and noise of could; but his torments increased—the the musketry made it necessary for me blood began to flow from his month to raise my voice here, which the small his hands became clay-cold and pulsetscuttle, like Dionysius's ear, conveyed less-his features sharp, blue, and unexpectedly to my friend, the captain, death-like-his respiration difficulton deck.

the choking death-rattle succeeded, and “ Hand me up my pistols, Paul.” in ten minutes he was dead.

It had struck me before, and I was This was the last shot that toldnow certain, that from the time he had every report became more and more become so intensely excited as he was faint, and the musketry soon ceased alnow, that he spoke with a pure English together. accent, without the smallest dash of The breeze had taken off, and the Yankeeism. “So, so : I see-no wonWave, resuming her superiority in der you won't strike, you renegade," light winds, had escaped. cried I.

Blackwood's Mag. “ You have tampered with my crew, sir, and abused me,” he announced, in a stern, slow tone, much more alarm PERSONAL APPEARANCE OF ing than his former fierceness,

LORD BYRON. take that, to quiet you ;” and deuce take me if he did not, the moment he receiv “Genoa, April 1, 1823. Saw Lord ed the pistols from his male, fire slap at Byron for the first time," says the ime, the ball piercing the large muscle Countess Blessington. “ The impresof my neck on the right side, missing sion of the first few minutes disappointthe artery by the merest accident. Think- ed me, as I had, both from the portraits ing I was done for, I covered my face and descriptions given, conceived a with my hands, and commended myself different idea of him. I had fancied to God, with all the resignation that him taller, with a more dignified and could be expected from a poor young commanding air; and I looked in vain fellow in my grievous circumstances, for the hero-looking sort of person expecting to be cut off in the prima with whom I had so long identified vera of his days, and 10 part for ever him in imagination. His appearance from Poo, that there line is not is, however, highly prepossessing ; his my forte. However, finding the hæ- head is finely shaped, and the forehead morrhage by no means great, and that high and noble; his eyes are grey and the wound was in fact slight, I took the full of expression, but one is visitly captain's rather strong hint to be still, larger than the other; the nose is large and lay quiet, until a 32 lb. shot struck and well shaped, but from being a little us bang on the quarter. The subdued too thick, it looks better in profile than force with which it came, showed that in front face ; his mouth is the most rethat we were widening our distance, markable feature in his face, the upper for it did not drive through and through lips of Grecian shortness, and the corwith a craskı, but lodged in a timber ; ners descending; the lips full, and nevertheless it started one of the planks finely cut. In speaking he shows his across which Paul and I lay, and pitched teeth very much, and they are white us both with extreme violence bodily and even ; his chin is large and well into the run amongst the men, three of shaped, and finishes well the oval of them lying amongst the ballast, which the face. He is extremely thin, indeed was covered with blood, two badly so much so, that his figure has almost wounded, and one dead. I came off a boyish air ; his face is peculiarly




pale, but not the paleness of ill health community than the lucubrations of as its character is that of fairness, the all the philosophers who ever breathed, fairness of a dark-haired person, and has not even a page in history or a line his hair (which is getting rapidly grey) on a tombstone, to certify the delighted is of a very dark brown and curls na- partakers of his invention, to whom turally; he uses a good deal of oil in it, they are indebted for so great a luxury. which makes it look still darker." Need we inform our readers that the Has her ladyship ever observed the great and glorious production of human portraits of Bacon, Dryden, Pope, genius to which we allude, is “ GinSwift, Addison, and a score of others gerbread ?" We think we see the eyes celebrated for their genius and talents? of our numerous friends sparkle as We are inclined to ask this question, they read the word; we think we perbecause we are surprised at a woman ceive their minds hurried back to that of her ladyship's information looking elysiac period, when the little troubles for high intellect and lofty bearing in a of infantine life met a speedy grave in fellow of six feet three inches. the bosom of this delightful composition. Nature is occasionally capricious, and We do not mean to say that no other sometimes presents us with strange edible possesses the sedative qualities anomalies ; there have been men of of gingerbread ; there are many remegreat intellect and great proportions, dies which may be resorted to in its but the instances are somewhat rare. absence, but we do assert that ginger

A, M, bread is pre-eminent, that while others

clog and satiate, this appears to be peGINGERBREAD.

rennial; it is like a recurrence to old port, after a satiety to indigenous

wines ; and as a man enjoys the return How often, indeed how constantly, to his own country after a ramble in foin this ill-judging world, do we see fic- reign chimes, so after an indulgence in titious merit emblazoned high on the other sweetmeats, do children return pillar of fame, exposed to the gaze of with increased zest to a perusal of their every beholder, held up to the imitation great prototype. And it is not in the of society as the summum bonum, em mere matter of taste that gingerbread bronzed and enmarbled in every city excels, although its superiority in that and town, village and hamlet, whilst particular is self-evident ; as a wholethe more beneficial yet less obtrusive some and cheap sweetmeat it is unendeavours lie unheeded and unthought equalled, and its very appearance has of, while we are actually enjoying the something pre-possessing in it, the beaubenefit of them. The warrior, who tiful, attractive brown, with the fine porises to fame upon the blood of his fel. lish on its surface, the closeness of its low-creatures, the cries of orphans and texture, the enchanting layers of canwidows, and the violation of every sa- died lemon peel, enough to allure cred tie, has his praises sung in the Diogenes from his tub. Nevertheless, streets, his actions commemorated in gingerbread has had its corruptions and public buildings, and his “ glorious adulterations, as well as the mere neachievements” made the atonement, like cessaries of life, and although we must charity, for his multitude of sins. The designate the last century as the pecustatesman, brought up in the logic and liar age of gingerbread, yet there were sophistry of the schools, whose greatest not wanting base panders to please the merit is, lawyer-like, the perversion of eye at the expense of the taste. In this truth--who can make the best of a bad age it was that the gilt tinsel of fashion “budget"-—who can discover the best first obscured the intrinsic virtue of the method of keeping an oppressed and sweetmeat, the natural consequence starved people from comfort and plenty was, that gingerbread got into a disre-who will take especial care that no pute which we are afraid it will never produce of the earth, air, sea, or firma- recover, and mischiefs were imputed to ment, shall remain untaxed, has his the substance itself, which were in fact, effigy carved, and his speeches quoted, attributable only to its gaudy exterior. to the great benefit of the sculptors and The extent also, of its fame occasioned boroughmongers. The philosopher, a great number of spurious imitations painter, arcbitect, &c. &c. have similar by ignorant and vulgar people, whose meed of praise, whilst the humble au- pernicious fabrications comprised all thor of an invention which has allayed the filthy combinations incident to the more grief, and diffused more satisfac. booths of a country fair. But still gold lion throughout the junior part of the is no less gold because it is deteriorated

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by alloy; the dross is separable from purity, that posterity may still have one the pure metal, and we sincerely hope species of cookery untainted by the airy still that the time may again come when nothingness of French politeness. We the true gingerbread shall resume its also propose that a committee be imme. station in the train of luxuries. Nor diately formed for the purpose of inquirhas this ancient regalement been con- ing into the origin and improvements of fined solely to the purposes for which it the art of gingerbread making, with a would seem to be intended. Public statement of the properties of the ingreevents, public men, national victories, dients, the various adulterations to and the commanders who achieved which it has been subject, &c. &c., and them, have all been commemorated in that a subscription be entered into this evanescent material, so that, could to erect a colossal pillar to the honour a complete series of the gingerbreads of of the unknown founder, in a conspicuthe reign of George the Third be ob- ous part of the metropolis. A. M. tainable, it would form as complete a history of the nolable events of that period, as does a series of Roman coins

BREVITIES. of the emperors in whose time they were struck. At the period of the re

A Man of genius, by too much dividbellion in forty-five, after the execu- ing his attention, becomes diamond-dust tions at Tyburn, a magnificent series of instead of remaining a diamond. designs were produced, to the great de

As the prickliest leaves are the driest, light of children, great and small; various were the developements of opi- most barren.

so the pertest fellows are generally the nions among the children, which

Verse is to poetry, what music is to shewed themselves in the selection of

dancing. particular designs, but above all others

Governments are generally about the most to be desired were the far many years behind the intellect of their thing Lord Lovats,” because he being a

time. In legislation, they are like paman of more than ordinary dimensions, rents quarrelling what kind of frock the a superabundant quantity of material boy shall wear, who, in the meantime, was necessary to the formation of his vera effigies, and we have heard old grows up to manhood, and won't wear

any frock at all. women boldly assert two “farthing Lord Lovats” to be equal to three far- should endeavour to make children as

There is one special reason why we things' worth of any other device. We remember, when we were young, early youth forms a pleasant or unpleas

happy as possible, which is, that their that a naval captain of the old school, ant back-ground to all their after-life, whose visits to our father's table were very frequent, used to bring us ginger- ance to them than any other equal por

and is consequently of more importbread of a peculiarly fine flavour, in a

tion of time. receptacle not usually appropriated to

To say that principles of exclusion, that purpose his tobacco-bor, which was of particular capacity. This cir: applied to particular classes, are a necumstance, which did not at that early times and under all circumstances, is

cessary part of a free constitution, at all period strike us particularly, has upon equivalent to maintaining that the more mature reflection given rise to a

bandage which supports a man's discovery which will, we hope, prove wounded arm, is a part of his nature. of service to future gingerbread-makers. The bandage may have been wisely ap. And we can assure those to whom toc plied originally, but it is always a fair bacco has become a necessary article of question whether it may not be safely consumption, that they will find ginger- removed ; and the removal is not giving bread a very pleasing condiment, as

the arm a privilege, but restoring one, there appears to be a natural consan

Mon. Mag. guinity and harmony between them, not to be equalled. In conclusion, we beseech those who

The Naturalist. are not blown about by every wind of fashion, not to suffer this beneficial The SWORD FISH.--The strength of composition, the primary invention of fish in their proper element will scarce. which is lost in the earliest periods of ly be believed by those who have not Egyptian history (having been in great had an opportunity of witnessing it. repute with the Ptolemies), to revive The power of the sword fish is perhaps the production of gingerbread in all its comparatively greater than that of any

of the finny tribe. A few years since, in his own circle of acquaintance ? during the passage of the Sarah Wood, The women, in consequence, do not West India man from Janjaica, her crew often become jealous of their husband's felt a smart shock, as though the ship person; and the husbands, in return, had struck on a rock, and a leak was are flattered with the compliment of in consequence expected. No such possessing a handsome wife. There accident however occurred, and on the are few instances on record of young arrival of the vessel in the West India women, at least, such as possess mere docks her cargo was discharged, and common sense, falling in love with it was found that she had been struck handsome men.

Ladies' men, geneby a sword-fish near the keel. The rally, are tolerably well looking—but force with which the fish had struck alas! they seldom get married. Young may be imagined from the fact that its women, to their honour be it spoken, weapon had penetrated through the prefer such countenances as boast nó copper sheathing, and entered three ornament but intelligence. It is, howa inches into a hogshead of sugar lying ever, the reverse with women of adat the bottom of the vessel.

vancing life.

They would prefer handFISHING ON THE LAKE OF SCODRA. some men, though with slender forThe manner of fishing in this lake is tunes, because, as they think, it would thus described in Malie Brun. At par- be proof-positive that their own beauty ticular seasons of the year, the lake is had not began to wane. A.M. visited by vast flocks of a description of KEYS.—The invention of keys is atcrow, which is regarded as sacred. The tributed to the Lacedemonians. They inhabitants place their nets in the ri- were first made of wood, and the earlivers and lakes; the Greek priests and est form was that of crook introduced the Turkish Imans come and give their into a hole, to raise a latch or remove a benediction, while the crows remain on bolt. Such ancient keys as exist are the adjacent trees, attentive spectators mostly of bronze, and of various shapes; of the scene.

A quantity of corn, pre- the most remarkable are those which viously blessed by the priests, is thrown have the shaft terminated on one side into the water, and, of course, immedi- by the works, and on the other by a ately attracts the fish to the spot; in- ring. These have been supposed by stantly the crows dart down upon them some to be the keys presented by huswith loud cries, and the fish, terrified at bands to their wives, and which were the noise, rush into the nets in great resigned upon divorce or separation. numbers, and become the prey of the Among the Anglo Saxons, a servant was fishermen. The crows and the priests keeper of the keys. The key of the receiving a portion of the spoils in re- private scrinium was sometimes susturn for their assistance.

pended from the girdle ; that of places where treasure was buried, from the

neck. Tradesmen formerly Table Talk.

bunches of them at their girdles.

Hearne says the figure of the key of the APPROPRIATE Music.There is a west door of the church was put down set of music bells in the steeple of Saint in the register, and, in monkish times, John's Church, Perth, which plays one a superstitious reverence was associated of a series of lively Scottish airs every with them.

C. A. time the clock strikes. It so happened, MODERN LITERATURE.-The era of one Sunday, at twelve o'clock, just as our modern literature, extending from the minister below happened to use, Elizabeth to the close of the Protecwith peculiar emphasis, the striking torate, was that of nature and romance scripture metaphor, “ Plough up the combined ; it might be compared to an fallow ground of your hearts,” that the illimitable region of mountains, rocks, music bells, much after the manner of forests, and rivers--the fairy land of an orchestra on the discharge of a toast heroic adventure, in which giants, enat a public dinner, struck up the appro- chanters, and genii, as well as knightspriate air, “ Corn riggs are bonnie,” errant, and wandering damsels, guardto the infinite gratification, and no less ed by lions, or assailed by fiery Aying amusement, of the audience.

dragons, were the native and heterogeWIVES AND HUSBANDS.--That the neous population, where every buildprettiest English women marry the ug- ing was a castle or a palace, an Arcaliest men must have been observed by dian cottage, or a hermitage iif the wilevery one.

Who will not speak to the derness. That from Dryden to Cowtruth of this assertion from experience per, bore a nearer resemblance to a



nobleman's domain, surrounding his when stage-plays were prohibited in family mansion, where all was taste public, there were, besides the enterand elegance and splendour within; tainments set on foot by Sir W. Davepainting, sculpture, and literature nant, occasional representations of forming its proudest embellishments ; plays at the houses of the nobility.wbile without, the eye ranged with vo- The receipts from these performances, luptuous freedom over the paradise of which were clandestine, or, at least, the park, woods, waters, lawns, tem- connived at by the ruling powers, were ples, statues, obelisks, and points of appropriated to the relief of the unemperspective so cunningly contrived as ployed players who performed upon to startle the beholder with unexpected these occasions. delight; nature and art having changed Nell Gwyn.--"October 4, 1678.characters; and each, in masquerade Following his Majesty this morning," of the other, playing at hide and seek say, Evlyn, “through the gallery, I amidst the self-involving labyrinths of went with the few who attended him landscape gardening.

into the Duchess of Portsmouth's dressBREAKING ON THE WHEEL. Some ing room within ber bed-chamber, have supposed that this dreadful pu- where she was in her morning loose nishment was first used in the reign of garment, her maids combing her, newly Francis the First, but it was known as out of her bed. But that which engaged early as the time of the sanguinary my curiosity, was the rich and splenQueen Tredegonde, and horrible to re- did furniture of this woman's apartlate, applied to the sex. This cruelment, now twice or thrice pulled down woman had several ladies of high rank and rebuilt to satisfy her prodigal and broken on the wheel, having accused expensive pleasures, whilst her Ma. them of magic,

jesty's does not exceed some gentleThe Mines Or Potosi,—The disco- men's ladies in furniture and accomvery of these mines was purely acci- modation." dental. In the year 1545, a Peruvian, being in pursuit of a lama up the steep

Varieties. of the acclivity, to save hiinself from falling, caught hold of a shrub, which, NOTION OF HONOUR.-M. de Vauban giving way, brought up with its roots a once sent a common soldier to examine mass of solid silver.

the outposts of the enemy. The man Hartian MOURNING.-The people cheerfully obeyed the order, and though of Hayti prescribe the various terms of exposed to a sharp fire, remained until mourning thus : for a husband one he received a ball in his body. He reyear and six weeks; for a wife six turned to make his report with a calm months; three weeks for an uncle or

air and aspect; although the blood was aunt; and a fortnight for a cousin. streaming from his wound. Vauban What a pity that some such rule has praised his courage and offered him not been laid down in England. money, which the soldier refused.

Tue DRAMA UNDER THE COMMON. “No, general," said he, “it would WEALTH. — During the Protectorate, spoil the credit of the action.”

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A. M.

Biary and Chronology.
Saturday, 28th July.

About the same time a great eruption of Mount
High Water, 7m p. 3

Vesuvius took place. 1782-On this day, eight handred persons pe

1776-On the 30th of July a total eclipse of rished in the Royal George, wbich was upset

the moon occurred, and was visible to the whole while undergoing repairs at Spithead.

of the inhabitants of Europe.

In this year, “ Gibbod's Decline and Fall of Sunday, 29th July.

the Roman Empire," and " Smith's Wealth of High Water, 46m p. 3.

Nations," first made their appearance. Any com. 1770—The city of Port au Prince was this year ment on the merits of these two great works, eutirely destroyed by an earthquake, and upwards would be superfinous. of 500 persons were buried in the ruins.

Tuesday, 31st July.
Monday, 30th July.

High Water, 4m p. 5. 1779-The Ainerican fleet was totally destroyed 1775–On this day, Captain Cook returned in the off Penobscot, in New England.

Endeavour from his second voyage of discovery.

TO CORRESPONDENTS. Our correspondent will see that we have availed ourselves of a portion of his favours; gallantry forbids our making use of all of them. There have been false fair ones since the dood, or history belies tbem; but we hope he will soon have occasion to alter his opinloa.

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