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Acknowledge him thy greater, found his

praise In thy eternal course, both when thout

climb'it, And when high noon hast gain’d, and when

thou fall'it Moon, that now mcet'st the orient fun, now

fly'it With the fix'd stars, fix'd in their orb that

flies, And


five other wand'ring fires that move In mystic dance, not without long, resound His praise, who out of darkness call'd up

Air, and ye elements, the eldest birth
Of Nature's womb, that in quaternion run
Perpetual circle, multiform; and mix
And nourish all things ; let your ceaseless

Vary to our great Maker still new praise.
Ye Mists and Exhalations that now rise
From hill or steaming.lake, dusky or grey,
Till the sun paint your fleecy skirts with gold,
In honour to the world's great Author rise !



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Whether to deck with clouds th' uncolourd

sky, Or wet the thirsty earth with falling showers, Rising or falling still advance his praise. llis praise ye Winds, that from four quarters

blow, Breathe soft or loud; and wave your tops,

ye Pines,

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With every plant in fign of worship wave.
Fountains, and ye that warble as ye flow
VIelodious murmurs, warbling tune his

Join voices, all ye living Souls'; ye Birds,
That singing up to Heaven's gate ascend,
Bear on your wings and in your notes his

Ye that in waters glide, and ye that walk
The earth, and stately tread, or lowly creep ;
TVitness if I be silent, morn or even,
To hill or valley, fountain, or fresh shade
Made vocal by my song, and taught his

Hail universal Lord! be bounteous still
To give us only good; and if the night

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Have gather'd aught of evil, or conceal'd, Disperse it, as now light dispels the dark.


The Honest Lawyer. ORDAIND

RDAIN'D to tread the thorny ground, Where few, I fear, are faithful found, Mine be the conscience void of blame, The honest heart, the upright name, The tribute of the widow's prayer, The righted orphan's grateful tear; To virtue and her friends, a friend, Still may iny voice the weak defend, And never wrest the spirit of laws, To sanctify a villain's cause. Let others with a treach'rous hand, Scatter their poison through the land; Inflame diffentions, kindle strife, And strew with ills the path of life :


On them her gifts, may fortune-shower,
Add wealth to wealth, and power to power;
On me may favouring Heaven bestow,
That bliss which good men only know;
The joy of joys, by few poffefs'd,
The eternal sunshine of the breaft.
illegal riches, honours, I'll refign,
The praise of honesty be mine,
That friends may weep, the worthy sigh,
And poor men bless me when I die.


Advice to a Parent. CONSIDER thou who art a Parent the importance of thy trust, and that the helpless being thou hast produced, it is thy duty to support. Prepare him early with in


struction, and season his mind with the maxims of truth-watch the bent of his inclination--fet him right in his youth, and let no evil habit gain strength with his years. Teach him obedience, and he shall bless thee-teach him modesty, and he shall not be ashamed-teach hiin gratitude and he shall receive benefits -teach hiin charity, and he shall gain love-teach him temperance, and he shall gain wealthteach him prudence, and fortune shall attend him-teach him justice, and he shall be honoured by the world-teach him fincerity, and his own heart shall not reproach him-teach him di


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