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fitable. rambles, they came through the plot of ground in which Edwin's dear mamma was deposited. Mr. H. paused near the family burying-place, and seemed wrapped in solemn thought: the sentiment of the poet occurred to his recollection, and he softly repeated it from a full heart,

“Of joys departed, Not to return, how painful the remembrance!"

Edwin did not notice his papa, but was endeavouring to read the inscription, which was on a marble tablet over the vault. When he had finished reading it, he exclaimed: “Why, papa, dear mamina is in this tomb! Is'n't she ?”

“Yes, my child, it is indeed her tomb." “ And are her eyes shut, papa ?"

“Yes, my dear boy, they are: those eyes, which were so often raised in devotion to the throne of God, are closed, to be opened on earth no more for ever."

“ And will she never speak again?"

“Oh that she could, my dear! But the tongue which so often admonished and instructed us, and uttered the language of prayer and of praise, is silent: its delightful accents will no more break upon our ears."

“ And can't she do any thing?"

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“O no: those dear hands which so actively and faithfully discharged the duties of life, and ministered to the necessities of God's poor people, are cold and motionless.”

“ And is she not quite in the dark, papa?”

“ Yes, my child, the curtains of a deep midnight are indeed drawn around the body; but the happy spirit, which saw by the eye, which heard by the ear, which acted by the hands, which beamed in the countenance, and which conversed by the tongue, still lives, Edwin, and will live for ever."

“And where is she, then, papa?"

“The body is in this tomb; but the ransomed soul, clothed in garments of light, exults in the presence and favour of God, whose loving-kindness is better than life.”

“Oh, how I should like to go to her!" said Edwin, weeping .

“ If she were permitted to speak to us,” said his father; "and perhaps she is not far from us, for angels are ministering spirits, sent forth to minister to the heirs of salvation; and, as

Milton says,

· Millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth, Unseen, both when we wake, and when we sleep;'

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