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So at th' approach of death the cygnet tries tives
To warble one note more, and singing dies.....?
Hail mighty Queen, whose powerful smiles alone
Command obedience and fecure the throne.
Contending parties, and Plebeian rage, de
Had puzzled Loyalty for half an age :
Conqu’ring our hearts you end the long dispute ; .
All who have eyes confefs you absolute;
To Tory doctrines even Whigs resign,

And in your person own the right divine...
Thus sung the Mufe, in her last moments fird
With CAROLINA's praise, and then expir’d.


ADVICE to á Lady in Au T U M N.*

ASSES milk; half a pint, take at seven, or before ;

Then fleep for an hour or two, and no more. At nine stretch your arms, and oh! think when alone, There's no pleasure in bed. --Mary, bring memy gown: Slip on that ere you rise ; let your caution be fuch; Keepallcold from your breast, there's already too much ;


Your pinners set right, your twitcher ty’d on,
Your prayers at an end, and your breakfast quite done ;
Retire to fome author, improving and gay, :
And with sense like yourown, set your mind for the day.
At twelve you may walk, for at this time o' the year, !
The sun, like your wit, is as mild, as 'tis clear:
But mark in the meadows the ruin of Time;
Take the hint, and let life be improv'd in its prime.
Return not in hafte, nor of dressing take heed; ..
For beauty, like yours, no affistance can need.
With an appetite, thus, down to dinner you fit,
Where the chief of the feast is the flow of your wit:
Let this be indulg'd, and let laughter go round;
As it pleases your mind, to your health ’twill redound.
After dinner two glasses at least, I approve ;
Name the first to the king, and the last to your love :
Thus cheerful with wisdom, with innocence gay,
And calm with your joys gently glide thro' the day.
The dews of the evening most carefully shun;
Those tears of the sky for the loss of the sun.
Then in chat, or at play, with a dance, or a song,
Let the night, like the day, pass with pleasure along.
All cares, but of love, banish far from your mind;
And those you may end, when you please to be kind.

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On a LADY's drinking the Bath Waters.

THE gushing streams impetuous flow,

In haste to Delia's lips to go, With equal haste and equal heat, .. . Who would not rush those lips to meet ? Blefs'd envy'd streams, still greater bliss *** Attends your warm and liquid kiss. For from her lips your welcome tide . Shall down her heaving bofom glide; There fill each swelling globe of love, And touch that heart I ne'er could move. From hence in soft meanders stray, ... And find at last the blissful way Which thought may paint, tho' verse mayn't say.) Too happy rival dwell not there To rack my heart with jealous care, But quit the bleft abode, though loth, And quickly passing, ease us both.


upon Death.

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M Istaken fair, lay Sherlock by,
IV. His doctrine is deceiving:
For whilst he teaches us to die,

He cheats us of our living.

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To live's to love, to bless, be blest

With mutual inclination ;
Share then my ardour in your breast,

And kindly meet my passion...

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But if thus bless'd I may not live,

And pity you deny, i !!... . To me at least your Sherlock give, 'Tis I must learn to die.


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W HEN Fanny blooming fair

First caught my ravish'd fight, Struck with her shape and air,

I felt a strange delight: Whilst eagerly I gaz'd,

Admiring every part, And every feature prais’d,

She stole into my heart.

In her bewitching eyes

Ten thousand loves appear ; There Cupid basking lies,

His shafts are hoarded there; Her blooming cheeks are dy'd

With colour all their own, Excelling far the pride

Of roses newly blown.


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