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the Righ: Hon. Lady Catherine Colyear, Duncan Montgomerie, Esq. of Inverkeithdaughter of the Earl of Portmore.

ing 12. Ac Ladyfield Place, Mr R. Trotter, At Christ Church, Cork, J. Barret, Elq. merchant, Edinburgh, to Ramsay, daugh- aged 76, to Mrs Masters, aged 82. The ter of John Edgar, Esq. accountant of fprightly pair went to the country to spend Excise.

the honeymoon! Sir Thos. Troubridge, Bart. to Miss At Yarmouth, Capt. Adye, of his MaCochrane, daughter of the Hon. Sir Alex- jesty's ship Briseis, to Mils Douglas, daughander Cochrane, K.B. Governor of Guada. ter of Admiral Billy Douglus. loupe.

Ar Edinburgh, J. R. Watson, Elz. repre15. At Paisley, John Downie. Esq. Af- sentative of the ancient families of Moray filtant Commillary General in the Britih, aud Kinnaid, of Coulben, in Morayshire, and Colonel in the Spanish service, to Miss to llabella, Gister of Sir Thomas Ramsay of Agnos Gibfou, daughter of the late Alex- Balmaen, Bart. ander Gibson, Esq. town-clurk of Paisley. The Hon. Mifs Ffrench, and the Hon.

- Ai Glasgow, Mr Robert M.Dermid, Miss Rofe Ffrench, daughters of the Right merchant, Glasgow. to Miss Marg. Stewart, Hon. Lord Ffrench ; the elder 10 Edward daughter of Mr James Stewart, merchant J. Beytagh, E!q. of Cappagh, in the county there.

of Galway; the younger in Francis Blake 16. At Glasgow, Mr William Wallace, Folter, Eig. of Aihfield, same county. Gervellan, to Mary, daughter of the late At Alnwick, Robert Pacerson, Erg. of Robert Hill, Esq. of Claybraes.

Croft house, to Frances, eldeit daughter of de Ne vington Cortage, Mr Adam Ralph Andet, Esq banker. Armtrong, of Drum Coliery, to Margaret, The Rev. James Harrower, Fenny, to eldest daughter of Mr Nathaniel Gow, Azres, third daughter of James Ruilel, Eiq: Prince's Street

of Longcroft. 25. Ac Forfar, Mr Archibald Duncan, Ac Glasgow, Mr Allan Fullarton, to writer in Edinburgh, to Miss Margaret Miss Janet Wilson. Birny, daughter of the late Mr W. Binny At the Manse of lyrie, Argyllmire, of Forfar.

John M'Lean, Esq. Kilmalvaig, 10 Mar27. At Bothwell Calle, Captain Scott of garet, eldest daughter of the Rev. ArchiGala, R. N. in the Hon. Caroline Lucy balai M Coll, minitler of that if and Douglas, second daugh'er of Lord Douglas. Ac Putney, Richard Alexander Of

DEATHS. wald, E'q. of Glasgow, to Mits Elizabeth Anderson, eldest daughter of the late John Nov. 13. 1809. Ar Ghazeepore, Bengal, Anderson, Elq. of Philpot-lane.

Donald Smith, E'q. youngrit son of the 28. At Turvey House, the seat of Lord deceased Donald Smich, merchant, Inver. Trimlerown, the Hon. Robert Leeson, of Dess. Clermont, county of Wicklow, youngest Jan. 22. Ar Lieutenant-Colonel M'Cul. fon of the late Earl of Miltown, to Philippa Inch's, commanding at Balafore, Lieutenant Juliana, youngest daughter of the late Rev. Hugh Dalrympie, of the 8th regiment of J. Rose, Prebendary of Worcester,

Madras native cavalry. The fervice has 29. At Dumfries, Maxwell Hyslop, F.sq. feldom sofferedd more in the death of any Kingflon, Jamaica, to Mary, second daugh- individual of subaltern rank, chan in that of ter of Wellwood Maxwell, Esq. of Barn this young officer. cleugh.

Feb. Ac Hoofingabod, Lieutenant At Newabbey Manse, A C. Johnston, John Inglis, loch regiment of the Madras Esq. merchant, London, son of George native infantry, fecund son of James Inglis, Jobniton, Esq. of Cowhill, to Miss Cecilia Elq. banker in Edinburgh. Ann Wrighe, grand-daughter of the Rev. Feb. 27. Al St Thomas's Mount, near William Wright, minister of Newabbey. Madras, Captain Peter Grant, of the Man

Nov. 2. A Skipnefs Calle, Argylithire, dras artillery, eldest son of the Rev. Jobin Alex. Finlay, E19. Albany Row, Edinburgh, Grant, minister of Abernethy, in 'Strathto Miss Justine Camilla Wyone, third fpey, in the 34th year of his age, and the daughter of the late Richard Wynne of 17th year of his fervices in India, Folkingham, Esq. Lincoln,

March 24, Lieutenant-Governor Collins, Ac Edinburgh, Mr Philip Ainslie, at the settlement of Hobart, at New South brass founder, to Jean, daughter of Mr Wales, whilft converting with his furyeon, James H-anah, merchant, Glenluce. who had attended him during a short illness

7. At Edinburyh, the Rev. Mr Alex. of fix days. M Farlane, to labella, third daughter of Lune On Iter Boreal Elate, Jamaica,

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73. At Beaumaris, after a short illoess, in that morning, to cross the river Earne, his 78th year, Sir Samuel Brooke, Bart. which was much enlarged by the rain of

- & 14. At Edinburgh, Elifia Mill Ral- the preceding evening, such was the strength iton, and Grace Ralfton, daughters of Mr of the current, that he was thrown from his Ralfton, stabler, Pleasance.

horse, and perished. At Edinburgh, in the 20th year of 29. In his 30th year, at his feat at Brayhis age, Mr John Thomson, second son of don House, near Coventry, the Right Hon. the lace John Thomson of Prior-Letham, Henry Yelverton, Lord Grey de Ruthyn, Esq.

Baron Hastings, Wyford, and Vallance, & 15. Isabella, and Janet, daughters Lieutenant-Colonel Commandant of the 4th of Mr George Hope, candlemaker, Leith. regiment of Warwick shire local militia, and

Ac Edinburgh, Mr William Sinclair, an active Magistrate of the county of Warwriter in Thurso.

wick. His Lordship was grandson to the 16. At Alburton, in Devonshire, Mrs third and last Earl of Suflex, who left issue Soper Dempster of Skibo, Sutherlandshire, an only daughter, viz. Lady Barbara Yel

17. Ac Bear Port, Suflex, of a dropsy in verton, who married Ę. T. Gould, Esq. and the chest, the Lady of Sir James Bland died 1781, leaving his Lordihip an infant, Burgess, Bart.

who succeeded to the baronies and estates, - In Great Pulteney Street, in the 49th the Earldom of Suffex being extinct. His year of his age, Sir Charles Jacob, Bart. Lordship was married, in June, 1809, to

At Halfton-house, Mrs Campbell of Maria, daughter of William Kellani, Esq. Glendaruel.

of Ryton, by whom he has left an infanc 1S. Ac Edinburgh, Mr James Elliot, ar- daughter, who succeeds to the citle and echitect.

Itates. At Glasgow, John M'Taggart, Esq. 30. At Edinhurgh, Mr Andrew Newton, of Ardwell.

late merchant in Dunfe, aged 79. 20. At Edinburgh, Mrs Naomi Craw At Dumfries, Mr Thomas Hood, ford, fpouse of Henry Hardie, baker in E. nurseryman and feedsman. dinburgh, much regretted.

31. At Raith, William Ferguson of Raith, 21. At his house, George Street, Sir James Esq. Hay, Bart. of Smithfield and Haystown, in George Legge, Earl and Baron of the 86th year of his age.

Dartmouth, Viscount Lewisham, and Lord At her house in Pifrig Street, Miss Chamberlain of his Majesty's Household, Elizabeth Somerville, daughrer of the late and K. G. His Lordship was born Oct. 3, William Somerville, Renfrew.

1755, and succeeded his father, William, 23. Ac Inchdarney, Major-General Ro- the late Earl, on July 15, 1801. He is sucger Aytoun of Inchdaroey.

ceeded, in his honours ond estates, by his At Lanark, Mr Alexander Sym, mer eldest fon, William, Viscount Lewitham, chant there.

now Earl of Dartmouth. His Lordlhip At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Bell, died in Devonshire, whither he had gone tobacconill in Edinburgh.

from Bach, by the advice of his physicians, At Banff, in the 67th year of his age, in order to try what benefit might be deMr Duncan Morrison, vintner.

rived from the sea air. At Perth, Dr George Moncrieff, phy Lately, at London, Sir Benjamin Sullia fician in Perth.

van, Knight, late one of the Judges at Ma24. At Edinburgh, Mr Peter Craig, ha- dras. berdasher, aged 32, much regretted.

At Intake, near Sheffield, Rebecca Ward, 25. At Kentishi-'Town, in the 75th year aged 88. She has left 105 children, grandof his age, the Rev. Dr Champneys, Sub- children, great-grandchildren, and greatDean of St Paul's Cathedral.

great-grandchildren. At Tivior Row, Mrs Brown, widow William Locke, Esq. of Norbury Park, of George Brown, Esq. late one of his Ma. Surry, aged 77, a molt zealous protector jesty's Commisioners of Excise for Scotland. of the arts, and (out of the profession) per

26. Jan.es, younger son of Mr Kerr, fur- haps, their most enlightened and perfect geon, Tower Street, Portobello.

judge. 28. At Preston Pans, Rebecca Gallaway, At Aberdeen, aged 82, Alexander Massen, relia of John Mennons, aged 92. She liv- Esq. late of Chapelton. ed to iee 103 of her children, grandchildren, Lieutenant Clarke, of the Crane floop of and great-grandchildren.

He fell over a cliff near the Cove of - The Hon. Francis Hay Drummond of Cork, and was killed. Cromlex, the only brother of the Earl of Mr W. Davidson, of Belthford, aged 80, Kinnoul-in attempting, about nine o'clock another victim of the fatal custom of drink

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ing cold liquids whilf labouring under vio Garland. He was, early in life, hecond dent perspiration.

with the friendfaip of the celebrated to Ai Abrantes, the gallant Brigadier-Ge cumnavigator Captain Cook, wboo be die neral Catlin Craufurd.

cumpanied in his lafl and fatal voyage; At he house of her son, Crawford Lo. served with repusacion under Howe, Kc, gan, Elg. Liverpool, Mrs Mary Logan. and Nelion,

At Glasgow, John M'Taggart, Elg. of At London, Jonas Dryander, Esq. Libra London, and Knocts Green, Eflex,

rian to Sir Joseph Banks, and to the Rajal At Cork, aged 88, Dr Robert Ferguson, Society, and a Vice-Prefident of the Ls.

At Illesworth, aged eight years, Charles Dæan Society. His eminent attaimesti Saunders, luin, ion of the Earl of Weit. that branch of science which he chiriya mioreland.

tivared, had long placed him in the bra At laverharity, in the parish of Glenilla, rank among the naturalists af Europe. and couniy of Forfar, at ihe advanced age Lieutenant-Colonel William Handel, of 115.

Chritian Robertson, a poor woman. in the 79th year of his age, formerly ci de She had lived in that parish aln oft from ber S8th reginient. infancy, and her chief en ploynient was knit At Guadaloupe, Major Henderson, dl the ting ftockings; and, by her own industry, Royal York Rangers with the aid of the benevolent among whom At True, county of Tyrone, Edward :The lived, she fuhlisted tolerably, till about verry, at the advanced age of 105 yos: 12 or 14 years ago, when she began to go and, singular lo relace, the only circumiac abour begging, which pradlice she continu he had to regret was, that of Nepiz : ed, will within a week or (wo of her death, night out of the parish he was born in He and bore a good moral character all her was perfectly fenfible to the lat moment bfecime. She had no relations in that part his life, and never had an hour's fckres. of the country, and was never married; so Nov. 2. Ac Ediuburgh, Ars ADD Rade that the was inde bred to the friendly aid of diman, widuw of the late John Husti, a benevolent public for any conforts the Esq. merchant in Edinburgh. chinsej.

Ac Bonville House, in tbe ? 4th year On the Jamaica station, Caprain William of her age, Jean, second daughter of Andra Charlton, commanding his Majelty's fhip Walker, Esq. coalmaster at Gairbraird.

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Prices of Oat, Pease, and Barley Meal, in
Edinburgh Market, per peck.

Pease and

Barley Meal. Bolls. | Price. Boils. Price. Oct. 30. 370 19 00 34 16 15 Nov. 6. 300 19



Oct. 26.
Nov. 2.

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96 36 35 39 31

19 9699 91 17 94 16 28 199 16 23 31 16 93

16 15 13. 390 18 00 40 15 14 300 18

52 15 14 30 18 со

15 14





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Juvenus Serenus.--J. R. I.-A. D. W.-II. C.-On Events in Frand, are received.

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