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'Lately, in Portugal, the Hon. Captain Campbell, whose death is mentioned above. Stewart, third brother of Lord Cattlereagh. She was in ordinary health, and continued Captain the Hon. T. H. Stewart, was the patiently, and without a murmur, to give third son of the Earl of Londonderry. He directions about the funeral of her husband had just completed his 20th year, having till the hour of his chefiing, when she was been born the 27th of August 1790. He taken ill, and carried to her chamber, and was a very fine young man, and was consi. expired at four o'clock in the afternoon of dered a very promising officer.

the day of his interment. This was the hoor Sept. 4. At Edinburgh, Mr Thomas of the day at which he died, and which fue Thomson, teacher of languages.

prognosticated would also be her last. They 6. At Caprington House, Lady Cuning. had been married 64 years; and it may be hame of Caprington.

truly faid of this ancient pair, that " they 7. Ac Woodhead House, Mrs Mar were lovely in their lives, and in their deaths garet Robertson, widow of William Len- they were not divided.” nox of Woodhead, Esq.

23. At Lauder, the Rev. Dr James Ford, - At Anftruther, the Rev. Dr James in the 87th year of his age, and 63d of his Hutchison, aged 68,

ministry, 57 years of which he was miniker Lately, Miss Francis Graham, daughter of Lauder. of Sir James Graham, Bart. of Netherby. 24. Johanna Randoll M'Kenzie, fourth

At Carthagena, Walter Scott, Esg. only daughter of William Kennedy, M, D. son of David Scott, Esq. banker in Ayr. 25. At his house here, much and justly

11. Mrs Janet Rutherford, spouse of regretted, Mr Robert Spence, dentist to his Captain James Normand, in the service of Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. the Hon. the East India Company.

At Dundee, the Rev. Mr James 14. At Ardeer, Mrs Hellen Ruffel, wi- Smith, minifter of the Chapel of Ease, Chadow of Patrick Warner, Esq. of Ardeer. pelfhade, and author of Efiays on Christiani

15. At Aberdeen, at the advanced age ty, and several other works. of 38 years, Mr William Campbell, Su 26. At Edinburgh, Ensign Hyslop, Cape. pervisor of Excise.

regiment. - At Inchrie, in the 36th year of her - At Edinburgh, John Thomson of age, Ann, third daughter of the late Alex- Prior-Letham, late merchant in Leith. ander Stewart, Esq. of Achnacone, the 27. At Gayfield Place, Mrs Jean Gilamiable wife of the Rev. Donald M.Coll. loch, wife of Mr Alexander Gibson, lace Her death is deeply deplored by her dir rector of the academy of Perth. confolate husband and children, and justly 28. At his house, No. 19, Prince's street, regretted by all her friends.

Mr Henry Murray. 17. At Kirkfield, Miss Porterfield.

At Edinburgh, Mr Charles Ritchie, --, At Edinburgh, aged 88, Mrs Eliza- jun. merchant. beth Campbell, relict of Mr John Clare, 29. At Edinburgh, Mrs Robson, John's Ceedsman in Edinburgh.

Coffee-house, aged 41 years, eldest daughter 18. At her house, Nicholson's Street, aged of Edward Inglis, Esq. Surgeon, R. N. sin84, Mrs Rachel Scott, relict of the late Rev. cerely regretted by all who had the happiThomas Scott, minister of the gospel ac ness of her acquaintance. Auchtermuchry.

30. At Netherhall, Mr William Mirch19. At Cronan, David Blair, Esq. of ell, late merchant in Dumfries. Cronan.

In China, in February last, William Ro20. At Perth, Dr John Moffat.

bert Dunmore, Esq. Second Officer of the - At Greenside, Mrs Halberston of Coutts East lodiaman, third son of the late askerdo.

Robert Dunmore, Esq. of Ballindalloch. - Ac Seabank, Lewis Mackenzie, Esq. Lately, at Glaigow, Mrs Alexander, of ounger of Scat well.

Newton. 21. Ac Edinburgh, Mrs Mainie Ann Dal The Hon. George Boyle, son of the Earl mple, relict of the late Major William of Cork. hoitone of Mellintae.

At his house, near Arbroath, in the 66th - Mr John Nicolion, teacher of French year of his age, Mr John Airth, many years Aberdeen for upwards of 40 years, aged a merchant in that hurgh./

At Threepland, Cumberland, Mrs Mary 22. At the manse of Ormiston, Thomas Jackson, aged 82 years, 40 of which she had nuel Hardie, D. D. minifter of Ash- been a widow, and was greatly respected

through life. She was the person who first - At Aberdeen, Mrs Margaret Camp- discovered the method of rearing what are aged 80 years, relict of Mr Williade now called potatue-cats, fo generally calci


vared, and with such success, in various At Stirling, the Res. Mr John Hect, parts of the kingdom,

in the 80th year of his age, and 57th of his At Portobello, Miss Katharine Hunter, ministry. daughter of James Hunter, Esq. of Frank. At Barbadnes. Lieutenanr George Shar, keld.

of his Majesty's ship Bellette. At Glasgow, Mr John Guthrie, son of Oct, 1. At his father's house, George Mr James Guthrie, merchant.

Street, Edinburgh, Mr John rquhart

, At Birthfield, in Strachspey, Mrs Grant, Surgeon, Royal Nars, in the 25th year wile of Major James Grant, late of the East his age. India Company's service.

2. At Edinburgh, Joho Hutton, Fle, At Fulham, Robert Campbell, Esq. of late merchant, and sometime one of the Mae Afkvich and Locnguir House, in Argyle- gistrates of this city, in the 87th year of Lith hire, and Sheriff of that county.

age. At Barh, Dr Halifax, Physician in Ordi 8. At Aberdeen, at four o'clock in the pary to his Royal Highness the Prince of morning, after a fever of fhort duration, and Wales, aged 75.

which affumed an alarming appearance gely Mrs Thomson, wife of the Rev. Me in its last stage, Mr James Beattie, Prole Thomson, of St James's Place Chapel. sor of Civil and Natural Hiftory, in Manh

At Aberdeen, in her 77th year, Mrs Hel. chal College there. en Burnett, eldest daughter of the deceased 19. At Dunbar, Captain Thomas Ander George Burnett of Kemay, Esq.

fon, of the 4th battalion rogals.

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TO CORRESPONDENTS. The last communication of our ingenious correspondent J. L. is scarce ly suited to our Miscellany, especially as it is proposed to extend through more than one Number. We should be more happy to receive poetry, prose communications similar to his last.

J. M'De's two pieces are received, and are under consideration. Thes do not appear to us quite equal to the general tone of former communien tions; and we have, therefore, some doubt, whether his reputation would be promoted by their publication,

If Adiacritos will enter more into particulars, so as to give the publie an opportunity of judging how far his charges are just, we will insert ks communication. S. N. M.-P. D. will probably appear in an early Number.

M.-Alpinus.-H. G.T.G.-C. will not suit our Miscellany.



Edinburgh Literary Miscellany,


With a view of Inchcolm.



........ 850

........ 851


Page Register of the Weather for November 802

Trade, in opposition to the DocHigh Water at Leith for Derember .. ibid.

trines contained in the Summary for Description of the View of Inchcolm 803 August and June ; with Notes in Account of the Process employed by

support of these Doctrines..........

.... 835 Professor Lesslie for the Conversion

Scottish REVIEW. of Water into Ice........

General Survey of the Counties of On the Price of Bread in Edinburgh 805

Ross and Cromarty, by Sir G. S. Monthly Memoranda in Natural His M.Kenzie, Bart................

842 tory..........

........ 806 Triumph of Virtue, an Allegorical Literary Intelligence, English and Fo Romance, with other Poems ; by reign.......

W. Clapperton ..... 808

846 Memoirs of the Progress of Manufactures, Chemistry, Sciences, and

Scottish Literary Intelligence

............ 849 the Fine Arts.....


Poetry. Extracts from the Chronicle of Fife, Stirling Castle ; a Song ; by H. Macor Diary of John Lamont, of New

neil, Esq......... ton.......

809 The Observer. No. IX......... 811 Summary of Politics.............. On the Literature of the Negroes.

PROCEEDINGS IN PARLIAMENT. From the French of Gregoire ........ 816

House of Lords.....

857 On the Cultivation of the Faculties of

of Commons...............

ibid. Imagination and Taste. From

Ste-wart's Philosophical Essays ..... 818
Inecdotes, &c. Historical and Lite-


France and Holland..

824 iew of the Present State of Germany.

Sweden ..... Literature. From the French of

Spain and Portugal.......... Fillers.........


Death of the Princess Amelia......... 868 Eccount of Roman Inscriptions in

His Majesty's Illness........

............ 870 Scotland....

The late King of Sweden............... 871 etter from Sir R. Sibbald to Mr


Dreadful Catastrophe at Paisley....... 875 lemoirs of the late Abraham Gold


874 smid......

830 Miscellaneous

.............. 875 ccount of the Different Orders of Birihs and Marriages

..................... 876 Spanish Grandees .....

Deaths .........

... 877 1. c. on the Policy of attacking

Stocks and Markets....................... 880

..... 858


861 863 864



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STATE OF THE BAROMETER, &c. H. High Water at Leitlig From the 26th October to the 25th Novell

ooth No For Dec. 1810. 1810, in the vicinity of Edinburgh.

Morn. Even. Days. II. M. H. M. Sa. 1 5 30 5 55

Su. 2 6 23 6 53 1810. | Barom. Thermom. Rain. Weather. M. 37 23 7 Oct. M.

Tu. 48 30 9 5 26 30.02 42 52


5 9 4210* 17 27 30.15

0.03 Rain

. 610 4811 28 29.6

0.01 Showers F. 711 4829.81


Sa. 80 150 30.

91 29.9

M. 10 Nov.1 29.91

Showers | Tu. u 2 30.25

Clear w.. 12 2 30.4

Th. 13 3

0.01 Showers F. 14 4

Sa. 15 4

| 29.25

29.32 46 0.08

0.21 Rain W. 197 388

Th. 20 8 42 9

Clear F. 21) 9 5110 29.46

Sa. 2210 5911 30 30.2

Su. 2311 59 29.98

M. 24 0 15 29.4

Tu. 25 1 29.2

Clear 17 29.2

Th. 27 9 59 91 18 29.5

Fr. 281 3 46 4 10 29.75 0.65

Sa. 29 4 32 4 55 29.9


|| Su. 30 5 18 5 49 21 29.63


M. 31 6 6 6 3L 29.5

MOON'S PHASES 29.7 41 | 51 0.05 Rain

FOR DECEMBER, 1810: 29.7 44 45


Appareat time at Edinburgh, 25 | 29.69 | 36 | 40 Cloudy

D. M. H.

First Quart. 3 20 12 noon.
Quantity of Rain,.....1.98

Full Moon 10 0 10 even,
Last Quart, 19 31 2 morn.
New Moou 26 57 6 morn.

M. 1715


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December 22.-Shortest day.

22.–Sun enters Capricorn, 20 min. past 10 morning. 25.–Christmas-day.

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