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its height is more confiderable; from the Dougall, Esq. of Kilmun, was fafely delfie top of the mafon work to the base, it is 108 ed of a fon. feet.

14. At Exeter Barracks, Devonshire, La

dy Ilabella De Chabot, the Lady of the CIVIL APPOINTMENTS. Viscompte De Chabot, Major in the och Rear-Admiral Otway is appointed to the light dragoons, son to the Compte de Ta. command on the Leith station, in the room nac, of a son. Her Ladyship is fourth filter of Sir Edmund Nagle, promoted.

to his Grace the Duke of Leinster. The Rev. Dr Andrew Grant, one of the 21. Mrs Inglis, George's Square, os a la ministers of Canongate, has received a pre - Al Ludgate Cottage, in the county of fentation to be minister of the College Kent, the Lady of Lieutenant Colord Church, in room of Dr Thomas Macknight. Tucker, Alliftant Adjutant-General, da A call was moderated on the 13th of Sep- daughter. tember.

28. Ac Beaumont Cottage, the Lady a The silver arrow was shot for by the Sir Robert Wilson, of a daughter. Company of Archers, Paisley, on the 24th 24. The Lady of Lieut-Col. M Marie, of August, and won by Mr John Kinross. of a fon.

The Peebles filver arrow was thot for at 26. The Lady of Major-General Thesky that place, on the 25th of August, by the of a daughter. Royal Company of Archers, and won by At Edinburgh, the Lady of Sir Charle Captain Milne, R. N.

Monk, of Belley Castle, of a daughter. The Senate of the University of Edin In Baker-street, London, the Hor. Mrs burgh, has conferred the degree of Doctor Fergusson, of a fon. of Divinity on the Rev. Benjamin Crack At London, the Lady of T. Hope, Elenell, M. A, of Weymouth,

of a daughter. On the 12th of September, the UniverG At London, the Lady of Major-Gesera! ty of Edinburgh, conferred the degree of Crosbie, of a daughter. Doctor in Medicine on the following Gen The Lady of Admiral Sir J. T. Duchtlemen :

worth, K. B., of a son. Or SceTLAND.-John Lorin.er, Andrew Ac Hill-house, Suflex, the Lady of Japa Murray, James Anderson, James Grierson, Campbell, Esq. Royal Navy, of a lon. William Burns Peacock, Charles Gordon, Sept. I. Ac Blair's Lodge, the Lady of Janies Barclay, Adelphus Ross, Andrew Sir George Alkinson, physician, HiNicoll, James Dempster, and Peter Scott. borough, of a daughter.

OF ENGLAND.- Joseph Scott, John Gor 5. The Lady of L. H. Ferrier, Eig. don Smith, J. G. Gullifer, Abraham Solo Bellefide, of a daughter. mon, and John Martin.

6. The Lady of Colonel Buller, Cold. OF IRELAND.--George Reed, George Atream guards, of a daughter. Gumbleton Rogers, Edward Barlow, Wil. 7. At London, Madame Catalani, os liam Fitton, Arthur Johnstone, Thomas daughter. Lucas, Eugene O'Callaghan, and Austen Dickinson,


Aug. 7. At London, Lieutenant-Colone! OF BARBADOES.-George Sanders. Colquhoun Grant, of the 15th King's He On the 3d September, William Creech, , fars, to Miss Richards, of Dorsetshire. Esq. bookseller, 'was chosen master of the 12. At Edinburgh, James Tytler, Ele Merchant Conipany of Edinburgh, for the younger of Woodhouselee, writer to the enfuing year.

fignet, to Miss Elizabeth Carmichael, eldel Major-General Colin Campbell, is ap- daughter of Maurice Carmichael, Elq. of pointed Lieutenant-Governor of Gibraltar, Eastend. and Lieutenant-General Drummond, Go 13. At Liitle Horfted, Suflex, Sir George vernor of Dumbarton Castle, in room of Clerk, of Pennycuick, Bart. to Miss Mars Lieutenant-General Loftus, appointed Lieu. Law, second daughter of Ewen Law, Eks tenant of the Tower of London.

and niece to Lord Ellenborough.

- At London, J. Egerien, Ergo BIRTHS.

Gray's Inn, to Mrs Forbes, of Weibecs Avo. 13. Mrs Cochrane, George's Square, street, daughter of the late Colonel of a fon.

John Cumming, and widow of Arthur For At Outfield House, Mrs Wallace, of bes, Esq. of Culloden.

14. The Rev. John Fergus, mititer of At Edinburgh, the Lady of John M. the Relief Congregation, East Kilbridge. a

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Miks Jean Faichney, eldest daughter of Mr 27. At Annfield, near Glasgow, Mr John Faichney, merchane, Paisley.

James Robertson, merchant, to Christian, 15. Ac Edinburgh, Andrew Steele, Esq. fecond daughter of Mr John Cuthbertsotr, writer to the fignet, to Marion, eldest Glasgow. daugheer of Thonias Bell, Esq. late of Ne 30. Ac Dumfries, John Gregory, Elu therhorsburgh.

from Jamaica, to Margaret, eldelt daughter - At Heligoland, Mr Adolphus Schro of John Milligan, Esq. late of Charles der, merchant, of that island, to Miss Elizabeth Johnston, of this city.

Lately, at Liverpool, Lieutenant-Colonel 16. At Haddington, Mr Thomas Diek, William Douglas, of his Majesty's 98th rewriter in Edinburgh, to Eliza, eldest daugh- giment, to Marianne, daughter of Thomas ter of Mr George Hay, Haddington. Tacterfall, Esq. of Everton Hill.

- Ac Glasgow, Mr Andrew Young, Ac London, Dr Faulkner, Physician to manufacturer, to Mary Lydia, eldest daugh- the Forces, to Mrs Allistei, widow of George ter of Jobn Kemp.

Alliotti, Esq. Deputy Conmillary-General 18. At Linkwood, near Elgin, William for North Britain, Innes, Esq. W. S. to Miss Brown, eldeft At London, Robert Hunter, Esq. of the daughter of George Brown, Esq. of Link. Hon. East India Company's service, to Mils wood.

Jane Grant, daughter of the lare Dr Robert 20. At Drumcross, Robert Bachope, Esq. Grant of Inverness, Fellow of the Royal factor to the Marquis of Douglas, at Kin- College of physicians, Edinburgh. niel, to Miss Margaret Calder, youngest Lately, the Hon. Thomas Mullins, seceni daughter of the late Alex. Calder, Erg. of son of Lord Ventry, to Mrs Archer, widow Drumcross.

of the late Major-Gereral Archer. - Mr James Miller, agent and feeds Lately, at Dirchling Church, Suffex, Malman, Glasgow, to Catharine, only daughter ter Wm. Edwards, aged 18, to Miss H. of Mr John Findlay of Newlands, Cathcart. Herriot, aged 12 years and 9 months. The

21. Ac Edinburgh, the Rev. David Wac bride, who was born when her mother fon, minifter of Luchars, to Miss Susan was upwards of 50 years old, is in aa Rankine, daughter of the late Capt. Ran advanced fate of pregnancy. kine, Barnsmuir.

Henry Paterson, jun. Esq. to Anna, eldet Mr James Wa:son, seedsman, Glas- daughter of Sir Thomas Turton, Bart. gow, to Miss Elizabeth Rae Hillhouse, se M. P. cond daughter of Mr Johu Rae Hillhouse, The Hon. Philip Sydney Pierrepont, manufacturer, Old Kilpatrick.

youngest fon of the Earl of Manvers, to 24. James Foulis, Esq. younger of Wood- Georgina, only daughter of the late Herbert hall, to Agnes, daughter of John Grieve, Esq. Gwynne Brown, Elq. of Imley Park, NorthRamsay Garden.

ampton, - At Gunsgreen House, Hugh Veitch, At London, R. Curran, Esq. eldest son of Esq. town clerk of Leith, to Miss Mary the Right Hon. J. P. Curran, Master of the Robertson, daughter of the deceased Alex Rolls in Ireland, to Miss Wiysel, of Yorkander Robertson, Esq. of Prenderguest. place.

- At laverness, the Rev. Donald Ross, SEPT. 3. At Blackstoun, Captain Aytoun, minister of Kilmuir, Skye, to Miss Role 92d regiment, son of Major-General AyBethune, third daughter of the Rev. Angus roun, Inchdarny, to Anna, daughter of the Bethune, late minister of Alness, Ross-shire. late Alexander Napier, Esq. of Black

26. Peter Macadam, Esq.merchant, Glas- foun. gow, co Margaret, daughter of the late Mr 6. At Forglen House, David MonypenWilliam Milligan.

ny, Esq.-of Pitmilly, advocate, to Miss Ma27. At Kilmarnock, Mr John Cumming, ria Sophia Abercromby, third daughter of leather merchant, to Miss Isabella Gird Sir George Abercromby, of Birkenbog, wood, daughter of Mr John Girdwood, Bart. Corstorphine.

10. The Rev. David Duff, A. M. minifAt Parkhall, Stirlingshire, Thomas ter of Moulin, co Miss Grace Maclagan, ac Andrew, Esq. of Gillanderland, to Susan, the house of her uncle, James Macinroy, eldest daughter of the late John Learmonth, Esq. Levan, near Greenock. Esq. merchant in Leith.

11. At Leith, John Paterson, Esq. banka - At London, by the Dean of Salisbury, er, Edinburgh, to Miss Jane Kerr, daughter Viscount Falmouth, to Anne Frances, eldest of William Kerr, Ejq. merchant, Leith. daughter of Henry Bankes, Esq.


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