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the enemy's army, and not apprehend the me o his Royal Highness the Prince Rebearers of them, shall be conlidered as ac- gent of Portugal, and co the Portuguese complices, and subjected to the most rigor nacion, oblige me to make use of the ous punishment.

power and authority with which I am “ WELLINGTON. furnished, and compel the careless and in" Headquarters, Aug. 1, 1810."

dolent to make the necessary efforts to pre

serve themselves from the danger which From the following prociamation it would threatens them, and to save their country. appear, that the Portuguese are no difpored « In conformity with this, I make known to risk much for the common cause; and and declare, that all magiftrates, and per. Lord Wellington, accordingly, threatens to fins in authority, who fhall remain in the “ compel the careless and indolent to make villages or towns after having received the necessary efforts to preserve themselves orders from the military officers to remove from the dangers which threaten them, and from them; and all persons, of whatever to save their country."

class they may be, who shall maintain the PROCLAMATION BY LORD WELLINGTON,

least communication with, or aid and aflift

in any manner, the enemy, shall be con# Lord Viscount Wellington, Marshal Ge. sidered as traitors to the State, and tried neral, &c.

and punished as such an enormous crime " The time which has elapsed during requires. which the enemy has remained on the

« WELLINGTON, frontiers of Portugal, must have proved to " Headquarters, Aug. 4, 1810," the Portuguese nation what they have to expect from the French. The inhabitants of some villages have remained in them, FRANCE AND HOLLAND. confiding in the promises of this enemy, and hoping that by treating the enemies of

. We are informed, by letters from France,

that the ports into which, by the Trianon their country, they mighe conciliate and mollify them, and inspire them with hu.

decree, (a copy of which we inserted in mane sentiments, that their property would

our last number), the importation of colobe respected, their females preserved from

nial produce is permitted, are oftend, brutal violacion, and their lives secured.

Rouen, Rochelle, Nantes, and Bourdeaux. 6. Vain hopes! the inhabitants of these

The following is a copy of the licenses, by submislive places have suffered all the evils

which the French Government allows such which a cruel enemy could inflict ; their

importation :property has been plúodered, their habita - [From Aug. 1810--for Gx months. ] tions burnt, the women atrociously vio- " To fail from (the name of the port the lated, and those whose age and fex did not vessel is lying at], for England, and the provoke the brutal violence of the soldiers, ports of the north, and return; the captain have fallen victims to the imprudent cone and consignees to fulfil the regulations of fidence which chey placed in promises made the customs, and paying the usual duties, only to be broken.

. . tapi " The vessel's cargo, on failing, to con" The Portuguese muft now see that no fift, 1-6th of her tonnage, or 1-8ch of the other means remain, to avoid the evils value of the cargo in wines and brandies; with which they are threatened, but a the remainder 5-6chs optional in wines, determined and vigorous resistance, and a brandies, vinegar, seeds, vegetables, and firm resolution to obftru&, as much as fruits, and of any kinds of articles of possible, the advance of the enemy into French manufacture, or of the French soil, the interior of the kingdom, hy renioving allowed to be exported. out of his reach all such things as may ." Returning, the may bring timber for contribute to his sublistence, or facilitate fhip building, the same as before allowed : his progress. This is the only and most Further, mahogany, indigo, and other dye. certain means to prevent the evils with ing materials; pepper, nutmegs, cinnamon, which this country is threatened. The together, to the amount of the cargo exarmy under my command will protect as ported or to be exported from France. large a portion of the country as is puso The price of the goods so exported to be fible ; but it is obvious that the people regulated according to their price at the alone can deliver themselves by a vigorous place of deftination, and the value of the resistance, and preserve their goods by re- returii cargo to be regulated at the curmoving them out of the reach of the rent price of the place where it has been enemy. The duties, therefore, thac bind taken in," ::.

· September 1810.


In the licenses granted by Bonaparte to each of the departments, with the exception the American vesels, the following are the of that of the Seine. chief paragraphs:

2.---This journal shall be under the au" We have authorised, and do authorise thority of the Prefect, and cannot be pubhy these presents, signed with our own lifhed but with his approbation. hind, and delivered under the numbers 3.-Nevertheless, the Prefects may pro. --, the American vefsel named --, visionally authorise in our great cities, the (name of the vessel, and quantity and quali- publication of papers containing advertise. ties of each commodity to be here specified) ments in the nature of posting-bills, or to carry into any of our ports of France, hand-bills, relative to sales of articles of cotton, fiih oil, dye stuffs, falt fish and cod, merchandize and immoveable property; and coffees and sugars of French islands in journals treating exclusively of literature, the America and Alia, cocos, spices of all kinds sciences, arts, and agriculture. The said of the Durch islands, all the merchandizes publications must contain no articles foreiga and colonial productions of the two Indies, to their objea. with the exception of sobacco and all artio 4.-Our Minister of the Interior sball, on cles whereof the importation into France is the in September next, make a report to us prohibited; under she obligation that there vpon the laid advertising journals; ihe pub. shall be exported by the fail veiled from lication of which may be definitively deany of our ports of France, an equal value termined. to that of the said produce and merchand In recent communications from Hollaod, ize, and according to the price current at it is stated that at Antwerp there are at the port where the vessel fhall arrive; the present twenty ships of the line, 15 of which value to be exported fhall principally con. are ready for sea, and the others in a ftate lift of half at least of French wines and of great forwardness. Admiral De Winter brandies, and the other half in woollens, had been at that port for some time, superfiks, hemp, and linen cloths, and other intending or pushing forward ihe operations, productions of our manufactures.

On the 3d Se ember three new gun-boats " Be it understood, 1. That the said were launched, of ide largest fize. A great vellel shall be exempted from the forniality number of men were enployed in building of the certificate of origin.-2. That the thele veilels, and were working extra hours caprain be the bearer of a letter from our in order to proceed with the greatest rapicrnful to our minister of foreign relations. dity. 3. That he shall bring with him the Ame The number of French troops in Holland rican journals of the day of his departure are stated to be but few, and it is said they from the United States.--4. 'I hat previous conduct themselves most exemplarilr; reto the landing of the produce and mer. turning to quarters regularly at nine o'clock chandize in France, the prelent permit thail in the evening. In fume of the principal be sent from the port of arrival, of verifi. towns there are po folviers, but their ab. carion, to our Board of the General Direc- fence is lupplied by the douaniers. The tion of the customs."

Dutch troops, it is stated, have all been An imperial decree of the 12th Septem- marched out of their native country to her, in regulation of the currency of France, Spain, with the excepcion of a few regia orders, that, from the date of the decree, ments, who only wait to be completed in the gold coin of 48 livres Tournois Mall be order to follow their companions. valued at 47 francs 20 cents.; the gold The colledion of the duty of 50 per cept coin of 24 livres Tournois at 23 f. 55 c.; imposed on colonial produce in Holland, the lilver coin of 5 livres Tournois at 5 which has been reduced to 40 per cent, has Jivres 60 cents.; and the Glver coin of 3 been commenced with some severity; not a livres al francs 75 cents.

place in the country is lefc u:examined by In addition to the restraints on the press the cuftoni-houle agents, as they are allow in France, to the liberty of which, Bona ed half the value if tkey discover any goods parte is of necellity an enemy; an order was of this description concealed.

lued on the 3d August, liniiring the num. In order to prevent articles of colonial ber of news-papers to one in each depart. produce rising to an exorbitant height in ment, with the exception of that of the Holland, the government has thought pro. Seine. The following is a copy of this or- per to publish a price current, accordirg to der, which could not be relished in any which, all these commodities are to be fok. country poflefling even the shadow of free. The best roasted coffee, colls 44 tlivers per dom:

Ib.; beit raw coffee, 33 ltivers; hyfon tea, 1.-- There mall be only one journal in 6 guilders; and other kinds, 4 guilders the




5 31

1b. ; Carolina rice, from 7 to 8 Nivers per ftate in which the upper part of Gambia is, lb.

on account of war between the

" It is much lamented that Mr Laporte TURKEY AND RUSSIA.

was not more precise in his inquiries; there

was another inhabitant of Goree with him, The intelligence we received leaves us Still uninformed as to the a&ual Rate of the himself, as he speaks the language of the

who, he says, has more part:culars than war at present carrying on between these Toucaloot; this person, Mr Pigcand, has two countries. The articles dated Peterf. burgh represent the Ruslians as constantly transmit to you the earliest intelligence on

not yet returned from Ganibia. I will victorious, while the accounts from Con. Itantinople as uniformly lay claim to fuccels the fubje& which I receive. If this rumour

is true, I shall feel particularly delighted to on the part of the Turks. Some German papers, received lately, aud to forward him to his native land.”

have the pleasure of receiving Mr Parke, hold out a profped of peace being speedily concluded between the belligerents, by the

STATE OF THE BRITISH NAVY. Porte ceding to Russia the provinces on the left bank of the Danube. It is reported that Alexander has taken Ships of the line....

From 50 to 44 guns.. alarm at the late election of a French Mar.


1.0 fhal as fucceffor to the throne of Sweden,

Sloops and yachts.

122 and that considerable changes has already, Bomb vessels.. or is about to take place in the cabinet of Brigs...

..141 St Petersburgh. li has been even stated, Cutters.. that overtures have been made from that Schooners and smaller vessels.. ..51 court to this country. This, however, for

Total 594 the present, appears to have no other foundation than mere conje&ure, and is only

Ships of the line.......

24 cherished by those who feel interested in

From 50 to 44 guns.......................... hearing of new allies, and fresh subsidies;

Frigate....... and we doubt very much, whether the Em

Sloops and yachts........

37 peror of all the Russias will ever again be Bomb vessels recognised in this country as the magnani Brigs..

41 mous Alerunder.


Schooners and smaller vessels........... 27 MUNGO PARKE.

Total 174 We feel much fatisfaction in commu

GUARD SHIPS, HOSPITAL SHIPS, PRISON Aicating the intelligence contained in the

SHIPS, &c. following extract, respecting this cele Ships of the line......... brated traveller. We trust that the hopes From 50 to 44 guns....... which it holds forth will be speedily Frigates....... realized :-

Sloops, &c........

Schooner, &c..... Extract of a letter from Colonel Maxwell, dated Governmenc-house, Senegal, 6th

Total 52 July 1810, to the Secretary of the African Instication.

Ships of the line........

From 50 to 44 guns...... “ I have joft received information from

Frigata Goree, that Mr Laporte, of that ifland,

Sloops.. was, on the 27th of March last, at C

Bomb vessels. and had there met with a Toucaloor, who

Brigs..... informed him, that a month before, he had Cutters..... seen Mr Mu'go Parke, in a village, the Schooners... name of which has escaped the memory of

Total 928 Me Laportes that he was very well, but alone, having lost all his companions; thac he is'ended to return to the coast by Ga

Ships of the line... lam to Senegal, it being a florter route


Sloops........ from where he was than by the Gambia.

Brag.......... If he really is in exillence, and had heen seen by the Torcaloor, he probably adopta

Toral 55 ed this refolution owing to the disturbed

GRAND Toral, 1113.







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