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Dels had given to Naih; there were three some of his countrymen to him, and, by fort. He asked the prisoner f he had any mentioning his name, it would be a pass. li vit? He pu: his hand in his pocket, and port. Nash and the witness were going out brought it out full of doll.irs and other file of the ftrert duor, attended by the defendant

The witness took from amongst then and his wife, when they were all shoved the worlar he had arked. He asked the back by Leadbeater and Browne: the dedefendan if he lat much more gold? He fendant feemed much frightened, and wife fhewed him a bag containing 90 guineas; a pered the witness in Durch, to say, that be fecord, containing a great quantity f half did not give more than ll. is. for each guineas; and a chied with seven shillings guinea. On his cross-examination, he said piece. There were several en pty money, he gave bank-notes for guineas, and tot ccia bage in the room. The three other Bank for coin. of Engiand notes were produced by Lead. Leadbeater and Nash corroborated the be ser; he took them from Caul, with the evidence of the other two witrelles, other Biok dullar.

Mr Marryatt said, the exchange ras adI C. ul fully corroborated the evidence mitted; but he had hinbly to submit to his of ih lati sir.els ar t» his and Nath's in Lordship, that the indiAmént could not be ftru&ions. When they went first to the maintained. It was founder on an act of house of the defendant, they saw his wife.- Parliament which was nearly obsolete: the Nain said the witness was an acquaintance ad (tated that it was unlawíul ro exchange of his, jult come frm Holland. She inquir- gold coin for silver, or silver coin for gold, ed from the witnes what he wanted; he re for profit; but not a word was mentioned of plied, in Dutch, a lit le gold; she asked who · bank-notes; they could not be contempla ed, recommended him, in the same larguage ; for they were unknown for many years after ; he answered Capt. Kayroll who was gone and by the stature, the penalty was as great to Gottenburgh: The fhewed them into a on the purchasee as on the purchaser. parlour, and sent a boy for the defendant, Lord Ellenborough—" If you wish, Mr who ihurtly made his appeararce, and asked Marryatt, you can lave this point : not that nearly the same questions his wife had done. I hold a doubt of its invalidity, but becaule He said he knew Capt Kayfoll The wito we have a vall deal to do, and there will be Dess told him he hoped he would let him

more time to argue it in terms. I have not have the gold on the same terms as Captain a doubt but the Itatute was intended for the Kayroll The defendant answered, he exchange of the truck of the then present could not: lie let him have 900 guineas, at day ; but I think it wide enough to admit an advance of 18. 30.; but the price had rose, bank notes, or even gross goods, if it is a. and he could not take lete than 18. 6d. ad. greed to take a certain value over the stage vance. The witness told him he must even agree to that: for paper would be of no Mr Marryatt--" The only reason, my ufe to him in Holland; and he only wanted Lord, that I should wish to argue the que50 guineae. The detendane gave him the stion now is, that the defendant is liable to guineas, and he paid him 561. in gotes, and a specific punishment, if found guilty, and 3s. by a Bank dollar. The defendant told the Crown may arreft him." him he must take care how he took them Mr Attorney General-" I will, my ove of the country, for by the law of the Lord, do away with Mr Marryatt's uneaf. Jand he was not entitled to take more than

ness, for I will give my promise the defende five. He told him le need not be afraid, ant fhall not be disturbed, until after his for he would wind hem round his waift. Counsel has an opportunity of moving for a Nash faidhe knew a better way than that, new trial. He is already under bail." for he could sew them in a garter and fasten Lord Ellenborough- Gentlemen of the his stockings with them. The defendant's Jury, I am of opinion that the defendant wite faid she knew a better way than either, did seceive more than he was allowed by and asked the witness if he did not wear 3 the proclamation; and I would recommend cushion in his neck-handkerchief; he an. char you thould find your verdi & as such; fwered in the affirmative, She brought a at the fame time I will wave the point fer piece of funnel, and rolled fome fhillings in the defendant; but, don't let it be underit, and said, “ thus you may put your food that I am of opinion that it is not a guirseas, and when folded in your handker: breach of the ftatore. I would not with it chief, it will be beyond suspicion” The to go abroad, that there was any doubt upwitness proposed they should have fome. on the subject; for it is a most injurious thing to drink which was sent for. They traffic." took a glass of rum a-piece. The defendant The Jury returned a verdjå of-Guilty. requested that the witness would recommend


dard currency."

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Monday the 13th of August, betwixt" ing their boat, and having a rope for feme nine and ten o'clock in the morning, as a fo- time attached to the whale, the crew found reigu vefel was feering for Leith harbour, it impracticable to tow it in in, fafety, ow and near to the beacon (with two pilors on ing to the swell of the sea, It was therefore board) a shot was fired from a boat, which abandoned, the pilots imagined was fred from a Green It gives' us much pleasure to inform or kind whaler, and did not bring to. A few readers, that the bill for the relief of the minutes afterwards, a second shot was fired Clergy of Scotland with small stipends,prefrom the same boat, which entered the right pared by rhe Lord Advocare of Scotland, i breast cf the mate, whereof he died in a correspondence with a Committee of the bout 15 minutes. The boat belonged to the General Assembly, and brought into Pare Gallant gun-brig, and was at that time row liament under the patronage of his Maje ing guard. The fatal fhor was fired by Aty's Mioisters, passed through both HouHenry Lloyd, midshipman, belonging to the ses without opposition, and received the above veffel, who is since lodged in Edinburgh royal affent, in June laft. By this ad, a jail. The sufferer' has leit a widow and fum not exceeding 1. 10,000 yearly is to be three young children, for whose relief a sub- set apare in the hands of the Receiver Ge. Scription has been opened at the Police Office. neral for Scotland, as a fund for augmenting

On the afternoon of the 8th Auguft, a small livings. Clerks of Prelbyteries are fine boy, about twelve years of age, acci to make up accounts of the different parichdentally fell into the Clyde, while fithing, es within their bounds, the stipends of pear Anderston, and was drowned. He which are under L. 150, ascertained by the was ofly about leven miruces under water; average of the last nine years. Upon receiBot vishstanding of whicl, every method of ving such lifts, the Commissioners of Teinde, restoring animation proved in vain. after ascertaining the faas, are to grant

About the middle of July, Capt. 'Blyth, augmentations out of this new fund, so as to of the Thames Packet, from Leith to Lon raise each ftipend to L. 150; it being prodon, loft his life in the following melancho- vided, however, that the teinds of each sa Jy manner_When opposite to Wooiwich,the rish shall be fully exhauffed in the first place. vefsel was nearly run foul of by a collier, and, Thefe augmentations, in cor sequence of an to avert the danger, the anchor of the smack order from the Barons of Exchequet, åre was let go, during which, we lament to say, to be paid half yearly by the Receiver GeCapt. Blyth unfortunately got entangled in neral; and the vacant ftipendś, in as far as the toils of the cable , and was so dreadful respects this Parliamentary grant

, are to be ly mangled, that he died soon after. He paid to the Trustees of the Widows Fund, has leit a widow and four children to de- for fecuring a permanent addition to the plore his lofs.

annuities provided to widoes of the Pars On the last Saturday of July, a man of chial Ministers and Professors in Colleges it the name of Laing, while bathing at the Scotland. Magdalen Fields Shore, near Berwick, was St Bernard's Well, hitherto rented a carried into the fea, by a heavy swell; and, L. 25 adyear, was let, fome weeks fince, en an hough a number of Aberdeenshire mili a five years lease, at the increased rate of ciamen rushed in to his affistance, their hu- L.110. manity was unavailing-he perished, and On the afteraoon of Saturday the 4th has left a wife with five helpless children to August, ewo men belonging to the Advice lament his untimely fate.

whale thip having gone in queft of a boat On the 21st July, the Catharine, Butler, which had drifted, they procured an old which failed from Leith that day for Malta, salmon coble or the beach near Invergost: jvddenly filled with water, and went down, rie, and put to sea. . They had not failed off the Cocquet Illand. The captain and far when the bottom of the coble gave way crew had only time to save their lives in and be filled in deep water. Neither ofake their boat. The ship and cargo are' valued men could swim; but, catching hold of the at fix or seven thousand pounds.

opposite sides of the boat, they floated ontil In the end of the last week of July, a they were observed from the thore. A coafting vessel, on her voyage from Sunder- crowd of people foon affenabled on the land to Aberdeen, found a large whale float, beach, who could render shem go alik ing on the surface of the water, near St A ploughman attempted to carry * Abb's Head. The fifi seemed to be from 'rope to the men, by swimming his horle ; 40 to 50 feet in length, and to have been a but, becoming terror-struck, he returned considerable time dead; but, after launch without effeding his humane purpose

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