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Plan for the Division of the

Kingdom into Districts, for the Erection of Lunatic Asylums. e

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oft of each Places of Asylum, District.


MIDLvo od bankas Northumberland ... 157,10171 582 to mavib boqotga Cumberland 117,230

lesa 10 mub Westmoreland


476,309 DURHAM. Durham ............... 160,361

Part 107 telesu 2. Lancashire

672,731 LIVERPOOL. 3. Yorkshire.........

858,892 YORK. Dosis de 5 Cheshire.......... [191,7512

444,536 CHESTER. 10 784 North Wales......... 252,785)


spolu 2009 to joidu8 9:11 5. Nottinghamsluire 140,350 510,049 NOTTINGHAM, Lincolnshire


10 out of to: Segar South Wales..............


Danesshemos vistih 6. Hereford...........

189,191 529,534 WHEREFORD. is Monmouth.

45,582 Santo DOH diod Salop

........ 131,757

167,23970s astille og ytra od blow 7. Stafford.

BIO 239,153 | 545,725 SHREWSBURY. 10 | Worcester ....... 090 139,333

pi Partioge Dial bsoub 0 000 90 Leicester


in na po ylbord 1180 1979 Rutland .......... en

16,356 Farvono al mond Warwick 138 518 10

486,384 LEICESTER, (208,190

ga Northampton

show 101 basisi di 08 Cambridge ... ....0, 89,346) set to speso a rotinis Huntingdon

37,568 9. Hereford

149,928 CAMBRIDGE.

96,577 Essex.... 1226,437

UITVUOS Norfolk. 10.

273,3717 Suffolk

210,431 S

483,802 NORWICH. Somerset

273,750 11. Gloucester


524,559 BATH. Sutuoat Oxford .....

109,6207 Berks............. 109,215

dondbou 12.

389,672 OXFORD. Bucks.........

107,444 Bedford...........

63,393 Middlesex ......

TOTICE ESTAI London, Westminster, 13.

LONDON,οτσάτο and Southwark... Surrey ..... Cornwall 191,751

laims 14. Devon ......

534,752 EXETER. 101

343,001 Dorset 115,319

klo zgathat 15.

185,107 520,082 SALISBURY

way. Sussex

150,311 16. Kent


457,935 CANTERBURY. ? 80901

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S Wilts

This plan for England has been criminal lunatic. It will be a matreprinted in a work lately published ter of no small aifficulty to prove, at Edinburgh by Messrs Constable that the same humanity and the and Co. entitled, “ Observations on same precautions, which are best Hospitals for the Cure of Insanity;" fitted for the unhappy criminal maand the editor of that work, has niacs of Middlesex, of Yorkshire, or annexed the following remarks on a of Cornwall, are not equally well similar proposed division of the king-suited for those of Edinburgh, of dom of Scotland :

Perthshire, or of Caithness :+and " It is much to be regretted, that that crimin al lunatis are not wantwhile a plan for the proper treat-, ing in every county of Britain, is a ment of criminal lunaties engages melancholy truth. The editor,

syida the attention of the legislature, for therefore, of the present volume, the whole counties of England, no hopes and trusts, that he part of Scotland should have been cused when he presumes to recomthe subject of consideration. It is, mend this subject to the particular indeed, true, that the laws respect attention of those whose duty it is ing the poor in the two kingdoms to watch over the laws and the podiffer very considerably; and there lice of Scotland in the Parliament are many intelligent members ine of the United Kingdoms. And when both Houses of Parliament, who he humbly ventures to annex to this would be sorry to see all the abuses report a Plan for the division of the of the English Poors' Rates intro- kingdom of Scotland into districts duced into Scotland. This, howe similar to those proposed for Engever, can hardly occur as an objec-zoland, he would fain indulge in the tion to a proper legal provision beca hope, that it will not be thought ing made in both kingdoms, and al- unworthy of the attention of a paso in Ireland, for the unfortunate triot statesman.

100g Tarltrom Plan for a Division of the Kingdom of Scotland into Districts, for the JOCIHAMAD Erection of Lunatic Asylums. ...sobyaitauh

COUNTIES. Population, of each Places of Asylum.
IT District.




.. 19219moa

a los Wigton,.....

195299101 Kirkcudbright,............

broty 29,211

191,032 DUMFRIES. Dumfries,.....Ta 54,597


..........: Ayrg......

...btožba 2. EASTERN DISTRICT.

y939 lbbil Roxburgh,.o.o.


191lites W obro Selkirk.........


inwrituo bas

.......... Verwa Peebles, ..

Ilswario Haddington,..... 29,936

soves Per 122,954 | 409,140 EDINBURGH. Linlithgow,


Bergl. Stirling ......

etibH 50,832

Uball Fife, wel


Clackmannan, .*...*********


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Population. of mach


Places of Asylum.

Lanark................. . 147,796

78,056 Dumbarton,...

20,710 Bute.............


460,419 | GLASGOW. Argyle,....

75,700 Perth,..

126,366) 4. NORTHERN DISTRICT. Angus......

99,127) Kincardine,......

26,394 Aberdeen,

123,071 Banff................

35,807 Moray

26,705 Nairn,

8,257 Cromarty,


540,770 ABERDEEN. Inverness......

74,292 Ross,.........

53,525 Sutherland,

23,117 Caithness...........

22,609 Orkney,................

46,824 N. B.-The population in the above Plan is taken from the “Gazetteer of Scotland,” published in 1803.

From this sketch it must appear, In the Asylum at Edinburgh in *hat the erection of proper Lunatic particular, the building of which is Asylums at Dumfries, Edinburgh, already begun, no peculiar advanGlasgow, and Aberdeen, for the tage will be possessed by the inhasouthern, eastern, western, and bitants of the city; but, like the northern districts of the kingdom, is Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, the not a local but a national object, doors of the Asylum, under the same and an abject of the utmost import- fixed regulations for all, will be ance, at least for the cause of hu- equally open for the cure of the une manity. It is, therefore, earnestly fortunate maniac from every corner to be wished, that the patriotic and of the British Empire, humane in every part of the king Subscriptions for the Edinburgh dom of Scotland would 'at present Lunatic Asylum are received by unite their endeavours' for the ac. ALEXANDER Bonar, Esq. treasurer complishment of this object, and to the Institution, at the Bank that some benevolent and active in- ing-house of Messrs Ramsays, Bodividuals in every county, in every nars, and Co. Royal Exchange, burgh, and in every parish, would ex. where may be seen a complete list ert themselves in promoting subscrip- of all the subscriptions which have tions for the Lunaric Asylum of that already been received for erecting district in which they are situated. this most necessary building.

Copy of a Letter from the late Sår with single men-Ergo-no such a

James Stewart of Coltness, Bart. persons ever existed. to the late John M'Laurin, Esq. Noah, his sons and grandsons, are Advocate, afterwards Lord Dreg- admitted to be real personages, on horn.

the authority of Scripture ; yet Coleness, 20th Jan, 1780.

Osiris (according to him) was Noah, Dear Sir,

80 was Bacchus, so was Sesostris, DULY received your last obliging. Jason, and many others who con

letter, and am not surprised that quered the whole world, and peryou should have found many ingeni= formed exploits incompatible with bus etymologies in Mr Bryant's single men, or even armies of men. Mythology. My genius has al. Why are not these also annihilated ways led me to the study of facts, according to the general rule? This and of reasoning, or a mixture of converting of gods and heroes into both; in which last light, I consider scripture patriarchs is pure imaginathe ancient history of Greece pre ţion, and requires more docility than ceding the invasion of Xerxes. I am master of, to make the smallest

Mr Bryant's new system falls impression on my belief or assent. without my limits. I have read it, The Greeks (says he) approprinot as I should do a book of in- ated all the ancient fables to themstruction, but as one of curiosity, selves.-Let me admit this to be The first volume, and part of the true ; Will it follow that a Greek second, he has composed in the hero could not be converted into stile of adversaria, or detached a Greek god, with an Egyptian pieces, in the course of his reading name? Might not Minos, king of over every Greek author who has Crete, be converted into Jupiter, as dipped, at all, into the Greek my- well as Noah be converted into thology, or the history of the heroic Osiris ! And, because every thing times. His antecedent hypothesis said of Jupiter can not apply to gave him an opportunity of apply. Minos, will it follow, that the whole ing every word, or every sentence, genealogy of this king, in ascent and tortle support of it.

descent, as well as his own existence, As he annihilates at one blow all is to be called a falsehood ? the heroes of Greece, this puts an

These are liberties which an ima. end to either the history or chrono- gination, which levels all difficulties, logy of this people. No wonder, may take. I only demand, whether then, if he conclude that there was that it be worth while to annihilate nérer either an Argonautic expedi- all the beautiful history and fables tion or a Trojan war. The great of the heroic times of Greece, so men engaged in these exploits are charmingly described and adorned by him converted into scripture by their poets a history, which is patriarchs, 'and ancient nations, tied together by the genealogies of Jason is Noah, Orpheus is the people several contemporary families, transculied Orpheans, or, according to mitted in the writings of the first Vossius, Cadmians, and according to prose authors among them, in order him Cuthites, (Vol. 2 p. 126. et to fill up a blank in history with the seq.) Cadmus, Hermion, Hercules, patriarchs, under the fictitious names and many other personages are con- of all the Gods of Egypt. If we verted into Egyptian deities, for turn Hercules (the Theban), Cadthis reason, because it is impossible mus, Inachus, Persius, Phoroneus, that all the actions and circumstances Deucalion, Danaus, with all their related of them can correspond progenitors and descendants, into June 1810.


emblems of Noah, his sons, his ark, contained in a cycle of 100 years, and his dove, we must of conse- each year consisting of 365 days. quence (as I have said) destroy the It is from the lucky coincidence Årgonautic expedition, the wars of between the years of ihe reigns and Thebes and of Troy, together with the days of the cycle, that I find inthe princes, heroes, and philosophers, genuity in the thought. He quotes of all the Greek kingdoms and re no authority for this opinion. publics; among the rest, Lycurgus, As to the reigns of the demi-gods Pythagoras, Thales, Draco, Solon, of Egypt, (he says,) These we know with all those who lived before the were mortal men, and reigned i passage of Xerxes. In a word we Egypt. I demand from what auinust consider Homer, Hesiod, and thority he knows this, when he all the ancient poets, as much greater denies it to Minos, to Hercules, and romancers than Milton, Tasso, and to many others? I answer, from his Ariosto, who have embellished with own new invented system, and nofable many real personages; at least, thing else. we must consider, also, Cadınus, No answer can be made to a book Milesius, Pherecides 'Atheniensis, in which no regular plan of mythoand all the prose writers among the logy is laid down; no chain, no prinGreeks, who, upon the authority of ciple, but imagination and vague the poets, wrote upon genealogies, to etymologies from unknown languhave been a set of blockheads, to ages, 'The Greeks theniselves, he have laboured about the genealogies acknowleges, did not understand of families who were not believed the Egyptian language, much less ever to have existed.

could they understand that of the I was not a little surprised, I con- Cuthites and the first Antideluvian fess, to find Bryant in bois 3d vol. dialects. Again, how came the poswho had cut off the whole history terity of Noah (which Noah lived and chronology of the heroic times 'several hundred years after the deof Greece, labouring to explain and luge) to degenerate so quickly into adjust the dynasties of the Egyptian idolatry, as to worship their pun kings, whose reigns are said to have father as the Sun, Osiris, Dyonisius, tilled the space of 36,525 years. &ci Tradition, under particular This is the only place in his work longevity, would, it should seem, prewhich has a reference' either to serve the memory of the religion of chronology or liistory; and it is pre. Noah for more ages than would incisely this period of Egyptian his- tervene between his death and the tory, where all sensible men have descent into Egypt, when all was acknowledged, that, until Psamitta- become idolatry,' . cus, there is neither history nor The only proper answer to Bryant's chronology.

new system, is to point out, what In this part, however, (p. 340.) I literature can gain, and what it must find the most ingenious thought in lose by it. What it can gain, 1 his work,--provided it be his own. have already shown; what it must The Egyptians (says he) reckoned lose hy it may be seen by a history by an year of 365 days. Let this of the Greek heroick times, if not be granted, though it be not true, chronological, at least genealogical

; their year was only 365 days. Now wheré, from the wars, expeditions, (says he) the 36,525 years of the the building of cities and temples, reigns of their kings, must be the establishment of kingdoms, and understood to mean 36,525 days the intermarriage of the descendants

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