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of the funds of the Church, which are ina-, United Kingdom of Great Britaio and free dequate at present to carry on all the pro- land, &c. ceffes which ought to be done at the public May 19.- The King has been pleased t® expence The report to be received this

appoint ... H. lerrier, Afg. to be a Com. day.

milioner of the Customs in Scotland, vice S. 'The report of the Widows Fund was gi. Moyse, Esq, refigned. ven in, and approved of; and the thanks DOWNING-STREET, March 14.- The of the Affembly were given to Sir H. King has been pleased to appoint Janies Moncrieffe, the Collector, for his great ac- Morrier, Esq to be his Majesty's Secretary tention to that fund.

of Embaily at the Court of his Majesty the The Asembly took into consideration King of Persia. the report of the Committee upon Mr April 27.-The Kiing has been pleased to Arthur's complaini, which was approved appoint Hildebrand Oakes, Esq. Majer-Geof; and 'hey lullaired the complaint, and neral of his Majesty's forces, to be his Maenjoin the Synod of Ross, in furore, to meet jesty's Connullioner for the Civil Affairs in succeßion at the three Presbytery seats, of Maltà, in the rocm of Rear-Admiral Sis viz. Fortrofe, Dingwall, and Tain; and ap- Richard Godwin Keates, K. B. refigned. pointed the first nieeting to be held at for- May 10.-- The King has been pleased to trufe in April 1811.

appoint John Philip Morier, Esq. to be his Monday, May 28.

Majesty's Secretary of Legation co the Unit'The Assembiy, having gone through their

ed States of America. business, was diffolved, in the usual form, ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, April 20,-The and the next General Asembly appointed King has been pleased to appoint Sir Richto meet on the 16th of May 1811.

ard Bickerlon, Bart. Vice-Adniiral of the

Red, to be Major-General of his Majesty's CIVIL APPOINTMENTS. royal marine forces, in the room ol ViceWurTENALL, April 7.The King has

Admiral Lord Collingwood, deceased.

Vice-Admira! Sir John Thomas Duckbeen plealed to appoint the Right Honourable Francis Lord Napier, to be his Majes

worth, K. B. is appointed Commander in

Chief at Newfoundland. ty' High Commissioner of the General Alfembly of the church of Scotland.

On the 3d of March, Marquis Wellefley April 28- The King has been pleased to

was elected a Knight of the Garter, in room

of the Duke of Portland. appoint, the Right Hon. George Earl of Glasgow to be his Majesty's Lieutenant and

.On the 27th of April, the Earl of EnnisSheriff Principal of the fire of Renfrew,

killen was elected a Knight of St Patrick, The King has also been pleased to ap

in room of the late Earl of Courtown. point John Burpeet, Efq. Advocate, to be

The King has conferred the honour of Judge of the Court of Admiralty, in Scoito Knighthood, o.1 James Fellowe, M. D. Phyland in room of Robert Hodson Cay, Esq. Esq. Captain of Sandown Castle, Idle of

fician to the forces, and William Wynne, decealed. The King has also been pleased to ap

Wight. point Alexander Maconochie, Elq. Advo

Archibald Spiers, Esq. of Flderflie, was cata, co be Sheriff-Depute of the fire of frewihire in rool of William Macdowat,

on the 211 of May, elected M. P. for Ren. Haddington, in the room of John Burnett, Elq. refigned.

Erq. decealed. May...The King has been pleased to

Alexander Houston, Esq. of Clerking.

ton, Member of Parliament for Glasgow, grant to the Right Hon. Henry Baron Mulgrave the office of Master-General of his

&c. is appointed one of the Con: missioners Majelly's Ordnance of the United King- land, in the room Sir John Dalı ymple,

and Trullees for Manufadures, &c. in Scote dom.

Bart. deceased. The King has alfo been pleased to ap. point the Right Hon, Charles Yorke, Sir

Major-General Thomas Graham, who Richard Bickerton, Bart. Vice-Admiral of

now commands the British troops at Cadiz, the Red Squadron of his Majesty's fieet,

has been appointed a Lieutenant-General Robert Ward, Esq. James Bulles, Éig. Wil by brever, while he retains that station. liam Domett, Elg. Vice-Admiral of the

ECCLESIASTICAL APPOINTMENTS. Blue Squadron of his Majesty's fleet, Ro- WhiteuALL; May 15. 1810.-The King ber Mvorfom, Esq. and William Lowther, has been pleased to present the Rev. John Ela. (commonly called Viscount Lowther), Black, to the church and parish of Coylton, to be his Majesty's Commiflioners for exe- presbytery and county of Ayr, vacant by cucing the office of High Admiral of the the death of Dr David Shaw... And also, the

Rer. Tohni Campbell to the church and pa APRIL 4. The Hon. C. Cadogan, son of tilh of North Knapdale, presbytery of In the Earl of Cadogan, to Honoria, fifth daughverary, Argylithire, vacant by the death of ter of the late J. Blake, Esq. of Adfry, in Mr Archibald Camphell.

the county of Calway, and lister of the CounHis Majefy's letters patent have passed tefs of Errol. the great feal of Ireland, viz. for translating 5. At Dunnikier-house, Robert Smith of the Right Rev. Father in God, Dr Power Methven, E'q. to Mary, second daughter Le Poer Trench, Bishop of the united Bi- of James Townsend Oswald, Erg. of Dannifhoprie of Waterford and Lismore, to the kier, Bith pric of Elphis, in the room of Dr Law, 14. Robert Latouche, Esq. M. P. to deceased.--Also, for tranNating the Right Lady Emely French, sifter to the Earl of Rev. Father in God, Dr Joseph Stock, Bi- Claacarty. thop of the united Bishoprice of Killała and 19. At Edinburgh, George Lyell, Esq. of Achonry, to the united Bishopric of Water. Kinnieff, en Margaret, only daughter of ford and Lismore.--And also for promoting Robert Dick, Elg. the Rev. Dr James Verschoyle, Dean of his 20. Ac Hempriggs, William Sinclair Majesty's Cathedral Church of St Patrick, Wemyss, Esq. younger of Southdun, to in the city of Dublin, to che united Bishop Henrie:ca, second daughter of Sir Benjamin ric of Killala and Achonry.

Dunhar of Hempriggs, Bart. Dr Thomas Macknight was adınicred one 26. Ar Gayfield Place, James Jackson, of the ministers of the old church, Edinburgh, Era Commissioner of Excise, to Miss in room of the late Ds Grieve, on the 15th Crichton, daughter of the late Alexander May--- And on the 16th, the Rev. Andrew Crichtor, Elq Thomson, from Perth, was admitted mnie At London, the Marquis of Douglas fer of the new Grayfriars church, in room and Clydesdale (eldest son of the Duke of of Mr Brunton.

Hamilton), to Miss Susan Euphemia BeckMr John Richmond, was ordained mini ford, grand-daughter of Charles, Earl of Aer of Southdean, in the preibziery of Jed- Aboyne. Burgh, on the 19th of April.

28. A: Edinburgh, James Campbell, Elon On the oth May the Rev. Alexander of Dunmore, to Miss Eliz. Hope Baillie, Davidson was ordained roinister of Gargun- daugher to the Hon. Lord Polkemmet. Dock, upon a prefentation from James

Captain Dacres, of the royal navy, to Edingtoun, of Gargunnock, Era.

Miss Arahella Byd Dalrymple, 3d daughMi Robert Aikman has been presented ter of Lieutenant-General Sir Hew Dalto the parish church of Airly, in room of rymplr. M: Scormonth, deceased.

30. At Edinburgh, John H. Withart, The Univerüty of Glasgow have confer- Esq. to Miss Lovita Melville Wilson, only Ted the degree of Doctor in Divinity on the daughter of the late Major Willon, rayal Rev. Thomas Campbell, Minifer of An artillery. crum, Roxburghshire.

Mr James Taylor Smith, bookseller, On the 20 of April, the Right Hon. Sir to Miss Eliza Bell, daughter of the late William Crant, Master of the Rolle, &c. William Bell, Esq. Dunse. was unanimouly elected Rector of Mari MAY 3. At Belvedere Place, Dublin, Ichal College and Unive-fity, Aberdeen. Alexander Campbell, Esq. of Achnacroith,

The Right Hon. the Earl of Wemyss, has Captain in the Scots Greys, to Miss Hen. appainted the Rev. Richard Quaile Shan rietta Florence Gunne Bell, third daughter nou, of Christ Church, Dublin, to be his of Henry Guinne Bell, Elq. Lordihip's domeftic Chaplain.

8. The Right Hon. Lord Bolion, to the

Hon. Maria Carleon, eldet daughter of the MARRIAGES.

late Lord Dorchester. MARCH 25. At St Andrew's, Pat. Miu 15. At Glasgow, the Rev. Thomas Earn die, Elq. surgeon, to Miss Gillespie, daugh- tón, minister of Kirriemuir

, to Jane, eldeft ter of the late Dr Gillespie, Principal of Sc daughter of Mr John Alexande merchant. Mary's College.

21. A: Edinburgh, Lieut. Col. Alexander 26. At Edinburgh, James Wemyss Mac

Macgregor Murray of the 6th foot, 10 l.akerizie, of Jamaica, Erq to Henrietta Whar dy Charlotte Anne Sinciail, Second daughtop Mackenzie of Suddie, widow of Capt. ter of the Earl of Caithness. Robert Port of Gallalaw, and sister of Maj A Edinburgh, Dr John Rogerson Gen. John Randoll Mackenzie of Suddie

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jun. physician to the forces, to' Mi's E. C. 28. At Edinburgh, George Lyon, Esq. of 'Greig, laughter of the lace David Greig, Wefter Ogill, to Catherine, third daug ter of Hallgreig, Esq of the Rev. De Fleming, one of the ministers


of Edinburgh.


8. At London, the Countele of London Feb. 23. At Kilgraston-house, Perth- and Moira, a daughter. thire, Mrs Oliphant of Rodir, a son. il. At Ballechin, the Lady of Hope

March 2. Ai Edinburgh, Mrs Speid, St Steuart, Esq. a son. John's Street, a son.

Lady Grantham, a fon. -At Edinburgh, Mrs Harrowar,younger 19. Ac Edinburgh, Mrs Förd of Finha. of Jazievar, a daughter.

Ten, a daughter, 3. At Doune Lodge, the Right Hon. La 20. At Edinburgh, Mri Stein, Queens dy Doune, a son.

Street, a daughter. 5. Ac Edinburgh, Mrs Colquhoun, Lady At London, Lady Plomer, wise of of the Lord Advocate, a son.

the Solicitor General, a lon. At James Drummond's, Esq. South At London, the Lady of Sir Aler. Audley Street, London, the Right Hon. ander Macdonald Lockhart, Bart. M. P. a Lady Amelia Sophia Drummond, a son. daughter.

9. At Edinburgh, Mrs Boyle, Lady of 29. At Clifton, Bristol, the Countess of Mr Solicitor-General Boyle, a son.

Caftleftewart, of a son. 14. At London, the Hon. Mrs Buchanan, 28. Ac Edinburgh, Mrs S. Anderson, a a son.

daughter. April 3. At Colliepriest, Devonshire, La At Edinburgh, Mrs Inglis, Queen's dy Mary Hay, a daughter.

Street, a daughter. 3. At Wreathan Hall, Lady Kinnaird, a 'The Lady of Colonel the Hon. Hen. daugheer.

ry Augustus Dillon, a son and heir. At Alva, Mrs Johnfone of Alva, a for.

At Edinburgh, the Lady of James The great pressure of otir Matlo ko Cathcart, Efqa daughter.

compelled us to deter our account of Deaths till 8. At Wrottelley, Lady Wrottefley, fon. qur next Numlir.

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Prices of Vat, Pease, and Barley Meal, in "Edinburgh Market, per pect. Oatmeal.

Pease and 1810.

Barley Meal, Bolls... Price. Bouls. Price, May l. 330 20


May 4.

1r. 18. 25,

38 50
36 48

S. 26 31 23 31 26 83 23 29 20 23 32 24 292 24 91 22 29 94

56 17 16 8. 300 20 194 48 17 16 15. 900 20 194 68

17 16 22. 290 20 195

60 17 16 20. 200 20

31 17 16


Criticus --A. B. Y. 2.-D. Drummond-A, Subscriber,-- Eritaphs Translations from Anacreon, will appear in our next, or an early number

We have read with pleasure A. M. and the Essays on Imagination and on Disputations ; but, we are afraid the subjects are of too general a nature to be well suited to our Miscellany.

J. MD. has been deferred, from an unexpected pressure of other materials,
Alexander J. L. Rufus will not suit our Miscellany.
We shall be happy to receive a specimen of the article offered by F. G.



Edinburgh Literary Miscellany,

FOR JUNE 1810.

With an Engraving of a View of the Parliament Square of Edinburgh,



Page Register of the Weather for Fune...... 402 Monthly Memoranda in Natural HisHigh Water at Leitb for July......... ibid. tory.............

.............. ......... 438 Description of a View of the Parlia

Scottish Review. mers Square, Edinburgh....... ....... 403 Poems on the Abolition of the Slave Observations respecting Lunatic Asy. Trade. By James Montgomery,

uns in Scotland..................... 405 James Graham, and E. Benger.... 439 Copy of a Letter from the late Sir New Works published in Edinburgh. 444

James Ste vart of Coltness, Bart. Scottish Literary Intelligence........... 445 to the late Yoon M.Laurin, Esq. Literary Intelligence, English and FoAdvocate, afterwards Lord Drego • reign...........

ibid born............................ 409 Memoirs of the Progress of ManuBiographical Memoir of the late Ri

factures, Chemistry, Science, and chard Gougb, Esq.............. 411 the Fine Arts.........

.............. 446 Letters written during a Tour through

POETRY. Scotland, in the year 1788. From the Italian-Characters of Dr

Epitaphs on Living Characters. By

James Hogg, the Ettrick Shepherd. 447 Adam Smith, Mr Mackenzie and

To the Sky Lark, on first hearing her Mrs Keir...... .............. 416

Song for the Season.......

ibid. On Modern Tales or Novels........... 418 Proposal for Erecting a Monument to Summary of Politics...................

448 Ramsay...........

PROCEEDINGS OF PARLIAMENT. Loose Thoughts on Good and Bad

House of Lords........................... 457 Temper...................


House of Commons....................... 460 Estimate of the Advantages to be derived from the Formation of a Rail.

HISTORICAL AFFAIRS. - America.......

468 way between Glasgow and Berwick.............. 429 - Holland.........

........... 469

470 On the Advantages to be derived from Spain.........

the Study of Universal History. Attempt to Assassinate the Duke of From the German of Schiller

ibid. 426

Cumberland ...... Conversation between James V. of

Sir Francis Burdett........................ 471 Scotland, and Sir Ralph Sadler..... 428

SCOTTISH CHRONICLI. Anecdotes, &c. Historical and Lite- General Assembly.......... rary.. .......

434 Miscellaneous....

........... 475 Strictures on Dr Edmonstone's His- Births.............. tory of the Zetland Islands.......... 436 Marriages........

ibid. Proceedings of the Wernerian Natural Deaths.................. · History Society....................... 437 Stocks and Markets.................... 480


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.......... 473

............ 477

........... 478

STATE OR THE. BAROMETER, &c. High Water at Leith, From the 26th May to the 25th June,

For July, 1810. 1810, in the vicinity of Edinburgh.

Morn. Even
Days. H. M. u. *.
Su. 1 1 57 2 15

M. 2 2 32 2 49
1810. Barom.(Thermom. Rain. Weather. Tu. 3 3 7 3 25
N. in pts.

W.. 4 3 41 3 58 26 30. 46 | 60

Clear Th. - 5 4 15 4 33 27 30. 44 | 58 0.07 | Rain F. 64 50 5 8 28 30.124264

Clear Sa. 7 5 26 5 46 29 30.3 46 72

Su. 8 6 8 6 31 30 30.35 | 49 68


9 6 567 24 31 30.35 | 48 65

Tu. 107 53 8 27 Junel | 90.92 90.92 48 72

W. 111 9.2 9 39 2) 30.3 48 70

Th. 1210 1610 51 3 30,3 50 72

F. 1311 2711 59 4 30.26 49 70

Sa. 14% - 32 5| 30.35 | 50 | 69

Su. 15 i 128 6 30.25 | 50 | 73

M. 16 I

56 2 99 7 30.15 | 52 | 74 0.05 1 Rain Tu. 1712 471 8 10 8.30.08 | 50 72

Clear W. 18 3 33 334

Th. 194184 40 10 29.79 51 63

Cloudy, F. 2015

F. 20 5 2 5 94 11 29.25 50 62

Clear Sa. 21 5 47 6 7 ci fin: 12 29.8 61 65 0,08 Showers Su. 22 6 29 6 52 Zie 131 29.75 48 64

Clear M. 297 17 7 46 14| 30,2 45 63

Tu. 24 8 17 8. 150 51 351 30.2 50 | 70

W. 25 9 96103 soudu: 216 39.15 50 69

Th. 2610 3911 19 92.109 217 30.


F. 2711 442 tiivsuse 18 29.98 4867

Sa. 28 10.94 •*.15.12.1929,5 50 64 1. Rain Su. 29 56 1 17 20 29.8 50 65 | 0.21

M. 30 1 85 1 59 2 To 21 80.12 5272

Clear Tu, 311 2 10 328 42 | 30.29 55 80

MOON'S PHASES pigg 934-80,35 56 70

TOR JULY, 1810. PA80.2 5672

Apparent time at Edinburgh, 2.-25 30.1 : 58 | 70

9 30.08 48 64

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New Moon : 56 6 ifter. Quantity of Raingin 1:41

First Quart. 9 1 9 even

Full Moon 16 43 2 after. ni

Last Quart. 23 83 & meri,
New Moon 31" 3 jo mere.

T8 to 1975

ar toboJuly 10. Royal Burghs meet
cuscio on 11. Court of Session rises.
30:32:2 20 94 Sun enters Leo 27 min. past thres afternoon.

30.Dogs days begin.

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