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A charmed life was in their hearts, a spell divinely

wrought,O would that oftener human hearts that spell divine

were taught! Love changeless kept all else from change, and glad

they past along, Life's course but varied as the flow and measure of a

song; And time prest on them, but with form so gracious and

so mild, I ever deemed their smiles the same I loved so when a

child. Beautiful were they in their youth-and when I saw

them lie in their last sleep, I looked and knew man's spirit

could not die: Love filled them with its purest light-their hearts its

place of birth, And would that bright Immortal dwell in shrines that

are but earth?



SHOULD some seraph wing his flight,
From the realms of cloudless light,
Earth and ocean soaring over,
Where would he delight to hover?
Not o'er halls of regal pride ;
Not o'er fields with carnage dyed,
Where, 'mid shouts of triumph breathing,
Fame the hero's brow is wreathing;

Not o'er cells of letter'd age ;
Not o'er haunts of hoary sage;
Not where youthful poet stealing,
Woos the muse's warm revealing;
Not o'er wood and shadowy vale
Where the lover tells his tale,
And the blush-love's fondest token-
Speaks what words bad never spoken;
Not where music's silver sound
Wakes the dormant echoes round,
And with charms as pure as tender,
Holds the heart in pleased surrender.
O'er the calm sequestered spot,
O'er the lone and lowly cot,
Where its little hands unwreathing,
Childhood's guileless prayer is breathing :
While the gentle mother nigh,
Points her daughter's prayer on high,
To the God whose goodness gave her,
To the God whose love shall save her ;-
There, awhile, the Son of light
Would arrest his rapid fight;
Thence would bear, to heaven ascending,
Prayers with heartfelt praises blending.
Gladly would he soar above,
With the sacrifice of love ;
And through Heaven's expanded portal,
Bear it to the throne immortal!

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Lauded be thy name for ever,
Thou, of life the guard and giver!
Thou canst guard thy creatures sleeping,
Heal the heart long broke with weeping,
Rule the ouphes and elves at will,
That vex the air or haunt the hill,
And all the fury subject keep
Of boiling cloud and chafed deep!
I have seen, and I well know it!
Thou hast done, and thou wilt do it!
God of stillness, and of motion !
Of the rainbow and the ocean!
Of the mountain, rock, and river!
Blessed be thy name for ever!
I have seen thy wond'rous might
Through the shadows of the night!
Thou who slumber'st not, nor sleepest,
Blest are they thou kindly keepest !
Spirits, from the ocean under,
Liquid flame, and leveli'd thunder,
Need not waken, nor alarm them-
All combined, they cannot harm them.
God of evening's yellow ray;
God of yonder dawning day,
That rises from the distant sea
Like breathings of eternity!

Thine the flaming sphere of light!
Thine the darkness of the night!
Tbine are all the gems of even,
God of angels! God of heaven!
God of life, that fade shall never,
Glory to thy name for ever!



Her touch unlocks the day-spring from above,
And visits man with beams of light and love.'


GENTLE, as if descended from the skies,

And lovely as an angel form must be,
A Spirit, as methought, before mine eyes,

Amidst the sons of Earth stole silently :
I watch'd her progress, as she seemed to shun

The eyes of all who would have known the cause,

Why she was bless'd with murmurs of applause, When issuing from the homes of wretchedness. She fed the hungry,-clothed nakedness,

Watch'd with the mourner,mand upbraided none;But, as the Saviour of the world before

Had done, she bade them go,-and sin no more! 'Twas then I knew the angel form to be The heav'n-born Spirit-Hallow'd Charity!




SING with me! sing with me!
Weeping brethren, sing with me!
For now an open heaven I see,
And a crown of glory laid for me.
How my soul this earth despises !
How my heart and spirit rises !
Bounding from the flesh I sever!
World of sin, adieu for ever!
Sing with me! sing with me!
Friends in Jesus, sing with me!
All my sufferings, all my woe,
All my griefs I here forego.
Farewell terrors, sigbing, grieving,
Praying, hearing, and believing,
Earthly trust and all its wrongings,
Earthly love and all its longings!
Sing with me! sing with me!
Blessed spirits, sing with me!
To the Lamb our song shall be,
Through a giad eternity!
Farewell earthly morn and even,
Sun and moon and stars of heaven;
Heavenly portals ope before me,
Welcome, Christ, in all thy glory!

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