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Thou didst, О mighty God, exist

Ere time began its race; Before the ample elements

Fill’d up the void of space.

Before the ponderous earthly globe

In fuid air was stay'd;
Before the ocean's mighty springs

Their liquid stores display'd,

Ere through the gloom of ancient night

The streaks of light appear'd; Before the grand celestial arch,

Or starry poles, were rear'd,

Before the loud melodious spheres

Their tuneful round begun; Before the shining roads of heaven

Were measur'd by the sun,

Ere, through the empyrean courts,

One ballelujah rung ;
Or to their harps the sons of light

Ecstatic anthems sung,

Ere men ador’d, or angels knew,

Or prais'd thy wondrous name,Thy bliss, O sacred Spring of Life!

Thy glory was the same.

And when the pillars of the world

With sudden ruin break,
And all this vast and goodly frame

Sinks in the mighty wreck,

When from her orb the moon shall start,

Th' astonish'd sun roll back,
And all the trembling starry lamps

Their ancient course forsake,
For ever permanent and fix'd,

From agitation free,
Unchang'd in everlasting years,

Shall thy existence be.



Weep for thine offspring, childless Israel, weep;

Slain on their mountains, strength and beauty lin; Fallen are the mighty, to her native steep

As turns the wounded antelope to die.

Oh, let not Ascalon our grief proclaim,

Nor Gath the burden of our sorrow know; Lest their proud daughters glory in our shame,

And misbelieving triumph mock our woe.

No sheaves of offering in thy valleys swell,

No dews, Gilboa, fertilize thy field !
Parch'd be thy summit, where the mighty fell,

Where hands anointed cast away their shield!

From Saul how keenly flash'd the lifted blade!

How strong the bow from Jonathan recoil'd!
Their arms the warrior's boldest breast dismay'd,

The proud discomfited, the wealthy spoild.
One in their lives where fame and friendship led,

One undivided couch in death they find.
Foil'd by their prowess, cowering lions fled,

And toil-worn eagles flagg’d their speed behind. Weep ye for Saul, whose bounteous hand, and brave,

On beauty lavish'd spoils which valour gain’d. Daughters of Israel, weep for him who gave

Gold wrought with jewels, vests with purple stain'd! Fall'n are the mighty! War has rear'd their tomb;

On his own mountains Jonathan is slain : What pangs, my brother, waken at thy doom !

Thine heart, how loving, how beloved again! For me thy friendship burn'd with purer flame,

Than glows the bridal bosom for her lord !Fallen are the mighty! Israel mourn thy shame;

War's spear is shatter'd-blunted is his sword !





Bless thou the living Lord, my soul;

His glorious praise proclaim:
Let all my inward powers extol,

And bless his holy name.

Forget not all bis benefits;

But bless the Lord, my soul. Who all thy trespasses remits,

And makes thee sound and whole.

Who did redeem and set thee free,

From death's infernal place ! With loving kindness crowneth thee,

And with his tender grace. As far as is the sun's uprise

In distance from its fall; So far our great iniquities

He sep'rates from us all.

Behold what wondrous love on us

The Father hath bestow'd!
That we should be advanced thus,

And call'd the sons of God.
Because thy loving-kindness is

Better than length of days, And preciouser than life itself;

My lips shall speak thy praise.

Thus will I bless thee all my days,

And celebrate thy fame;
My hands I will devoutly raise

In thy most holy name.
With marrow and sweet fatness fill's,

My thankful sonl shall be ; My mouth shall join with joyful lips

In giving praise to thee.

For whom have I in Heaven but thee?

Nor is there any one
In all the world desir'd of me

Besides thyself alone;

My flesh consum'd, my heart as broke,

I feel do fail me sore; But God's my heart's unshaken rock,

And portion evermore.

For they shall all destroyed be

That far from thee are gone : They that a whoring go from thee

Shall all be overthrown.
Nevertheless I do remain

Continually with thee :
By thy right hand thou dost sustain

And firmly holdest me.

And in the crowd and multitude

Of troubling thoughts that roll Within my breast; thy comforts rest,

And do delight my soul;
With the just counsels of thy word,

Safely thou wilt me guide,
And wilt receive me afterwards

In glory to abide.


O God, how doth thy love and grace

Excel all earthly things! Therefore the sons of men do place

Their trust under thy wings. With fatness of thy house on high

Thou wilt thy saints suffice, And make them drink abundantly

The rivers of thy joys.

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