The Quarto, Броеве 108–140

Предна корица
UM Libraries, 1975

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Страница 26 - SIR, I have the mortification to inform your excellency, that I have been forced to give up the posts of York and Gloucester, and to surrender the troops under my command, by capitulation, on the 19th instant, as prisoners of war, to the combined forces of America and France.
Страница 1725 - Others" and two or three sprigs of "Keep Your Tongue Between Your Teeth" ; simmer them together in a vessel called "Circumspection" for a short time, and it will be fit for use. APPLICATION. The symptoms are a violent itching in the tongue and roof of the mouth, which invariably takes place when you are in company with a species of animals called "Gossips...
Страница 1765 - They said they could hold out no longer; that their tobacco was exhausted ; that they had eaten up all the leather belonging to the pump, and even the buttons from their jackets ; and that now they had no means of preventing their...
Страница 1743 - I remember," said he in after life, " when I was a lad living with my uncle, it was my business to feed and milk the cows. And many a time, long before light in the morning, I was started off, in the cold and snow, without shoes, to my work, and used to think it a luxury to warm my frozen feet on the spot just before occupied by the animal I had roused. It taught me to reflect, and to consider possibilities ; and I remember asking myself, Is it not possible for me to better my condition...
Страница 8 - In this ship, the Rosario, we took also a great book full of sea-charts and maps, containing a very accurate and exact description of all the ports, soundings, creeks, rivers, capes, and coasts belonging to the South Sea, and all the navigations usually performed by the Spaniards in that ocean.
Страница 1708 - Lectures on Dramatic Literature. The book is deformed indeed with a pretty copious sprinkling of German mysticism, but it is fraught with a great multitude of admirable observations. The mention of criticism leads me to a thought which I will immediately put down. I would advise a young person to be very moderate in his attention to new books. In all the world I think there is scarcely any thing more despicable, than the man that confines his reading to the publications of the day...
Страница 1724 - Director of the Horace Mann Lincoln Institute at Teachers' College, Columbia. He warns that 'companies and teachers who depend too much on books had better start looking for a new job'.
Страница 1750 - Of an old Dutch root, Cornelius has evinced more energy and ' go aheadativeness ' in building and driving steamboats, and other projects, than ever one single Dutchman possessed. It takes our American hot suns to clear off the vapors and fogs of the ' Zuyder Zee ' and wake up the phlegm of a descendant of old Holland.