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teize you,

SINCE plays are but a kind of public feasts,
Where tickets only make the welcome guests;
Methinks, instead of grace, we should prepare,
Your tastes in prologues, with your bill of fare.
When you foreknow each course, tho' this may
'Tis five to one, but each o’th' five may please you,
First, for your critics, we've your darling cheer,
Faults without number, more than sense can bear;
You're certain to be pleas'd where errors are.
From your displeasure I dare vouch we're safe ;
You never frown, but where your ighbours laugh.

you that never know what spleen or hate is,
Who, for an ałt or two, are welcome, gratis,
That tip the wink, and so sneak out with nunquam satis ;
For your smart tastes, we've toss'd you up a fop,
We hope the newest that's of late come up;
The fool, beau, wit, and rake, so mix'd he carries,
He seems a ragout, piping hot from Paris.
But for the softer sex, whom most we'd

We've what the fair and chaste were form’d for, love :
An artless passion, fraught with hopes and fears,
And nearest happy, when it most despairs.
For marks we've scandal; and for beaus, French airs.


To please all tastes, we'll do the best we can ;
For the galleries, we've * Dicky, and Will Penkethman.
Now sirs, you're welcome, and you know your fare;
But pray, in charity, the founder spare,
Lest you destroy, at once, the poet and the player.

Two comic actors, who lived at the time this Play was written.

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Mr. Baddeley, CHARINO, old gentlemen

Mr. Waldron. Don Lewis, uncle and near friend to Carlos Mr. Parsons CARLOS, a student, son to Antonio

Mr. Kemble. Clodio, a pert coxcomb, bis brother Mr. Dodd. CHO, servant to Carlos

Mr. Suett, MONSIEUR, valet to Clodio

Mr. Burton. Governor of Lisbon

Mr. Packer. Don DUART, bis nepbew

Mr. Barrymore. DON MANUEL, a sea officer in love with Louisa

Mr. Wright.

Women. ANGELINĄ, daugbter to Charino Mrs. Kemble. Louisa, a lady of quality and pleasure Mrs. Ward. ELVIRA, sister to Don Duart

Miss E. Kemble. HONORIA, cousin to Louisa

Miss T. Tidswell.

} old gentlemen


Mlen. ANTONIO, 2

Mr. Wilson. CHARINO,

Mr. Powell. Don Lewis, uncle, and near friend to Carlos Mr. Quick. CARLOS, a student, son to Antonio Mr. Holman. CLODIO, a pert coxcomb, bis brother Mr. Lewis. SANCHO, servant to Carlos

Mr. Blanchard. MONSIEUR, valet to Clodio

Mr. C. Powell. Governor of Lisbon

Mr. Davies.
Don DUART, bis nephew

Mr. Fennel.
Don MANUEL, a sea officer in love with

Mr. Macready.

Women. ANGELINĄ, daughter to Charino Miss Brunton. LOUISA, a lady of quality and pleasure,

Mrs. Bernard. ELVIRA, sister to Don Duart

Miss Chapman. HONORIA, cousin to Louisa

Miss Platt.
Priest, Officers, and Servants.




A Hall. Enter ANTONIO and CHARINO.

Antonio. Without compliment, my old friend, I shall think myself much honoured in your alliance ; our families are both ancient, our children young, and able to support them; and, I think, the sooner we set them to work, the better.

Cha. Sir, you offer fair and nobly, and shall find I dare meet you in the same line of honour: and, I hope, since I have but one girl in the world, you won't think me a troublesome old fool, if I endeavour to bestow her to her worth; therefore, if you please, before we shake hands, a word or two by the bye; for I have some considerable questions to ask you.

Ant. Ask 'em.

Cha. Well, in the first place, you say you have two sons?

Ant. Exactly.


Cha. And you are willing that one of 'em shall marry my daughter ?

Ant. Willing.
Cha. My daughter Angelina?
Ant. Angelina.

Cha. And you are likewise content that the said Angelina shall survey 'em both, and (with my allowance) take to her lawful husband which of 'em she pleases?

Ant. Content.

Cha. And you farther promise, that the person by her (and me) so chosen (be it elder or younger) shall be your sole heir : that is to say, shall be in a conditional possession of at least three parts of your estate. You know the conditions, and this you positively promise?

Ant. To perform.
Cha. Why then, as the last token of my

full sent and approbation, I give you my hand.

Ant. There's mine.
Cha. Is't a match ?
Ant. A match.
Cha. Done.
Ant. Done.

Cha. And done that's enough- -Carlos, the elder, you say, is a great scholar, spends his whole life in the university, and loves his study.

Ant. Nothing more, sir.

Cha. But Clodio, the younger, has seen the world, and is very well known in the court of France; a sprightly fellow, ha?

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