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tated country, of an increasing commerce, unshackled and unencumbered by heavy and impolitic duties and impofts, have already invited numbers to leave its bosom-numbers, which the iron hand of persecution and the awful prospects of intertinę division or abject llavery, will continue to increase.

The attention of Europe in general, and of Great-Britain in particular, being thus drawn to the new world, the Editor, at the instigation of some particular friends, undertook the talk, which he hopes he has in some degree accomplished in the following volumes, of affording his countrymen an opportunity of becoming better acquainted with its settlement by Europeans--the events that led to the establishment and independence of the United States--the nature of their government—their present situation and advantages, together with their future prospects in commerce, manufactures and agriculture. This formed the principal design of the work; but he farther wished with this to connect a general view of the

situation of the remaining European possessions in America and the West-India islands; this has been therefore attempted, and nearly a volume is dedicated alone to this subject. Connected with the above, une object has been constantly kept in view, namely, to afford the emigrator to America a summary of general information, that may in some measure serve as a directory to him in the choice of a residence, as well as in his after pursuits. This suggested the propriety of adopting the plan which Mr. Morse had laid down in his American Geography; and this must plead in excufe for the miscellaneous matter introduced in the third volume, at the close of the history of the States.


How far the Editor has fucceeded in the accomplishment of this object is not for him to determine; he can only say, he has {pared no pains, nor neglected any opportunity, which his situation permitted him to embrace to obtain information ; and he has to express his obligations for the obliging communica


tions of many, whose names the peculiarity of his own situation will not for obvious reasons permit him to mention, but for whose friendship he shall ever retain the most lively fentia ments of esteem and gratitude. The Editor's thanks are like wise particularly due to several gentlemen of the society of Quakers, for the documents which have enabled him, with thorough convi&ion, to wipe off the odium whích Mr. Chalmers, in his Annals, and the authors of the Modern Universal History, followed by Mr. Morse, had thrown on the character of William Penn and the first settlers of Pennsylvania,* and on whose authority they were by him inserted.

With respe&t to the printed authorities which the Editor bas followed, he has not only borrowed their ideas, but, where he had not the vanity to conceive himself capable of correcting it, he has adopted their language, so that in a long narrative he has often no other claim to merit than what arises from selection and a few connecting sentences: as, however, by this method it has often become difficult for an author to know his own, the Editor at once begs leave to say, he has availed himself of the labours and abilities of the Abbé Raynal, Franklin, RobertJon, Clavigero, Jefferson, Belknap, Adams, Catesby, Buffan, Gordon, Ramsey, Bartram, Cox, Rush, Mitchel, Cutler, Imlay, Fillon, Barlow, Brillot, Morse, Edwards, and a number of others of less import, together with the transactions of the English and American philosophical societies, American Museum, &c.

* The Editor has particularly to request, that those who have taken this work in Numbers, will, in justice to himself, as well as to the character of William Penn, del roy the half-Meet, signature P p vol. ii. page 289 to 296 inclusive, and substitute ihe half-Meet of the saine signature, given in the last Number, in its stead the same is requested re- ípccting the Constitution of Penn'ylvania and the other cancels marked.


The Editor has, now only to deprecate the severity of criticism. It was impoflible, in selecting from such a variety of authors, to secure uniformity of language without immense trouble ; and from his situation, which rendered an easy communication with the Printer not only often difficult, but in many cafes impra&icable, several typographical errors will, no doubt, accur to the reader, as well as some others of a literary kind. -As these, however, do not affea facts, he has not added an errata, but left the whole to the candour and good sense of ahe reader, to whom he wishes, with fincerity, as much plea. fure in the perusal, as himself has experienced in collecting and arranging the materials.

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State Side of Newgate,

Jan. sift, 1795



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[blocks in formation]

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