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(1) Any expenses incident to the preparation and recording of title evidence covering lands donated to the United States for the National Park System and miscellaneous areas.

(m) Printing of information and directional signs required in the administration of areas.

(n) Expenses of depositing public money.

(0) Purchase of waterproof footwear which shall be regarded as equipment for the area where used.

(p) Preparation of mats which may be used for the reproduction in magazines and newspapers of photographs of scenery in areas as in the opinion of the Director will be of interest to the people of the United States and foreign nations. Any such mats may be furnished without charge and under such conditions as the Director may prescribe to the publishers of magazines, newspapers, and any other publishers which may carry photographic reproductions.

(9) Providing forage, care, and housing for animals, and housing or storage and fuel for vehicles and other equipment required by the Secretary to be furnished by field employees of the National

Park Service for their work. § 38. Oaths to expense accounts

The superintendents, the acting superintendents, and principal clerks of the various areas are required, empowered, and authorized, when requested, to administer oaths, required by law or otherwise, to accounts for travel or other expenses against the United States, with like force and effect as officers having a seal; for such services when so rendered, or when rendered on demand by notaries public, who at the time are also salaried officers or employees of the United States, no charge shall be made; and no fee or money paid for services herein described shall be paid or reimbursed by the United States. § 39. Limit on cost of buildings

No expenditure of appropriated funds for construction of administration or other buildings, in case of any building exceeding $3,000 in cost, shall be made in any area except under express authority of Congress. § 40. Use of certain facilities for elementary school purposes

In order to facilitate the providing of educational opportunities for children of Government employees and other residents in areas under his jurisdiction, the Secretary may, in his discretion, make available


for elementary school purposes therein, without charge, space in Government-owned buildings, when such space may be available for such purposes without detriment to the official business of such areas. § 41. Protection of timber

The Secretary may protect and preserve, from fire, disease, or the ravages of beetles, or other insects, timber owned by the United States within areas, either directly or in cooperation with other Departments of the Federal Government, with States, or with owners of other timber; and appropriations are authorized to be made for such purposes. § 42. Exchange of motor vehicles and other equipment in pur

chase of new equipment; maintenance of equipment (a) In the purchase of new or replacement items of a similar nature for use in the administration of the National Park System and miscellaneous areas, the National Park Service inay exchange as part consideration motor or other vehicles, horses, mules, or other livestock, and accessories thereto.

(b) The Secretary may provide for the operation, repair, maintenance, and replacement of motor and other equipment on a reimbursable basis when such equipment is used on Federal projects of the National Park System and miscellaneous areas, chargeable to other appropriations, or on work of other Federal agencies, when requested by such agencies. Reimbursement shall be made from appropriations applicable to the work on which the equipment is used at rental rates established by the Secretary, based on actual or estimated cost of operation, repair, maintenance, depreciation, and equipment management control, and credited to appropriations currently available at the time adjustment is effected, and the Secretary may also rent equipment for fire control purposes to State, county, private, or other nonFederal agencies that cooperate with the Secretary in the administration of the said National Park System and other areas in fire control, such rental to be under the terms of written cooperative agreements, the amount collected for such rentals to be credited to appropriations currently available at the time payment is received. § 43. Emergency assistance to local agencies

The Secretary may render emergency rescue, firefighting, and cooperative assistance to nearby law enforcement and fire prevention agencies and for related purposes outside of the National Park System and miscellaneous areas.

§ 44. Utility facilities

The Secretary may erect and maintain fire protection facilities, water lines, telephone lines, electric lines, and other utility facilities adjacent to any area of the National Park System and miscellaneous areas, where necessary, to provide service in such area. § 45. Supplies and rental equipment

The Secretary may furnish, on a reimbursement of appropriation basis, supplies, and the rental of equipment to persons and agencies that in cooperation with, and subject to his approval, render services or perform functions that facilitate or supplement the activities of the Department of the Interior in the administration of the National Park System and miscellaneous areas. Reimbursements hereunder may be credited to the appropriation current at the time reimbursements are received. § 46. Contracts for utility facilities

The Secretary may enter into contracts, under such terms and conditions as he considers to be in the interest of the Federal Government, for the sale, operation, maintenance, repair, or relocation of Government-owned electric and telephone lines and other utility facilities used for the administration and protection of the National Park System and miscellaneous areas, regardless of whether such lines and facilities are located within or outside said system and areas. 8 47. Public airports

(a) The Secretary may plan, acquire, establish, construct, enlarge, improve, maintain, equip, operate, regulate, and protect airports in the continental United States in, or in close proximity to, national parks, national monuments, and national recreation areas, when such airports are determined by him to be necessary to the proper performance of the functions of the Department of the Interior. No such airport shall be acquired, established, or constructed by the Secretary unless such airport is included in the then current revision of the national airport plan formulated by the Administrator of Civil Aeronautics pursuant to the provisions of chapter 14 of title 49, United States Code. The operation and maintenance of such airports shall be in accordance with the standards, rules, or regulations prescribed by the Administrator of Civil Aeronautics.

(b) The Secretary may acquire necessary lands and interests in or over lands; to contract for the construction, improvement, operation, and maintenance of airports and incidental facilities; to enter into agreements with other public agencies providing for the construction, operation, or maintenance of airports by such other public agencies or jointly by the Secretary and such other public agencies upon mutually satisfactory terms; and to enter into such other agreements and take such other action with respect to such airports as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this section. Nothing in this section shall be held to authorize the Secretary to acquire any land, or interest in or over land, by purchase, condemnation, grant, or lease without first obtaining the consent of the Governor of the State, and the consent of the State political subdivision in which such land is located. Authorization, not to exceed $2,000,000, to carry out the provisions of this section is hereby granted.

(c) The Secretary may sponsor projects under the provisions of chapter 14 of title 49, United States Code, either independently or jointly with other public agencies, and to use, for payment of the sponsor's share of the project costs of such projects, any funds that may be contributed or otherwise made available to him for such purpose (receipt of which funds and their use for such purposes is hereby authorized) or may be appropriated or otherwise specifically authorized therefor.

(d) All airports under the jurisdiction of the Secretary, unless otherwise specifically provided by law, shall be operated as public airports, available for public use on fair and reasonable terms and without unjust discrimination.

(e) The terms "airport”, “project”, “project costs”, “public agency”, and "sponsor”, as used in this section, shall have the respective meanings prescribed in chapter 14 of title 49, United States Code. CHAPTER 3HISTORIC SITES, BUILDINGS, OBJECTS

AND ANTIQUITIES Sec. 81. Declaration of national policy. 82. Preservation of American antiquities; establishment of national monuments. 83. Permits to examine ruins, excavations, and for gathering of objects; regula

tions. 84. Penalty. 85. Powers and duties of Secretary enumerated. 86. Cooperation with other agencies; employment of technical assistance. 87. Advisory Board ; creation, powers and duties. 88. Jurisdiction ; retention by states. 89. Appropriations authorized. 90. National Trust for Historic Preservation in the United States created;

purposes. 91. Offices; location ; venue of actions. 92. Board of trustees; administration; composition of board ; terms of office; com

pensation; expenses. 93. Corporate powers enumerated. 94. Consultation with advisory board on national parks, historic sites, buildings

and monuments. 95. Annual report. 96. Conflict of laws.

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$ 81. Declaration of national policy

It is declared that it is a national policy to preserve for public use historic sites, buildings, and objects of national significance for the inspiration and benefit of the people of the United States. § 82. Preservation of American antiquities; establishment of

national monuments The President of the United States may declare by public proclamation historic landmarks, historic and prehistoric structures, and other objects of historic or scientific interest situated upon lands owned or controlled by the United States to be national monuments, and may reserve as a part thereof parcels of land, the limits of which in all cases shall be confined to the smallest area compatible with the proper care and management of the objects to be protected. When such an object is situated upon a tract covered by a bona fide unperfected claim or held in private ownership, the tract, or so much thereof as may be necessary for the proper care and management of the object, may be relinquished to the United States, and the Secretary may accept the relinquishment of such tracts on behalf of the United States. §.83. Permits to examine ruins, excavations, and for gathering

of objects; regulations Permits for the examination of ruins, the excavation of archaeological sites, and the gathering of objects of antiquity upon lands under their respective jurisdictions may be granted by the Secretaries of the Interior, Agriculture, and the Army to institutions which they may deem properly qualified to conduct such examination, excavation, or gathering, if the examinations, excavations, and gatherings are undertaken for the benefit of reputable museums, universities, colleges, and other recognized scientific or educational institutions, with a view to increasing the knowledge of such objects, and if the gatherings are made for permanent preservation in public museums. The Secretaries of the departments aforesaid shall make and publish from time to time uniform rules and regulations for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this section and sections 81 and 82 of this chapter. 8 84. Penalty

Any person who shall appropriate, excavate, injure, or destroy any historic or prehistoric ruin or monument, or any object of antiquity, situated on lands owned or controlled by the United States, without the permission of the Secretary of the Department of the Government having jurisdiction over the lands on which said antiquities are situated, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

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