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propriety of military preparations and exertions, and the dependence of their Success on the divine favour, which he recommends the people to seek by repenting and forsaking their sins. « It is not,” he justly observes, “ the superficial compliance with the outward forms of a religious appointment : neither is it the mere technical display of momentary repentance, which can avert the judgements of God, or conciliate his favour. These sanctimonious mockeries of devotion which the prevailing and fashionable hypocrisy of the day may possibly encourage, so far from having a tendency to expiate our guilt, serve only to aggravate the load of its enormity.” Art. XXIX. Juvenile Poems of Thomas Romney Robinson, to which is pre.

fixed a short Account of the Author, by a Member of the Belfast Literary

Society. Belfast printed. London, re-printed. 8vo. pp. 112. Johnson. 1807. A VERY short account of this book will suffice to acquaint the reader with

its claims to general notice. The author is now 15 years of age ; he was born at Dublin, April 23, 1792 ; his father, who studied 'nnder Romney, is an eminent portrait painter at Belfast. The volume contains specimens of young Robinson's poetry from the age of five to that of thirteen.

As the poems, like all precocious fruits, are more interesting from the mar. vellous earliness of their production, than the excellence of their quality, we shall copy his Lines on seeing a picture of Mount Vesuvius, written in his eighth year.

• Here Torrè rose; here villas once were seen,
And this delightful spot was cloth'd in green;
Now heaps of cinders on the ground are spread,
And show'rs of ashes through the air are shed ;
Far off the flame refulgent darts its rays,
The undulating sea reflects the blaze;
The sulphur'd rock from Earth with fury flung,
Aloft in air seems like a meteor hung :
The fiery torrent rushing down the steep,
Bears herds, and trees, and cities to the deep;
Italia trembles at the dreadful roar,

And weeping Naples mourns her ruin'd shore.' p. 5. .
The following account is given of his childhood.

• While yet in his nurse's arms there appeared to be something extraordinary in the tone of the infant's feelings and the structure of his nerves: this appeared particularly in the effect of music on his animal frame, the notes of an ill-tuned inStrument raising in him sensations of sickness and disgust, while harmonious sounds affected him with evident delight.

o When his son was about two years old, Mr. Robinson having drawn two pictures from the Hermit of Warkworth, was in the habit of reading aloud some mathetic passages of that beautiful poem. The child used to listen with fixed Attention, watch with anxiety the variations of expression in his father's counte. nance, and shed tears as he observed him affected. Mr. Robinson conceived the attention of the infant an indication of something extraordinary, and delighted to put it to the trial ; so that the child would frequently sit with patience listening so the Hermit of Warkworth : it soothed his infant pains, and formed the prin. cipal source of his infant pleasures. From the frequent inspection of his favourite piece, he learned to read, which, as well as to recite several passages of the poem, he was able to do before he attained his third year. As soon as he had learned to read, he devoured, with insatiable avidity, all the poetry he could meet with.'

Having pas sed with surprising rapidity through the classes at Belfast Academy, he has been placed at Trinity College, Dublin.


The Rev. Wm. Bennet, author of “Re- of the Poet, will shortly be ready for pu marks on a recent Hypothesis respecting lication. the Origin of Moral Evil,” is transcribing A new edition of Swift's works, in ninefor the press, Thoughts on the primary teen volumes, 8vo. will speedily appear. Condition of intelligent accountable Crea. Nearly ready for publication, by subscriptures; deduced from Principles of right Rea. tion, for the benefit of Mr. Cowper's Orphan son, compared with the Testimony of Inspi- God-son, in royal 4to. Price 21. 2s. in ration, and corroborated by References to boards, The Latin and Italian Poems of approved Calvinistic Writers.

Milton, translated into English Verse, with The Rev. W. Newman, of Old Ford, is the Originals; and a Fragment of a Compreparing for the press, Part the First of a mentary on Paradise Lost. By the late Reply to Two Queries

William Cowper, Esq. With a Preface and 1. What has the Gospel done for Females? Notes from various Authors, by the Editor,

2. What have Christian Females done and three Designs by John Flaxman, Esq. for the Gospel

Mr. Wordsworth will shortly put to press A fourth edition, corrected, of Montgo- a new Poem, under the title of the White mery's Wanderer of Switzerland and other Doe, or the Fate of the Nortons. Poems, will appear without delay.

Mr. Robert Walker, of Oxford, will In the press, The Comet, a mock News- shortly publish Experiments and Observapaper, by the author of All the Talents. tions on the production of artificial cold, a

Mr. Walter Wilson has in the press, the new edition with considerable additious. History and Antiquities of Dissenting The Barrister, the first part of whose Churches, Chapels, and Meeting Houses in Hints on Evangelical Preaching has been so and about London; including a chronolo- ably answered by several writers, has the gical Series of Ministers at each place, with second part in a yery forward state for pubbiographical anecdotes of their Lives and lication. Characters. The work has occupied his Mr.Hugh Murray will publish in a few days, attention for many years, and is to be ac- a work intitled, Enquiries, Historical and Mocompanied with portraits from original ral, respecting the Character of Nations and paintings.

the Progress of Society. In this work it will In the press, Emancipation, or, Peter, be Mr. Murray's object to exhibit a view of Martin, and the Squire, a Tale in Rhyme, the moral history of Man; of the manners with Notes, satirical and explanatory and characters of Nations, and the circum

The Rev. Johnson Grant, A. M. is pre- stances on which they are dependant. After paring for publication, a Summary of the endeavouring to ascertain the general prinHistory of the English Church, with an ciples by which they are regulated, he proAccount of the Sects which have separated ceeds to give a view of society, as it exists from it, and answers to the tenets of each. in the earlier stages of its progress. Mr. To this work the premium given by the Murray has some intention of hereafter ex: Society of St. David's, for promoting Chris- tending a similar survey to subsequent petian knowledge and Church Union was ad- riods in the History of Man. judged. . .

Mr. Thomas McGill bas in the press, The Correspondence between Mrs. Eliza. Travels in Turkey, Italy, and Russia, durbeth Carter and Miss Catherine Talbot, and ing the Years 1804, 1805, and 1806, with á Series of Letters from Mrs. Carter to Mrs. an account of the new settlement of Odessa, Vesey, in two quarto volumes, will appear in the Black Sea, and of the Trade of Turin the course of the present month.

key. The sixteenth edition of Dr. Vicesimus Mr. Bisset, of the Museum, Birmingham, Knox's Essays, Moral and Literary, is in the will shortly publish a Magnificent Guide, or press.

Grand Copper-plate Directory to the Town Mr. Renney, author of the work, intitled of Birmingham, in which the addresses of A Demonstration of the Necessity of a Free the most eminent professional GentleTrade to the East Indies, has now in the men, Bankers, Merchaits, Tradesmen, and press another performance on the State of Manufacturers, will be elegantly engraved the East India Company, which will speedily in superb and emblematic Plates. be published.'.

Mr. William Savage proposes to publish Dr. Maltby is preparing a new edition of by subscription, a View of the elegant Morell's Thesaurus." I

Gothic Remains of the East End of Howden : A Translation of the Satires of Boileau, Church, in the East Riding of the County with some Account of the Life and Writings of York, the Drawing by Webster, from a

Sketch made in 1796. It will be engraved have already appeared, and that of Oxford in aquatinta by Lewis, and coloured to shire by Mr. Young, and of Bedfordshire imitate the Drawing. The size will be 18 by Mr. Bachelor, are ready to be put to inches by 14.

press. New Editions of Lancashire, Staf. Mr. T. C. Williams, of Reading, Che fordshire and Lincolnshire, are also in formist, is printing at his own private press, a wardness. The Survey of Invernesshire, by Catalogue of British Plants, particularly Dr. Robertson of Callander, has been des pointing out their medical and economical layed a few weeks, owing to the preparation' uses.

of a new Map, which is to delineate the In the press and speedily will be publish- situation of the different soils, and the lines ed, in two volumes duodecimo, price 13s. in' of roads, as ordered by Parliament. The boards, or 14s. bound, Letters on Litera- work itself itself will also contain a topogra. ture and Composition, addressed to his Son, phical description of the different districts, by George Gregory, D. D. late Vicar of specifying not only the means of cultivating Westham.

the soil, but the propriety of establishing The Life of Alexander Nowell, Dean of villages for improving the fisheries and the St. Pauls, by Mr. Cheerton, is nearly ready woollen manufactures, as a great fund of for the press in une large volume 8vo. to subsistence, employment and wealth to the be embellished with three Portraits from people, which may effectually prevent emioriginals never before engraved.

gration; with extracts of letters from Mr. A Translation of Richard of Cirencester, Dempster of Dumchan, on that desolating on the ancient state of Britain, with Notes ; evil; and an Appendix, containing Direce a Commentary on the Roman Itinerary, and tions for the cultivation of Peat Moss, by Remarks on the British Roads and Antiqui- Sir John Sinclair ; Letters on the compara. ties; accompanied by the original Treatise rative value of different Breeds of Sheep, and De situ Britanniæ, from the scarce work a short Account of the British and Ecclesipublished by Professor Bertram at Copen- astical Antiquities of the Country. hagen, is in the press, and will speedily be Mr. Robert Backwell, of Wakefield, has published.

prepared for the press, a work on a subject of Mr. Arthur Young having, by desire of the considerable importance to Woollen ManuBoard of Agriculture, delivered two very facturers, and Wool-growers. Its chief obinteresting Lectures on Agriculture, at the ject is to demonstrate the possibility of imHouse of the Board in Sackville-street, the proving the quality, and increasing the vafirst Lectures which have ever been deliver- lue of Clothing Wool, by means the most ed on this subject in England, has been re- simple and easy, but which have hitherto quested to publish them, and they will be been neglected, from an ignorance of the put to press without loss of time.

real structure and nature of Wool, and of This institution proceeds with increased the effects which difference of soil and cli. zeal and activity in the preparation of the mate produce on the growing fleece. County Reports, twenty-eight of which



copies taken on fine paper, 10s. 6d. elegant. Memoirs of Marmontel. Written by him. ly bound.)

of the principal Memoirs of Josias Rogers, Esq.Commander self; including anecdotes of the principal Characters of the eighteenth century. A new

of his Majesty's ship Quebec. By the late translation, with notes and illustrations. By

William Gilpin, A. M. Prebendary of Sathe Author of the Swiss Emigrants, 4 vol.

i lisbury, and Vicar of Boldre, in New Forest.

Published by bis Trustees for the benefit of 12mo. il. ls. The Naval Heroes of Great-Britain; or,

his school at Boldre. Accounts of the Lives and Actions of the dis

An Essay on the Life and Writings of Mr. tinguished Admirals and Commanders who

ers who Abraham Booth, late pastor of the Baptist

in Church in Little Prescot-street, Goodman'shave contributed to confer on Great Britain the empire of the ocean, from Sir Francis Fields. By W. Jones, 8vo, 4s, Drake, to Lord Nelson. By William Burney, Public Spirit illustrated, in the Life and A.M.Master of the Naval Academy at Gos- Designs of the Rev. Thomas Bray, D. D. port, &c. embellished with · twenty-four formerly minister of St. Botolph, without portraits and six charts, 7s.6d. bound.(A few Aldgate, London. To which are added, the

Designs and Proceedings of those who now of the Siege' and Surrender of Copenhagen form the Society which he instituted, and its Capitulation, and every written document other illustrations, 2d edition revised, 4s. attached to the subject, with correct co

Memoirs of the Rer. John Newton. By loured Maps of the city of Copenhagen, and Richard Cecil, A. M. 2 edition, 4s.

tbe Sound; interspersed with considerable Memoirs of Wilberforce Smyth, a pro- historical Anecdotes. By an Officer on the mising youth, with an account of his early spot, in the British service. piety, and happy death; dedieated by per- A stereotype Edition, on fine wore paper, mission to Mrs. Wilberforce." By Mr. with 32 Heads, by Bewick, of an Abridge. Campbell.

ment of the History of England, by Oliver

Goldsmith, 1?mo. 3s. 6d. bound.
British Chronology; or, a Catalogue of

JURISPRUDENCE. Monarchs, from the invasion of Julius Cæsar A Summary Treatise of Pleading, sro. to the con quest oi William duke of Nor- 4s. 6d. mandy. To which are added, Chronologi. The Trial of Lieutenant-General Whitecal Tables of English history, from the con- locke. By Blanchard and Ramsay, 8ro. quest to the present reign: calculated to 18£. afford assistance to young students of either

MEDICINE. sex, who are desirous of attaining a knowledge of the annals of their country. By Remarks on the Purulent Ophthalmy. the Rev. George Whittaker, A. M. Master which has lately been epidemical in this of the Grammar School of Southampton Country. By James Ware, surgeon, F.R.S. Is. 6d. bound.

The Vaccine Phantasmagoria, 2s.

The Vaccine Seourge, No. 1. Is. to be CLASSICAL LITERATORE.

continued as occasion may require.

A Treatise on the Anatomy, Pathology, Emendationes in quosdam Scriptores Græ

es Græ- , and Surgical treatment of Aneurism, with cos e conjectura Joannis Seager, A. B. 5s. engravings. By Antonio Scarpa, professor

of Anatomy and practical Surgery in the FINE ARTS.

University of Pavia, &c. Translated from Hogarth's Works, No: X. 4to. 10s. Gd. the Italian, with notes. By John Henry royal paper, 11 is.

- Wishart, Fellow of the Royal College of Engravings, with a descriptive Account in Surgeons, and Member of the Royal MediEnglish and French of Egypt an Monuments cal and Chirurgical Societies of Edinburgh. in the British Museum. No. v. 11. 1s. 8vo. 158,

Essays on the Morbid Anatomy of the GEOGRAPHY.

Human Eye. By James Wardrop, Fellow A New Map of South America, upon a

of the Royal College of Surgeons, of the larger scale, the first wherein the Geogra

Royal Medical and Chirurgical Societies,

and one of the Surgeons of the public Disphy of the Braz:ls has been described ; drawn from Portuguese and Spanish original pensary of Edinburgh. Illustrated by MSS. By the late learned and eminent geo- Plates, royal 8vo. ll. 45. ' grapher, Louis Stanislas D'Arcy Delaro.

MISCELLANIES. chette. Printe! on eight sheets of double Elephant paper, 31. 133. 60. .

The Madras School; ór, Elements of A series of Charts of the Coasts and Har- Tuition; comprising the analysis of an exbours of South America : reprinted from the periment on Education, with its facts, Spanish and Portugvese surveys of those proofs, and illustrations. A Sermon on the Coasts. In Nine Sheets, 31. 15s.

appropriate education of the Poor; the The First Volume of a Complete System Plan of a national institution for the Children of Geography, ancient and modern; with of the Poor, and a specimen of the religious many large sheet Maps, elegantly engraved instructions at the Royal Military Asylum.

By the Rev. Dr. Bell, Rector of Swanage, by Arrowsmith, (and which will form a separate Atlas) to be completed in Six large London, 8vo. 103. 6d. quarto volumes. By James Playfair, D. D.

The Cutter; in Five Lectures upon the Principal of the United College of St. Andrew, art and practice of cutting Illustrated &c. 4to. 21. 29.

with coloured plates, designed and etched by

J. A. Atkinson, Esq. 8vo. 8s.

The Works of Henry. Mackenzie, Esg

now first collected under his own review an. A correct and well authenticated Account

correction, 8 yols. with a portrait, 31. 38. d

The Doctrine of Interest and Annuities, extra fine royal 8vo. 58. fine demy 8vo. analytically investigated and explained ; to 3s.-inferior demy, 4 Noş. 28.-pocket edigether with several useful Tables connected tion, 5 parts, 5s.- miniature edition, 6 Nos. with the subject. By Francis Baily, of the 3$. . Stock Exchange, 4to. 159

The Fall of Cambria; a Poem. By Jo. Brief Considerations on the Test Laws, seph Cottle, 2 vols. sm. 8vo. 14s. in a letter to the Right Hon. Lord Viscount Pursuits of Agriculture; a satirical PoMilton. By,a Beneficed Clergyman of the em, in three cantos, with notes. The First established Church, and a Yorkshire Freez Çanto, 2s. 6d... , holder, the second edition, with a postscript The Cabinet of Poetry; containing all containing additional observations, and a the best entire pieces of the works of the reply to objections, I's.

British Poets, from Milton to Beattie ; se. The New Cyclopedia ; or, Universal Dic- lected by S. J. Pratt, Esq. with portraits, by tionary of Arts, Sciences, and Literature, Miss Watson, 6 vols. 31, By Abraham Rees, D. D. F. R. S. Part Poetical Tales, founded on fact. By M. XIX. 18s.

- Savory, 12mo. 45. The British Encyclopedia, or Dictionary The Cruise ; a poetical sketch of naval of Arts and Sciences. By William Nichol- life and service, at the present moment, i son, part IV. 10s. 6d.

including sentiments, political and religiAnniversary Orations, delivered March ous, relating thereto : also reflections, and 8lli, 1808, before the Medical Society of a few ideas of improvement: in eight canLondon, on the general structure and phya tos, with notes, index, &c. By a Naval Ofsiology of plants, compared with those of ficer, 8vo. 10s. 6d. | animals, and the mutual convertibility of

POLITICAL ECONOMY... their organic eleinents ; published at the An Enquiry into the History of Tithe; unanimous request of the society. By John its influence on the agriculture, population, Mason Good, F. R. S. senior Secretary to and morals of Ireland ; with a plan for mothe Medical Society, 8vo. 2s.

difying that system, and providing an adeA Letter to the Prince of Wales, with à quate maintenance for the Catholic and sketch of the prospect before him ; to which Presbyterian Clergy, 4s. are added, an Appendix and Notes. By On the Necessity of a more Effectual SysW. A. Miles, Esq. 6s.

tem of National Defence, and the Means of Advice from a Lady to her Granddaugh- establishing the permanent Security of the ters, in a series of familiar essays on various Kingdom. By the Earl of Selkirk, Svo. subjects, 8vo. 75.

2s. 6d. Essays and Tales, moral, literary, and An immediate and Effectual Mode of raise philosophical. By M. Engel, author of ing the Rental of the Landed Property of Essays on Dramatic Gesture, &c. embellish- England ; and rendering Great-Britain ined with a frontispiece, 12mo. 6s.

dependent of other Nations, for a supply of The Eighth, Ninth, and Last Letter on Bread Corn. With an appendix, containthe subject of the Catholics, to my brother ing hints to commercial capitalists, and to Abraham, who lives in the country. By the tenantry of Scotland. By à Scotch Peter Plymley, Esq. 2s.6d.

Farmer, now farming in Middlesex. 8vo. 48. · Nine Days Sleep-Nine Days Wonder : A Short Appeal to the Landed Interest of the remarkable sleep, extraordinary dream, this Country, lest perinanent advantage and important political discovery of Sarah should be bartered for present gain, 8vo. 2s. Smith, the Sussex sleeping Sylvana, 2s.

POLITICS. The Minor's Library, vol. I. Containing Remarks on the Proposals made to the history of Edwin Mandeville, or the Or- Great-Britain, for opening Negociations for phan. By Mrs. Pilkington.

Peace, in the year 1807. By William RosFive Letters, written by the late Empress coe, Esq. 3s. 6d. Maria Theresa to her Daughter, the late un A Letter to William Roscoe, Esq. con- . fortunate Queen of France, on the very de taining Strictures on his late publication, enlicate and interesting subject of exciting and titled “ Considerations on the Causes, &c. fixing the warmth of passion in Husbands, of the present War," 2s. 60. and thereby securing their conjugal fidelity, A Review of Mr. Roscoe's “ Considera12mo. 5s.

tions on the Causes, &c. of the present A Brief Apology for the Quakers. In Var,” 3s. scribed to the Edinburgh Reviewers, ls. Additional Observations on the American POETRY

Treaty, with Remarks on Mr. Baring's The Poets: Taylor's edition, Part 11.- Pamphlet, being a continuation of the Let. Containing the Odyssey, and the Batracho- ters of Decius, By Thorbasi Peregrine myomachia, with a fine buat of Homer, Courtenay, Esq. 5s.

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