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will now, for the first time, be brought to particularly calculated for the use of Sunlight. To this Mr. Bentham has added, in the day schools, and other institutions for inform of tables, a view of the principal causes structing the poorer classes of the com. of complication and delay, and thence of munity. Edited by an assistant at the vexation and expence, that have taken their Clerkenwell Parocbial Sunday-School. rise under the technical or fee-gathering These Lessons will consist of 44 Tables of system of procedure, in which Judges have , Spelling, and 36 of Reading, divided into been observed to pay themselves in whole or Classes and Companies. —Two or Three in part, by fees.

Sets will be sufficient even for the largest The Rev.' T. F. Dibdin, is about to publish Institutions, and will last for many years, as a new variorum ed'tion of Sir Thomas More's the Scholars need not handle them. Utopia. The text is from the first English The Price to be One Guinea, for Three edition of 1551 ; a book of considerable ra- Sets---Half to be paid at the Time of subscririty, and scarcely known to Bibliographers bing (to cover the expence of paper), and and Lexicographers. Beneath the text, will the remainder on delivery of the lessons, be copious notes, and various readings from which will be in about a Month after 100 the Latin, French, and English Editions in Copies are subscribed for. cluding the whole of Dr. Warner's. The With the lessons will be given a copy of Utopia will be preceded by a Biographical the plan for using them, as adopted in the and Literary Introduction; comprehending Clerkenwell Parochial Sunday School ; toge. among other subjects a complete Catalogue ther with complete sets of honorary Tickets Raisonné of the various editions of the Uto for rewards, mon tors, &c. pia h therto published. The work will be Proposals are circulated for printing, ornamented with some fac simile wood cuts in one volume, 8vo. price 5s. an Essay on

Mr. W. Bentham, principal Herald of the Gospel dispensation, considered in conIreland, proposes to republish Lodge's Peer- nection with the moral government of God; age of Ireland with some very valuable ad- shewing the whole of divine revelation to be | ditions, founded on a variety of documents a moral plan of exercising the natural powin his possession.

ers of men, congenial with their character Mr. Francis Baily has in the press, an and present state, as intelligent accoun' able Analytical Treatise on the doctrine of In- creatures: and more pariicularly stating terest and Annuities, which will contain se the true import or the gospel dispensation as veral new and useful tables on the subject, adiiressed to sinners indefinitely; the proper together with their various applications to grounds of their universal obligation to a different questions in Finances

due reception of it; and the rational conMr. Robert Buchanan is engaged on a sistency of conducting the christ'an ministry work upon the subject of the teeth of Wheels. on that plan. By the Rev. William Bennet,

Mr. L. Cohen, has in the press, a splendid Author of Remarks on Dr. Williams's Hypoedition of a Controversial work entitled thesis &c. " “ Sacred Truths, addressed to the Children On the first of May next will be pub. of Israel, residing in the British Empire lished, a new Monthly Magazine, entirely and containing strictures on the “New San., devoted to the service of the Fine Arts, hedrin, and causes and consequences of the which will be called * Annals of Art, or French Emperor's conduct towards the Jews, the London Academical Journal.” To con&c. written by W. Hamilton Reid," tending tain usually a series of original Essays in to shew that the Jews can gain nothing by al- the manner of The Artist-Collectanea tering their present belief, proving the local of every transaction worthy of recordrestoration to the land of promise, and de- Transactions of native and foreign societies monstrating that Bona parte is not the man, connected with art-Works in hand, and the prom.sed Messiah."

other news of the world of art--Descriptions .. Speedily will be published, an Appeal to of noble Collections--a candid Review of the Legislature and to the public; in an. Publieations on Art, Exhibitions, &c. swer to the hints of a Barrister, on the nature Mr. Jay's Life of the Rev. Cornelius Win and effects of Evangelical Preaching, by ter, may be expected in a few days. an Evangelical Preacher.

Mr. Styles is engaged in writing an ApoProposals are issued for publishing, by logy for Evangelical Preaching; which will subscription, a complete set of spelling and include Animadversions on the “ Hints of a reading lessons adapted to Dr. Bell's plan of Barrister,” an Article in the Edinburgh education; combining “ most extraordi- Review, and some other recent publications; nary Faculties of Instruction” with a consi- and will be published in three Parts. derable saving of the usua lexpence in books;



EDUCATION. Discourses explanatory of the object and The New Pantheon; or an Introduction plan of the course of lectures on Agriculture to the Mytholody of the Ancients, in and Rural Economy by Andrew Covintry, questions and answers. By W. Jillard Hurt, AL. D. F.R.S. E. and S. A. S. Honorary Mem, with plates. 18mo 4s. bds. ber of the Dubiu Society, and Professor of Instructeur François, in French and Agriculture in the University of Edinburgh. English, ds gned for schools of both sexes, 8vo. 45.

and private learners, by W. Keegan, 2s. 6id. ANTIQUITIES.

The young ladies new guide to Arithmetic Munimenta Antiqua, or Observations on by John Greig, Fifth Edition 2s.

The new Geography for Youth. A nex ancient Castles. By Edward King, Esq. F. R.S. and A. S. Vol. 4. folio 51. 155. 6d. bds. Edition with new Maps, 12mu. 5s. Jewish Antiquities, or a course of Leċ

JURIS PRUDENCE, tures on the first three books of Godwyn's Moses and Aaron, to which is annexed a The Trial of General Whitelocke; taken dissertation on the Hebrew Language. By in short hand by Mr. Gurney, with a the Rev. David Jennings. D. D. 2 vols 8vo. Copy of the General's defence. To which His boards.

is added an appendix, containing General BIOGRAPHY.

Whitelocke's Instructions and all the other of · A Biographical Index to the House of ficial papers produced in Court; with a Map Commons containing brief but correct no

of Buenos Ayres and the surrounding

country. 2 vols. 8vo. Jl. Is. tices of the lives, families, and party connections, senatorial character and conduct

A statement of the evidence and arguand other useful and satisfactory particulars

inents of council before the Committee of Telative to all the Members of the Commons

the House of Commons on the eontroverted House of Parliament. Corrected to Febru..

Election of Saltash; by Samuel Carpenter,

Esq. Barrister at Law, 10s. 60. . . sary 1808, 12s, boards, 12s 6d bound in red.

som Memoirs of the Rev. John Newton, late

A Treatise on the Law of Distresses. By Rector of St. Mary Woolnoth; with gene.

G. Bradbury. 7s. Od. of in ral remarks on his life, connections and

The whole Law relative to the Duty and character. By Richard Cecil, A, M. Minis

Office of a Justice of the Peace, comprising ter of St. John's, Bedford Row, 12mo 4s.

also the authority of Parish Officers, by · Memoirs of the Life of Mrs. Elizabeth

Thomas Walter Williams, Esq. of the Inner Carter, with a new Edition of her Poems,

Temple, Barrister at Law. The Second including some which had never appeared

Edition, considerably enlarged and impro

red, including the statutes and adjudged before : to which are added, some miscellaneous essays in prose, togother with her

cases to the present time. 4 vols. Sro.

31. 12s. notes on the Bible, and answers to objections concerning the Christian Religion. By

MEDICINE. the Rev. Montagne Pennington, M.A. A Treatise on Inflammation and other Vicar of Northbourn in Kent, her Nephew diseases of the Liver, commonly called biliand'Executur. An octavo Edition, 2 large ous, including the Synochus Biliosa, Cholera volumes 16s.

Morbus, "Torpor, Schirrus, Biliary Calculi: BOTANY.

which is preceded by a short description of An Introduction to the study of Crypto

the Structure of the Liver and the different gamous Plants, i letters. By R. Sprengel, the Bile." Lastly, is added a monthly List of

physiological opinions respecting the use of M. D. 185.

Diseases from the 1st of June, 1806, to the COMMERCE.

30th of June, 1807, with the state of the An Enquiry into the causes and conse- Weather and Thermometer. By J. White, quences of the orders in council, and an Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, examination of the conduct of Great Britain London, Surgeon to the Bath City Dispensary towards the Neutral Commerce of America; and Asylum, 8vo. 55. by Alexander Baring, Esq. M. P. 45.'

The Principles of Surgery, by John Bell, * Orders in council, or an examination of Vol II. Part I. 4to. Price 21. 2s. boards. the Justice, Légality, and Policy of the Description and Treatment of Cutaneous new system of commercial regulations. 4s. Diseases, Part IV. (completing the first re.

lume), 4to. illustrated by 33 coloured tuGottlieb Goede. Translated by Thomas plates, containing nearly 100 subjects, con- Horre, in 3 vols. cr. 8vo. Price 16s. 5d. sisting of the first four orders. By Robert Anthropologia, or Dissertations vil the Wilan, M. D, F. A. S. 41.

Form and Colour of Man, with incidental Debates in Parliament respecting the Jen- remarks by Thomas Jarrold, M. D. 11. is. nerian Discovery, and a further grant of 20,0001. to Dr. Jenner; with intruductory

NATURAL Milosophy remarks. By C. Murray, 5s.

Popular Lectures on Experimental Philus An Essay on the Influence of Marriage sopby, Astronomy, and Chemistry, intended on Healib, 3s. 6d.

chiefly for the use of Students and young

Persons : by George Gregory, D. D. 2 vols. MILITARY TACTICS,

12mo. 35 Engravings, lis. boards. 1'5s. · The Construction of several Systems of bound. Fortification, 1 vol. 8vo. and a volume of A General Vicw of the Natural History Plates, folio'; by Professor Landmann, of of the Ativosphere, and of its Connection the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, 10s. with the Seiences of Medicine and Agricul-'

ture; including an Essay on the Causes of MINERALOGY.

Epidemical Diseases, by Henry Robertsou,

M. D. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. ls.
Elements of Geognosy, being Vol. III.
Part II. of the System of Mineralogy. By
Robert Jameson, Regius Professor of Natural

History, Fellow of the Royal Society of

A Vocabulary, English and Greek; ara Edinburgh, F. L. S. &c. 8vo. 10s. . ranged systematically to advance the learner

in Scientific as well as Verbal Knowledge. MISCELLANEOUS.

Designed for the use of Schools. By Na

thaniel Howard, 3s. bound. Pantologia ; comprehending a complete

An Etymological Dictionary of the ScotSeries of Essays, Treatises and Systems,

tish Language, illustratug the Words in alphabetically arranged; with a general Dic

their different Significations by Examples tionary of Arts, Sciences, and Words, and

from ancient and modern Authors. To which presenting a distinct Survey of Huinan Ge

is added a Dissertation on the Origin of the nius, Learning, and Industry: by John

Scottish Language. By J. Jamieson, D. D. Mason Good, Esq. Olinthus Gregory, A M.

2 vols. 4to. 41, 4s. of the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich; and Mr. Newton Bosworth, of Cambridge.

POETRY. Ass sted by other Gentlemen of Eminence Marmion; or, Fiodden Field, a Poem. in different departments of Literature, Part in Six Cantos. By Walter Scott, Esg Au1. royal 8vo. 6s. .

thor of the Lay of the Last Minstrel, 4to. A Letter to the Proprietors of Bank Stock, U. Us. 6d. in consequence of the result of a General. Poems upon several Subjects: with an Meeting heid at the Bank, Jan. 21. ls. elegant Frontispiece, sm. 8vo. 5s.

Observations on the proposed Junction Poems, containing Odes, The Triumph of Canal between Winchester and the Basing- the Veil. &c in 4 Cantos, 12mo. 9s. 6d. stoke Canal; with an Appendix, Is. 6d. Original Poems, intended for the use of

A Narrative of the Expedition to the Bal- Young Persons. On a Plan recommended tic, with an Account of the Siege and Ca- by the Rev. Dr. Isaac Watts. By Mis. Richen pitulation, 12mo. 8s. 6d.

ardson, Widow of the late Joseph Richards Every Adventurer in the present State son, Esq. M. P. royal 18mo. 3s. Lotteries his own dupe : being a Treat se

The Minstrel ; or, the Progress of Genius, demonstrating that gaming in the present in continuation of the Poem left untinished Lotteries is more deceitful than any gaine by Dr. Beattie. Book the Third, 6s. prohibited by Law. 2s. 6d. * The Royal Justification; humbly addres

POLITICS. sed to his Royal Highness the Duke of Cla- Thoughts and Suggestions on the Means. rence. By a Peer of the Realm, foolscap of improving the Condition of the Irish Pea. 8vo. 5s. bds.

santry. By R. Beliew, 3s. Popular Moral Tales, selected by John A Letter to a Country Gentleman, on the Adams, A, M. Price 2s. 6d. boards. · Education of the Lower Orders, and on the

Memorials of Nature and Ari, collected best Means of attaining all that is practicaon a Journey in Great Britain during the ble or desirable on that important object. Years 1802 and 1803, By Christian Augus. By J. Weyland, Jún, 4s. 6d.

A Letter to a Member of the present William Agutter A. M. of St. Mary MagParliament, on the Articles of Charge dalen, Oxford ; and Chaplain and decretary against Marquis Wellesley, which have of the Asylum for Female Orphans, 8vo. 9s. been laid before the House of Commons. The Proneness of a Philosophising Spirit By Lawrence Dundas Campbell, Esq. 5s. to embrace error ; with remarks npon Mr.

A Political Sketch of America, 8vo. 2s. Lancaster's new system of Education:

Memoir on National Defence. By J. F. a sermon preached in the ('ollegiate Church Birch, 3s.

of Manchester, May, 1807. By the Rev. R. Ten Letters addressed to the Landbolders Barlow. Is. 6d. and Merchants of the United Empire, upon Sermons controversial and practical, with the present alarming and critical state of Reflections and Tracts or interesting subjects Public Affairs. By an Englishman, 2s. 6d. vol. 1. (hitherto published in Ireland only)

Additional Reasons for our immediately by the late Rev. Philip Skelton, Rector of emancipating Spanish America ; being in- Tintown, and republished by the Rev. Satended as a Supplement to “ South American muel Clapham, M.A. Vicar of "ChristIndependance," By W. Burke, 3s. 6d. church Harts, and Rector of Gussage St.

A Discourse on the true character of our Michael, Dorset, 8vo. 9s. late proceedings in the Baltic, 5s.

Institutes of Biblical Criticism; or heads

of the course of lectures on that subject, THEOLOGY.

read in the University of King's Cullege, Sermons, by the late William Craig. D.D. Aberdeen, by Gilbert Gerard, D. D. ProfesMinister of St. Andrew's church. Glasgow. sor of Divinity and one of his Majesty's With additional Sermons and a Life of the chaplain in ordinary in Scotlandi. Svo 10s.6d. Author. 2 vols. 8vo. 15s. bds.

Studies Sacred, and Philosophic; adapted The Glory of Zion, a sermon preached to the temple of truth, 8vo. before the Baptist Western Association. By The 5th Volume of Ogle's Edition of Isaac Taylor. ls.

Leighton's Works, Ss. Remarkable particulars in the life of Prelectiones Theologicæ Rob. Leighton, Moses. By J. Campbell. Price 4s.

D.D in Auditorio Publico Academiæ Edin. Remarks on a recent hypothesis respect- burg. 8vo. 9s, 6d. ing the origin of moral evil, in a series of The African Stranger, a sermon preached letters to the Rev. Dr. Williams, the author at London Wall, by Rob. Young, D. D. Is. of that Hypothesis. By W. Bennet, 2s. 6d. The Iinportance of Personal Religion in

Strictures on the origin of Moral Evil: times of National calamity a Sermon by the in which the hypothesis of the Rev. Dr. Rev. J. Cobbin, ts. Williams is investigated, by W. Parrt. 95 6d. The Economy of a Christian Life, or Max.

A reply to " Reinarks on a recent hypo- ims and Rules of religions and moral conthesis respecting the origin of Moral Evil, in duct, arranged from the Sacred Scriptures, a series of letters to the Rev. Dr. Williams, and adapted to christians of every denomithe author of that hypothesis, by w. nation. With short explanatory notes, by Bennet” : in eight letters to that gentleman the Rev. W. Bingley. A. M. late of Peterby J. Gilbert. Ss. 6d.

house, Cambridge. 12mo. 8s. A general and connected view of the A Defence of Sabbath Evening Schools, Prophecies relative to the Conversion, Re- oecasioned by an Attack made upon an storation, Union and future Glory of the “ Address to the Friends of the Rising Ge. houses of Judah and Israel : the progress neration in the Yown of Peterhead and its and final overthrow of the antichrist an vicinity,” by Mr. Campbell and others, &c. confederacy in the land of Palastine: and &c. By A. Leslie, Peterhead, 12mo. ls. the ultimate diffusion of christianity. By

YOYAGES AND TRAVELS. G.S. Faber, D. D. 2 vols. 8vo. 175.

Truth and Error contrasted in a Letter to Travels in America performed in 1806, by a young gentleman, in answer to his apolagy Thomas Asbe, Esq. 3 vols. 12mo. 11. 18s. bds. for joining the people called Methodists. By A Voyage to the Demerary, the Essequuba, a Friend. Is. 6d.

the Berbice, &c. By Henry Bolingbroke, Esq. Sermons on various subjects, By the Rev. 4to. 11.1s. bds.

The Rev. R. B. will hear from us at an early opportunity,


For MAY, 1808.

Art. I. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of George Buchanan. By · David Irving, A. M. 8vo. pp. xxx. 318. Price 8s. Edinburgh, Bell

and Co. ; Longman and Co. 1807. THE celebrity of Buchanan among the admirers, and cul

tivators of Latin poetry, sufficiently warrants the expectation, that an account of his life will be received with no common interest. He was one of those men whose memories aré cherished with a degree of fondness and admiration, that gives an air of importance to the minutest and most ordinary circumstances of their history. He outstripped his contemporaries in the favourite studies of the period in which he lived. When a knowledge of Roman literature was sought with the most persevering industry, and employed the brightest talents of the age, and when a happy imitation of the ancient compositions was deemed equal to original excellence, Buchanan was unanimously allowed, both in Latin poetry and prose, to bear away the palm of superiority. But the history of this celebrated man would be gratifying to public curiosity, even without the aid of literary fame to dignify its object. His life was a chequered and changeful scene. He passed through a variety of situations, resided in different countries, was exposed to many dangers, struggled with formidable difficulties, associated with every rank of men, and, ex- . cepting a short. occasional interval, he still proceeded onward to a higher point of eminence in the scale of society,

until we have the pleasing spectacle of a character origi... nally indigent and obscure, forcing his way, by dint of genius

and learning, to some of the highest honours and preferments which his country could bestow. In addition to these advantages, the present memoirs have derived others from the ta. lents of the biographer; who has displayed a variety of learning, a soundness of criticism, and a chaste and elaborate elegance of composition, which might have imparted charms to a history much less interesting in itself, than that of Buchanan. :

Vol. IV.

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