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General View of the Agriculture of Cheshire, with Observations drawn up for the Consideration of the Board of Agricul"ture and Intern.tl Improvement. By Henry Holland, Member of the Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh. 8vo. 10s.

A Treatise on the Cultivation and Preparation of Hemp, with Plates. By Robert Wissett, Esq. F.-R. A. S. Clerk to the Committee of Warehouses of the East India Company, 4 to.

Practical Observations on Gypsum, or Plaster of Paris, as a Manure. By Richard Parkinson, Author of the English Practice •f Agriculture and the Exper.eHced Farmer, 8vo. 3s. 6d.

The Gardener's and Botanist's Dictionary, containing the best and newest Methods of •ultivating and improving the Kitchen, Fruit, and Flotfer Garden and Nurscry:of performing the practical parts of Agriculture: of managing Vineyards, and of propagating all sorts «f Timber Trees. By the late Philip Miller, F. R. S. with Additions and *" Improvements by Thomas Martyn, B. D. F. R. S. Regius Professor of Botany in the University of Cambridge. Folio, i Vols. Fourteen Guineas.


Essays of the London Architectural So.- «$ety, Four Plates, royal 8vo. 7s.


The dramatic and poetical Works of the late Lieut. Gen. Burgoyne, to which are prefixed Memoirs of the Author, embellished with Copper Plates designed by Corbould. S Vols. Foolscap 8vo. l'2s. and in 2 Vols. • vo. with proof Impressions, 18s.


The Youth's Historical Guide, together with Evidences of the Christian Religion. By J. Sabine, 12nio. 4s.

Evening Recreations Pour pmser It Terns, for 1808, by Mrs. Pilkington, Is. rid.

The History of Rome related in Familiar Conversations, by a Father to his children: interspersed with moral and instructive Remarks, and Observations on the most leadirig and interesting Subjects, by Mrs. Helme, 4 vols. 12mo. 16s.


History of the Rise and Progress of the Belgian Republic until the Revolution, under Philip II. From the German of Scfiiller, by T. Home, 4s. 6d.

The Chronicles of Holinshed, comprising the Description and History of England, Scotland, Ireland, vol. III. 4to. 21. Ss. boards.


The Practical Mathematician; containing Logarithms, Geometry, Trigonometry, Mensuration, Algebra, Navigation, Spherics, and Natural Philosophy, for the use of Schools, by J. Sabine, 7s. 6d.


A Practical Treatise on Strictures and Diseases of the Prostate Gland, &.c. by T. M. Catoni '2s.

Observations on the Diseases incident to Seamen, retired from actual Service, by reason of Accidents, Infirmities, or Old Age, by Robert Robertson, M. D. F. R. S. F. A. S. 4 vols. 8vo. 11. 16s.

A Treatise on Pulmonary Consumption, in which a new view of the Principles of its'. treatment is supported by original Observar lions on every period of the Disease. To which is added, an Inquiry, proving that the medicinal properties of the Digitalis, or Foxglove, are diametrirally opposite to what they are believed to be: by James Saunders, M. D. One of the Presidents of the Royal Medical and Royal Physical Soc.eties of Edinburgh, 8vo. 8s. 6d.

The London Medical Review, No. 1, 8vo. 2s. 6d. to be continued quarterly.

A Practical Synopsis of the Materia Alimentaria and Materia Medea j comprising the latest improvements in the Loudon, Edinburgh and Dublin Pharmacopeias, by Richard Pearson, M. D. Member of the Royal College of Phys'cians, and formerly Physician to the general Hospital near Birmingham, 8vo. 12s. .

A Treatise on the Cow-pox, containing an Enumeration of the principal Facts in the history of that Disease, thernethod of communicating the Infection by Inoculation, and the means of distinguishing between the genuine and spurious Cow-pock, illustrated by plates, by George Bell, F. R. S. E. second edition, 1 vol. 8vo. 4s.

An Attempt at a Systematic Reform of the modern Practice of Adhesion; on the Use and Abuse of the Thread Suture; with a view of its merits comparatively with those of the adhesive Strap, in the Surgery of Wounds; by Samuel Young, 4to 14s. boards.


Archibald Constable and Co'?, (of Ed:n,r burgh) Catalogue of Boolis on Sale for 1S08: Consisting of many thousand curious and interesting volumes, including the very valuable classical library of the late Professor Hensier, of Kiel, in Holstein, Svo. '2s.

J. Callow's Catalogue of a modern Collection of Books in Anatomy, Medicine, Surgery, Chein.stry, Botany, &c. 6d.

Practical and Descriptive Essays on the Art of Weavhfg. By J. Duncan. Prut 1. 7s.

A Letter to J. S. Waring, in refutation of his Observations on the present state of the East India Company, with prefatory remark* •n the pretended alarming intelligence' lately received from Madras, of the assumed general disaffection amongst the natives, &c. with Strictures on his illiberal and unjust conduct towards the Missionaries in India. 2s. 'An Inaugural Lecture oh the Utility of Anglo-Saxon Literature; to which is added the Geography of Europe by King Alfrud; including his account of the Discovery of the North Cape by a native of Helghcland, with two Voyages in the Baltic, performed during his reign: now first correctly printed in Saxon and English, and illustrated with Notes. T*y the Rev. J. Ingram, M. A. Fellow and Tutor of Trinity College, Oxford, and Auglo-Saxou Pro'e>spr.' 8vo. 8s. rid.

ASuppIemeuttothe Practical Seamanship. By R. H. Gower 8vo. 6s.

The British Encyclopedia; or, Dictionary of Arts and Sciences; comprising an accurate and popular View of the present improved state of Human Knowledge. By William Nicholson. 8vo. 10s. 6J. to be continued monthly, and completed in the course of 1808, in twelve parts.

Practical aud Philosophical Principles of making Malt; in which the efficacy pf the sprinkling system is contrasted with the Hertfordshire method. By John Keynoldson. tro. lis. 6d.

Lackington, Allen and Cos General Catalogue of Old and New Hooks for the year 1808. Parti, price Is. containing Voyages, Travels, History, Biography, Miscellanies, aud other interesting classes.

More Subjects than One: or Cursory Views of various objects, principally connected with France and the Flench People, by S. B. Davis, M.D. 2 vols. 12s,

The Prosaic Oarland: consisting of Selections from Modem Auth is. By the Rev. J. Evans. A. M. 2s. 6d.

Talcs of the Passions, in which is attexnpted all Illustration of the.r Effects on the human m ud; each Talc comprised in one volume, and forming the subject of a •iujle Piiidou. fcy George iioofc. 9s. boards,

Characteristic An'-edotts of Men of Learning- and Gi runs, natives of Great Britain and. Ireland, during the three last ccntur'es. By John Watkius, LL.D. 8vo. 10s. 6d. boards.

A Letter, addressed to the Gentlemen of theBiitish Museum, by the Aulh >r of tho Dissertations on the A.exandriau Sarcophagus. 4to. Is. 6d.


Zoological Anecdotes, or authent'c and interesting Facts, relative to the Lives, Mariners, and Economy of the Brute Creation, both in the r natural and domesticated State. Goldsmith's History of the Earth arid Animated Nature abridged; containing the Natural History of Animals, B rds, Reptiles, and Insects. On the plan recommended by M.ss Hannah More. For the use of Schools, aud Youth of bo'h Sexes, by Mrs. Pilkington, 8vo 9s. boards.

Ornithologia Curiosa, or the Wonders of the Feathered Creation, by J. Taylor, 2s. 6d.


Metrical Legends, and other Poems, by Charles Kirkpatriek Sharp, Esq. 8vo. 6s.' bound.

'Hie Resurrection, a Poem, by John"' Stewart, Esq. fol. 8vo. 7s. bound.

Descriptive Poetry, being a selection from modern Authors, chiefly having Reference to Natural History, 3s. boards, 12mo.

Richmond Hill; a descriptive and historical poem: illustrative of the principal objects, viewed from that beautiful Emi- ^ nencc; decorated with engravings, by Thomas Maurice, author of Indian Antiquities, 4tp. II. Is.

Scottish, Historical, and Romantic Ballads, chiefly ancient; with explanatory notos, and a glossary, by J, Finlay, lis.

Juveuilc Poems: to which is prefixed, • short account of the Author, by a Member <f the Belfast Literary Society, by Thomas Rouiney Hobinson, 8vo. 3s.

The Satires of Juvenal translated and illustrated, by F. Hodgson, A. M. 4to.

Poomata Latine paitim reudita, partita script*; a V. Bourne, Collegii Trinitatis npud Cantabrigienses atiquando socio. 8vo 4s. Cd.

Original Poems on various Subjects, by Miss Bowen, sun. 8vo. 5s.


A Letter on tie Nature, Extent, and Management of the Poor Rate* in Scotland, with a ruvitw of the Controversy respecting tho. Abolition of Poor Ljws. Is. 6U.

Commerce defended; an answer to the arguments by which Mr. Spence, Mr. Cobbet t, and others hare attempted to prove that Commerce is not a source of National Wealth. By Jarne* Mill, Esq. 8vo. 6s.

A Brief Statement of the present StsVm of Tythes in Ireland, nith a Plan for *ts Improvement j by J. Mason. Is. 6:1.

A Short Address to ihe Most Reverend and Honorable, William, Lord Primate of Ireland, recommendatory of some commutation or modification of the TytUes of that Country; with a few remarks on the present state of the Irish Chinch. By the Rev. H. B. Dudley. Is. 6d.

Education of the Lnwer Orders. A Second Letter to Mr. Whit bread; containing Observations on his Bill for the Establishment of Parochial Schools in South Britain: also Supplementary Observations on the Religious Systems maintained by the Monthly and Critical Reviewers, m their Strictures on the Author's first Letter to Mr. Whitbread. By John Bowles. 3s. 6d.


Emancipation in Disguise; or the True f , Crisis of the Colonics. To which are added, Considerations upon Measure-! proposed for their temporary R-lief, an 1 Ohservatous upon Colonial Monopoly, showing the different effects of it? enforcement and relaxation, exposing the advantages der ved hy America from Louisiana; anil lastly, 'Suggestions for a permanent plan to supply our Colonies with Provisions, and oar Navy with certain Naval Stores, independent of Foreign Supplies. 5s.

Remarks on the British Treaty w;th the United States, and Reflections on thr. Characters of (lie President and oth"r leading Members of the Government. By an American. 2s.

An Address to the People on the Maritime Rghts of Great Britain. Part I. and, II. 2s. 6d.

Solid Reasons for a Continuance of War; with Mea,ns suggested to carry it on without additional Taxes, and Hints given to .diminish the Rates of Mercantile Insurance; finally advising, for the general Repose of Nations, and the true Interests of both Countri a, an immediate and firm Union between England and America. In Five Letters, by Patrioticns, Is. 6d.

A Plan for permanently arming the Subjects of this Realm. By a Field Officer of to" Line. Is. 6 I.

Cursory Remarks on the Propriety and Safety ofnegociating Peace with France;

Review of a Letter of Thomas Twining, Esq. "On the Danger of inter bring in the religious Opinions of the Natives of India;" and of two Pamphlets by Major Scott Waring; one intitletl, '* Observations' en the Present State of the East India Company;" and the other, "A Letter to the Rev. J. Owen, A. M. &c." 8vo. Is.

Observar:ons on the American Treaty j

in Eleven . Letti rs, first pub ished in the

Sun, under the signature of Deeios. 2s. (id.

Letters to 'he King, on th.; State of the

Established Church of England. Is. 6d.

A few Observations on the present State of the Nation; in a Letter to his Grace the Duke of Bedford. fly the Rev. F. Randolph, D IJ. 8vo. 2s. (id.

The oilie aj Papers of the late Negotiation, :n French and English. o"s.

A Discourse upon the true Character of our late Proceedings in the Baltic, comprisng a tew cursory Remarks upon bis Majesty's Di durations of the '25th of September, and 18tb of December, 1807. 5s.

Considerations on the Causes, Objects, and Consequences of the present War; and the Evped ency or Danger of a Peace with Franc.1. By William Koscoe, Esq. Svo. 2s. 6d.

Military and Political Considerations rela'ive to Great llritain ant Iter Oriental Cokmi' s; by Major-General Sir G. Braithwaite Boughton, Bart. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

A Collection of State Payers relative to the Danish and Russian Wars, U'ith prefatory Remark^. 2s. 6:1.

The Invocation, a Parody; addressed to the Right Honourable Spencer Perceval, Chancellor of the Exehequtr, on his Silence during the Debate on bis Majesty's Speech, in the llou^e of Commons, Thursday, January 21, 1S0S; written and dedicated t» S r Francis Burdett, by John Blunt, 8vo. Is. fid.

An Inquiry into certain Vulgar Opinion* concerning Ihe Catholic Inhabitants and Antiquities of Ireland, in a Series of Letters from thence, addressed to a Protestant Gentleman in England. By the Rev. J. Milner, D. D. F.S. A. 5s.

An Historical Fragment for the Year Two Thousand One Hundred. Is.


A niVv Volume of Sermons on various Subjects, by John Bidlake. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

A S-rmon preached at the CathedraL Church of Winchester, on Thursday, Nov. 19, J807, bring the anniversary meeting of the Charitable Society of Aliens, established Poor Cm drf.n. By the Rev. Frederick Irenioiigor, A. B. F. L. S. Minor Canon of Winchester Cathedral, Is. 6d.

by a.Freeholder of the County of Fife. Is. for the benevolent purpose of apprenticing

Sermons on the Practical Obligations of a (Christian Lite, for the Use of Families. By the Rev. T. Robertson, L. L. B. 16s.

The Manual of Prophecy by the Rev. E. Whitaker, 3s. 6d.

The Hopes of the Righteous in Death; illustrated in a Funernl Sermon, preached in the Parish Church of Horoin^sham. By the Rev. F. Skuriev, A. M Is.

The Doctrine of the Greek Article applied to the Criticism and the Illustration of the New Testament. By T. F. Middleton, A. M. 14s.

Four Sermons occasioned by the sudden Death of the Rev. Peter Thomson, late Minister of the Scots Church, Leeds. To which is prefixed a Memoir of his Life, by Adam Thomson, Minister of Cold*tream. l?mo. 3s. 6d. bds.

The Mysterious Language of St. Paul, in his Description of the Man of Sin, proved from the Gospel History to relate, not to the Church of Rome, but to the times in which it was written, with some Remarks wpon Sir H. M. Wellwood's Sermon. By K. Nisbet, M. A. Rector of Tunstall. 8to. Is.

Popery irreconeileablc with Christianity, •rthe impossibility of Popish Christianity demon-.trated. 8vo. Is.

Essays on the first Principles of Christianity, or the proper Method of establishing sound Doctrine from the sacred Oracles, and on the different Senses of Scripture Terms. By the Rev. J. Smith. 8vo. 8s. boards.

Strictures on the Origin of Moral

Evil; in which the hypothesis of th» Her, Dr. Williams is investigated. By William Parry. 8vo. 2s. 6d.

Observations relative to the Divine Mis. siou of Joanna Soutbcott, with a Detail of the Proceedings of the People called Quakers, a,gainst a Member for his Belief. 2*.

The Anniversary Sermon of the Royal Humane Society, preached on the 1:1th of April, at St. Ann's Church, Soho; by th« Rev. Ric'iard Yates, is. 6d.

Addres'! to Protestant Dissenters, rceem.. mending Sitting to Sing. 6.1.

A Collection of Moral and Religion! Anecdotes, on a pack of Conversation Cardl. Is. 6d.

The Voice of Truth, or Proofs of tit* Divine Origin of Scripture j by Anitt Fry. 2s.


A Topographical Dictionary of England; exhibiting the var ous Subdivisions of each County into Hundreds, Lathes, Wapentakes, &e. ; the resident Population of each Parish and Township, according to the Returns made to Parliament in 1801 ; the amount of Parochial Assessments; Valuation in King's Books; Distances, &c. fcc. By Nicholas Carlisle, Fellow and Secretary of the Society of Antiquaries of London. 2 vols. 4to. 51. 5s.

The History of Leicestershire, Part VI. containing the Hundred of Guthlaxton. By John Nichols, F. S. A. Edin. and Perth. 68 Plates. Folio. 21 12s. 6d. ■

The Geography and Antiquities of Ithaca) bv William Gcll, Esq. M. A. F.R.S.F.ii ito. 21. 12s. 6d,


page 165. line 37. for mort read most.

169. 35. for measures read measure.

171. 9. for Mallachores read Hallachores.

261. 38. for thier read their.


We are obliged to a friend under the signature of O. for noticing an expression ip •or Review of Depons's Travels, (VoI.iv. p. 65. 1. 37.) which is liable to misconception. We are aware of Martin Behem's pretensions to the discovery of Brazil and Terra del Fnego, prior to Columbus or Magellan; but by the words "this extensive »ud fertile country," we intended the particular district then under consideration.

Our best thanks are due to the Rev. John Scott, of Hull, for his polite attention.

"Rebecca" was received; the manner in which her sentiments are expressed, preveoti #ur paying them the marks of respect to which their merit is intitled. We sludl »« . glad to see the same talents exerted, in a less exceptionable form.

To the Binder.—Some copies of the February Number, in consequence of an oversight, will be found to want the pages 183, 184; that leal ii tha* low stitched in with the present number.

A-fld'auditors polite—then plumes itself

W;th having sported wit to admiring crowds.

It reckons one upon a muster roll;

Struts, and looks big, and marches so erect,

The multitude, notorious for mistakes,

With gaping wonder, call the thing—a man.' p. 163.

Thereare frequent proofs of carelessness in the composition; a most glaring instance the writer will find in page 30, lines 4, 5, and 11.

Art. XIII. On Singularity and Excess in Philological Speculation; a Sermon preached before the University of Oxford, at St. Mary's, on Sunday, April 19, 1807. By Richard Laurence, LL. D. Rector of Me'rsham in Kent. pp. 40. price Is. Rivington, 1807.

T)R. Laurence's'textis Eccles. vii. 24. "That which is far off, and exceeding deep, tvho canjlnd it out?" from which the preacher takes oc"casion to oppose forced resemblances between the Christian and Heathen "Systems ; that mode of refinement which discovers deep mysteries in simple passages of Scripture; the custom of drawing the most important doctrines from the mere derivation of Hebrew words; and the daring fashion of altering the sacred-text by a multiplicity of fanciful emendations.

The discourse is a production of considerable merit. The Author ai>» pears equal to his task, and pursues the object before him with a zeal equally temperate and intelligent. As a philologist he is rational, and as a Christian dfthoddx, so far as Be -appears in these characters. We'recommend his remarks on each of the subjects enumerated in his plan to the attention of'students for the ministry, and^hope this recommendation will compensate the want of several useful extracts, which, but for their length, we should be very glad to introduce into our pages. The notes display some appropriate specimens, which might easily be multiplied, of the faults in biblical "criticism'which the author so rationally deprecates.

Art. XIV: A Treatise of the Lanu relative to Contracts and Agreements not under Seal; with Ca3es and Decisions thereon in the Action of Assumpsit. In Four Parts. By Samuel Comyn, Esq. of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law. 2 vols, royal 8vo, 11.11s. 6d. bds. Butterworth, 1807. ''pHE work now before us embraces a vast variety of useful and important subjects relative to contracts and agreements, methodically arranged'; and is likely to be of considerable service, not only "to the professional, but to the mercantile reader.

The subject is of general interest; and the execution, on the whole, is very creditable to Mr. Comyn's abilities. We are inclined to think it would have been still more acceptable, if the cases had been compressed, and the points had been rendered more prominent. The stile is clear, an'd tolerably well divested of unnecessary technicality; and the convenience of the practitioner is properly consulted by the addition of a copious and weHdigested Index. The great multiplicity of topics illustrated in the course of the work, renders it impossible for us to offer any analysis that could Be just to its merits and satisfactory to the reader.

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