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Art. XXIV. Instructeur François, in French and English, designed

for Schools of both Sexes, and private Learners. Intended to simplify, by a progressive Series of easy and familiar Lessons, the Pronundation, Spelling, Reading, and Construction of the French Language.' By William Keegan. 8vo. pp. 155. Price 25. 60. sheep. Boosey,

Longman and Co. 1808. THIS spelling and reading book will doubtless be found useful to

beginners in the study of the French language. The plan of the work is generally commendable ; the rules for pronunciation are as satisfactory, perhaps, as the subject will admit. To assist the learner in attaining this difficult accomplishment, the silent letters in the words are distinguished by a different character : this design, however, is not executed with uniform accuracy. A regard to moral, as well as literary propriety, is evinced in the selection of the lessons. There are a few trivial appearances of affectation, which can do the student no harm except by disturbing his gravity.

Art. XXV. The Miniature'; by Solomon Grildrig, of the College of

Eton. Inscribed by Permission to the Rev. Dr. Goodall, 2 vols. Svo. pp. 285. 253. Price 9s. bds. Murray. L

ta * THE Microcosm" having preceded this work, which is avowedly an

imitation, took possession of a station in the public esteem, which even an equal portion of talent in a subsequent production, would not be able either to seize or participate. But “ the Miniature," unfortuDately, is not the work to challenge competition even on equal terms. It is, at the same time, very far from being destitute of merit; the va. rious papers which it includes, exhibit unquestionable marks of intellectual ability and cultivation ; with moral principles generally correct, they unite an amusing display of humour, and a respectable portion of intelligent remark on life and literature. The papers are forty in pumber, of miscellaneous character, and unequal merit. D e ri wekilleri

HINDOOSTANEE LITERATURE. Art. XXII. The Rose-Garden of Hindoostan. Translated from Shykh

Sadee's Original Nursery, or Persian Goolistan, of Sheeraz, by Meer sher Ulee Ufsos, for the Use of the Hindoustanee Students at the College of Fort William, under the Direction and Superintendance of John Gilchrist, Author of the Hindoostanee Dictionary, and many other Oriental Publications, 2 vols. 8vo. Price 11. 10s. Calcutta, printed at the Hindoostanee Press. 1802. Black, Parry, and Kingsbury,

London, ORIENTALISTS in- general, and especially persons engaged in the

East India Company's service, are much indebted to Dr. Gilchrist for his efforts to facilitate the attainment of the Hindoostanee language. A number of publications, adapted for this purpose, Hindee: English, and polyglot, have issued, under his directions, from the Calcutta press. One of the most important is the Hindoostanee Translation of the Gulietan,


now before us ; a short account of which may be acceptable to some of our readers.

This work, which, in the Hindoostanee, is intitled the Baghi Oordoo, is preceded by an Introduction in English, 17 pages in length, and is dedicated to Marquis Wellesley. After speaking of the hardships and embarrassments experienced in getting the work printed, the Editor observes, that “ to the seasonable munificence of the most noble Marquis Wellesley's government alone, will the nations of India be indebted for the Baghi Oordoo, or Hindoostanee Goolistan,” which he thinks may tran mit the name of this spirited Patron of Literature to far distant ages, among the inhabitants of Hindoostan, when the sovereignty of that country shall have passed from the hands of Britain, and the monuments of her victories may be levelled with the dust.

The original Persian work, well known in Asia and Europe by its title, The Gulistân of Sadee, is one of the most entertaining and useful productions of the East. It is divided into eight Chapters, each of wbich is subdivided into a number of entertaining Tales, illustrative of the subjects of the eight principal Divisions.

Chap. I. On the Manners of the Kings, 42 Tales.
Chap. II. On the Manners of the Ecclesiastics, 49 Tales,
Chap. III. On the Excellence of Contentment, 29 Tales.
Chap. 1V. On the Advantages of Taciturnity, 14 Tales.
Chap. V. On Love and Youth, 21 Tales.
Chap. VI. On Infirmity and Old Age, 9. Tales.
Chap. VII. On the Effects of Education, 20 Tales.
Chap. VIII. On the Nature of Society, Admonilion, and Philosophy.

Dr. Gilchrist supposes, that, till Meer Sher Ulee Ufsos undertook this version, the Gulistan had been confined to the original Persian ; and under this conviction, he says,

"A Hindoostanee version of the immortal Sadee's Goolistan, is one of the many Desiderata in the modern language of India, with which the Indian Moosulmans ought to have favoured their country, at least one or two centuries ago. To enumerate the various causes which have conspired, for some ages past, to prevent so honourable an exertion of their talents on a vernacular translation of a work so popular and esteemed as the Goolistan has been in the East, would rather be to commence a History of the Hindoostanee language, than to write a short Introduction to the present work. p. 1.

It is very remarkable that our learned author should have been so imperfectly informed on this subject. 7 hat a Hindoostanee Version of the Gulistan has long been extant in India, we well know. In the very valuable collection of MSS, sent from Calcutta by Sir Wm. Jones, in 1792, to Sir Joseph Banks, to be deposited in the Library of the Royal Society, there was a Hindoostanee Version of the Gulistan, which is particularly mentioned in the sixth yolume of his Works, p. 459, Lond. 1799. Another copy now, lies on our table, in a MS. not less than a hundred years old. The translation, executed by Meer Sher Ulee Ufsos, and edited by Dr. Gilchrist, is consequently not the first, and we are inclined to think not the best ; but our limits forbid us to enter into a comparison by no means interesting to the majority of our readers. In the first


volume of Dr. G.'s work, the Table of Errata, or Ghulut nameh, extends from. p. 276 to p. 286. It argues great carelessness, in the first instance, to have permitted such a crowd of errors to pass through the press ; it also evinces great accuracy in the revisal of the work, to detect and specify them. The Hindoostanee text is printed in the Taaleek character. Neither the ink nor the typographical execution can be much commended ; yet the work itself will be of considerable use to those who are desirous of acquiring a language, which is daily gaining ground in India, and is the principal medium of communication in the transactions of commerce and diplomacy.


Art. XXVII, State of Literature in America. THE business of reprinting, we are informed by an intelligent friend * at Philadelphia, “ is carried on in the most extensive manner in every part of the United States." The type-foundry of this cit; is a great assistance to this craft. Bradford of this place is now publishing Rees's Cyclopedia, with considerable additions by various persons in this city, to which it will do honour as a specimen of typography. The engravings are fully equal to the London edition "-" Gregory's Dictionary is to be reprinted in New York.” A new edition of “ The Wonders of Nature and Art,” has also been completed at Philadelphia. It includes « large additions, particularly to the article, United States, which in fact is almost entirely new. It is printed in 14 vols, 18mo. and sold for 14 dollars.” “ Our Philosophical Society,” continues this gentleman, “ has a volume in the press.--Mr. Blodget of Washington City has published a Statistical Account of the United States, in one volume ; and it will be continued. An Annual Register will shortly be published in this City, and will likewise be continued; the plan is that of the British works of the same title. * “ The Agricultural Society of this City, after a long sleep, was revived. two years since, and is now in active operation We have a vulume of Communications in the press. It will contain a long account of our grand bridge over the Schuylkill, about which Nr. Janson has published many errors. The plan is entirely American, and instead of 840,000, it cost 300,000 dollars -We abound in excellent bridges in the United States. In the N. E. States, they are of immense size ; in this State we have also a few large ones, but they are numerous, and mostly of stone, over the creeks and small streams.

“ Improvements of every kind,” he adds, « are going or in this · country in the most rapid manner. Scarcely a year passes without some new one being announced. Roads, and canals, are cutting through our immense wilds, which will connect the East and West waters. Shipbuilding is going on largely, and, to complete all, our agriculture is im. proving every year, owing to the diffusion of the red clover, aided by the magical effects of gypsum, which trebles the crop. This excellent plant has recovered thousands of acres of worn-out land, which now produce

fine crops of grain, and has added greatly to the wealth of our farmers.” . We must refer to a future number for an account of some original productions of Amyrican literature.



land, from the accession of the House of The Rev. H. Pearson will shortly publish a Tudor, to the death of Charles tiie Second Dissertation on the probable design of Din my the late Right Hon. Charles James Fox, vine Providence in subjecting so large a To which is added, an Appendix of valuportion of Asia to the British Dominion, able and original documents, collected by and on the Duty, Means, and Consequences, the author. of translating the Scriptures into Oriental The ed.tiron will be superintended, and a languages, and of promoting Christian preface prefixed, by Lord Holland. Knowledge in Asia. To wbich will be pre- This work will form a quarto volume, fixed a brief Historical View of the Pro. and will be published in the three following, gress of the Gospel in all nations, since its sizes. first promulgation, accompanied by a chart. Ist. Demy quarto, printed on a good

Dr. Jarrold (Author of Dissertations common paper, and clear type, price thirty in Answer to Mr. Malthus's Essay on the six shillings, boards. Principle of Population) will in a few days 2d. Royal quarto, printed elegantly on have ready for publication, the work we fine wove-paper with a large type, price announced several months ago, under the two guineas and half, extra boards. . title of “ Anthropologia, or Dissertations 31. Elephant quarto: the paper of the on the Form and Colour of the Person of finest quality, and printing in the very best Man, with incidental remaks."

style, price five guineas, in extra boards. The Rev.John Fawcett, A.M. of Machpelah Of this latter edition, only two hundred near Halifax, is preparing for the press, a and fifty copies are printing. Family Bible, containing the Old and New Each edition will be embellished with a Testaments, with notes, illustrations, and portrait of the Author, never before endevotional exercises by way of improvement, graved, tak en from the last bust executed for the use of families, as well as private by Mr. Nollekens.-The engraving for the persons; partly original, and partly selected royal and elephant quarto copies, will be from the most approved expositors, an- of a larger size than that for the demy copies. cient and modern.

The copy-right of this work, we underIt is apprebended this work will be com- stand, has been purchased at the unpre. prized in two quarto volumes; but for the cedeuted sum of 45001 convenience of Subscribers, it will be first Mrs. Murray, the author of Mentoria, published in numbers.

has in the press, Mentorial Lectures, coinThe Rev. Josiah Pratt has just completed prising remarks on the higher branches of his edition of the whole works of Bishop Hall, female education. in ten volumes 8vo. and has also published Two more volumes of Espriella's Letters separate editions of the Bishop's Contempla from Eagland, and a new edition of the for. tions, in 2 vols. Of h's Devotional Writings, mer volumes will appear in a few wecks. in 1 vol. Of his Practical Works, in 2 vols. Dr. Gregory has completed a course of and of his Divine Right of Episcopacy, in 1 Familiar Lectures on the various branches vol..

of Natural and Experimental Philosophy, The same editor has now in the press, in containing the present state of knowledge 3 large vols, 8vo. the Works of Bishop Hop- on those subjects, adapted to the use of -kins; including all the pieces contained in schools, and all persons who attend courses the folio, with several scarce posthumous trea of lectures. The plates are very numerous, life of ihe author will be prefixed, and a are newly drawn from the instruments, and copious index be given at the end.

are correctly engraved lay Porter. The Rev. Charles Francs, rector of Mil. This day commences a Quarterly Review denhall, is about to publish a Sermon preach- of Publications of Art; consisting of Cri. ed in the parish church of St. Peter, Marl- tical animadversions on the most important borough, in recommendation of the union modern productions, as they may appear, of the dissenters with the church of England. of the Arts of Panting, Engraving, Sculp

A Series of Letters, by Mr. J. Gilbert, ad- ture, Architecture, and Books on the subject dressed to the Rev. William Bennet, in re- of imitative Art. ply to his Remarks on a recent hypothesis Mr. Samuel Daniel proposes to publish respecting the origin of Moral Evil, is twelve prints, from drawings macle on the ready for publication.

spot, representing, the native inliabitants, In the press, A History of the Early Part scenery, and animals of Ceylon. of the Reign of James the Second, with an The Rev. J. Grant will publish, in the introductory chapter on the History of Eng- course of the present month, the Pastoal

Care, a didactic Poem, ia three paris.
Y 2

A Translation of the thirteenth book of Physiology, principally intended for the inza the Eneid of Virgil, from the text of Ma- struction of the fair sex. phæus, by a Lady, with soine other Poems, In the press and speedily will be pubwill be shortly publ.shed in one volume, lished in 2 vols. quarto, illustrated by a octavo.

great number of copper plate Engravings; A new Translation of Virgil's Georgics, in The Select Works of Antony Van Leeuwenblank verse, is in the press.

lroek, containing the wonderful Discoveries Miss Savory, author of a short Poem of that celebrated natural philosopher. intitled Inspiration, bas in the press a vo. Translated by Sam. Hoole, fruin the orlume of Poetical Tales, founded on interest- ginal Dutch and Latin editious published ing facts.

by the Author. Mr. Robinson, late of Seaford, has two The Life of the late Abraham Newland, volumes of Poems on Moral and Patriotic Esq., from anthentic docuinents, is in the Subjects, neaily ready to appear.

press. Mr. Capel Lufft's Collection of English Dr. Wanostrocht has in the press a new Sonnets, which has been long expected, will work intitled, Petit Tableau de la Conbe published speediiy.

stitution du Royaume ani de la Grande A Pamphlet of considerable importance Bretagne et d' Ir.ande, extrait des meilon the Portuguese Emigration will shortly leurs Auteurs, et mis à la portée des jeunes appear.

Gens, avec l’Explication, des Mots les plus Lord Valentia's Voyages and Travels to difficiles en Anglois, au bas de chaque India, Ceylon, the Red Sea, and Egypt, in Page. An English Edition is also in the the years 1802-6, are at press. They will press. make three volumes, and will be printed in

FRANCE. royal and imperial quarto, and be embel- M. Seitz, with the assistance of M. Millin, lished with forty-five highly-finished engrav- has published a curious and learned pamphings, together with other plates, such as let on the Art of Foundery among the aninscriptions, maps, &c.

cients, and on the casting of the celebrated Mr. Gottleib is preparing for the press, Horses of Chio, which have , successively an account of his Travels in North Ame. adorned the hippodrome in Constantinople, rica, in the years 1806, 7, which will be the piazza of St. Mark in Ven.ce, and illustrated by a considerable number of lately the pallisades of the Tuileries. (Essai wood-cuts.

sur la l'onle des anciens et celle des chevaux de Dr. Uwins of Aylesbury, will shortly pub- Chio, 8vo. 1 fr ) lish a small tract, intitled, Modern Medi- The valuable scientific works originating cine. It will contain an explanation of the in the Travels of Humboldt and Bonpland prominent discoveries and doctrines that are still in a course of publication. have conduced to the recent advancement

GERMANY, of medical philosophy: a disquisition on the M. Bergman has published at Leipsic? mode in which medic ne is cultivated and vols, of Historical Memoirs on the History practised; and an inquiry how far the prin- of Livonia. (Historische Scrifften 3 rxd.) ciples on which the healing art is founded, The 1st volume of a German Flora, may with propriety constitute a subject of with six copper plates, is published by unprofessional research.

Hen. Adolph, Schrader at Gottingen (Flora In the press, a Letter to Dr. Jenner, in Germanica, 8vo. I rxd. 16 gr.) reply to a public mis-statement of John An extensive work of considerable imBirch, esq. of sixty-two failures, and twenty portance to the antiquities and philosophy deaths, having occured after vaccination, of language has been published at Berlin, at Ringwood, Herts; By William Blair, by the Abbé Charles Denina. It extends ane of the deputation from the Royal Jen- ' to the size of 3 vols. 8vo; and includes nerian Society, which investigated the af- not only a disquisition on the elementary fair.

sounds and other principles of universal Dr. Thomas Jameson, resident physician grammar, but a copious explication of the at Carleton House, has nearly ready for the different es and correspondences existing ir press, in an octavo volume, an Inquiry the modern European languages, with a into the Changes of the Human Body at the theory to account for them, and ascertain different ages ; containing a concise history the stocks from whence such languages are of the natural and morbid state of the organs, derived. (La Clef des Langues.) and the causes of the general mortality in At Bamberg is published, Statistics of each period of life.

European States, compiled by Conrad ManMrs. Hali bas nearly ready for publica- nert. (Statistic der Europaeischen Staaten. E tion, A Manual of Dutany and Vegetable vol. 8vo.)

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