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THIS Volume contains a complete Collection of printed from the original Editions, or faithfully published from Copies which had been prepared by himself for publication.

That the principal Poem fould appear in so disadvantageous a state, may require fome explanation. The first publication of it was at a very early part of the Author's life. That it wanted Revision and Correction, he was sufficiently sensible; but fo quick was the demand for several successive republications, that in any of the intervals to have completed the whole of his Corrections was utterly impoflible; and yet to have gone on from time to time making farther Improvements in every new Edition would (he thought) havė had the appearance at least of abusing the favor of the Public. He chose therefore to continue for some time reprinting it without alteration, and to forbear publishing any Corrections or Improvements until he should be able at once to give them to the Public complete,



And with this view he went on for several years to review and correct the Poem at his leifure; till at length he found the talk grow so much upon his hands, that, despairing of ever being able to execute it fufficiently to his own satisfaction, le abandoned the purpose of correcting, and resolved to write the Poem over anew upon a fomewhat different and an enlarged Plan. And in the execution of this Design he had made a considerable Progress. What reason there may be to regret that he did not live to execute the whole of it, will best appear from the perusal of ! the Plan itself, as stated in the General Argument, and of the parts which he had executed, and which are here published. For the person *, to whom he intrusted the Disposal of his Papers, would have thought himself wanting, as well to the Service of the Public, as to the Fame of his Friend, if he had not produced as much of the Work as appeared to have been prepared for publication. In this light he considered the intire first and second Books, of which a few Copies had been printed for the use only of the Author and certain Friends: allo a very considerable part of the third Book, which had been transcribed in order to its being printed in the same manner: and to these is added the Introduction to a subsequent Book, which in the Manuscript is called the Fourth, and which appears to have been composed at the time when the Author in


(* The Right Hon. JEREMIAH DYSON; by whom this advertisement was written.]

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tended to comprize the whole in Four Books; but which, as he had afterwards determined to distribute the Poem into more Books, might perhaps more properly be called the Last Book. And this is all that is executed of the new work, which, although it appeared to the Editor too valuable, even in its imperfect State, to be withholden from the Public, yet (he conceives) takes in by much too small a part of the original Poem to supply its place, and to fupersede the re-publication of it. For which reason both the Poems are inserted in this collection.

Of Odes the Author had designed to make up Two Books, consisting of twenty Odes each, including the several Odes which he had before published at different times.

The Hymn to the Naiads is reprinted from the sixth Volume of Dodfley's Miscellanies, with a few Core rections and the addition of some Notes. To the In. fcriptions taken from the fame Volume three new Inscriptions are added; the last of which is the only instance wherein liberty has been taken of inserting any thing in this Collection, which did not appear to have been intended by the Author for publication *; among whose papers no Copy of this was found, but it is

printed [* In the present Edition, a few pieces are added, which are known to be genuine, and which certainly are no difcredit to their Author. But these are all placed at the end of the volume.]


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printed from a Copy which he had many years fince given to the Editor.

The Author of these Poems was born at Newcastle upon Tyne, on the oth Day of November 1721. He was educated at the Grammar School at Newcastle, and at the Universities of Edinburgh and Leyden, at the latter of which he took his Degree of Doctor in Physic. He was afterwards admitted by Mandamus to the Degree of Doctor in Physic in the University of Cambridge: elected a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, and one of the Physicians of St. Thomas's Hospital : and upon the Establishment of the Queen's Household, appointed one of the Phyficians to Her Majesty. He died of a putrid Fever, on the 230 Day of June 1770, and is buried in the Parish Church of St. James's Westminster.


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