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London. :

Prented for a Hamilton, mys Inn late, Holborn.


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I well remember that I attended Mr. GREGORIE's mathematical lectures, with You, at St. ANDREWŚ. As an apology for thus recollecting those meetings, which produced no intimacy between us, I can only say, that the recollection is not altogether foreign to this Address;—that it is not altogether impertinent. I should never have thought of dedicating to your Lordship a very elegant Edition of four beautiful Poems of your illustrious Countryman, on account of accidental facts; on account of trivial circumstances. Nor is your rank, my


to no man.

Lord, the ruling motive which impells me to request the honour of your attention: for mere rank gives ornament, and dignity

But I observe, with pleasure, that rou derive splendour, and consequence, from Birth, and Title ;—for you have repeatedly convinced the world, that you regard intellectual honours more than them ;—by your conduct, you seem to think them a reproach, unless they receive the reflected lustre of a cultivated, and generous mind.

It is evident, from the manners of many of our modern nobility, that their theory is diametrically opposite to yours;—that they deem the advantages of institution, infallible dispensations from acquiring knowledge, and virtue. If this remark should be thought satirical, it is neither personal, nor false; therefore it is a moral truth.

The motives, I hope, are, now, evident, from which I dedicate the SEASONS of THOMSON to the Earl of Buchan.

You, my Lord, have the strongest claims to the esteem, and respect, of an unfortunate, and persecuted authour, but who is far

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