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Bart.-18. At Newry, James Craige of son, M. P. for the bor. of Monaghan,
Carrickfergus, Efq; to Miss Jane Boyde. and formerly one of the Alderman Srathe
-At Chetter, George Weit of the co. City of Dublin.
of Kilkenny, Efq; to Miss O`Brien of
Clonmell co. of Tipperary.- Patrick

List of PROMOTIOns for the Year 1760
Perler, of spring-Garden, co. Galway, Nov. 1: REM. pro to the Deaneng

EV, , Efq; to the Widow Lewis of Galway. Edward Palmer, of Elm-grove, King's of St. Keven in the Diocese of Clonfert, do. Efq; to Miss Singleton, of Ballygreen, (Rev. Dean Crowe, rel.)—. Thomas co. of Clare.— Jofeph Walker, Esqi Monk, Esq; Seneschal of the Liverties Capt. in the 12th Drag. to Miss Mary and Manor of Grange Gorman, (Alexan• Bradley.-21. Wm. Crooke of Crooke- der M'Aulay, Esq; dec.) --- John Godley, ftown, Esq; to a daughter of Robert Efq; second Examinator in the Court of Gordon, Esq; Surveyor General of the Chancery, (William Filgate, Esq; dec.) Province of Muntes.- John Dawson, -Thomas Tench, Esq; — Examinator of Esq; to Miss Pim.—John Andrews the Exchequer.-Col. Walsh, Mafter of of Rath, King's county, Esq; to Miss the Horfe to the Lord Lieutenant.—7. Jones of Kilkenny.-William Anderson, The Rev. William Crowe, A. M.-10 Esq; to Miss English of Springfield. the united Vic. of Clane, Mankeim, and Duke Loftus, Elq; to the Widow Terral, Clonchamboe, Diocele of Kildare, (Rev. of Newtown-Forbes, co. of Longford. William Digby, res.)—12. William William Ayres, Esq; jun. to the only Poole, Efq; a Privy Counsellor.-The dau. of Edward Bollir.gbrooke, Esq; Rev. William Blaihford, A. M-Li. L. L. D. Vicar Gen. of the Diocese of brarian of Marshe's Library:-(Thomas Armagh. - Martin Harrold of Cork, Cobbe, Esq; rel.)-Simeon Blakeney of Efq; to Margaret dau. of Daniel Ryan, Tuam, Elq; of Inch, co. of Tipperary, Efq;- Dec. 14. Letters Patent passed the Seal, Caleb Barnes of the co. of Meath, Eiqi: creating the Rt. Hon. William Lord Anto Miss Marshall of Drogheda.-12. Da- nesley, Viscount Glerawly, in the co. of vid English of the co. of Clare Esq; to Fermanagh.- The Rt. Hon. Edward Miss Green.-19. John Moore Travers, Kingston, Viscount Kingiton in the co. Efq; Capt. of the 69th Foot, to Miss of Sligoe.-Sir John Meade, Bart.–Ba. Alice Payne.—24. Peter Latouche, Esq; ron Guilford in the co. of Down and to Miss Vickars.

Viscount Clanwilliam of the Barony of

Clanwilliam in the co. of Tipperary:List of DEATHS for the Year 1766.

Kenneth Mackenzie, Efq;-Baron Ar04. 29. Efe

sellor at Law.—The Rt. of Wicklow.—John Parnell of RathHon. Nicholas, Earl of Ely.-Springett - league, Queen's cò. Efq; a Baronet.Penn, Efq;- Nov. 15. William Bull, & fq; And creating the most Hon. James Mar18. Ignatius Hussey, Esq;-19 Enoch quis of Kildare, Duke of Leinster.-F. Sterne, of the County of Weltmeath, Aug. Elliot, app. a Capt. in the 17th Efq;-Dec. 2. Revd. Mr. Phibbs, Chap. Drag:- John Anftruther, Major, Willilain to the City Work House. - Lieut. am Heatly, Capt. in 63d Foot - WilJohn Blayney Campbell, Nephew to liam Pauterfon, Adjt. in thie 69th Foot. Lord Blayney:-17. At Bath, the Lady --Dec. 5. Rt. Hon. Cadwallader Lord of the Hon. Barry Maxwell.–At Bala Blaney, app. Col. of the 38th reg. of lintoy, co. of Antrim, Mrs. Jane Stewart. Foot. (Sharrington Talbot, Erq; dec.) -Ai Clontaff, the Revd. Mr. Usher, -26. Letters Patent are directed to pass -19. In London, the Rr. Hon. Thomas crcating the Rt. Hon. Robert Nugent,Lord Southwell, who is fucceeded in his Baron Nugent of Carlanstown, co. of title and estate by the Hon. Thomas Westmeath, and Viscount Clare. -And, Southwell, Knt. of the Noire for the co. the Rt, Hon. Elizabeth Viscountess of Limerick.--Miss Sophia, dau. of the Grandison of Dromada co. of WaterRevd. Bernard Ward of the co. of ford, -- Viscountess Villiers and Countess Down.-William Hickey, Esq;At Grandison ; with a grant of Viscount Toulouse in in France, James Neibite of Villiers and Earl of Grandison to her the King's co. Efq; --29. Richard Daw, iflue male.

His Majesty's Speech on closing the Seffion of Parliament the Sixth of June


My Lords and Gentlemen,

ance of those engagements, which other
I This with the utmold fatisfaiion powers marenys de ruta muy crown

The many regulations which you have *
and moderation which have uniformly made for extending and proinoting the
guided you through the many important trade and Janufactures of Great Britain,
deliberations, in which you bave been en and for settling the mutual intercourse of
eged during the course of this long and my kingdoms and plantations, in such a
interesting session of parliament. I per manner as to provide for the improvement
fuade myself, that the molt falutary ef- of my colonies, on a plan of due fubor-
feets must be the natural result of delibe. dination to the commercial ir äerests of the
rations conducted upon such principles.

mother country, are the strongeff proofs

Gentlemen of the House of Commons,

your equitable and comprehenfive re-
I thank you for the supplies which you obje&t truly worthy of a British parlia-

gard to the welfare of my dominions ; an
have fo chearfully given for the several

establishments, and for the support of
public credit and you may rest assured, be taken, as may tend to secure and im-

It shall be my endeavour, that such care
that no economy will be wanting to ren-
der them effectual for the purposes for prove the advantages which may be ex-

pected from such wise and falutary provi.
which they were granted.

My Lords and Gentlemen,

I have nothing further to recommend
The present general disposition of all to you, than that you will exert your best
the powers in Ěurope seems to indicate a endeavours in your respective counties, to
continuance of peace : and it is my ear enforce the execution of the laws, and to
nef desire to preserve the general tran. promote good manners and good order
quillity by fulfilling, on my part, all the among my people; whole true and lasting
engagements I am ulider by treaties. And happiness mall be my constant care, and
on this foundation, I may reasonably upon whose affections I Mall always firma
hope and expect the same strict perform- ly rely.

from December 10, 1765, to December 16, 1766.
Died under 2 years of age 8035|20 and 30 - 1874/60, and 70 - 1786|100 1107 - 0
Between 2 and

5 30 and 40 - 2207170 and 80 - 1219.102 2108. o
and 10

86640 and 59 - 239880 and 90 - 515105 - 31110-0
10 and 20 873'50 and 60 - 1899'90 and 100 70'107 - 0
ŞMales 8343} Buried 23911 Females 12197 } als this year 681.

Males 117142 Incr.in the Buri-


Christened 16257 Females 79143

INDEX to the ESSAYS, POLITICS, &c. 1766.


mons answer to the king's speech, 109.

- Of lords and commons on opening

CT, abstract of, for opening certain
ports in the Isands of Jamaica and

the session the sith of November, 702

544 Administration the new, a critical review
Abbeville, particulars of the execution of of, 35.--Uses made of Mr. Pitt's in-
a young man there,


fluence, 81.-Remarks on it, 83.-
Address, a free and candid one, to the Proposal for a female one, 84.-Four
Righi Hon. Mr. Pitt, on the present


Anne compared to
polture of affairs (Entire,) 21:-Re. the four first of George III. 258.-
marks on it, 32.-The lords and coin. Short account of a diort one,

G&$ 8 8

last years




America, the case of the colonists there Bolingbroke, lod, memoirs of him, 487

corfidereit, in regard to the power of Booth, Mr. Barton, memoirs of hiin,
the Bruiish pariiament, 21.--Neceflity Buffcon, Monf. his view of nature,
of repealing ihe itamp-aci there, 35. Burlesque writers of England, a criticiim
Defence of their charters by Mr. Dum on,

mer 36.-Their grievances candidly Burnet, the use of it as recommended by
confidered, ib.-Their legislative power the Rev. Mr. Lambe, 301, 335
considered, 38.-Their importance con- Burnet, bishop of Salisbury, particulars of
sidered, with remarks on the famp-act, bis life,

40.--The right of taxing them confi- Bute, Earl of, bis political conduct con-
dered, 43.--Their claim impartially sidered,

coniiderichs 44.- Sir Robert Walpole's

opinion of taxing them, 45:--Trecri CANNet Ao the London merchants let-
fis; or a full defence of, them, 65.-
Debates relative to the it.mp-act Here, ter (610) relative to the repeal of the
77. (See Debates) - Particulars relative stamp-aći there,

to their privileges. 168.-Gov. Shirly's Carrots, Mr. Billing's account of their
letter, with others, 169.-Protest against culture, and method of feeding catie
the repeal of the American stamp-act, with them,

17.-- Alicond, 209.--Proceedings of Charles II. king, particulars of his escape
the ministry relative to iliat act, 178. after the battle of Worcester,
Proceedings of the parliament relative Chevalier de St. George, his memoirs,
to the fump-act there, 230.---The mer-

chants of London, their petition relative Children under two years old, the occali-
to it, 231.-Lift of the Minority on the on of the mortality amongst them, 90

265 Chittick, Dr. his remedy against the ftone
Anne, qucen, her character by Dean Swift,

and gravel,

273, 303
673 Cibber, Mrs. memoirs of her, 163
Auto-de-Fe, at Lisbon, list of criminals Clive, lord, particulars of his life and

94 transactions, 414. Continued 484.–

A letter from him to Sir Joseph York
at the Hagul,

hives, 214.---In colonies, 257 Coal-alhes, their use in dressing land,
term?ri, his excellency Francis, his re-

ply to ihe allembly of Bojion's answer, Commissions in the army, the value als
75.- A letter to bim from the secreta - certained by a board of general officers,
by of state, 300 ---Another, with the

repeal of the tiamp-act, 489.- His Commoner, a late one (Mr. Pitt) an in-
fpeech juit before it arrived, 488. quiry into his conduct, 495. The an-
His ipeech after the recipt of it, 490. swer,

- The answer to it by the atiembly, Confiderations on the expediency of new
550 parliaments in Ireland,

Bill for the limitation of parliaments in

on Trade, Finances of the
Ireland, the fate of it,

379 kingdom, and the measures of the Ad.
Billing, Mr. his account of the culture of ministration, 653.-Continued 673.-
carrots, and the use made of ihem in Again,

feeding and fastening ail kinds of cat. Conway, Mr. secretary, his letter to gov.


Bernard', 300.–To the governorsin ge-
Blackstone, Dr. his account of the original neral in America, 301.-His sentiments

anel privileges of the nubility, 133 relative to the American stamp-ad!, 684
on the importance and ftudy of the law, Cooke Dr. his account of the effecis of peo
196.--On the Rights and Liberties of

ruvian bark in the gout,


331 Cromwell, Oliver, particulars of his beha-
Blackrie, Mir, his disquisition on the several viour in regard io a petition presented
medicines recommended for the stone, to him,

303 Cumberland, his Royal Highness the
Blackwoord, Mr. John, on the growing of late Duke of, memoirs relative to him,
winter fax in Irciand,


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Gravel and stone, a remedy againi, by
'ALEMBERT, Monf. his declara Thomas Butler, Efq;

tion relative to the disputes between Grenvill, Right Hon. Mr. his sentiments
Mr. Hume and Monf. Rouleau, 755 respecting the American stamp act, 634.
Debates Parliamentary, on the American Gzuin, Nell, mittrets to king Charles II.
stamp-act, 61, 77. Continued 141,

her character,

149, 212, 263.-The speeches pro and

con, with the motion made for the re-

HARRISES's life of king Charles II.

Pirmitat some ports of, opened for the Harrison, David, capt. particulars of his

free importation of some species of diftrefles at sea, with an account of his

remarkable deliverance,

Jouble Mistake, a new comedy, an ac- Herculaneum, fome discoveries Divere, by
count of it,

Abbe Winckelman,

Dramatic writers, English and French, a Hogs, directions for fattening, 34.5

comparative view of, 297,328, 481,624 Hume, David, Mr. particulars of his con-
Durbach, Mrs. Anna Louisa, a person of

tention with Mr. 7obn James Roujeau,
uncommon genius, particulars of her, with all the letters that passed on the


TAST FLORIDA,an account of that



AMAICA, some ports of, opened for
Ellis, Dr. Anthony, on the temporal diber-

ty of the subjects of England, 249, 317 544.—Decay of the Spanish trade
English populace, their genius as describ there, with the papers relative to it, 546

ed by a foreigner, 162.--Remarks on Jesuits, an account of their order, and
their follies by a Frenchman, 633 the particular uses made of them, 559

Johnson, Mrs. (mentioned by Dr. Swift

in his works by the name of Stella)
FEMALE Adminiftration, proposed

memoirs of her by the Dean,
Fly that damages turnips, caübages, flax, Inoculation, state of it in Surrey,
&c, directions for preventing it, 435 Intelligence political,

Florida East, a description of that coun Ireland, a defence of its political state in


answer to some positions of Dr. Black-
Force, Mons.de la, an account of his won fone, 267.-Confiderations of the ex-

derful escape trom the great massacre in pediency of new parliaments there, 284

605 Isle of Man, history of it from authentic
Fordyce the Rev. James, his sermons for papeis,
young women, 561. Continued, 602


progress of the linen manufacture

in Scotland,
commissions in the army, 226 King's speech on opening the session the
Geneva, particulars of the diffentions 14th of January, 108.-On closing the

there, 768.-Treaty proposed by the fame (see beginning of the Index.) -
French rejected,

773 On again opening the leilion the uth
Gening of the Englis populace, as de-

of November,

scribed by a foreigner,


Gibson, John, particulars of his forgery in LA

ALLY, Thomas Arthur, count;me-
tranfmitting securities,

181 moirs of him, 422,--Sentence pro-
Glass, Capt. particulars of his misfortunes, nounced on hin, 306.-Particulars of
132.-Execution of the principals, 199.

his execution,

Goldmith, Mr. his fermon to a company' Lelant, the Rev. Dr. John of Dubliis,

of prisoners, as given in the piece wrote memoirs of him,

by him, intitled th«Vicar-fWakefichi,224 Litter iclative to the power of the parlia-
Gout, the effects of the Peruvian burk in ment over America, 21.--The aniwer,
it, by Dr. Cooke,

१० 32.-- From Monf. Voltaire ro Dr. Roul-
Griffis, the culture and use of leveral ar liati, 232.--Gen. Irvine's to Mr. Con.

tificial, in different letters, 335 See quo; relative to Gibraltar, 188. ---Guro
Burnet and Lucern.

GgSg 82




ENERAL Officers, their report in K AMES, lord, his account of the



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Sbirley's on the privileges of the peo- National debt, state of,
ple in America. 169.-Voltaire to Rouf- Norcott, fane, extraordinary account
seau, 232.—To Mr. Hume, 755. her murder,

'Lord Clive's to Sir Joseph York, 570. Nugent, Mr. his objections to the repeal
-Merchants of London to those of A. of the American stamp-act, 681
merica, relative to the stamp-act, 610.

CCURRENCES public, for the year
nada, 765.-William Temple of the OCCURR

countess of Elex, on the death of her Officers commissions, the price of them
fon, 630.-Sharpe's, being his travels regulated by a board of general officers

through Italy, 939, 763.--Secretary

Couguay ?, to the gentlemen of Oxford, Ogeilvie, Mrs. and her brother-in-law, a
716.- To the sheriff of Gloucester, 647. lieutenant, their trial for the murder of
D'Alembert's to Mr. Hume, relative to her husband and his brother,
Mr. Rousseau, 755.-Hon. Mr. Wal-

pole to Mr. Hume, 753.-On the dir BARLIAMENT of Great Britaix,
Tentions at Geneva,


its power over the Colonists of Ame:
Life of Dr. Swift, 79.-Mrs. Cibber, rica considered (entire) 2.-Remarks

163.-Dr.Leland, 217.--James Quinn, on it, 32,--Debates on the American
Elq; 220.-King Charles II. 226. stamp-act. (See Debates.)

Of the dutchess of Portsmouth, ib. Parliamentary history, his majesty's an-
-Madame Pompadour, 321.-

-Of swer to the address of the commons,
Baron de Montesquieu, 341.–Of Car 143.–Proceedings on the bill to pro-
lo Vanloo, 351.- Lord Clive, 414. vide for the crown, in case it should
-Dr. Swifi, 417.-Lord Boling broke, come under guardianthip,

492.-Mademoiselle St. Clercy, 548. Parallel between Richardson and Rous-
- Bishop Burnet, 614.-Mrs. Johnson, feau,

Dean Swift's Stella, 634.-Mrs. Anna Passions, the use and conduct of them in
Louisa Durbacb, 678.- Matthew Pri. tragedy,

or, Éfq; 699.- Andrew Marvell, Esq; Pensions, on the Irish establishment, con-


Linen manufacture, in Scotland, account Peruvian bark, the effects of it in the
of its improvement by lord Kames, 201 gout,

so i
London, merchants of, their letter to the Pitt, the Right Hon. an address to him

merchants of America on the repeal of on the present posture of affairs, 21.-
the American tamp-act, 610.-The His speech on the repeal of the Ameri-

merchants of Canada's antwer, 765 can stamp-act, 61, 115, 149, 680.-
Love A-la-mode, a comedy of two acts, 273 Uses made of his influence by admini-
Lucerne, directions for its culture, with trution, 81.–Remarks on it, 83.-An
an account of different experimenis, inquiry into his conduct, 495:-The

304, 305 answer, 640.–Some account of him,

ARVELL, Andrew, Esq; me- Political History of Europe for the year
moirs of his life,

2765; 391, 463, 533, 589.-- Inielli-
Mead, directions for making, 258 gence,

Minority, the bistory of, for the years Pompadour, Madame, memoirs of her,
1762, 63, 64 and 65,
381, 445, 309

321, 401, 475
Montague, lady Mary, an originai letter Portsmoutb, dutchess, mistress to king

Charles II. her character,

Montesquieu, Baron de, memoirs of him, Pretender, (see Chevalier de St. George.)

341 Price, Mr. account of his performances
Mortality amongst children under two on different horses,

years old, the occasion of it, go Prior, Matthew, Esq; memoirs of him,
Murder, an account of a remarkable one,

found amongst the papers of Sir John Proclamation for the laying an embar-
349 go on corn veslels,


Protest againt the repeal of the American
ATURE a view of, by Mons. Buf ftamp-act,

178, 209





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