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Lament not Friends, nor shed one needles CHARACTERS; an Epiftle. Inscribed


[Fear; to the Earl of Carlisle.

Since conícious Virtue owns no Senle of Ey Francis Gentleinan.

But freely speak, and with unfları'ring -Non ego paucis


[lev’rai Parts? Offendar maculis, quas aut Incuria fudit, Have we perform'd with Grace our Aut bumana parum cavit natura.

By Morals fashion'd, and Religion taught, Hor. Ars Po. Have we preferv'd the MEDIUM, as we

ought ?

[carious Flood, Dcliturus fi placeant fpe Hath Wildom steer'd o'er Life's preDeteriùs noftrá.

Avoiding Evil, and dispensing Good ? Hor. Sat. x.

Oh, lovely Confidence!--Exratic State ! [Entire, Price is. 6d.] When tranquil Conscience blunts the

Shafts of Fate
ELL has our Bard remark'd in When fearless she can fix the closing Eye,
Ethic Plan,

To gaze with Rapture on Eternity. " The proper Study of Mankind is Man."

When Youth, while Peril treads the From thence by juit degrees to Heav'n

Heels of Time, we rise,

[the Skies; With just Ambition foars to the Sublime; Mate with the Stars, and mount above When by a Love of godlike Virtue fir'd, Shake off Mortality, enlarge the mind,

By Judgment temper'd, and by Truth And the FIRST CAUSE in full perfec


(worm Ray, tion find.

It wisely turns from Pleasure's glowYet ere we range thro' speculation's To walk with Science in Pierian Day; field,

[Sceptre wield! When Fortune's Fay’rites-Ah! 'how SELF-KNOWLEDGE, thou thy Guardian

rare to find

(blind; Nor let us in the Wilds of Fancy roam, Since Fav'rites mostly, as herself, are Till Prudence whispers-All is right From Grandeur's dazzling Milts deveAT HOME;

lope Sight,

[Light; Shine thou, a Star Arcadian, to our And caich the Glow of Philofophic A Guide unerring-a celestial light Examine Nature with impartial Care, Thou candid Censor—best and forest And rightly judge what' Characters are Friend[depend

[Show, On whom the Wise with confidence Despise the TINSEL Glare of outward To Honour and to sacred Truth ally'd - And when they find a Gem, its Value Source of true Dignity, and Bane of


[linile, Pride!

[Age, Virtue must triumph, and the Nation In ev'ry State, and each degree of By Heav'n indulgʻd with Nobles like That buities on this transitory Stage ;

CARLISLE. From sanguine Youth, to Nature's final

While riper Years oft act the boyish Hour,

Part, From Cortage Labour, to Iimperial Pow'r, Behold him fagely scrutinizing Heart ! With tender Feelings, and with Sente With tuneful Numbers, and peculiar refin'd,

Wisely to view the Errors of Mankind, His Fellow students see him mildly trace;
And viewing to avoid-plumes Reasons Dear to thy Muse, how facred Friendship


[Lines! Gives Grace to Subjects---Dignity to How glow in artless Strains the heart-felt Sheds Beams untainted o'er th' enlightend How fair the Picture of FitZWILLIAMS Soul,

(troul. fhown ! And reins our Passions with a just Con- A sympathetic Likeness of his own ; Hence, like the second CÆSAR * might Foras no Colours can affect the Blind, we fay,

Virtues are lost upon a vicious Mind; In the last awful Scene of Nature's Play, Such Beauties then, as in thy Friend we When theat’ning Deaih each mortal

see, Senle alarms,

CARLISLE, with Justice, we assign to When Beauty, Pleasures, Pow'r, no more thee. have charms,

Nor Augustus,


Z 22

may halte,

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Nor let the Muse give modelt Merit Jf such a Bard to HOWARD's Roof

Pain, By thus indulging a prophetic Strain ; The rising Patron of Poetic Taste; Time shall not long uswearied Pinions If the rough Voice of his unpolishid Thake,


(reigns ; Nor many Suns ætheria! Journeys make, Where little Fancy, and less Sofiness Ere those fair Bloffums, which enchant If useful Lessons, hy Experience taught, the Sight,

Some lightly gain'd, and others dearly In fairer Fruit shall perfect our Delight; brought;

[Truth, Ere, FRED’RIC, thou, callid forth in If Hints of honest, though uncourtly

Life to thine, [-THINE; That faithful Mentor to 'unpractis'd Shalt prove the Muse's beft-lor'd Virtues

Youth ;

[kind err, Shalt give to Rank hereditary Grace, If Portraits meant to thew how MauAnd leave thy Titles, but the second How varying Pallions vary Character ; Place.

If these may venture once to tax on Time, Well does Affection raise her tender Deck'd in her homely Garb of artless Voice.

(Choice :
Rhime ;

[Eflay, When Worth intrinsic dignifies the With Pleasure I shall make the bold Such then itill Mare, O NOBLE YOUTH, While Truth directs, and Virtue smoothis thy Heart,

the Way. As win Eleem, without delusive Art; What is the Term Nobility defin'd ? Ne'er

may the FLATT’RER, with falla- A titled Person, or capacious Mind ?
cious Smile,

(Wile; Does it conlist in Rank beltow'd by Kings, And foothing Tone effect his selfish In Patents, Privilege, or lilken Strings? Drive from thy Presence and Protection Does it in Dress or Equipage appear, far

(Star ; In Pride, or Twenty Thousand Pounds a The Slaves that bow to Fortune's orient

year ; Thole Moths of Grandeur, who in In Wines well-chosen, or in high

wrought Treat,

(Seat; And bring a jure, tho’unforeseen Decay. The Suit embroider’d, or the sumptuous To honest Truth, uncheck'd by slavilh The graceful Dance, the well-conducted Fear, [Ear; Foil;

[Hoyle; And wholesome Counsel, lend thy ready The Wit of ROCHESTER, or Sieight of If e'er the Moniter, Party, in Disguise, In the feet Courfer that outttrips the Should strive to win thy Heart, or dim

(kind; thy Eyes,

The Wite neglected, and the Mittrets No Shelıer the insidious Fiend afford; In the feet Hound, than those more Guard well the Honour of a BRITISH

nobly bred, [Dian led ? LORD ;

Thro' LATMOS' Groves that sandalid Be this your greatest Glory-To Be The Anfwer's plain, when Reason dare

be free ; Not the base Tool of ARISTOCRACY ; Virtue alone is true NobilityMEASURES, not Men, for Public Good Virtue, which lives, as Virive ever shou'd, oppote,

[Foes---- Alike for private, and for public Good; And juftly view, as thine, BRITANNIA'S Virtue, which felf-collected dares to stand; So will thy Fame in future Annals shine, Againit the Pow'r of PLUTUS' Golden To Thed fresh Lustre on the HOWARD


Virtue, which takes defective Nature's If from the Distance Fate has plac'd Part,

(Heart; between,

[Scene; The Mind ennobles, and corrects the A rustic Bard may quit his humble Virtue, which, Sun-like, beams iinparWho speaks with Freedomn, yet with just

[BY's praile. Restraint,

(Saint; Virtue, like, that which forms a GRANAnd ne'er could new a Sinner, for a Some Bards mistaken Tenderness have Who ne'er for Profit held a courtly Pen,


[known, Nor meanly idoliz'd the worst of Men ;- And left the Picture's likeness Mould be Nor, tho' his Subject fills the highest Evasive Arts to their Afiftance call, Sphere,

[try Fear. And mcanly plead no fix'd Original ; Will ever check Reprcof through pal


Secret prey,



tial Rays;

For fuch bale Shelter I disdain to sure, The venal Train, who share in loose De. And, as to Virtue, give to Vice its Due :


[Puralites. No visionary Child of Fancy shines, His Jockeys, Gamblers, Whores, and But living Pictures in my faithful Lines. Not so BENEVOLUS appears in Life, When thc cool Eye explores th' un- The tender Husband of a virtuvus Wife; folding Heart,

The bounteous Matter, and the happy And Reafon searches each remoter Part; Sire,

[Friends admire Pleasure and Pain by Turns affect the Whom Children doai on, and whoin Sizet;

[Light- Kind to the Poor, nor to the Rich a Here, ebon Darkness-there, celestial Slave,

[brave; Wibes, which kindly Providence denies, Gay, but not light, humane yet frictly Teaching, by. Disappointments, to be Whose juft Oeconomy, and social Sense, wise

Create a Dignity from Competence ; Hopes, that delude with visionary Joy, So acts the good BENEVOLUS his Part, Fears, which those Hopes as wantonly And rivals THOMPSON * in a gen'rous deltroy;

Heart. Laugbter, that speaks the jocund Heart To Prodigality we now oppose, at Rest,

[Breast. What Reason blames as much-eterAnd Grief, that bears a Tempest in his dal Foes

[knows, Patience, which spreads her gentle Calm (For Ressun no Excess in Virtue around,

(crown'd- But kindly traces out instructive Lines, Rage, with Enormities—with Murder To mark the Bounds of Nature's wife Compose a crowded Scene of right and Designs) wrong,

[strong. We shew Oeconomy, grown over nice, Exposing Virtues weak, and Pations Shrunk to the lifeless Spectre, Avarice. Behold young SQUANDER, with an Curs`d with a PLUMB, the Fruit of fa. empty Pate,

mih'd Years, [dow's Tears, Affect the awkward Pageantry of State, Plunder of Orphan's Cries, and WiTurn to a Curse thole Gifts by Heav'n AVARUS fee, amidit his golden Store, del gn'd

Worship the thining God, and pray for A Blessing to himself and to Mankind; more ; Levies and Equipage aloud proclaim, Thirsty as Ocean, hungry as the Grave, To Reason and to Sense the Spendthrift's To Fears and wishes an eternal SlaveShame ;

Would you prefent to Pity's inelting Whose base-born Mind exults with rapt' Sight,

(Spite; rous Glee,

[Company; A seeming Butt of Fortune's lilion't When plac'd, King Log, above his This Son of starving Opulence pro luce, Poor, paffive Reptiles of his frantic Mirth, Shame of his kind Humanity's Abule; The Shame of Reason, and the Scum of Upon his bloodlets Cheeks pale Fainme Earth.


(Eyes; Thus SQUANDER reigns, to Modesty And glares a Spectre in his haggard a Curse,

Squalid and lank his hoary Locks fall Who holds for Sycophants a lib'ral Purse ;

down :

[Crown ; Who gives with indiscriminate Regard, From the chill Circle of his hairless Unless when pining Merit claims Rewardí His care-worn Front unnumber'd Furrows And why thould Merit fly to SQUAN. mark,

DER's Door, (Six to Four? Life seems declin'd to its expiring Spark ; Whose Sum of Knowledge rests in— His useless Teeth have long forlook' ileir For Means and Health in wasteful Riot


And to his Pockct made a snug Retreat; Flattery is SQUANDER's poor Equivalent; His Nose most prominent, and Aquiline, Ere long hall Poverty, with meagré Politely bends to meet the curved Chini Scowl,

(Soul- His pallied Head a constant Motion feels, Imprint this striking Truth upon bis One wither'd Hand from t'other (lily True Generosity condemns with Pride, Expence, which has not Reason on its His fapless Trunk, of more than com. Side;

mon Length, (Surength; That soon the Riot and the Banquet o'er, His spindle, Shanks devoid of nie, iful His Train will fly th' unprofitable Door;

*Tindal Thompson, Em; of New Nuts



And Thread-bare Garments previous to Who when a RAPHAEL bids the Cauthe Cold,

[fold, vas glow, Conjoin'd, fuch perfect Wretchedness un- Or Nature takes the Name of Angelo, That all mult own, wlio tuch a Portrait Can feel, fuperior to the Love of Gold, scan,

[MAN. The foul-inspiring Beauties they behold; He's more a living SKELETON, than who live with Freedom Senle mult ever His wakeful Eyes ne'er feel the Balm know, of Sleep,

Disdaining all the little Pride of Show; Put constant initcrable Vigils keep; Who watte not Time in profitlers De'The half stary'd Mouse, which a'er his lights,

(toinights ; Chamber crawls,

Nor floihtul turn their numb'ring Days Alarms his Heart till–Murther !-- Patrons of Science, blels'd with Virgin Thieves !--he bawis


(chatte ; Each whispering Breeze his anxious Spirit In Fancy vig'rous, and in Judgment shocks,

(Locks; Such--let a Name add Splendor to my And seems a midnight ROBBER burtting Lines

(LEY* bines. The Bird of Fate, which flaps portentous As, happy HOYINGHAM, thy Wors, Wings,

(rings ; See Hospitality, without Reitraint, Such are his Fears, a Peal of TAUNDER Beneath the Burthen of Excelles faint; Not that his callous Conscience is dif- Lo! EPICURUS keeps an open Board; may'd,

With lavith Waite, and mad Profufion More for luis Treasure than his Soul afraid. Tormented thus with never-cealing Each dainty Fith that Rivers ikims, or Care,


[Trees; He spares to torture, and exists to spare ; Each plum'd Inhabitant of Plains, or Denies to Nature what the fimply craves, Each Sauce prepar'd by Culinary Skill, And to himlelf becomes the worst of (To Health more fatal than Siage DocSlaves;

tor's Pill) Pregnant with Fears, a Foe declar'd to Each Spice tbat Dutch Monopoly brings Hope, [ROPE; o'er,

(Shore ; At length' he seeks Contentment in a From the rich Borom of East INDIA'S Falls a lean Sacrifice to darling Pelf, All dear-bought Superfluities advance, Concludes the thrifty Scene—and hangs. To prey on Health, and banish Tempe

himself. A gloomy Monument, with Horror Blun, City Halls, where Men of

clad, of overstrain d Oeconomy, run mad. So well fupport their gormandizing State;

Well may we ritle violent Extremes, Mourn ALDERMEN, below, or past the Of fumbing Reafon the impaflion'd


Sagacions DEPUTIES, the Sorrow share! Which lure with Shadows, Sense pursues Weep, Oh ye COMMON COUNCILMEN in vain,

profound !

[nown'd; Aerial Pleatures, but substantial Pain. For Stomachs keen, and Eloquence reLet each AVARUS, then, with narrow Weep the whole Liv'ry-Weep ye Bea

Heart, Un.envied play the wretched Miser's Part; All City Cheeks o'erflow with briny Dew; While Nature's gen'rous Sons their Store Each CORPORATION through the King

dispense, Obedient to the Laws of Taste and Sente; CHURCH WARDENS all the solemn Who feed laborious Industry with Breail, Mourning keep ! Wlo grace, with lib'rai Heart, each fruit. To see the Glory ye at Feafts have won, ful Head;

By EPICURUS, and his. Crew outdone, Who bid, with model Dignity arise,

Ν Ο Τ Ε.
The fculptur'd Column, to admiring

* THOMAS WORSLEY, Member of Who, with Creation's secondary land, Parlian.ont, and Matter of his Majesty's VITRUVIUS' and PALLADIO's Skill Board of Works. command;



Proweis great,

DLES too

dom weep,

Where Plenty reigns fo much at large Honce beams a Truth which ev'ry -you'll say,

(Way? State should know, Does Thiv‘ring Want e'er take unheeded Tliat, spight of Blessings in external Show, Does the neglected prop the pond'rous Tho' Fortune cherishes with kind Ema Door? {fhe's poor

brace, She does--and why ? -Alas! because Unworthy Fav'rites of the human Race; What, do the Prielts of this unhallow'd By Heav'n, and Justice, it is always Fane,


[Panishment. - Ne'er try devouring Faculties in vain ? That Vice fhall feel ev'n temp'ral Is Nothing left of all this mighty Store, HONESTUS prudent, and yet kindly When the gorg'u Apperite can cram no free, more?

The Contrast shines of bloated Luxury; Yes, much remains-say, what the Rest Plenty, without Profufion, speaks his confounds


Heart, Blum, pamperd Luxury! a PACK OF In a juft Medium forward to impart; Creatnres more rational in all but Name, Guardian of Tenants, Parent' of che Who reft content to prey on native Game; Poor, Nor ransack all the Elements for Food, Who figh not from his hospitable Door; To jade their Palates, and infiame their Whatever Reason may Enjoyment call, Blood.

Sense, Health, and Pleasure, crown his Reason, thou Light and Comfort of the focial HallMind,

{main behind ? He lives as ALLEN * didalas !-of Shall INSTINCT lead, and THOU re


(Fate? Shall she of Empire clain the largest Why could not Virtue stay the Stroke of Share,

He lives, like Him, to fcatter BLESSINGS And thou be lost in artificial Care ?


[nours crown'd. If to, at once to Paffions vield the Way, With mental Peace, and deathless Ho. Nor let them mock an ineffectual Sway. See FRIENDSHIP's felf (O Virtue most Is there a Providence which fits above, sublime!)

[Crime, And views his Creatures with impartial Shrunk to a Name, and dark’ning to a Love;

Full to the View, lo ! weak DORASTUS That from the Fountain of exhaustless stands,

{mands; Grace,

Race; Each new Acquaintance all his Soul comStreams constant Blessings on the human To each he tells his secret Joy, or Grief, That fees with Pleasure Virtue's fpotleis Each joins his Laugh, or kindly prays Reign,

[Train ? Relief; Abhorring Vice, and her abandoned Within the Cabinet of faithful Breasts, And shall fuch WRETCHES revel on His Truit, weak Man, he thinks securethrough Life,

ly reits ; While WORTH with Fortune holds une. So very humble, and so very free, qual Strife?

He seems the E Tence of HumilityShall Pomp for such a downy Pillow He knows not Distance that should step spread,

between, While Merit groans upon a flinty Bed? And striving to be affable, is mean; This conquers Patience, harrows up the Worthy, or worthless, claim an equal Soul,

(Controul. Place; And bursts o'er weak PPILOSOPHY's All who approach engage his ready Grace; Pause, pause, good Sir, the lab’ring Happy that he so many FRIENDS can call, Doctor ask,

The unsuspecting Dupe, or Jest of all. To patch him up how difficult a Talk; Friendthip, like Love, Thould be with You only look upon liis false. Delights,

Caution plac'd,

[chafte; You see not EPICURUS' leepless Nights; Constant, when fix'd, and in its Nature You ever find him in the joviai Vein, To one, and one alone, it can he true, Short Sunshine Intervals of racking Pain; Worthless, when made the Weatbercock Some fleeting Months o'erpalt, and

of two. Med cine's Pow'r,

Ν Ο Τ Ε. With all a DeaLTRY's Skill can keep * Ralph Allen, Esq; of Prior Park,

near Bath.

no more,

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